Star Trek Recs

In Star Trek, I read Kirk/Spock almost exclusively, though there is a bit of Sulu/Chekov, some gen and a few randoms in here as well. I read both TOS and Reboot, with a preference for first times and (almost) always with happy endings.

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  • AU As You Are by 13empress- EXPLICIT
    Virgin!Spock and RentBoy!Kirk. Avoid if either of those squick you but if, like me, you think they're two of the best things in the world, this fic is wonderful. Spock is nervous about joining Starfleet and wants to experience human sexuality, and I absolutely love the balance between clinical scientific interest and human curiosity. Jim's demonstration of different types of hugging is possibly the most adorable thing I have ever read.
  • Reboot Weep, Little Lionman by 1lostone- EXPLICIT
    A marvellously angsty breakup fic (but fear not, it picks up). Jim is completely heartbroken and leaves Starfleet after Spock dumps him in a spectacularly awful way. Nice use of Sybok, and weaving in of backstory relating to their parents.
  • TOS Postmortem by Aconitum-Napellus- EXPLICIT
    I’ve read this before so I’m not sure why it wasn’t on my recs list already. Spock is convicted of murder on a non-Federation planet that has the death penalty. Fortunately, his executioners have never studied Vulcan biology. So now he’s on the run, extremely sick, and remembers committing the crime. This is a great mission fic with a determined, belligerent Kirk, and of course the situation leads seamlessly to sexytimes. Features a charming blushing!McCoy.
  • AU Celebrate the Earth and Sky by Aerlalaith- EXPLICIT
    In a dystopian future where Earth does not develop warp capability, Spock visits to find out why and winds up rescuing Kirk from a desert. What follows is a satisfyingly complex political tale with a lovely simmering background of K/S.
  • TOS Celebrations by aetin
    Kirk insists that Spock spends a year celebrating every major Federation holiday. The progression of their relationship is really sweet, and I especially like First Contact Day :D
  • TOS Associations by aldora89- EXPLICIT
    Post-TMP shore leave in which Kirk and Spock spend some time alone to find their feet in their post-"simple feeling" relationship. Spock is eager but hesitant, and this leads to some delightful awkwardness.
  • Reboot Communication by aldora89- EXPLICIT
    Kirk/Spock Prime. A steaming PWP featuring vid sex, which turns bittersweet at the end. Mostly I love the very forthright and slightly dom Spock Prime who has no problems conflating this Kirk with his own, and is not discounted as a sexual being because of his age.
  • Reboot A Friend In Need by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    Aliens drug Kirk with a powerful aphrodisiac and he needs someone to...relieve the symptoms. Spock to the rescue! I liked this one for the clinical Spock first-person POV.
  • TOS Brief Encounter by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock meet prior to Kirk's assuming command of the Enterprise, while both are in disguise. After a bit of a slow start, the instant chemistry these two have in this fic is electric, and I found myself pining for more at the end.
  • TOS Christmas in Riverside by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    Christmas at home and a meddling Winona lead to much smexing. Can get a little purple prosey at times, but I love Winona to death in this, and also really liked how comfortable Kirk and Spock are with each other.
  • Reboot Coming Home by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    Long and plotty. The Enterprise is ordered to transport a Vulcan healer to the new colony, and they take the opportunity to hang out and help with the rebuilding. Contains a delightfully meddling Spock Prime and extreme amounts of hotness. I will confess I had some issues with it telling more than it shows, especially early on, but it kept me hooked for 125k words.
  • Reboot Distraction by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    In which Kirk catches Spock wanking in the shower. I really love fic that manages to be hysterically funny but without detracting from the hotness. Kirk's random trains of thought - not to mention his colourful metaphors ('jade joystick'! *snerk*) - had me in stitches, and the frantic wallsex has hotness in spades.
  • Reboot Higher Love by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    On shore leave, Kirk tries to impress Spock by insisting that he really does want to spend his time going around museums instead of getting laid. Things start badly, when Kirk gets dragged around dullsville while Bones gets laid by a really interesting alien, but the day picks up with a visit to a hilarious sex museum. Really funny, with a wonderful naive!Spock.
  • AU Knowing Me, Knowing You by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    Academy AU in which Kirk and Spock meet at a Halloween costume party, but not as cracky as that makes it sound. Beautifully subtle mysticism interwoven with a hot, passionate Spock - what more can you ask? :D
  • TOS Mistletoe Challenge by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    Some more TOS Academy fun, with an encounter at a party leaving a lasting impression on Spock, then moves into the start of the five-year mission. I love this for the explanation of the dodgy uniforms and smiley Spock in the second TOS pilot.
  • Reboot Silver Lining by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    A nicely long and fulfilling accidental bonding fic. The thing I love about this one is that the bonding really is right out of left field - there's no long-suppressed desire on either side, and the sex starts out suitably awkward. Of course, it's K/S so it all becomes sweet and romantic in the end, but it takes a long time to get there and that makes it all the more satisfying.
  • Reboot Slow Beginnings by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    One of the best takes on the slow progression of a Reboot relationship that I've read. They start out with a genuinely antagonistic relationship that follows perfectly from the end of STXI, and the development of their professional and personal relationship takes them both by surprise. I really like the Spock POV in this fic, especially his confusion over human reponses to tense situations. Also contains one of the best handlings of Uhura in any Reboot fic; because this is Spock POV, we get the detail of their breakup, and it's done in a way that makes perfect sense for both characters.
  • TOS The Kiss by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    A classic Kirk-struggles-with-his-sexuality fic. But don't be put off by the premise, because it's long and plotty and hot like burning. Probably better if you've seen the TOS ep The Immunity Syndrome, as it's crucial to the latter part of the fic and mostly skimmed over.
  • TOS What You Wish For by Amanda Warrington- EXPLICIT
    I read this when it was published in T'hy'la and am pleased to see it's now online! This is a new twist on Amok Time using alien intervention to give it a great twist that I won't spoil.
  • Reboot Chess by amber
    Lovely character study of Kirk. And Kirk and Spock playing chess is somehow as hot as hardcore porn. Who knew?
  • Reboot Small Steps by anamatics
    Gen/preslash, another slow progression towards being friends.
  • TOS The Force of Habit by Anna Amuse
    Glimpses of missions which brought Kirk and Spock closer together, all nicely laden with UST.
  • TOS In the End It's Easy by anna_amuse
    A Spock Almost Dies So Jim Jumps Him fic, smoulderingly hot (despite - or perhaps because of - the lack of an adult rating!). Warning for second person POV, which I don't usually like but which bothered me less than usual here.
  • Reboot Incidentally by annenburg- EXPLICIT
    I don't like genderbending fic (I think I've read too many in which it's a device to avoid icky gayness?), and I also have an mpreg squick (and an fpreg squick, for that matter). Yet I'm reccing genderbending mpreg... This is good, though, and maybe not even real genderbending, because Kirk is not a girl, he's Kirk with boobs and a vagina (and he retains his male pronouns, which made me happy). And all this anomaly does is enable Spock to admit to something that was there before (and since I have already confessed to a weakness for 'homosexuality is illogical' fics, that works for me too). So...yeah. Star Trek: broadens horizons liek woah.
  • Reboot Of Convenience by annenburg- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock have to get married to resolve citizenship issues...whatevs, the setup doesn't matter, fake marriage fic is awesome. This one comes with a warning for implied mpreg, but it doesn't take over the story.
  • Reboot The Orion-On-Vulcan Method by anodyna- EXPLICIT
    This is amazing. Gaila is recuperating on the Vulcan colony as a guest of Spock Prime. Spock Prime is perfect - you really get the sense that he's out of place in this world - and Gaila is just fantastic. She's a little uncertain and off-balance, but still unrelentingly Gaila. The way the characters are written makes the delevelopment of the relationship not only believable but somehow inevitable.
  • Reboot Five Times James Kirk Showed Someone Exactly How Intelligent He Is and One Time He Can't Believe He Was So Dumb by anon
    I love this because too many Reboot fics forget that Kirk's supposed to be a genius.
  • Reboot Home Sweet Home by anon- EXPLICIT
    Pay attention to the pairing, because this is so many kinds of fucked up. It works though. Partly in a train wrecky kind of way, but also? Science fiction is at its most awesome when it takes real life issues and makes them literal (e.g. 'why is my boyfriend acting like a jerk after I slept with him' becomes 'OMG my boyfriend turned into a scary evil vampire after I slept with him!'), and in this case Kirk has some convincingly Freudian shit going on and ends up literally fucking his mother. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. It's also just gloriously horrifying.
  • Reboot Loose Lips Sink Ships by anon_j_anon
    In which Yeoman Rand knows plenty about Kirk and Spock's sex life, but isn't telling. I love this take on Rand - in particular that she's insecure and doesn't go around saving the world on a regular basis or generally being a BAMF, but is no less worthwhile for that.
  • Reboot Don't Last Like the Feeling by anowlinsunshine- EXPLICIT
    Really more of a Spock/Uhura breakup fic, with Kirk/Spock as the background, but gets a mention because it's done in a completely believable and respectful way, and I can totally believe this is how it happens.
  • Reboot Medical Observation by anowlinsunshine- EXPLICIT
    With Voyeur!Bones and Exhibitionist!Kirk. Funny and hot.
  • Reboot Nature, Structure, Variation Of by anowlinsunshine- EXPLICIT
    Because sex on the bridge is always hot. It's like a law of nature.
  • Reboot Paradoxical by anowlinsunshine- EXPLICIT
    Only Spock can be all analytical whilst having insanely hot angry sex. Yummy.
  • TOS Where There Are No Phones by anowlinsunshine- EXPLICIT
    I love it when authors take tropes from an angle other than the usual one. In this fic, we have only the perspective of a Kirk with no memories and no clues as to his identity. He has to make his own way on an unfamiliar planet in a town too small and isolated to have heard of him, and wait for someone to come looking. I also like the fact that he doesn't merely recover his old life; the experience and fresh perspective actually make a difference.
  • Reboot A Human Tradition by ansketil_rose
    I admit I have a soft spot for 'homosexuality is illogical' fics. This one is a sweet misunderstanding in which Spock is fighting very hard to be Vulcan. It's a shame it ends where it does, though.
  • AU Hypothetically Possible Logical Relations by antihysteric- EXPLICIT
    X-Men-type AU. I don't often like AUs simply because the characters are sometimes unrecognisable, but in this the characterisation is spot on. I love this because Jim's power in this universe is simply a metaphor for his command, and his freak-out over it feels as though it could easily have come from AOS!Kirk.
  • TOS There's No Sunshine Without You by ariadnechan- EXPLICIT
    Just a short piece, set in the later movies which don't have nearly enough fic! Spock is away Ambassadoring and Kirk misses him.
  • TOS There's No Sunshine Without You by ariadnechan- EXPLICIT
    Just a short piece, set in the later movies which don't have nearly enough fic! Spock is away Ambassadoring and Kirk misses him.
  • Reboot Command Dynamics by arysteia- EXPLICIT
    How Kirk and Spock decide who tops. Amazingly, has me convinced of top!Kirk for the first time.
  • Reboot Betrayal by Ashaya T'Reldai- EXPLICIT
    Warning for mind rape. Kirk and Spock are busily living happily ever after when Kirk is attacked by aliens on a mission that mess with his head and make him unfaithful to Spock. In most fics they would realise what happened and get over it. Ashaya, however, is a sadist who wants to hurt your soul. They do get over it (that's a spoiler, but you won't be able to read this without knowing that's true), but it takes twenty-something years. Every stage of the resolution is agonisingly slow, so the ending is tremendously rewarding but oh so bittersweet. Fair warning: I did not sleep a wink after reading this.
  • Reboot A Thousand Furlongs of Sea by ashkitty
    The crew get transported to an Enterprise on the high seas in an alternative history, and Kirk and Spock get to resolve some issues. Really nicely written adventure story with a side-helping of K/S.
  • Reboot The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn (Lessons in Loving a Vulcan) by ashkitty
    Short observations on Kirk and Spock's relationship, with a bonus visit from Uhura. What I love about this is that K/S takes a bit of work, but they don't angst over it. It just is what it is, and they're happy with it.
  • Reboot Three Kisses by asmallpot
    Three short snippets of Kirk and Spock's relationship. There are very few words here but they say an awful lot, from the slight desperation in Spock's initiation of their first encounter to the things he doesn't say in the second part.?
  • Reboot Faith by azelma
    Also contains Kirk/McCoy and implied future Kirk/Spock/McCoy.
  • Reboot Need by azelma- EXPLICIT
    Kirk doesn't know what's wrong with him, but Spock does. I have a huge weakness for a dominant Spock - not necessarily in a D/s sense, just a no-messing-around, taking what he wants sort of way.
  • Reboot Any Given Moment by baby_razzle- EXPLICIT
    (Also non-explicit Spock/Uhura) Warning for cheating, but that's actually why I loved this one, because what Spock does is wrong and it makes all three of them miserable, and he has no excuse for it. It's very rare for fanfic to have such flawed characters.
  • Reboot Almost Domestic by barrowjane
    Domestic K/S always makes me :D, and this is no exception. Grocery shopping! A Spock who can't cook! (and makes geeky graphs that kinda resemble the ones on the board in my office...) And a Spock who can't cook! ?
  • Reboot Indistinguishable from Magic by barrowjane- EXPLICIT
    The crew get trapped in a fairytale world and Kirk is the only one who remembers who they are. This is long and satisfying and has a beautifully crafted fantasy world.
