Good Omens Recs

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This now gets its own page, because I've started reading it again following the wonderful TV show and there are now too many to list under "other"!

In Good Omens fandom I read exclusively Aziraphale/Crowley, and have a penchant for fluff. I also fall down rabbitholes of reading snake porn, though, so read the notes before clicking the links. Note that I don't differentiate between book and TV canon (my headcanon is that the book just neglected to mention the new parts of the show), so there are no universe tags. I might add one if I get into reading AUs, but I'm usually not a fan.

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  • Inauspicious (But Not Impossible) by asparkofgoodness

    A beautiful slow burn, following them from the sixteenth century until the morning after Armageddidn't.

  • Infestation by Eikaron- EXPLICIT

    A fun bit of farce in which Upstairs show up to check on Aziraphale while he's getting it on with Crowley.

  • Fast by emmagrant01- EXPLICIT

    Aziraphale has a speed kink, and gets frisky in the Bentley. Crack, I guess, but very nicely done.

  • Love's a Deeper Season by aliceecrivain- EXPLICIT

    Post-nopocalypse, Crowley expects things to change but Aziraphale is a little slow off the mark. They get there in the end, via some misunderstandings in a lovely slow burn.

  • I’m Happy at Home (you’re my best friend) series by allonsy_gabriel

    A two-part (as of writing this) series. Part 1 is a sweet little idiots-to-lovers with a delightfully oblivious Aziraphale, and part 2 features charming domesticity.

  • Renting Crowley by Amorous_Flammetta- EXPLICIT

    A sweet and hot PWP in which Aziraphale and Crowley indulge in some roleplay in which Crowley is a rentboy.

  • Temptation by Anonymous- EXPLICIT

    The serpent of Eden tempts the Angel of the Eastern Gate. Definitely going to Hell for reading this one.

  • The Oldest Habits by Anonymous- EXPLICIT

    An intense PWP with the least human A/C I’ve ever read. They are extremely supernatural, and this manifests in many permutations and transformations of genitalia. Aziraphale comes across as colder than usual, but there’s still tenderness underneath the bastard.

  • Worth the Effort (?) by Anonymous- EXPLICIT

    A delightful little piece of crack. The kink meme request really sums it up: If you’re of angel stock, you need to follow a strict sequence of on-and-off genital stimulation in order to activate your privates, a process not unlike this set of instructions for resetting a GE smart bulb.

  • Something So Magic by apliddell

    An adorable short fic in which Crowley gets stuck in snake form and Aziraphale tries to help him. Contains lovely snake cuddles and suitably awkward declarations of love.

  • Anywhere You Want to Go by Aria- EXPLICIT

    A lovely holiday cottage in the South Downs after the nopocalypse, and things finally progress. Crowley being afraid of going too fast and waiting for Aziraphale to make the first move is lovely and gels perfectly with my headcanon.

  • Theatrical Sins: A Play in Three Acts by Aria

    Three vignettes of the progression of Aziraphale and Crowley's relationship based around visits to the theatre.

  • these furious passions, these chances by Ark- EXPLICIT

    Oh, this is deliciously angsty and severely hot. Aziraphale realises he's in love with Crowley in 1941. They agree to share one night - just one night - and it's transcendent and hot but angsty af. Happy ending, though, obviously.

  • One Night In Bangor (And the World's Your Oyster) by Atalan- EXPLICIT

    Heaven and Hell have a joint corporate party, and the demons have a bet going involving seducing an angel. It sounds like crack, and in places it's very funny, but it's also painfully soft and bittersweet.

  • Pray for Us, Icarus Series by Atalan

    This series completely destroyed me. It has a happy ending, but prepare to have your heart shattered into a million pieces along the way. For 300 years, Crowley has been human, continually reincarnated in new places. Aziraphale doesn't know why, but he can't keep himself away. The first part will completely tear your heart to shreds, so I don't recommend starting until you have a nice stretch of time to get through the whole thing.

  • it's a new craze by attheborder

    Aziraphale and Crowley start a podcast together. This is HILARIOUS, both for their banter and the Internet comments from the audience who immediately start shipping them. And then it ends up really rather sweet.

  • Goose Chase. by Bakuras

    Aziraphale returns to the bookshop and can feel the residual love there. Crowley is an idiot and leads him on a wild goose chase to figure out what could possibly be the source. This was recommended to me as “quality pining” and it has that in spades.

  • A Mostly Unexpected Gift by Beth H (bethbethbeth)

    A really sweet holiday fic full of domestic bliss.

  • So Sick of Waiting by blewoutthestars- EXPLICIT

    A few dalliances through the centuries build up to an intense first time.

