Phantom of the Opera Recs

In Phantom, I ship Erik/Christine exclusively. I like happy endings of a sort; obviously, given the source material they tend to be rather dark. I'm primarily a fan of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and the Susan Kay novel, so where I rec something based on the Leroux novel or one of the other adaptations I'm probably viewing it through one of those lenses.

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12 recs found

  • Peaches by Broken-Vow
    Modern-day AU. I found the beginning a little rushed, but once it hits its stride it's a lovely examination of the reality of an E/C marriage, with all its minor annoyances and major hurdles. Erik is a ridiculously overbearing, protective father (of course), and I loved the issues their daughter has in coming to terms with her unusual family.
  • After All by bwayphantomrose
    Alternate ending to the Susan Kay novel. Erik faked his death sothat Christine could have a 'normal' life, but she can't forget him. What I love about this one is that it's a happy ending fic, but it doesn't entirely brush over Erik's issues, so the happy ending is just flawed enough to keep it the right side of sappy.
  • Stronger by carolroi- EXPLICIT
    Alternate ending of the 2004 movie: Raoul injures Erik in the cemetery, leading to lots of h/c. Christine is a little more self-aware here than in canon, even headstrong, and takes control of things in a satisfying way. I enjoyed the h/c, and the fact that the happy ending doesn't cut off abruptly but continues until everyone's loose ends are tied up is nice too.
  • Daddy's Girl by gravity01
    A fluffy Happy Ending fic, but what I love about this one is the hints of imperfection that make it more real.
  • Stockholm Syndrome by gravity01
    A modern-day AU in which Erik is the private music tutor of the newly-orphaned Christine, who becomes obsessed with her and eventually kidnaps her. The narrative can be a little anvil-ish at times, but I did enjoy Erik's attempts to justify his behaviour as normal, and the way the story traces the original canon though in a different setting.
  • An Elysian Piece by poetzproblem- EXPLICIT
    Absolutely gorgeously written fic in which Erik and Christine meet in Venice years after the events at the Opera House. Manages to be romantic without entirely glossing over Erik's past, and has just the right amount of tension to make the ending rewarding.
  • Shimmer by poetzproblem
    An outsider POV with Meg observing an encounter between Erik and Christine. Manages to be searingly hot even though they barely touch.
  • Too Long in Winter by poetzproblem- EXPLICIT
    Sequel to An Elysian Piece. Erik and Christine are together, and Raoul returns with surprising information about Erik's past. Provides an interesting and original way of tying the story to the 2004 movie, and though perhaps overly schmoopy at times, overall it's lovely.
  • A Tragedy in Three Acts by Soujin Prouvaire
    I love this one for capturing the child-like quality of Erik's characterisation
  • A normal Life by sparklyscorpion
    A 'happy ending' fic with a twist - deeply, deeply creepy.
  • Confessions of a Living Wife by sparklyscorpion- EXPLICIT
    Christine marries Erik to save Raoul, but loathes him. I really didn't want to like this fic, but it's so gorgeously written, so utterly heartbreaking, that I couldn't stop reading.
  • Paper Faces by websandwhiskers- EXPLICIT
    Diverges from canon after Il Muto. I love Christine in this; she's still naive, but a lot more self-aware than usual, and really quite messed up, which makes her decision to be with Erik somewhat more plausible.