  • Reboot Shut Up and Eat Your Vegetables by barrowjane- EXPLICIT
    In which the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Beautifully written, manages to be funny and sweet.
  • Reboot Five Times Kirk Tried to Seduce Spock, and One Time He Succeeded by belmanoir
    This one is sweet and funny - Kirk doesn't usually require much effort to seduce people, so when he does need to try he's at a bit of a loss.
  • TOS Wilderness Were Paradise Enow by belmanoir- EXPLICIT
    Set right after This Side of Paradise, with Kirk being rightly perturbed by Spock's implication that he's unhappy aboard the Enterprise. Contains one of the most in-character sex scenes I've seen, with a Spock who isn't human, and a Kirk who likes him that way.
  • Reboot Game Day by berusama- EXPLICIT
    In which Spock is less than impressed with the homoeroticism of American football. This is really funny, but also blisteringly hot. Contains a delectable jealous!Spock, which is one of my favourite things.
  • AU A Perfect Fit by bigmamag
    Based on Thumbelina, Tiny!Jim meets Spock at the academy, and adorable adorableness ensues. One of the loveliest of the fairytale fics, and genuinely touching.
  • TOS You Held My Hand by Blackbird Song
    Set after Turnabout Intruder, a really nice portrayal of Kirk's confusion.
  • Reboot Demonstrating restraint by black_eyedgirl- EXPLICIT
    Only a short PWP, but it's loaded with story.
  • Reboot Giving distraction his best shot by black_eyedgirl- EXPLICIT
    Kirk tries in vain to distract Spock.
  • Reboot Taking the slower path (we'll get there in the end) by black_eyedgirl
    K/S preslash, also mentions of Spock/Uhura, and I spotted some Sulu/Chekhov, though I'm not sure that was intentional. Lovely example of Kirk and Spock's slow progression towards friendship.
  • TOS Unexpected Hand by Blairheart- EXPLICIT
    First time, assisted by strip poker.
  • Reboot Allowed to Touch by blue_jack- EXPLICIT
    Spock gets hit by a lust ray, with endearingly hilarious results. I especially love the awkwardness of it all and Kirk's exasperation.
  • Reboot A Level Course and True by brighteyed_jill- EXPLICIT
    A lovely, hot example of the 'look what Spock Prime showed me' fic.
  • Reboot What I Say, When I Say Anything At All by brighteyed_jill- EXPLICIT
    A short, sweet sex scene
  • Reboot Lazy Rainy Sunday by calicokat- EXPLICIT
    Does pretty much what is says on the tin. Pure shameless fluff.
  • Reboot Together, Yet by calicokat
    Kirk/Spock Prime. A really lovely take on that scene on Delta Vega, which captures the bittersweetness from Spock's POV beautifully.
  • Reboot So Wise We Grow by captanddeastar- EXPLICIT
    T'Pring's son is given to Spock's care, and Spock cannot bring himself to protest that the kid isn't his. Kirk agrees to help with the parenting, and what ensues is 81,000 words of absolute awesomeness. There's Everyone Thinks We're Doing It, along with a healthy dose of accidental sort-of-bonding, and the kid is absolutely adorable. What I like most of all, though, is that while Kirk and Spock obviously end up totally pwning the whole parenting thing, they're not perfect - they make mistakes along the way, and that makes the whole thing that much more real and satisfying.
  • Reboot Educational Material by cards_slash- EXPLICIT
    Vulcan porn. 'Nuff said.
  • Reboot Instructions by cards_slash- EXPLICIT
    Also known as 'hottest blow job ever.' Srsly. And Spock is a f***ing tease. (And how weird is it that I won't spell out the f-word even when reccing porn? I have issues.)
  • Reboot Kinky by cards_slash- EXPLICIT
    Kirk reciting Starfleet regulations during sex. Guh.
  • Reboot What the Documentary Got Wrong by cards_slash- EXPLICIT
    Sequel to Educational Material. Kirk doesn't find pon farr as satisfying as the brochure made out. I am in love with this because it's the first thing I've read that isn't all pon farr FTW (although I love those too, I just like variety *g*)
  • TOS Report from the Rim by Carolyn Spencer- EXPLICIT
    A brilliant, classic take on the Outsider POV and Prison tropes, structured as an interview with another inmate affected by what he saw of Kirk and Spock.
  • TOS The Need For Stars by Carolyn Spencer- EXPLICIT
    Starts towards the end of the 5YM with Kirk refusing to bond with Spock. It takes the events of TWOK for him to realise how that affected their relationship. Yes, I am a wuss when it comes to movie-era fic, but this one really is heartbreaking.
  • Mirror Tiger Burning Bright by Carolyn Spencer- EXPLICIT
    The story of how Kirk and Spock meet in the Mirrorverse. Much softer than your average Mirrorverse story (which is why I was able to read it!). I really enjoyed the slow wearing down of barriers once Spock arrived.
  • Reboot Acta Non Verba by cassiejamie- EXPLICIT
  • TOS Berengaria Seven by catalenamara
    Kirk and Spock return to a planet Spock visited many years ago and are permitted to witness a local ritual. It involves dragons, which made me squee out loud. What I really love about the outsider POV is that she met Spock back before he met Kirk, and what she notices is how being loved has changed him. This fic would have made an awesome AMTDI plot, but I'm kind of thrilled it didn't go that way, because it's absolutely delightful as is.
  • TOS Sacrifices by catalenamara- EXPLICIT
    An absolutely heartbreaking take on the post-ST3/4 fic. What makes this one stand out is that Spock remembers everything, perfectly - including the sex - but can make no emotional connections and so simply doesn't care. This one had me in floods of tears.
  • TOS Two Words by CatalenaMara- EXPLICIT
    A gorgeous sequel to the novel Ishmael. I love how the experience changes how Spock feels about living among humans, and the way he and Kirk tread so carefully. The downside to telepathic sex is a lovely touch too.
  • TOS The Secrets We Keep by Cate Adams
    A Christine Chapel POV set immediately after the episode Return to Tomorrow. That episode is so messed up, and this fic deals with how much of Spock's mind Chapel now knows, including his feelings for Jim. This is a much stronger Chapel than is seen in most fic, and although she's pro-K/S, the author doesn't have her deny her own interest in Spock. A nice episode coda (though I would like to see what happens next!).
  • TOS Convalescing by Charlotte Frost- EXPLICIT
    Classic Space Husbands fic. Spock has Vulcan Flu and Kirk gets to play nursemaid. There's a subplot that doesn't really go anywhere, but that's okay because it's all about the schmoopy romance.
  • AU Clouded Memories by chibinecco- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock crash land on a planet with no memory of their past. The development of their relationship under the amnesia is really nicely done, but what really makes this one stand out is the twist in the final part.
  • Reboot Arena (the Walk Without Rhythm remix), PG-13 by chosenmortal
    A reboot of the TOS episode Arena, which makes far more sense than the original episode. Deliciously plotty with a clever resolution, and a nice subcurrent of K/S.
  • Reboot Break Down and Tell by chosenmortal
    Another one in which Kirk's freaked out by Spock Prime's mind meld. Really well done.
  • TOS Only Logical by cimorene
    Set between TMP and TWOK, with Kirk taking on a new protege (a really nice and interesting OFC) who reminds him of Spock, and deciding that his birthday is the perfect time to address some things that need addressing. One of the best examples of middle-aged Kirk anywhere - the easy banter between him and Spock is absolutely fabulous.
  • TOS Unintended by cimorene- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock are accidentally bonded, which Spock realises only after he starts to suffer the effects of its severence. Luckily they've been unrequiting all over the place so it's all good.
  • TOS what i am to you by Cimorene
    A post-ST3 fic in which a recovering Spock makes not-entirely-accurate assumptions about his prior relationship with Kirk. While this has been done many times, what I love about this version is the fact that sex does not define their relationship.
  • Reboot Sentiment by cleo
    Gen, Spock Prime's view of Kirk being made Captain.
  • Reboot An Unfair Wager by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    There is something unrelentingly hot about hand porn. Even though I have a knuckle-cracking squick, this one melted me.
  • Reboot Articulation by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Kirk keeps hearing this word t'hy'la in Spock's mind and wants to know what it means. So sweet it probably contains your week's allocation of calories, but comes across as devastatingly beautiful rather than nauseating.
  • Reboot Artistry by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Can't believe I somehow missed this one! Henna hand art + Vulcan hands = a mighty steamy PWP :-)
  • Reboot Birthday Traditions by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    waketosleep's description of this fic to me was: Spock tries to make Jim a birthday cake. A chocolate one. Things go downhill from there... and then uphill. I cannot improve on this description, except to say guh. Drunk!Spock is one of the hottest things imaginable.
  • Reboot Damaged Goods by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Spock's hybrid genetics result in an oddly hot deformity. Uhura can't handle it, so it's Kirk to the rescue. What can I say, I have a weakness for insecure!vulnerable!Spock.
  • Reboot Distractions by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Spock trying to maintain composure on a video call while, off camera, Kirk is being a naughty boy. Hits lots of my kinks, including an intelligent Kirk, reluctantly debauched Spock and science talk during sex.
  • Reboot Filial Piety by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    This is amazing. In order to protect the species, Spock is informed that he has to go to New Vulcan and make some babies. It has a happy ending, but in the meantime made me throw dignity to the wind and sob my heart out. Possibly the best written grief I've ever read.
  • Reboot Five Ways by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Five ways Spock says 'I love you.' Elegant and charming, just like Spock himself *g*
  • Reboot Inebriated by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Spock gets drunk on chocolate milkshakes. Unbelievably hot, with the chocolate and Spock's loquacious dirty talk. Guh.
  • Reboot Litany by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    In which Kirk has interesting ways of helping Spock get over his grief on the anniversary of Vulcan's destruction. Short, but I can't deny the hotness. Warning for rimming, if that bothers you?
  • Reboot Reception by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Adorably sweet, with a side of chocolate strawberries. The image of Spock literally eating out of Kirk's hand may have made me melt a little.
  • Reboot Tactile Pleasures by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    More hand porn that I somehow managed to miss before. Absolutely delicious.
  • AU Take Refuge in What You Know by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Kirk moves into an apartment next door to a severely agoraphobic Spock and pretty much forces himself into Spock's life, with the help of an adorable Joanna McCoy and a lovely Amanda. Gorgeously slow-paced, with a lovely Kirk who's a lot more level-headed than anyone gives him credit for.
  • Reboot The Ending Has Not Yet Been Written by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Deliciously long post-5YM fic. Starts with Kirk being somewhat hurt that no one has requested to remain with him, and Spock being frightened by how emo he is. Spock Prime assisting nuSpock with the Kohlinar - while, of course, desperately hoping he won't go through with it - is one of my favourite scenes in any fic ever. And the aggressively possessive yet non-violent pon farr is one of the best I've ever read.
  • Reboot To Burn by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    A stunning 1000-word PWP. Intense and searingly hot, and with original Vulcan anatomy to boot!
  • Reboot Tremors by corpus_invictus- EXPLICIT
    Shower sex and mind melds and complete guh-ness.
  • TOS The Hustler by Courtney Gray- EXPLICIT
    A young Spock conducts "research" at a pleasure house with a friendly whore named Jim. Thirteen years later, he welcomes his new Captain aboard the Enterprise. Very sweet; I love the virginal but not at all reluctant Spock.
  • Reboot Cut and Fucking Paste by crimsonclad
    Absolutely hilarious take on the mind meld cliche, in which Kirk's all kinds of messed up about having Spock Prime's memories and keeps forgetting things like that he's not supposed to kiss Spock in this universe. Takes the piss out of meldfic, TOS and pretty much everything else in Trek fandom, but in a loving way. Followed by Edit.
  • Reboot Edit by crimsonclad
    Sequel to Cut and Fucking Paste.
  • Reboot Nothing Gold by crown_of_ice
    Spock Prime's view of events of Delta Vega, nicely poignant.
  • Reboot All Titles Are Cliches by dagnirovanaliel- EXPLICIT
    Response to the Kink Meme prompt Spock/Kirk - spanking (becoming Captain over Spock has gone to Kirk's head). Dom!Spock and eager!Kirk are hilarious.
  • TOS Babes in the Woods by Dana Austin Marsh- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock have to give up their shore leave in order to teach survival to some annoying cadets, resulting in weeks of sexual frustration. Quite entertaining; the cadets end up being likeable, and you have to feel bad for Kirk.
  • TOS Rumour Has It by Dana Austin Marsh- EXPLICIT
    An Everyone Thinks We're Doing It and (Not So) Fake Relationship fic. I don't usually like having both POVs, but this one is really funny as well as hot. Gossipy crew and oblivious!K/S are to die for.
  • Reboot The Things You See and The Way You See Them by danahid
    This is wonderful, because it's so subtley done. I love the fact that the POV characters are mostly not main-cast (and Cupcake is an actual person with actual thoughts!), and I adore the way they witness the bond between Kirk and Spock but don't see it.
  • TOS Shared Spaces by dana_austin_marsh- EXPLICIT
    Starts off with an impulsive we're-about-to-die kiss, but the thing I enjoyed most about this fic was the awkward attempt at first-time sex and the way it takes them a while to get used to each other.
  • Reboot Red String by daphnie_1- EXPLICIT
    A particularly heartbreaking take on the confusion over trying to live up to another reality. Both Kirk and Spock try to resist what's happening, and become bitter over their perceived lack of free will.
