Good Omens Recs

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This now gets its own page, because I've started reading it again following the wonderful TV show and there are now too many to list under "other"!

In Good Omens fandom I read exclusively Aziraphale/Crowley, and have a penchant for fluff. I also fall down rabbitholes of reading snake porn, though, so read the notes before clicking the links. Note that I don't differentiate between book and TV canon (my headcanon is that the book just neglected to mention the new parts of the show), so there are no universe tags. I might add one if I get into reading AUs, but I'm usually not a fan.

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26 recs found

  • Inauspicious (But Not Impossible) by asparkofgoodness

    A beautiful slow burn, following them from the sixteenth century until the morning after Armageddidn't.

  • Infestation by Eikaron- ADULT

    A fun bit of farce in which Upstairs show up to check on Aziraphale while he's getting it on with Crowley.

  • Fast by emmagrant01- ADULT

    Aziraphale has a speed kink, and gets frisky in the Bentley. Crack, I guess, but very nicely done.

  • I’m Happy at Home (you’re my best friend) series by allonsy_gabriel

    A two-part (as of writing this) series. Part 1 is a sweet little idiots-to-lovers with a delightfully oblivious Aziraphale, and part 2 features charming domesticity.

  • The Oldest Habits by Anonymous- ADULT

    An intense PWP with the least human A/C I’ve ever read. They are extremely supernatural, and this manifests in many permutations and transformations of genitalia. Aziraphale comes across as colder than usual, but there’s still tenderness underneath the bastard.

  • Worth the Effort (?) by Anonymous- ADULT

    A delightful little piece of crack. The kink meme request really sums it up: If you’re of angel stock, you need to follow a strict sequence of on-and-off genital stimulation in order to activate your privates, a process not unlike this set of instructions for resetting a GE smart bulb.

  • Anywhere You Want to Go by Aria- ADULT

    A lovely holiday cottage in the South Downs after the nopocalypse, and things finally progress. Crowley being afraid of going too fast and waiting for Aziraphale to make the first move is lovely and gels perfectly with my headcanon.

  • Theatrical Sins: A Play in Three Acts by Aria

    Three vignettes of the progression of Aziraphale and Crowley's relationship based around visits to the theatre.

  • A Mostly Unexpected Gift by Beth H (bethbethbeth)

    A really sweet holiday fic full of domestic bliss.

  • So Sick of Waiting by blewoutthestars- ADULT

    A few dalliances through the centuries build up to an intense first time.

  • The deft, sweet gesture of your hand by deadgreeks- ADULT

    Absolutely gorgeous hurt/comfort fic in which Aziraphale takes care of Crowley after Hell catches up with him, and things finally, finally progress from there, amidst much poetry and other softness.

  • the technology is neutral by Deputychairman- ADULT

    A lovely little fic that takes Michael Sheen’s tweet about Aziraphale and Crowley going to the Scala in the 80s and runs gloriously wild with it. The way their 80s dalliance goes wrong is so true to character, with them accidentally playing each other’s roles.

  • Five Times Crowley and Aziraphale Kissed Unromantically and One Time It Was Finally Romantic by ElliottRook

    A fluffy 5+1 with Crowley pining for 6000 years.

  • Gravity by Eturni

    This is only short, but of course I very much approve of the use of astrophysics metaphors in slash and the last line made me smile.

  • Strange Flesh and All That by FortinbrasFTW- ADULT

    A delightful bit of Netflix and chill, with a wonderfully matter-of-fact Aziraphale.

  • The One in Which Crowley Discovers Wanking by for_autumn_i_am- ADULT

    This does what it says on the tin, and it seems like it should be crackfic, but it’s somehow very sweet. And I love it when Aziraphale is all matter-of-fact about things.

  • Well Versed in Wanting by hollybennett123- ADULT

    Crowley stumbles across Aziraphale's collection of erotica, which prompts a re-evaluation of the parameters of their relationship. This is established relationship but first-time sex, and I'm labelling it first time because it has the glorious nervous confession scene that I love about first times. It's also devastatingly hot.

  • Untitled by justkeeptrekkin

    An adorable ficlet in which Crowley feels self conscious about his eyes. Also features a sleepy snake!Crowley, one of my favourite things.

  • A Sky Full of Stars by Kedreeva

    Aziraphale takes Crowley as close to Heaven as he can get. I have no words for how beautiful this is, it’s just lovely.

  • Leaves of Grass series by LauraShapiro- ADULT

    A series of four PWPs that together form a beautiful progression from first kiss through to transcending planes of reality in the final part. I particularly enjoy a good top Aziraphale.

  • In Flagrante Delicto by Mazarin221b- ADULT

    A 5+1 fic in which Aziraphale and Crowley keep being caught in compromising positions.

  • Make Me A Match by queenofzan

    A sweet matchmaker fic. Aziraphale's confession in this one is really the most adorkably in-character version I've read.

  • The Point of You and Me by Rizandace

    This fic starts out like a fluffy post-nopocalypse first time, and then takes a massive swerve as Heaven shows up to exact its revenge. Warning for torture scenes.

  • Let me ssslide into our heart, my love by Sar_Kalu- ADULT

    Bentley!sex. With Crowley in snake form. What more is there to say?

  • And Breathe by Selenay

    A very sweet first time in which Aziraphale is the brave one.

  • I Fell Into Grace by werebear

    Wonderfully indulgent wingfic! Who knew that grooming could be so hot?