  • Reboot Mine by Dawn_twilight- EXPLICIT
    A short-sweet PWP. Just the thing if you need a quick pick-me-up.
  • TOS Exchanges by Deanna Gray- EXPLICIT
    Set after Turnabout Intruder. Kirk and Spock inexplicably wake up in each other's bodies. I love how easily Spock is able to imitate Kirk while in his body, and how the experience causes Kirk to recognise his own feelings.
  • TOS In Any Universe by Deanna Gray- EXPLICIT
    The end of the five-year mission is approaching and Kirk and Spock are thinking about the future, when an ion storm (gotta love those) throws Spock into the Mirror universe. I love Mirror!Kirk in this fic - he's a product of his environment, harsh and violent, but there's something very sad and tragic about him. Warning for dubcon.
  • TOS A Light in the Darkness by Debbie Cummins- EXPLICIT
    These guys should really stop taking shore leave, because it always ends in badness. This is a very sweet novella in which Kirk and Spock's hopeless devotion to one another has a profound effect on their reluctant helper. Written in third person omniscient, which I'm not fond of, but still an engaging story.
  • Reboot A Piece of the Game by deepsix- EXPLICIT
    I never knew I had a breathplay kink until I came across this fandom. Apparently, Spock gets off on asphyxiation in both universes, which is a good thing for Kinky Kirk(TM).
  • Reboot Heat Transfer by deepsix- EXPLICIT
    This is also a first time, but mostly porn. What I love about this one is that Kirk just goes for it. No messing around, he sees an opportunity for smexing and he takes it, and that is very much our Jim.
  • TOS Little Sorrows by Dovya Blacque- EXPLICIT
    It turns out bonding with Spock is the only cure for Jim's insomnia. What's a Vulcan to do? In this one, I like the way the relationship evolves organically.
  • TOS Love and Logic by Dovya Blacque- EXPLICIT
    A sweet post-Gol fic. I especially like the way their time apart has aided their understanding of themselves, and that they approach being together in a much more adult way than they might have during the 5YM.
  • Reboot We'll Be in Our Hidden Place by downjune- EXPLICIT
    An injury renders Kirk temporarily deaf. What I love about this one is the level of insight relating to Kirk's deafness; he feels disoriented in a way that rings very true.
  • Reboot Mutiny on the Enterprise by down_fell_jill- EXPLICIT
    Kirk/Spock/McCoy. Spock and McCoy are both trying to seduce Kirk. Everyone knows this. Everyone, that is, except Kirk. The humour in this is brilliant.
  • Reboot Hello Goodbye, and Hello by dracofiend
    Spock Prime visits the Enterprise, and Spock is Jealous. I love the way Jim is drawn to Spock Prime, and of course a jealous Spock is always hot.
  • Reboot All That We Can Be, Not Just What We Are by dreamlittleyo- EXPLICIT
    Pon Farr fic! W00t!
  • Reboot Jealous Orbits by dreamlittleyo- EXPLICIT
    A series of sex pollen incidents results in much angsting and some serious jealousy issues. This is only short but it's one of those intense, possessive jealous!Spocks and it's seriously hot.
  • Reboot Living on the Promise in Your Last Kiss by dreamlittleyo- EXPLICIT
    Sequel to All That We Can Be, Not Just What We Are and Who Am I to Say?. Kirk and Spock are bonded during Pon Farr, but have trouble working out the whole relationship thing.
  • Reboot Who Am I To Say? by dreamlittleyo
    Sequel to All That We Can Be, Not Just What We Are. McCoy knows something happened between Kirk and Spock, but doesn't know what. Unfortunately, neither does Spock :-(
  • TOS A Dance in Shadow and Silence by eimeo- EXPLICIT
    While stranded after a shuttle crash, Spock's observations of Sulu and Chekov cause him to question his relationship with Kirk. I love Spock to death in this, and it's absolutely beautifully written.
  • TOS Every Tuesday Evening by eimeo- EXPLICIT
    Extremely torturous and steamy PWP, making superb use of the amazing red gym tights. Probably shouldn't have read this one in the office. Just...guh.
  • Any Other World by elapsedspiral- EXPLICIT
    Kirk/Spock and Spock/Uhura. Alternating snippets from the two timelines of TOS and STXI. Very cleverly done.
  • Reboot Green Light by elapsedspiral- EXPLICIT
    Really funny, but sweet at the same time.
  • Reboot Amok Time Rebooted by elayna88- EXPLICIT
    Kirk/Spock/Spock Prime. Both Spock's go into pon farr at the same time, and Kirk takes one for the team (it's a hard life). A slutty Kirk in a Spock sandwich will never stop being hot.
  • Reboot Stopping Five Things by elfwreck
    Gen. This is why I love Reboot fandom. You may have noticed an influx of 'Five Times X Happened and One Time it Didn't'-type fics. So did someone else. It could have got wanky, but instead we get awesome crackfic. I am in my happy place.
  • TOS In the Season of Renewal by Elise Madrid- EXPLICIT
    The end of the 5YM is approaching and Spock has become distant, presuming that their separation is looming. Kirk returns to Iowa for his mother's funeral and is forced to reevaluate his priorities. The solution is a little easily found, but this was still an enjoyable fic with some nice details about Jim's home life and family.
  • TOS Trying Times by Elise Madrid- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock finally decide to hook up, but plot keeps interfering. Yummy frustration ensues.
  • Reboot Balance by emiime- EXPLICIT
    Brilliant handling of mental health issues. Chekov's shame, the feeling that he should be able to handle this himself but can't, is spot on. And there's no magical healing sex, which was a relief.
  • Reboot Shut Up by emiime- EXPLICIT
    Chekov tries (with little success) to keep Sulu quiet during sex. I love the cool, toppy Chekov in this.
  • Reboot Not Logical by ennyousai- EXPLICIT
    Jealous!Spock is another massive kink of mine. Yum. Also, there is some awesome stuff in this Kink Meme. It's worth just reading through all the comments if you have time.
  • Reboot Yellow by entangled_now- EXPLICIT
    More Aliens Made Them Do It theme, this one has Kirk under the influence of sex pollen. And high!Kirk is hilarious.
  • Reboot Scent Memory by fadagaski- EXPLICIT
    (Spock Prime/ Gaila) Why, I hear you ask, is there Spock/Gaila on my K/S recs list? Well, this is angsty as hell, and it's the K/S that makes it so. Spock Prime is in pon farr and Gaila's all too happy to help him out, but they both know it's Jim he wants.
  • TOS Beep by Farfalla- EXPLICIT
  • TOS Bonding for Dummies by Farfalla
    Fairly short bonding fic.
  • TOS Do I Look Fat To You? by Farfalla- EXPLICIT
  • TOS Liftoff by Farfalla- EXPLICIT
    First-time set post-Immunity Syndrome
  • TOS Recitativo by Farfalla- EXPLICIT
    Short first-time: Kirk witnesses Spock receiving a blow job after the episode Shore Leave...
  • TOS The Best Costume at the Party by Farfalla
    TOS Academy fic! Kirk comes across Spock at a costume party, and hotness ensues.
  • TOS Universe Within a Heart by Farfalla- EXPLICIT
    An ST4 fic, in which the whales help Spock to recover a certain memory. Contains naive!Spock having a hilarious conversation about gay sex. I also love Kirk in this, the way he's so restrained even though it must be killing him.
  • Reboot Camping by fedora13- EXPLICIT
    This one could use a beta for some SPAG errors, but I couldn't not rec it. See, Spock has sex with a tree. Seriously. So it's crack, right? Well, not entirely. Because actually what it's about is Spock being insecure about an aspect of himself that isn't 'normal' and Kirk being supportive and helping him to be comfortable with himself, which is pretty much what K/S is all about. That the abnormality is that Spock wants to have sex with a tree is just a hilarious bonus in a fic that's actually strangely sweet.
  • Reboot Death is a Debt by fingerstowords
    Warning for lots of character death. The sucky thing about being a Vulcan among humans is having to watch everyone you care about die. Have some fluffy romance lined up for afterwards if you read this one.
  • Reboot Variable Meanings by flagrantialuna
    The first anterograde amnesia fic I've seen in this fandom! This is beautifully done, because even though it's from Spock's POV and his memory resets every few seconds, Kirk's response is so vividly portrayed. You see him go through denial, anger and acceptance, all through the eyes of a Spock who has no idea what's going on. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  • Reboot Captchad by florahart
    This is awesome. The Enterprise starts requiring Captcha phrases to be entered in order to do, well, anything, and Kirk concludes they're giving him instructions. Ends up being Kirk/someone who isn't Spock, but that's okay because of the aforementioned awesomeness.
  • Reboot Incentive, Alien Technology, In My Bunk by florahart- EXPLICIT
    Short ficlet in which Kirk and Spock find a fucking machine. Kirk insists on testing it, of course. Absolutely hilarious, and disturbingly hot.
  • Reboot Bits from the Kink Meme by fluxy3525
    I don't normally read mpreg, but this is really quite sweet.
  • Reboot Where Soul Meets Body by folkhore- EXPLICIT
    Absolutely filthy porn with no redeeming qualities whatsoever :D Also features slutty!Spock and is hot like burning.
  • TOS Runzani by francesca_vitale
    Kirk and Spock have to pretend to be married for a mission. This isnt the usual farcical treatment of the trope, though; the aliens (who are awesome) have picked up on a bond that they're already aware of but have been denying. Kirk's freak-out over this felt very real; he's perturbed, but not excessively angsty, which felt very IC. I also love the post-TMP Spock who's comfortable with his feelings for Kirk.
  • TOS Cultural Differences by Fugitive- EXPLICIT
    A visit to Vulcan gives Kirk some insight into some of Spock's behaviour. This is sweet and fluffy, and the ending is absolutely perfect.
  • TOS I Should Have Gone Left by Fugitive
    Author summary: In the movie STV, Kirk tells Sybok that he knows there have been instances in his life when he has gone right when he should have gone left. A lovely series of moments where things could have happened and didn't. I especially like the understated post-TMP resolution.
  • TOS Military Man by Fugitive- EXPLICIT
    A very rare thing: a first time set after ST5! There isn't nearly enough late-movie fic, and what I love about this one is that the author gives a reasonable explanation for why they haven't been together all this time, and it's not Spock who's the unapproachable one. I very rarely see Kirk's brusqueness in fanfic, and this is an excellent example of it.
  • Reboot Fascinating by galileo7- EXPLICIT
    Spock riding Kirk with the most amazing thoughtful expression on his face, kind of like he's calmly cataloguing his physical responses. Searingly hot.
  • Reboot Close Quarters by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    A short AMTDI in which Kirk and Spock have to clear their minds in order to escape an alien forcefield, and hotness ensues.
  • Reboot Immutable Things by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    Beautifully written extension of the JJ Abrams interpretation of time travel. Lots of different universes, lots of different choices, lots of different ways of meeting Spock.
  • Reboot Lost by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    (Kirk/Spock Prime) There isn't enough Spock Prime fic in the world. This is his view of the Delta Vega scene, sweet but also a little bit heartbreaking.
  • AU Love is Strange by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    Dirty Dancing AU. I will admit to some trepidation about reading this fic as I absolutely loathe that movie, and am not terribly fond of AUs, but bloody hell, am I glad I gave this a shot. The sexual tension is phenomenal - srsly, Kirk and Spock should dance more often - but the absolute best thing about this fic is the Spock POV. He comes across as a very believable confused teenager with the usual identity issues, exacerbated by his mixed heritage and own perceived failings. Amanda is also delightful, and the subplot with T'Pring brilliantly executed. I have never been more convinced by a fic about Spock's decision to leave Vulcan.
  • Reboot One of a Kind by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    Three planets, three endangered species. Things to love in this one include scientist!Spock and one of the best takes on Spock's reaction to visiting the new Vulcan colony that I've read. (Note: marked as established because the most K/S-y bit - and my favourite part - is while they're established, although I think the first time happens in the middle somewhere? Also contains nice outsider POV from Sulu in part 2)
  • Reboot Strange Fascinations by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    Eyebrow sex! I kid you not. Kirk has noticed something we're already quite familiar with, and the result is extreme hotness.
  • Reboot The Sting by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    Never thought I'd read a watersports fic, let alone rec one! But the watersports part is medical (ish...oh, I love medicinal Vulcan bodily fluids!) and surprisingly unsquicky. And scores points for Vulcan flirting that is totally made of win.
  • Reboot Things We Don't Say by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    More winter fluff, this time with an established relationship. I love how adorably familiar they are in this fic; they cover it with banter, but I'm sure they both know what they're really saying, and they're downright cute. Also, snuggling in a tent in the snow never sounded so appealing!
  • Reboot You're the Ones that We Want by garryowen- EXPLICIT
    Two words: sentient ears. Furthermore, sentient ears with very specific tastes in other ears, and who are musical theatre fans. This is some of the most awesome crack ever.
  • Reboot Heart Only Breaks When It's Beating by gelsey- EXPLICIT
    Oh, this one broke me. Completely. Kirk is forced to seduce a woman, and hurting Spock breaks his heart.
  • TOS For the Love of a Human by gentlest_sin
    Another take on Amok Time, from T'Pring, Jim and finally Spock's POV. Is it weird that the T'Pring part is my favourite? Probably because I've not read anything like it before - most K/S is unilaterally scathing towards T'Pring, whereas this one tries to understand her, even if it stops short of being sympathetic. Shame the fic ends where it does, because damn it's intense!
  • Reboot Destiny by gigitrek
    A Spock/Uhura breakup fic, with Kirk/Spock developing in the background.
  • Reboot Confidence by green- EXPLICIT
    Gaila/Uhura, with an awesome Gaila characterisation.
  • Reboot How to Win Friends and Influence Vulcans by green
    Friendship fic, but can also be read as pre-slash. This one hits my newly-found biggest weakness, which is Reboot!Kirk trying to figure out how he and Spock are supposed to end up as BFF.
  • TOS Crazy Fingers by Greywolf- EXPLICIT
  • TOS Fire on the Mountain by Greywolf- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock use some shore leave time on Earth to go on a camping trip. A bit heavy on the romance, but very sweet.
  • TOS Lost Sailor by Greywolf
    Post-Amok Time pon farr fic, in which Spock is stupidly noble and Kirk snaps him out of it. Some lovely h/c.
  • TOS Wish You were here: Jim by Greywolf- EXPLICIT
    A letter from Kirk to Spock. Hot. Followed by WIsh You Were Here; Spock
  • TOS Wish You Were Here; Spock by Greywolf- EXPLICIT
    Spock's reply to Kirk's letter in the prequel 'Wish You Were Here; Jim'
  • Reboot Is That Even Possible? by hart_and_soul- EXPLICIT
    Kirk with a xeno-kink, and Spock in pon farr :D
  • Reboot Potential, In Retrospect by hitlikehammers
    An absolutely beautiful take on the 'look what Spock Prime showed me' trope.
  • Reboot Based on a True Story by hollycomb- EXPLICIT
    Hollywood makes a movie about the maiden voyage, and Sulu and Chekov watch it together. Absolutely hilarious, for their indignance about things the movie got wrong (Sulu: My grandfather instructed me in the ways of the ninja.), and adorable for the Sulu/Chekov interaction. I love how utterly cute they are, yet they're still boys - they avoid admitting they feel anything, they misunderstand each other and they're generally made of win.
  • Reboot Best Birthday Ever by hollycomb- EXPLICIT
    This fic was a one-way ticket to my happy place. The first part is absolutely hilarious, with a self-centred and insecure Kirk, and though it morphs into fluffy K/S it does so seamlessly.
  • Reboot Come What May by hollycomb- EXPLICIT
    I've never liked mpreg, but I really do urge anyone who feels the same way to give this one a shot anyway. What I love about it is that the pregnancy is treated as a properly freaky alien thing, and both Chekov and Sulu react accordingly. I believed their reactions in this more than I ever have in mpreg before. I also love that their relationship feels real, with all its problems and misunderstandings. Slight warning for some Kirk-bashing that momentarily threw me out of the story, but it's only a passing mention.
  • Reboot Under Control by hollycomb- EXPLICIT
    [Also Kirk/Chekov dub con] Excellent twist on the Aliens-Made-Them-Do-It trope, because the aliens make the wrong pair do it, and the ensuring angst is heartbreaking and brilliantly written. Warning for dub con, but it's some of the best and most believable dub con I've ever read. Wasn't so keen on Part II, so read that at your own risk.
  • Reboot Only Human by htebazytook- EXPLICIT
    Shameless PWP :D
  • TOS Forgetting is So Long by htebazy_fic
    The end of the 5YM, and everyone but Kirk seems to be celebrating.
  • Reboot Only Human by htebazy_fic- EXPLICIT
    Smokingly hot PWP with the mind melding and the Spock losing it a bit and guuuuh.
  • Reboot Just Lie Back and Think of the Federation by ifyouweremine- EXPLICIT
    Almost PWP, except that Aliens Made Them Do It is sort of a plot. Hot. And funny.
  • Reboot Wherein Kirk and Spock Have Inadvisable Drunken Sex by ifyouweremine- EXPLICIT
    Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Reboot For Our Past by igrab
    Also (in fact, primarily) Sarek/Amanda. The truth about Spock's conception. Sarek is especially well-written, and the bond between him and Amanda is delightful. (Sequel 'For Our Future' linked from this part)
  • Reboot Ragtaya by igrab
    AU in that Amanda's alive (I didn't consider that detail enough to put this in the AU category). Her unexplained survival is entirely warranted, though, because she gets to meet Jim and have him call her 'Mrs Spock's mom' which makes me melt a little with glee.
  • Reboot Spiccato by igrab
    This is only a short snippet, but it made me make this face all the way through: :D IDK, I just love it when Kirk and Spock fall into a relationship without realising it. And ticklish!Spock is kinda fun too.
  • Reboot I Love You Like I Love Pizza by igrockspock
    Kirk/Gaila, what Gaila really means when she says I love you. I am completely in love with Gaila. Like pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms and the crust stuffed with that lovely salty cheese. Mmmmm.
  • Reboot You're Gonna Make It After All by igrockspock- EXPLICIT
    (Gaila gen (insofar as that exists). Hints of Spock/Uhura that are subtle enough to ignore.) After two citations for indecent behaviour, Gaila decides it's about time someone studied alien sexual practices. Spock seems like an unlikely choice for a mentor, but his logical approach and his ability to appreciate Gaila for something other than her boobs mean that it works really well. This is a really touching look at Gaila's quest for independence, as well as being absolutely hilarious.
  • Reboot A Successful Experiment by inell- EXPLICIT
    Spock/Kirk/Uhura PWP, contains double penetration.
  • TOS Inherit the Stars by infiniteviking
    Stargazing! This made my astronomy-geek heart swell with joy. They're often so blase about being out in space, and it's lovely to see Kirk awe-inspired by the night sky and trying to share that joy with Spock.
  • Reboot Wrote the Book by insaneidiot
    The crew of the Enterprise is forced to attend a compulsory seminar on Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour, and Kirk gets picked on. A lot. This was probably not the author's intention, but I read it as quite meta-ish, since I think Kirk's reputation as Galactic Space Whore is a somewhat undeserved (srsly, he gets laid, like, twice, three times tops in the whole of TOS. Count 'em). Even though I doubt that was the point, it's still hilarious.
  • TOS Sorcerer by irisbleufic
    This is absolutely gorgeous. The development of the K/S relationship is woven between Season 1 TOS episodes in a completely believable way, and beautifully written. (Note: you do need to be familiar with the episodes, I think)
  • TOS Dare by J S Cavalcante- EXPLICIT
    Rescuing Kirk from a dangerous mission forces Spock to relax his controls, and extreme hotness ensues. I love the way the author makes Kirk submissive without compromising any of his determined, confrontational nature.
  • TOS The Word Withheld by J S Cavalcante- EXPLICIT
    A future Spock goes into the past to tell himself to carpe the diem. Spock does so, in what is possibly the most agonisingly drawn-out confession I have ever read.
  • TOS Business as Usual by Jack Hawksmoor- EXPLICIT
    A first time with episode-style plot! Granted it gets swept under the rug at the end, but the slow buildup is wonderful and the sex rewarding.
  • Reboot Desperate Times by Jack Hawksmoor- EXPLICIT
    Holy crap, this is hot. But also, incredibly angsty. Kirk and Spock have been given some sort of drug that forced them to have sex, and become addicted to one another. They try to fight it, but fail. This results in much angst, particularly since Spock is still with Uhura, and Spock losing control is always a bit heartbreaking, but mostly this is just phenomenally hot.
  • TOS Tired by Jack Hawksmoor- EXPLICIT
    First time, some plot (!). A few SPAG errors but still enjoyable.
  • Reboot Now With Added Tentacles! by jade_dragoness- EXPLICIT
    Possibly the most disturbingly hot crackfic ever. Kirk grows tentacles (no, really) and Spock helps him to discover the benefits.
  • Reboot Spillover by jade_starlight
    Kirk/Spock Prime. Don't let this put you off, it's non-squicky and makes sense, and the ending is pure brilliance. And all in 500 words!
  • AU The Capricious God by jane_potter- EXPLICIT
    In which Kirk is a god and Spock his priest. I'm not generally a fan of this kind of AU, but this one stands out for its hilarity (No, Jim growled.
  • Reboot 5 times Jim daydreamed about Spock's pecker and the first time he didn't have to by janice_lester- EXPLICIT
    Does what it says on the tin. Jim fantasises about some really weird and wonderful configurations of alien genitalia that somehow just keep getting hotter.
  • Reboot Hypnotic Vulcan; or, how Spock ruined Jim for all other beings with his mind by janice_lester- EXPLICIT
    How is Spock going to tame James T-for-Tomcat Kirk and convince him to settle down into an exclusive relationship? Why, by making the sex so awesome that he can't enjoy it with anyone else, of course! Supremely hot PWP.
  • Reboot Prehensile by janice_lester- EXPLICIT
    Spock's prehensile cock comes in useful in all kinds of unusual circumstances, and Kirk is utterly shameless about engineering said circumstances.
  • Reboot Abstract by jaylee_g
    In which Jim is Cinderella, only with a dick and a penchant for sarcastic repartee. I love the author's Jim-voice, and this is a lovely modern take on a fairytale in which the protagonist is allowed a backbone.
  • Reboot Improbability by jaylee_g- EXPLICIT
    I love this Kirk so much. The author manages to capture the confusion over being suddenly promoted over his peers, his meld-induced Spock angst, and still keep his wicked sense of humour intact. Also, Kirk being Spock's 'tra-la-la' made me die laughing whilst also being strangely sad.
  • Reboot In Silence You Can't Hide Anything by jaylee_g
    Jim's thoughts on the subject of love; the good, the bad and the frankly terrifying. I love Jim in this; he's one massive ball of neuroses, utterly freaked out by this thing with Spock at the same time as accepting how much he wants it.
  • Reboot Inamorato by jaylee_g- EXPLICIT
    A Reboot take on the TOS episode The Naked Time, with an absolutely hilarious Kirk POV. Sticks pretty close to the original, but manages to be infinitely funnier.
  • Reboot Inertia by jaylee_g
    Kirk is kind of put out by the idea of being destined to have this epic co-dependent relationship with Spock, so he refuses to play. Or tries to. I love the hopelessly-fighting-against-destiny take on the Mind Meld Gave Me Feelings trope, and this one has a charming Jim-voice, with just the right balance between confidence and insecurity and some delightfully irreverent humour.
  • Reboot Never By Halves by jaylee_g
    A really sweet fic that takes the Reboot birthday angst trope and turns it on its head.
  • Reboot The Sum of its Parts by jbmcdragon- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock are imprisoned by aliens. Kirk has no memory, and Spock may or may not be an imposter... I ummed and ahhed over whether to rec this, because while it's really engaging and fun to read, it ends somewhat abruptly and without resolving the K/S. It's best if approached as a first part rather than a completed fic.
  • Reboot The Truth of the Matter by jbmcdragon- EXPLICIT
    Truth serum and a loopy grilled cheese sandwich-loving Spock, followed by yummy hot telepathic sex. What's not to love?
  • TOS Need by jemariel- EXPLICIT
    Three reasons this fic is made of win: 1) it's post-Amok Time pon farr fic, 2) originality in Vulcan anatomy, and 3) there doesn't need to be a third.
  • Reboot Desire by jenlynn
    Spock Prime/Kirk, implied Spock/Kirk (both prime and rebooted). Borderline pre-slash/first-time, depending on how you look at it. Missing scene from Delta Vega.
  • Reboot Through the Glass Darkly by jenlynn
    The lovely thing about this one is that it deals with one of the inherent problems of the meld-induced sex plot, namely that it causes K/S to dive into a version of their relationship that isn't their own, without developing it themselves.
  • TOS Dawn by Jenna Sinclair
    Spock slowly comes back to himself after the fal-tor-pan.
  • TOS Deep Water by Jenna Sinclair- EXPLICIT
    Plot! In which the K/S is relevant!
  • TOS Down and Out and Under the Table by Jenna Sinclair
    McCoy sees something...unexpected. For him. It's not at all unexpected for us.
  • TOS Freely Given by Jenna Sinclair- EXPLICIT
    Kirk, Spock and McCoy go to a planet where kissing men is customary.
  • TOS From the Heart by Jenna Sinclair- EXPLICIT
    Kirk confesses. What I like about this one is that Spock is very Vulcan about it - or tries to be. And also a bit of originality in anatomy, which always makes me happy.
  • TOS Just a Kiss by Jenna Sinclair
    This one is lovely because it rings so true. It takes effort for them to understand one another, but they're both willing to try.
  • TOS On the Brink by Jenna Sinclair- EXPLICIT
    Spock takes some time to think about Kirk's proposition.
  • TOS Pacing the Cage by Jenna Sinclair- EXPLICIT
    Long, satisfying, and a wonderfully delicate exploration of Spock's struggle to accept his human side. Also contains Kirk/OFC and Spock/OFC, but in a completely necessary way.
  • TOS Rekindling Fire by Jenna Sinclair- EXPLICIT
    Continuation of TMP. Post-Gol Spock is incapable of sexual response, resulting in much frustrated!Kirk. Meanwhile, V'ger is not satisfied and comes back for more. Had me in tears at one point (okay, we've established by now that that's not hard to do in the movie-era, but even so...) and contains possibly the weirdest sex scene I've ever read.
  • TOS Shall We? by Jenna Sinclair
    A surprisingly pedestrian date, and McCoy with a big secret, all very humorously written.
  • TOS Sharing the Sunlight by Jenna Sinclair- EXPLICIT
    This was Jenna's first fic and it shows, in that the prose is less polished than the other fics of hers I've recced, and Kirk and Spock do get a bit girly and are prone to long conversations about Our Relationship. Nonetheless, it's long and plotty, the UST in the early part is exquisite, the sex - especially Jim's simply-expressed wonder when he takes Spock for the first time - is blisteringly hot, and damn, if this woman's least polished effort isn't still better than almost anything else in the Universe.
  • TOS Sunlight by Jenna Sinclair
    Light-hearted and funny, with Kirk, Spock and McCoy filling out a questionnaire.
  • TOS Work-in-Progress by Jenna Sinclair- EXPLICIT
    Another wonderfully romantic first time, without being overly fluffy.
  • TOS Bitter by Jesmihr
    A sweet established fic
  • TOS Personal Effects by Jesmihr- EXPLICIT
    Aliens give Spock an android programmed to make him happy, and Kirk is jealous. Hotness and hilarity ensue. This one should be read just for the scene in which the android offers a debauched Kirk and Spock a washcloth *gleeful*
  • TOS The Berries by Jesmihr- EXPLICIT
    While on shore leave, Spock gets drunk on space berries. Oh noes!
  • TOS The Game by Jesmihr
    A short fic in which the crew play a game which starts off hilariously funny and abruptly shifts to the angsty and bittersweet.
  • TOS Turbo Tale by Jesmihr- EXPLICIT
    A fic from the point of view of a very meddling turbolift. No, really. And just as awesome as it sounds. (Also implied Scotty/turbolift?)
  • TOS With Relish by Jesmihr- EXPLICIT
    This time it's space relish that's got the captain acting loopy. The best thing about this one is Spock's analytical insights into the mechanics of sex with cloven-hooved aliens.
  • TOS The Tirizan by JS Cavalcante
    A Betazoid matchmaker eyeing up Spock is an unwitting catalyst. I love Spock in this, the way his scientific curiosity and acceptance of IDIC overrule his Vulcan reserve.
  • TOS Touch by JS Cavalcante- EXPLICIT
    A new Vulcan joins the Enterprise, and Kirk gets jealous. Is made of win for this line alone: (McCoy to Kirk) a person???s sexual orientation isn???t part of his Starfleet record any more... And thank goodness, because what would we put down for you??????yes to all of the above???????
  • TOS Games by JSS- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock play spin the bottle. Arguably OOC, but it's still hot.
  • TOS A Twice-Told Tale by Jungle Kitty
    The Vulcan interpretation of Sleeping Beauty
  • TOS Case Study: The Pon Farr Project by Jungle Kitty
    If a project management consultant wrote fanfic. Very lol-worthy.
  • TOS Golden Boy by Jungle Kitty- EXPLICIT
    OMG. Kirk's unsavoury past comes back to haunt him. Absolutely stunning. Contains Kirk/various.
  • TOS Spare the Rod by Jungle Kitty- EXPLICIT
  • TOS The Edge by Jungle Kitty- EXPLICIT
    Violent Vulcan sex.
  • TOS The Life That Lies Before by Jungle Kitty- EXPLICIT
    Warning for explicit rape, but not in any way eroticised.
  • TOS TMI (Too Much Information) by Jungle Kitty- EXPLICIT
    Uses for tribbles that I really didn't want to consider. Comes with a squick warning.
  • Reboot Outside of Time by kagedtiger- EXPLICIT
    The missing sex scene from the incredibly awesome (and previously recced) Timeverse fics. I love brutal and non-airbrushed pon farr sex.
  • Reboot Timeverse series by kagedtiger- EXPLICIT
    I could type a whole row of ***s and still not be done expressing my sheer, unadulterated joy at reading this fic. It has the Delta Vega mind meld making Kirk dissatisfied with his relationship with Spock, it acknowledges the T'Pring issue in the Spock/Uhura relationship, and it even contains pon farr. It's like every awesome trope wrapped up with a big shiny bow. And on top of all that, it's beautifully written, heartbreaking in places, and just utterly, utterly perfect.
  • TOS Handclasp by kaki- EXPLICIT
    A short first time
  • Reboot Meet and Greet by kari_yaslana
    STXI told entirely in limericks, with a suitably K/S slant. fadagaski read this one out to me and had me in stitches. The best ones are in Chapter 5, with Kirk and Spock Prime.
  • Reboot Gamma Shift Infomercials by karmageddon- EXPLICIT
    Kirk catches Spock masturbating to infomercials. That make you go 'huh?' but it's written in such a believeable way that I was completely sold. I love it when people do unique things with Vulcan sexuality.
  • Reboot Just a Taste by keelywolfe- EXPLICIT
    In which Vulcan semen is possibly addictive.
  • Reboot A Moment of Our Silence by keelywolfe- EXPLICIT
    In the immediate aftermath of the movie, Kirk and Spock need to work off some grief. Hot.
  • Reboot Heat by keelywolfe- EXPLICIT
    FINALLY some Kirk/Spock Prime smut! Because seriously, a hot young version of your long-lost lover turns up out of're going to want to hit that. Hard.
  • Reboot This Rebellious Nature by keelywolfe- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock meet as teenagers. Kirk is delightfully slutty, and Spock is deliciously rebellious, in his reserved, Vulcan way. And there is wall sex in the rain, and I didn't realise that was a kink of mine until I read it.
  • Reboot Universal Translation by keelywolfe- EXPLICIT
    A delicious first time in which Kirk's casual touching is driving touch-telepath!Spock crazy, until at last he snaps. I love fics in which Kirk unknowingly teases Spock in this way, and in this one there's a definite implication that he knows exactly what he's doing, which is even better (at least, that's how I read it - let me know if you agree).
  • Reboot Untitled by keelywolfe- EXPLICIT
    Spock/Kirk/Spock Prime. But, amazingly, not crack. And hot. Even kind of sweet.
  • TOS For Today by Kembas- EXPLICIT
    A nice long pon farr fic. I like the fact that it's not all perfect, and they have to adjust to maintain their professional relationship.
  • Reboot Not So Friendly Nectar by kenshincha
    A fun bodyswap fic. Ends a tad abruptly, but I like the fact that Kirk is respectful of Spock's body and doesn't immediately run off to masturbate in it (although, y'know, those are fun too...).
  • TOS Second Decent Destiny by kenshincha
    An interesting tag to Amok Time: what if T'Pau hadn't got Kirk off the hook, and he'd lost his command? Very sweet.
  • Reboot You'll Pull Through by Kerinaty
    Beautifully made vid juxtaposing McCoy's the word love isn't written into your book speech with the epicness of Spock's relationship with Kirk, and turning into a lovely mind-meld-gave-me-feelings Kirk/Spock Prime.
  • TOS My Own Worst Enemy by ketsu_rei- EXPLICIT
    Set during Enemy Within - Kirk is split into good/evil and Spock is split into human/Vulcan. Sounds like it could be interesting if the fic was longer, but in the event it's simply used as a plot device to enable smut. A worthy cause, nonetheless.
  • Reboot Personal Diplomacy by kianspo- EXPLICIT
    Kirk screws up majorly on a mission and Spock gets hurt. I love this mostly for Kirk's guilt over his own stupidity, because he's really trying - he's not the obnoxious and reckless fratboy of some Reboot fic - but at the end of the day, he was promoted straight from cadet to captain, and it stands to reason he's going to mess up. And the lonely, needy Spock kind of makes my heart bleed a little.
  • TOS Cover of Night by Killa- EXPLICIT
    An absolutely beautiful post-ST3 fic. Kirk's wait on Vulcan during Spock's slow recovery is interspersed with flashbacks to their time together, and Kirk's regrets make his angst that much more painful.
  • TOS Full Circle by Killa- EXPLICIT
    Sequel to Turning Point, and veeeerrryyy sloooooowly makes all the hurt of that story better. This fic is my headcanon for the events surrounding TMP. Absolutely beautiful.
  • TOS Surrender by Killa- EXPLICIT
    Satisfying first time with D/s elements.
  • TOS Turning Point by Killa- EXPLICIT
    This is an absolutely heart-wrenching "why Spock goes to Gol" story. The existence of TMP means this has to go the way it does, and it is so, so beautifully written, but argh, you had better have time for the sequel.
  • TOS What the Heart Remembers by Killa- EXPLICIT
    A lovely post-ST3 fic in which Spock is recovering his memories, and his memories of Jim are more accurate than they seem.
  • Reboot Never and Always, Touching and Touched by kimberlite- EXPLICIT
    A nice take on my favourite crack (Kirk being freaked out by Spock Prime's mind meld), even if the sex is a little sudden.
  • AU Shh! by kinkme- EXPLICIT
    High school AU with teenage fumbling in the cinema :D Pure porn and hotness, with Arnie's dulcet tones in the background (okay, Arnie's never actually mentioned, but he was there in my head shut up).
  • TOS A Meal To Remember by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    Seduction by weird foodstuffs.
  • TOS Abandoned by kira-nerys
    Aftermath of Wrath of Khan, character death.
  • TOS An Eventful Night by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    So much for romantic nights sleeping in one another's arms...
  • TOS Before the Dawn by kira-nerys
    Parted, Kirk and Spock separately come to the same realisation.
  • TOS Breath of Life by kira-nerys
    Kirk saves Spock's life. Very short pre-slash.
  • TOS Caught Off Guard by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    First time, but basically PWP. Spock's the seducer for once!
  • TOS Christmas Gifts or Blue Seduction by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    A really lovely first time. Kirk and Spock spend Christmas in a log cabin.
  • TOS Homecoming by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
  • TOS In the Land of Lost and Found by kira-nerys
    Another character death.
  • TOS Kisses by kira-nerys
    Established. Time catches up with them, v. short.
  • TOS Nightly Revelations by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    A slightly creepy first time
  • TOS That of Which We Do Not Speak by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    Absolutely wonderful. Spock finds a letter addressed to him, major hotness ensues.
  • TOS When Need Outweighs Logic by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    Nice first-time, facilitated by visit to planet of telepaths.
  • TOS When Need Outweighs Logic by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    Nice first-time, facilitated by visit to planet of telepaths.
  • TOS Wind of Change by kira-nerys- EXPLICIT
    A nice first time, facilitated by Spock's second pon farr.
  • Reboot Life, Love and the Universe by kodial_bear
    Spock Prime gen, because I cannot get enough of the Delta Vega scene.
  • Reboot We Reach Our Apogee Slowly by kowaiyoukai- EXPLICIT
    This is a gorgeous slow progression, crackling with UST.
  • TOS Force of habit by kradie- EXPLICIT
    This is a Kirk/McCoy while McCoy is holding Spock's katra, so it's K/S in spirit. A brilliant premise, and I love the way Kirk can sense that it's Spock he's with even though the physical cues are wrong - the angst there is exquisite. Poor Bones, though.
  • TOS Understanding by kradie- EXPLICIT
    I have a hard time with the premise of Kirk and Spock asking McCoy to watch them have sex in order to understand their relationship, but it's worth getting past this hurdle because this is amazing - the sense of isolation McCoy feels rings very true, and there's a striking meta-ish parallel (intentional or not, I don't know) between McCoy's thoughts as an observer and the way we feel as readers of K/S.
  • TOS Have Another Good Night! by KS TLan- EXPLICIT
    Kirk finally clues in that he wants Spock, and drives himself crazy trying to conceal it. I love the build-up of tension, and Spock's responses throughout.
  • TOS Incident Report by ksal
    Kirk and Spock fight over email
  • Reboot Jim Kirk School of Diplomacy by kungfunurse
    K/S pre-slash, with a lovely example of new!Kirk proving to be better at this Captain thing than he thinks he is.
  • Reboot The Morning After the Earthquake by ladyblahblah- EXPLICIT
    This is truly, gut-wrenchingly horrible, and the first time I read it I couldn't bear to rec it. I came back to it recently, though, and, argh, it still destroyed me. Spock is meant to be marrying Uhura, but he wakes up on his wedding day with Kirk. There's no way this can end well for anyone involved, but what I like about it is the sense that Kirk and Spock have this inescapable destiny that's usually played in a happy romantic way, but in this case is tragic.
  • Reboot Precocious (5 Things Kirk Learned Too Soon, and 1 He Learned Just in Time) by ladybugkay
    A few people tried this prompt, and there can never be enough responses to it because it is awesome Snippets of Kirk's life that made him who he is (and this one does a brilliant job of highlighting the differences between him and Kirk Prime).
  • Reboot Tell Me Once, Tell Me Twice by ladyrougueevie- EXPLICIT
    Asphyxiation wouldn't normally be my thing, but this is hot. And it seems New!Kirk is just as much of a masochist as the old one *g*
  • AU Half a Dream Away by lalazee- EXPLICIT
    Kirk has been having dreams about a mysterious Vulcan whom he assumes to be fictional, until he meets Spock at the Academy. Spock is reluctant, but deliciously helpless against an utterly single-minded Jim.
  • Reboot Tear You Apart by lalazee- EXPLICIT
    Smoulderingly hot teacher/student sexytimes with epic UST, desk!sex and all that good stuff
  • Reboot Orgia, Or How Kirk Started a Vulcan Sexual Revolution by lalunali- EXPLICIT
    Kirk is all excited about joining in a Vulcan orgy, only to find out it consists of hand-holding. Naturally, he goes about setting things right. The Vulcan version of the orgy is actually pretty hot IMO, but the absolute best thing about this fic is Kirk applying the logic of genetic diversity to persuade a bunch of hot Vulcans to get naked.
  • Reboot The Peacock Preens by lalunali- EXPLICIT
    Wingfic! Kirk acquires golden wings and is suitably obnoxious and nuKirk about it. Spock finds them strangely compelling. This one is somewhat unique for the acknowledgement of the ick buildup of lots of people petting said wings, especially since it leads to an incredibly hot scene in which Spock helps to rectify the situation.
  • Reboot Amok Time by Lanaea
    This is how Amok Time may have gone in the Rebootverse, and it manages to be funny and hot.
  • Reboot An Unremarkable Incident by Lanaea
    Stops in a most frustrating place, but it's very sweet.
  • Reboot Good Times by Lanaea
    In which Jim doesn't think pon farr is much of an inconvenience. Only a short snippet, but cute.
  • Reboot Gossip by Lanaea
    Companion to Home (which is MADE OF AWESOME and I hope you're all as hooked on it as I am). I absolutely love gossipy Sulu and Chekov, and this one is really funny whilst also having sweet Sulu-Chekov interaction.
  • Reboot Home by Lanaea
    Some shore leave on Earth provides an opportunity for Kirk and Spock to get to know each other better. This story is perfect - the amount of detail, the deliciously slow pace, the gradually unfurling UST. And I ? Kirk's mother. IMO, becomes slightly less awesome once they leave Earth, but YMMV.
  • Reboot Pon Farr and You by Lanaea
    Sarek hands Spock a leaflet about Pon Farr (as referred to in Home). Absolutely hilarious, and so very Vulcan.
  • Reboot Speculation by Lanaea
    Companion to Home and sequel to Gossip. Chekov is absolutely adorable in this.
  • Reboot The Writing on the Wall by Lanaea
    Because even starship captains engage in the banal pastime of bathroom graffiti.
  • Reboot The Unveiled Secret by laurajv
    Spock Prime and Sarek gen, with implied Spock Prime/ Kirk Prime. An absolutely gorgeous conversation that could have been lifted out of the movie.
  • Reboot The Word for World Is-- by laurajv
    Beautiful look at the building of the new Vulcan colony, which manages to capture the grief exquisitely while remaining completely Vulcan.
  • Reboot The 80/20 Theory As Applied To Cats on The Bed by lazulisong
    Unusually, this fic has Kirk as the one who's acting a bit like a cat, crawling uninvited into Spock's bed for warmth. It's hysterically funny (the actual cats in particular are made of win), but also very sweet.
  • TOS Poses by Leslie Fish- EXPLICIT
    Sequel to Shelter
  • TOS Shelter by Leslie Fish- EXPLICIT
    A TOS classic. A head injury causes Spock to reveal more than intended, resulting in much angsting and ultimately hotness. Scores huge points for alien anatomy :D
  • TOS This Deadly Innocence, a.k.a., The End of the Hurt/Comfort Syndrome by Leslie Fish- EXPLICIT
    Half-meta, half sappy first time romance, this fic takes traditional h/c fics to task by having Bones, fed up with Kirk and Spock constantly risking their lives for each other as a substitute for what they really want, send them on medical shore leave. The planet is delightful, with its adorable miniature dinosaurs, and the slow pace and introspection makes the slash very organic.
  • Reboot A Complete Education, or: How Spock Leaned to Stop Worrying and Love Sex by lesyeuxverts00- EXPLICIT
    I LOVE virgin!Spock fics, and this one is just awesome. Completely clueless about sex, Spock has to turn to Bones and Sulu (!) for advice. It is obviously hilarious, but Spock's voice is so well-written that I didn't ever feel like I was laughing at him. He's simultaneously squicked and fascinated in a way that feels very real for him.
  • Reboot The Immovable Object and the Unopposable Force by lesyeuxverts00- EXPLICIT
    I've decided that fics in which Kirk and Spock delude themselves into believing they're just having meaningless sex count as fake relationship. This one has the usual jealous!Spock, which is delightful, but also a remarkably good jealous!Kirk. But the thing that stood out the most to me in this one is the Spock POV, which is coolly logical but suitably confused, and reflects his mixed heritage perfectly.
  • Reboot Bullseye by likeaglass- EXPLICIT
    Spock, quite inexplicably, takes up fletching. Jim misunderstands, and hotness ensues (warning for felching). I love it when wank gets turned into porn :D
  • Reboot Solace by lithiumwords
    Warning for reference to abortion. It's a bit of a sensitive issue for me so I won't say anything about the content, except that it's beautifully written and manages to be respectful to both parties.
  • AU Creep by littlebirdtold- EXPLICIT
    Complete meta-fic: a modern-day AU in which Kirk and Spock are so named because their parents were Star Trek fans. They're also in K/S fandom. The rants about fandom are funny, and the K/S parts are hot - and without giving anything away I thought the ending was perfect.
  • Reboot Tell Me Lies (or Lies of Silence) by littlebirdtold- EXPLICIT
    Amnesiac!Jim jumps to conclusions which Spock doesn't quite refute. So sweet it'll give you cavities, and a very hot Spock who just can't help himself.
  • Reboot Within Reach by littlebirdtold- EXPLICIT
    When Spock dies in a transporter accident, Jim completely falls to pieces, and his obsession ends up finding the means to bring Spock back. I mostly like this because of the way Kirk's grief is written (and the fact that it's safe, because the death is temporary). After Spock's return, Kirk's obliviousness kind of makes me want to slap him, but Spock is written with lovely endearing subtlety.
  • TOS Captain Do You Play? by Liz Ellington
    Sweet fic set when Kirk first takes command of the Enterprise. His perceptiveness in his first impressions of Spock and the way Spock reacts to him beautifully set up the relationship between them seen in the series.
  • TOS Patterns by Liz Ellington- EXPLICIT
    Sweet first time with matchmaker!McCoy
  • TOS The Last Straw by liz_ellington- EXPLICIT
    Spock will tolerate Jim bringing women to his quarters, but when it's another man he loses it just a tad. A nice bit of Everyone Thinks We're Doing It with a delicious jealous!Spock.
  • Reboot A Formal Dance in the Bowling Alley by loneraven
    Gen. A lovely example of Reboot!Kirk trying to figure out this captain thing.
  • Reboot Inextricable by lunabee34
    Spock Prime/Kirk. Another one I wasn't sure how to place, either established or gen depending on how you read it. This is really short, but had me in tears; it's sweet, but utterly heartbreaking.
  • AU A Song of Distant Shores by Lyrastar
    The Little Mermaid, K/S style. Very stylised.
  • TOS Gemini Setting by Lyrastar- EXPLICIT
    Established relationship, with plot! *gasp* Wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.
  • TOS Sensate Focus by Lyrastar- EXPLICIT
    First-time bonding fic.
  • Reboot The Beginning of Always by l_vera01
    (Kirk/Spock Prime) I keep commenting on Reboot!K/S that as happy as I am for them, I can't help but feel heartbroken for Spock Prime. Now, finally, Spock Prime gets to be happy, and not just in a temporary until-nu!Spock-comes-to-his-senses kind of way :D
  • TOS A Matter of Biology by M E Carter- EXPLICIT
    A delicious pon farr fic. Set during that ceremony on Altair VI, which is a nice bit of continuity. I love the way Kirk tries to be unobtrusively supportive despite the rising tide of jealousy.
  • TOS All This Time by M.E. Carter- EXPLICIT
    Shameless romance set after the events of Galileo Seven. Under pressure from Ferris, Kirk has to balance realisations of his feelings for Spock with his professional duties. What I like about this one is that they don't agonise over their relationship, it just happens.
  • TOS A Computer And A Plan by Mary Kay- EXPLICIT
    Spock sets out to seduce Kirk, and comes up with what is basically my idea of the perfect date - dinner in a tacky theme restaurant and musical theatre! I love forward-but-hesitant Spock.
  • TOS Of Dark Places by Mary Kay- EXPLICIT
    Kirk is lost in a dark cave, awaiting a brave knight - er, Vulcan - to rescue him. A lovely h/c fic with near-death confessions, insecure!Kirk and all that good stuff.
  • Reboot Keep Your Distance by masterofmidgets
    Anti-sex pollen makes it so that Kirk and Spock can't be near each other, which of course makes them realise how much they want to be. This is awesome - it's plotty and satisfying, and the description of how they feel when they're separated is so utterly believable.
  • Reboot Occam's Razor by mattmetzger
    A sweet bit of established relationship fluff. Jim is working up the nerve to propose to Spock, and finds keeping secrets in a relationship with a telepath presents all sorts of problems.
  • TOS Uncouth Person by mecurtin
    Logic and Lubricity, or, K/S as told by Jane Austen. Well written, and really funny.
  • Reboot The fistbump is non-optional by mekosuchinae
    Kirk, Spock & McCoy gen. Kirk is drunk. Spock and McCoy have eyebrow conversations. Need I say more?
  • Reboot Conversations at Midnight by Meri Oddities
    Lovely snippet of interaction between Kirk and Spock who are still feeling out that awkward space between animosity and friendship.
  • Reboot Poor Spock by missjesselle
    Uhura and Chapel are upset that Kirk cheated on Spock. Short and sweet, and kind of made me want to hug Jim.
  • Reboot Till the Heavens Stop the Rain by mithen
    Kirk/Spock Prime. There is not enough Kirk/Spock Prime, which is sad because it's awesome in its angsty glory. This one has them trading stories of their Enterprises.
  • Reboot Similar Activities by mithrigil- EXPLICIT
    Wonderfully clinical Spock voice that manages to be absolutely hilarious yet also portray his struggle between emotion and logic perfectly.
  • Reboot Misbehave by mklutz
  • Reboot Junkie by naroclie- EXPLICIT
    I have a thing for high!Kirk. And this one has both high!Kirk and meld-induced sex, which makes me a happy fangirl indeed.
  • Reboot Brilliance, or the Necessity of Precision by naynymic
    This is heartbreaking, because the 'everyone' who thinks they're doing it includes Spock. The angst is exquisite but, thankfully, fleeting.
  • Reboot It's Vulcan for Humbug by nimori
    More holiday fluff, in which Jim feels it's his captainly duty to attend every cultural celebration, and attempts to respect Spock's diversity are a little OTT (but luckily this is a proactive!Spock who has no problem rectifying the situation). Contains one of the best lines in a holiday fic ever: Disappointingly, the Orion harmony chant had not in fact been a euphemism for holiday orgy.
  • Reboot Wall by ningengerai- EXPLICIT
    Bone-meltingly hot angry wall sex, followed by sweet second-time sex. I love it when Spock initiates.
  • Reboot Easy Like Sunday Morning by nix_this- EXPLICIT
    Lazy morning sex and playful banter.
  • Reboot Rumors Like This by notboldly
    A lovely McCoy POV - I love his exasperation, first with the gossip and then with Kirk's cluelessness.
  • Reboot The Best Laid Plans by notboldly
    Concern for Spock leads Jim to try a spot of consolation via a pseudonym on the Starfleet equivalent of It all goes very You've Got Mail, and is really quite adorable. I actually like Reboot!Jim in this; I found what he does to be quite cruel, but unintentionally so, and it all works out okay. I love how much he cares, even though - at the start of the fic - he and Spock aren't even close.
  • Reboot This Cunning Plan by noxie- EXPLICIT
    In which Jim's sexual prowess doesn't quite live up to reputation, but Spock doesn't seem to mind overmuch. The sequel has some delightful morning after issues and a lovely sensible Uhura.
  • Reboot Understanding Your Vulcan, A Manual by noxie
    Snippets of Kirk and Spock's communication issues, which are both sweet and humorous.
  • TOS Echoes by obstinatrix
    Set post-TWOK, while McCoy is carrying Spock's katra. Only a short ficlet, but one of the most beautiful takes on this that I've read.
  • TOS Formalities by obstinatrix
    Grumpy-but-reluctantly-romantic!Bones stumbles across Kirk and Spock dancing, and I'm sure would insist that he absolutely does not find it cute. Fantastic Bones POV, and adorably cute established K/S.
  • TOS Onward, The Road by obstinatrix
    A sweet sort-of-PWP (only without the porn) set at the beginning of TWOK. Kirk's musings on age and mortality, beautifully sweet for the fluffy romance of the way they interact, but laced with just the right amount of angst at the knowledge of what's coming.
  • Reboot Hung Lou Meng by ofphenwa- EXPLICIT
    (Kirk/Spock Prime) Spock Prime dreams about Jim. Listed under angst because I found it heartbreaking (as I do pretty much everything involving Spock Prime), despite the hopefulness. Very elegantly written.
  • Reboot Home-Cumming by Pamdizzle- EXPLICIT
    [Kirk/Spock/Spock Prime] I am a massive fan of Spock Prime getting some action, and this is an extremely hot PWP. Spock Prime can smell his younger self on Kirk and pretty much loses control, and the image of older Spock being hopelessly turned on? Yeah. No redeeming qualities whatsoever, but when you have hot Spock-on-Spock action, who needs plot?
  • Reboot Endless Circle by pantswarrior- EXPLICIT
    (Also Kirk/Spock Prime and implied Spock Prime/Kirk Prime) Spock Prime wants to share his last pon farr with Kirk. Absolutely exquisitely written, a perfect rendering of the tragedy of Spock Prime without being trite. The awkwardness in particular is brilliantly done.
  • Reboot Cold & Wet by penbrydd- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock get caught in the sleet. Spock is more forthright than the fanon norm, and there is delicious Vulcan handporn.
  • Reboot Refraction by pencil_tricks
    Nicely written take on the mind-meld-gave-me-feelings trope. In this one, I especially like the isolation Kirk feels as captain, seeing everyone else bond without him.
  • Reboot And Cried Out His Name In Joy by pervyficgirl- EXPLICIT
    Kirk/Spock Prime, with an accidental bond and pon farr. Wonderful yet utterly heartbreaking.
  • Reboot Yet Undeniably Real by pervyficgirl- EXPLICIT
    Reboot take on the TOS episode Shore Leave, fun but also a little bit heartbreaking.
  • TOS Hair of the Dog by physhnor_fowl- EXPLICIT
    The crew gets drunk on Intoxicating Alien Fruit (TM), with obvious consequences. The resulting misunderstanding is really quite sweet, and made me feel for Kirk in particular.
  • Reboot Cold a Long Time by posyvanilla- EXPLICIT
    Spock discovers snow. This gives Kirk Ideas. The ice porn is hot (harhar, see what I did thar?), but I am equally enamoured of the possessive way Kirk watches Spock in the snow.
  • Reboot Controlled Fall by posyvanilla- EXPLICIT
    Almost PWP, except that the way they both struggle to express their feelings and the tentative way they feel out their relationship even in one sex scene says more than some plotty fics. Beautifully written, with just the right amount of fragility.
  • Reboot Shiver by posyvanilla- EXPLICIT
    I absolutely love episode-style plot in my K/S :D This one is awesome, because it has Spock trying to seduce Kirk with chess (and both of them being suitably inept), Uhura being a BAMF, awesome world-building, and the line, Not sleeping with you for your tomatoes.
  • Reboot Terminal Point by posyvanilla- EXPLICIT
    Spock is kidnapped, presumed dead. Kirk's hopeless attempts to continue the search and his refusal to give up are interspersed with flashbacks leading up to the kidnapping in a way that maintains the tension perfectly. I adore Kirk in this - he's definitely nuKirk, but not as brash as he's often portrayed.
  • TOS Another Country Beckons by Rae Trail- EXPLICIT
    Kirk has been unknowingly flirting with Spock, and Spock loses it. I especially like McCoy's well, duh response in this.
  • TOS Summer Heat by Rae Trail- EXPLICIT
    Rentboy!Kirk gets picked up by an insatiable Vulcan.
  • Reboot Breaking Points by ragdoll987- EXPLICIT
    Perhaps more accurately categorised as Spock Prime Gave Me Feelings, because this features Spock Prime as an unrepentent meddler. And I love him for it. This is obviously about Nu!K/S coming together in their wonderful and uniquely explosive way (albeit requiring a bit of a nudge), but as thrilled as I was for that (and I swear there were actual tears of joy), my heart breaks for Spock Prime in this one in the most exquisitely painful way.
  • Reboot Grasp The Thorn by ragdoll987
    Kirk and Spock meet as teenagers while Spock's visiting Earth. Their interactions are adorable.
  • Reboot Great Expectations by ragdoll987- EXPLICIT
    Pure, unadulterated Christmas fluff.
  • Reboot and they won't believe you when you write home about it by raphaela667
    With a delightfully gossipy Sulu learning something intriguing about his commanding officers.
  • Reboot Five Times James T. Kirk Didn't Get Married (And One Time He Did) by raphaela667- EXPLICIT
    So well written. I adore Kirk in this.
  • Reboot Five Ways The Crew Found out about Spock and the Captain by raphaela667
    Funny, but sweet. I especially love the meta in Chekov's bit, and the family-like bond that they all have.
  • Reboot Our Emotional History is in the Kitchen by raphaela667
    Kirk takes Spock home to meet his mother. Very nicely understated.
  • Reboot The Expected Kind of Surprise by raphaela667
    Hilarious short piece about monogamy with a brilliant punchline.
  • Reboot The Ups and Downs of You by raphaela667
    Spock gets turned into a six year-old and is possibly the most adorable kid in the history of ever (says me, who doesn't like children).
  • Reboot We Learn Each Other Slowly by raphaela667- EXPLICIT
    Rebooted K/S attempt a monogomous relationship.
  • TOS A Difference That Makes All The Difference by Ray Newton- EXPLICIT
    An alternate end to the 5YM in which interesting Vulcan biology provides a solution to Kirk's inability to be penetrated. Not much in the way of plot, to be honest, but I like it when writers demonstrate originality with Vulcan anatomy, and this is about as weird as they come.
  • Reboot An Alternative Idea by red_at_three- EXPLICIT
    Fully-clothed frottage is one of my absolute favourite things. And what I really like about this one is that while Spock initiates the encounter, he's obviously a bit nervous and off-balance (though not excessively so), which makes it all seem far more real and IC.
  • AU Rings This True by red_at_three- EXPLICIT
    Adorable high school AU complete with awkward teenage fumbling. Kirk and Spock been being interrupted at...crucial moments, leading to lots of steamy pent-up tension.
  • Reboot With My Feet Toward the Stars by rinsbane- EXPLICIT
    The Enterprise gains sentience and begins to communicate with Spock through telepathy. What makes this one stand out is the beautiful, lyrical quality of the writing. I love the way the Enterprise's personality reflects her crew, the way she helps Spock to recognise his feelings for Kirk, and the turmoil of Spock's thoughts.
  • Reboot Meeting the In-Law/s by rose_aislin
    Kirk meets Sarek while horribly drunk. Drunk!Kirk and tolerant!Spock are made of win. I LOL'd so hard all the way through this that the office made me read it out loud.
  • Reboot The Model Captain by rose_aislin
    Once Kirk is in an established relationship with Spock, pictures surface from his former career as a model. Comic genius, with a brilliant jealous!Spock and blunt!Scotty.
  • Reboot Come As You Are by ryann_blackwood- EXPLICIT
    In a complete reversal of the cliche, Kirk is a mind meld slut and Spock's afraid of commitment. This is beautifully written, with an especially good Spock voice.
  • Reboot Impulse Control by ryann_blackwood- EXPLICIT
    (Also Chekov/Sulu) This one has McCoy not giving Kirk enough credit, and is really quite adorable.
  • TOS For the First Time by sahsheer
    Following This Side of Paradise, Kirk tries to make Spock happy, with occasionally disastrous results. Really sweet friendship fic (okay, I read it as pre-slash, but then anything with those two on the same page has subtext, right?)
  • Reboot Through Water by sans_pertinence- EXPLICIT
    Another Kirk-is-fucked-up-by-the-mind-meld fic, first person Kirk POV with a really good, original Kirk voice.
  • TOS Miracle of the Lights by sara- EXPLICIT
    Set post-TMP. Sweet holiday fluff; Kirk wants to celebrate with Spock but is afraid of frightening him off.
  • Reboot Star Trek Parody by sarahtales
    Best parody I've seen yet, by far. Never go in against a Vulcan when kink is on the line.
  • Reboot The Communication Series by screamlet- EXPLICIT
    Starts with Kirk and Spock getting drunk on shore leave, and ends up with insanely hot telepathic Vulcan sex via random space skanks. Incessantly chattering Kirk is genuinely ROFLMAO funny.
  • Reboot The Old Gentaran Boy's Club by scribblinlenore- EXPLICIT
    Alien sex rituals FTW! Kirk and Spock are much better at being gay than they think they are. My only complaint with this one is that it ends.
  • Reboot Repeat Offender by seperis- EXPLICIT
    Spock breaks Kirk out of prison and, er, assists with his injuries. This one has an especially good Spock characterisation - he manages to have a heartfelt talk without being emotional, and the not-lying to Pike is very well done.
  • Reboot You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) by seperis- EXPLICIT
    Long and satisfying, with a brilliantly unique twist on pon farr. I found it a bit confusing at first, but it all slots together.
  • So Be It by shatfat
    A TOS/AOS crossover. The great thing about this one is that it takes Kirk from the TOS universe but at the same age as nu!Kirk, so while he's working his way up the ranks normal-fashion - and plants him in AOS where his counterpart is a ridiculously young captain. I love this one for TOS!Kirk's observations about insubordination and lax decorum in the AOS-verse. Also, attempts at actual science FTW!
  • Reboot No Mercy for the Restless by silviakundera
    An away mission gone awry, and 'omg we're going to die'-induced slash, which is always win. Written in a beautifully lyrical and fluid style that I wish I could replicate.
  • AU A Wondrous Thing by simoneallen- EXPLICIT
    Deliciously long story based on the movie An Affair to Remember. Kirk and Spock meet on a starship, but both are involved with other people, so they agree to spend six months apart. What I love most about this fic is that it isn't all easy sailing; the doubts and uncertainties - and in particular the way their perception of their meeting changes with time - felt very real.
  • Reboot Belonging by simoneallen- EXPLICIT
    A mission forces Kirk and Spock to meld, which reveals Things. I love the use of original aliens to bring Kirk and Spock together.
  • TOS Each to Their Own by simoneallen- EXPLICIT
    Kirk plans to seduce Spock by taking him on shore leave... to Cornwall! Yeah, okay, mostly I just love the setting - I'd never expected to see my home county in a Trek fic! This is a fun fic in which Jim's seduction attempts go from bad to worse, as summed up by the obligatory cockblocking relative: So far all you???ve managed to do is half drown him, throw up on him and give him a stinking cold???? Poor Jim.
  • Reboot The Friend by simoneallen- EXPLICIT
    Nicely long and plotty, with a brilliantly written supporting cast (I especially love Amanda in this one), and some lovely details about Vulcan. Jealous!Kirk and manipulative!Spock are particular favourites of mine :D And for complete adorableness, check out the illustration by toasterdog (after reading the fic).
  • TOS The Glade by simoneallen
    Kirk has been having a troubling dream, and McCoy points him in the right direction. Nice accidental matchmaking on McCoy's part, and a Spock who's a lot less shy and reserved than Kirk assumes.
  • TOS The Glade by simoneallen
    A sweet fic in which a disturbing dream causes Jim to go to McCoy, who plays the unwitting matchmaker. I especially like forward Spock in this one.
  • TOS The Inscrutable Nature of Doctor Leonard H. McCoy by simoneallen
    McCoy finds out about Kirk and Spock. Mostly I love this for the banter between Spock and McCoy.
  • Reboot Stars Apart, Shine the Same by sineala- EXPLICIT
    This one is absolutely incredible. I actually cried in the middle.
  • Reboot No-Win Scenario by singingintime
    Epic kissing. But a million times better than that makes it sound. Kirk's finally facing his no-win scenario, and he finally thinks 'to hell with it,' and the result is breathtaking, there's no other word for it.
  • TOS In Check by smoke_perro- EXPLICIT
    I found this a bit abrupt, but intelligently written.
  • Reboot Songs of Seleya by snowlight- EXPLICIT
    Kirk is on medical leave and decides to use the free time to learn Vulcan. Spock is a very hands-on teacher. The educational sex and smart!Kirk are made of win, and I especially love the depth of Vulcan culture that the author manages to express in what is essentially porn.
  • Reboot The Four Times Spock Said Yes to Jim Kirk and the One Time He Said No by snowlight
    Guh is the only word I have for this. Spock is perfect, thrumming with barely contained emotion.
  • AU The REAL Trouble with Tribbles by snowlight
    Kirk and Spock are tribbles! Spock is not very good at being a tribble, refusing to coo and having worries about overpopulation, but Kirk is tribbley enough for the both of them, and their love is epic as they embark on a quest to overthrow the Klingon Empire. (Warning for mpreg, but I don't think it counts with tribbles)
  • Reboot To Love and Not to Hold by snowlight
    Spock/Uhura (but probably not suitable for Spock/Uhura shippers). This fic deals with asexuality, which I don't think I've ever seen in a fic before. It's exquisitely done, beautifully and respectfully written.
  • Reboot Outlogicked by sommik
    In which the crew of the Enterprise face their biggest crisis yet, as a virus called Microsoft Windows XP gets installed on the ship's computers. The Windows digs and Spock's frustration with the illogical error messages are hilarious.
  • Reboot Each In His Own Time by southpaw526
    (Kirk/Spock Prime) Warning for character death. What I loved about this one was actually Kirk's friendship with nu!Spock.
  • Reboot How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by sparky77- EXPLICIT
    Gen, though my slash goggles say pre-slash. And completely awesome. A quote: There???s something about the way he slouches that seems to be saying, ???I could be sitting straight, but the universe just couldn???t handle the awesomeness of me being fully upright in this chair.'
  • Reboot Closer... by sparringett- EXPLICIT
    Warning for non-con. I almost didn't rec this because of the way the non con is handled, but it's a long, involved story that adapts aspects of TOS canon to the new characters in a clever way, so it is worth reading.
  • AU Roleplay by sparrowshellcat- EXPLICIT
    In which Kirk is a prostitute hired to loosen Spock up. Spock is awesome in this, because of the way he's completely disinterested until he realises Kirk is actually kinda smart.
  • Reboot Kirk Lays An Egg by spdfg- EXPLICIT
    Does what it says on the tin, but is remarkably uncracky. It's actually quite sweet, and extremely cleverly written. I adore the sequel in particular.
  • Reboot The Kirk by spdfg- EXPLICIT
    Some enterprising individual markets a Kirk sex toy. Kirk is indignant. Spock is sly. The advert for the dildo and Kirk's reaction to it are pure win on a stick of awesome.
  • TOS This Never Happened Before by spookyfbi
    All the way from Where No Man to movie-era, with oh so many gratuitous touching and meaningful looks. Really reminds you how epic their love story is :D
  • TOS The Appointed Place by Starshadow- EXPLICIT
    Pon farr smut
  • TOS The Gift by starshadow- EXPLICIT
  • TOS Tropical Rain by Starshadow- EXPLICIT
    Tentacle porn...and a bit of a jealous Spock.
  • TOS When It Changed by Starshadow- EXPLICIT
    Spock reflects on meeting Kirk.
  • Reboot Affliction's Sons by stella_andrea- EXPLICIT
    Also Sarek/Winona. Don't let the pairing put you off - I put off reading this for ages thinking it would be squicky, but it's amazing. There's a Pon Farr epidemic on New Vulcan, and Sarek is forced to bond with Winona. Meanwhile, Kirk and Spock have decided that casual sex is logical, and since Spock is under pressure to bond because of the epidemic, they pretend to be engaged. There follows the usual angst-fest as Spock decides he wants it to be real, which is one of my favourite tropes ever. This is long and beautifully done - enough that it kept me up until 5.20am.
  • Reboot Emotions Outweigh Logic by stella_andrea- EXPLICIT
    This is not real genderbending, but I'm putting it here because what makes it unique is the originality in Vulcan genitalia, and most importantly the way Spock sees himself. It also has a cross-dressing Spock, which is not as terrifying as it sounds - it's actually kind of awesome. Not to mention hot.
  • TOS A House of Cedar by sundara- EXPLICIT
    Post-ST3 fics are always heart-wrenching, but this one had me in tears almost the whole way through, even though it's schmoopy romance with a happy ending. Kirk tries to help Spock recover his memories after the fal-tor-pan, and although it's Spock POV, Kirk's angst reverberates in every line and is perfectly believable.
  • TOS Learning Home by sundara- EXPLICIT
    (Follows Passages)
  • TOS Passages by sundara
    As much as I love conflicted!Spock, I also have a huge soft spot for post-ST6 Spock who has reconciled his human and Vulcan sides and is at peace with himself. This one is a brilliantly original take on Vulcan culture that felt perfectly authentic, with K/S written as a natural development of a pre-existing bond.
  • Reboot To the Best of my Recollection by svilleficrecs- EXPLICIT
    This one's very interesting, because it has Spock 2.0 dealing with Spock Prime's memories.
  • Reboot Asymptote by tahariel- EXPLICIT
    A subversion of the trope. In this one, aliens stop them from doing it, which makes Spock realise he wants to and generally go crazy. Also contains geeky maths references, which made my heart swell with glee.
  • Reboot Five People Spock Loved and the One Person He Fell in Love With by tasheila
    Beautifully written snippets of Spock's life and those who influenced it (including an excellent working in of Stonn!) culminating, of course, in Kirk.
  • Reboot What the Heart Wants by terra_lilly
    Things that make this fic awesome include good use of telepathy, the crew knowing what's going on before Kirk and Spock do, and honesty regarding the sex.
  • TOS Four Times Kirk Noticed Spock And One Time Aliens Made Him Do Something About It (Sort Of) by thedeadparrot
    Glimpses of missions that brought Kirk and Spock together, all beautifully intertwined with references to TOS episodes. I am much enamoured of the aliens-made-them-do-it trope, but even more so when they're simply facilitating something that would have happened anyway.
  • Mirror Wire In The Blood by thedeadparrot- EXPLICIT
    Amok Time in the Mirrorverse, with a brilliant and believable Evil!Kirk, and blazingly hot sex. Warnings for all things commonly found in the Mirrorverse: torture, violence, dubious consent, etc.
  • Reboot Forward Retrospection by the_arc5
    Lots of people have attempted the epic angst of Spock Prime, but this is my favourite so far. The mess of confusion and grief in SP's head is heartbreaking. There are no words for how much I love him in this fic.
  • Reboot Not Without My Vulcan by the_castle
    Five Ways Dating Spock Wasn't What Jim Thought It Would Be, and One Way It Was Even Better Than He Thought. I love fics in which their relationship is imperfect. This one takes a lot of K/S tropes (e.g. that Spock is just a perfect version of a human, or that telepathic sex is automatically awesome) and turns them on their heads. I love the awkward sex in particular, even if it's only referred to in passing, and the problems inherent in dating a telepath. Beautifully done.
  • Reboot And Many More by the_dala
    Spock comforts Kirk on his birthday.
  • Reboot Recovery by the_dala
    Lovely concerned Spock, crackling with UST.
  • Reboot Come to Bed by the_deep_magic- EXPLICIT
    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Hot, but also sweetly romantic.
  • Reboot Pink by the_deep_magic- EXPLICIT
    Alien aphrodisiac-induced ill-advised sex, absolutely hilariously written, with some brilliant awkward first time sex (which apparently is a kink of mine?), and a frighteningly hot debauched!Spock.
  • TOS First Contact by this_i_love
    TOS Academy-era fic in which a false accusation brings Kirk and Spock together. The UST is hot like burning, and the jealousy between Spock and Gary Mitchell is brilliantly done. I am absolutely in love with this young Spock, and the way Kirk is so utterly fascinated by him.
  • TOS Ruthless by this_i_love
    A lovely take on the episode Shore Leave, with a good explanation for Ruth's presence and wonderfully UST-laden backrubs.
  • AU Beautiful Vulcan by Tkeyla- EXPLICIT
    A retelling of Pretty Woman, with Spock as the hooker and Kirk the wealthy businessman. Long and sweet and has doses of Disney and super-awesome extrasolar planet-viewing futuristic telescopes, all adding up to the perfect guilty pleasure fic.
  • TOS A cherished memory, confessed by TLara
    Gorgeous insight into the mind meld between Kirk and Sarek in ST3.
  • TOS May I Buy You a Drink? by tlin- EXPLICIT
    Kirk finds Spock in a gay bar.
  • TOS The Road Not Taken by tlin
    Kirk and Spock secretly lust after one another, until the arrival of Carol with 10 year-old David in tow forces the issue. Some weird tense-shifting.
  • Reboot A Canadian Winter by twisting_vine_x- EXPLICIT
    Shore leave in a Canadian cabin means excessive amounts of UST and fluffy romance. Yes, this is fluff and contains every single Christmas clich??, but this is my guilty pleasure. I love oblivious!Jim not realising that his unrequited love is not so unrequited, and virgin!Spock and sex in front of the log fire... yeah, Christmas fluff doesn't get better than this.
  • Reboot In Which The Enterprise Crew Plays I've Never by twisting_vine_x- EXPLICIT
    (Also Sulu/Chekov) This is a well-used trope, and this take on it is long and funny. Spock is an adorable and hilarious drunk, Kirk is quite sweet, and Bones is awesome. Maybe suffers a little from Everyone Is Gay syndrome and with an overly sexualised Spock, but it's in the name of humour so I'm not complaining.
  • Reboot 5 times Jim Kirk wrote a love letter and 1 time he got an answer by TYaen
    Very sweet; I especially like Ruth and Bones, and of course the declaration to Spock (using chess!) is adorable.
  • AU Earth Kids Are Assholes by vampychick
    Gen AU - what if Kirk and Spock met as children? Adorable.
  • TOS A Mother Alone by vanasati- EXPLICIT
    Spock's mother acts as matchmaker
  • TOS Bridge by vanasati- EXPLICIT
  • TOS Hours of Freedom by vanasati- EXPLICIT
    Kirk and Spock wake up in a forest with no memories of who they are. Unburdened by duty, they make the obvious choice. A really nice rendering of the amnesia trope.
  • Reboot Moon and Moon by vellum
    Really cute bit of domestic K/S. IDEK, I have a real weakness for domestic fluff, k? Between this and my obsession with baby!Spock, my officemates are starting to suspect I'm getting broody. (I told them they're safe provided they don't have Vulcan sperm)
  • Kismet (or the fic in which Jim is a Spock-magnet) by verizonhorizon- EXPLICIT
    (nuKirk/TOS!Spock/nuSpock) An older Spock turns up on the nuEnterprise, and Jim is instantly drawn to him. This fic has incredibly sexy Nimoy!Spock, jealous!nuSpock and searingly hot threesome action. What more can a girl ask?
  • Reboot Baseball, Cold Showers, and Other Mood Killers by verizonhorizon- EXPLICIT
    Summary: Kirk thinks unsexy thoughts in order to last longer during sex. Problem? Spock's a telepath and is not okay with that! Funniest thing I've read in a long time, with a lovely bitchy!Spock.
  • Mirror Bend Me, Break Me, All I Want is You by verizonhorizon- EXPLICIT
    Mirror!Spock prevents Kirk from fantasizing about others. An excellent take on how possessive!Spock would translate to the mirrorverse.
  • Mirror Devolution by verizonhorizon- EXPLICIT
    Turnabout Intruder in the Mirrorverse, with Moreau switching bodies with Spock. This has all the tension and hotness of the mirrorverse, but Kirk and Spock are still very much themselves. I especially like the fact that the bodyswap isn't merely a device for Kirk and Spock to hook up (although that part's nice too), but actually alters Spock's perceptions of the world.
  • Reboot Nail Job by verizonhorizon- EXPLICIT
    Cadet Spock goes for a naughty manicure, assuming no one on Earth would realise how taboo that is for a Vulcan, and his manicurist is one Jim Kirk. As usual with Veri's writing, the premise sounds like crack but is written so well that it doesn't feel absurd.
  • Reboot Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc by waketosleep
    In which Kirk kisses Spock in public to make a point, and no one is surprised. I absolutely adore the complete obliviousness.
  • Reboot Discovered Check by waketosleep
    In which Spock finds out Kirk has been holding out on him. The thing I love about this one is that a lot of NuTrek fic has Kirk as, frankly, quite dumb. And he's not, by any means - in fact, quite the opposite.
  • Reboot Heat by waketosleep- EXPLICIT
    Pon farr smutfic, almost PWP, nice and frantic.
  • AU Looking For a Place to Happen by waketosleep- EXPLICIT
    Space pirates! This is a delightful alternate version of how the crew came together, set in a conquering!Vulcans dystopia. Long and fun and satisfying, and delightfully sweet (I swear I will never stop squealing for joy at 'He's not a Vulcan. He's a Spock.').
  • Reboot Palynology by waketosleep
    Drunk!Spock is possibly the most adorable thing ever.
  • Reboot Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known by waketosleep
    Aliens Made Them Do It! The first light-hearted fun fic I've read in the rebootverse :-)
  • Reboot Tabula Rasa by waketosleep
    Kirk suffers a blow to the head that erases his memories, and Spock is too stupidly noble to fill him in. While the author insists this has a happy ending, I beg to differ, as I was in floods of tears.
  • Reboot That Translucent Alabaster of Our Memories by waketosleep
    In which Kirk and Spock trade their security blankets for a new one. Quite angsty, but OMG the simplicity of the ending fills me with joy.
  • Reboot Unplanned Parenthood by waketosleep
    It's kidfic, which is a cracky premise, but it's just so gosh-darn cute. Seriously, wanting to huggle Spock isn't unusual, but in this one Jim is equally adorable and McCoy's grouchiness is spot on.
  • Reboot When the Levee Breaks by waketosleep- EXPLICIT
    I have a real weakness for protective!Spock. And Spock in a bar being protective is just win on a stick.
  • Reboot Your Mom by waketosleep
    In which Bones teaches Spock to make mom jokes. Srsly.
  • AU A Beautiful(ly Illogical) Mind by waldorph- EXPLICIT
    Good Will Hunting meets Trek Reboot - a slight AU that ends up merging into the Reboot timeline with only minor differences. The completely awesome thing about this fic is that Kirk and Spock have that delicious antagonistic tension they have in Reboot, even after they start sleeping together.
  • Reboot Eyes Like An Impossible Storm by waldorph
    Winona Kirk's view of her son. Not a very sympathetic view of Winona, but that's why I love it - it's frank and unapologetic about the distance between her and Jim.
  • Reboot A Plausible Scenario by what_alchemy- EXPLICIT
    Spock relates a sexual fantasy, in his very Spockish sort of way. Notable for Jim's very amusing meta-ish interruptions, and for Spock's attempts to do a Bones-voice (you pointy-eared illegitimate child.)
  • Reboot Unethically Obtained by what_alchemy- EXPLICIT
    Spock is a kinky, horny bastard who steals Jim's underwear for entirely logical masturbatory purposes. Phenomenally hot, and with remarkably good Spock characterization and fantastically dirty, messy porn.
  • Reboot Barely Perceptible Green by woebetidesweets- EXPLICIT
    Kirk enjoys some power play, Spock likes to pretend he's being all cool and academic about it.
  • Reboot Castaway by ykoriana
    Beautifully poignant vignettes from the POV of Spock Prime, Kirk and Spock 2.0 respectively. The last part is especially unique; I haven't seen anything else like it yet.
  • Reboot Just Forget the World by zetsubou_hana
    Apocafic with a difference. Has all the we're-about-to-die revelations, which are really nicely done, but the twist is that this fic uses Abrams-style time travel, so the crazy plan to go back and time to prevent the apocalypse can't save their own universe. It's beautiful and tragic, and for all that the premise might be a clich??, it's quite unlike anything I've read before.
  • Reboot Only the Good Die Young by _seven_crows
    Chekov gen - five times Chekov hated being the only seventeen year-old on the Enterprise. Brilliantly written, makes me absolutely love Chekov, and also contains a conversation that makes my astrophysicist heart explode with glee.