  • Penance by Blissymbolics- EXPLICIT

    Possibly the fluffiest handjob ever written. Crowley has never been able to reach orgasm, but Aziraphale is patient.

  • the waltz by boldlygoingnowherefast

    Bored and unemployed, Crowley suggests a dance class. This is pure unadulterated fluff and I love it.

  • Basking by bomberqueen17

    Crowley is very nervous about the whole sex thing. Features one of my favourite headcanons, Crowley spontaneously turning into a snake when uncomfortable. Aziraphale is lovely and calm and self-assured in this (possibly only from Crowley's POV). Features interchangeable genitalia and lots of snake cuddles (no snake sex, but there is brief discussion of it).

  • quocumque perrexeris pergam by bookhobbit

    Crowley impulsively kisses Aziraphale during the Crusades. It is not well received. Cue many centuries of delicious angst. But obviously with a happy ending!

  • A Better Idea by copperbadge- EXPLICIT

    Exhausted after the Nopocalypse, Crowley sleeps for five days while Aziraphale works through his Chuck Tingle collection(!). I especially love the bickering in this, and the rage fetish is lovely!

  • Footnote by copperbadge- EXPLICIT

    This is a companion piece to The Norwegian Civil War, which you should read first. Aziraphale thinks they're married and Crowley just isn't into sex. Crowley sets about thoroughly disabusing him of that notion in a gaudy suite at the Ritz.

  • The 411 by CurrieBelle

    A lovely soft preslash ficlet about the point in their long history where Aziraphale and Crowley exchange phone numbers.

  • all i need, darling, is a life in your shape by deadgreeks

    Aziraphale and Crowley start spending more time together post-nopocalypse and things definitely don’t go too fast. Contains some heavy pining, a completely oblivious Aziraphale, and a helping of Everyone Thinks We’re Doing It, set against a charming holiday setting and with a lovely dose of nesting.

  • The deft, sweet gesture of your hand by deadgreeks- EXPLICIT

    Absolutely gorgeous hurt/comfort fic in which Aziraphale takes care of Crowley after Hell catches up with him, and things finally, finally progress from there, amidst much poetry and other softness.

  • the technology is neutral by Deputychairman- EXPLICIT

    A lovely little fic that takes Michael Sheen’s tweet about Aziraphale and Crowley going to the Scala in the 80s and runs gloriously wild with it. The way their 80s dalliance goes wrong is so true to character, with them accidentally playing each other’s roles.

  • Efforts Made by DictionaryWrites- EXPLICIT

    Aziraphale wants Crowley to make more of an Effort. Naturally this leads to tentacle porn.

  • Drinking Buddies and Diaries by dove_dove

    Set immediately after Season 2, Muriel and a moping Crowley tentatively become friends and Muriel shares Aziraphale’s diaries. A lovely matchmaker story with a charming Muriel.

  • The Holy Essence of Experience by Dragonsquill (dragonsquill)

    A delightful little Ineffable Husbands Through the Ages fic, from the beginning of the world to the (unsuccessful) end. What I like about this one is that they’re very matter-of-fact about it all, and Aziraphale’s just making the logical choice not to act on his feelings. I also like the acknowledgement that Crowley likes humans more than Aziraphale does.

  • Alegría by drawlight- EXPLICIT

    After the Nopocalypse, Aziraphale and Crowley realise they're becoming human. They move together to the South Downs cottage and adjust to the changes and to the shift in their relationship. This is stunningly beautiful.

  • Five Times Crowley and Aziraphale Kissed Unromantically and One Time It Was Finally Romantic by ElliottRook

    A fluffy 5+1 with Crowley pining for 6000 years.

  • All Things Considered by emmagrant01- EXPLICIT

    When they swapped bodies, they left a little part of themselves in each other. Crowley adopts an adorably demonic kitten and Aziraphale starts having erotic dreams. Absolutely lovely.

  • Temptation by emmagrant01

    Crowley finds out Aziraphale’s been doing the Arrangement wrong, and they both turn out to be pretty good at tempting.

  • The road to rapture has a lot of pit stops by emmagrant01- EXPLICIT

    A satisfyingly long 5+1, featuring five times Aziraphale and Crowley kissed and one time they really meant it.

  • An Object At Rest by entanglednow

    Crowley wakes from a month-long nap to find Aziraphale has moved in. This is sweet and funny and I only wish it went on longer.

  • Morning Has Broken by entanglednow- EXPLICIT

    Crowley and Aziraphale wake up naked, unable to remember the night before. Confessions and hot smut ensue.

  • Gravity by Eturni

    This is only short, but of course I very much approve of the use of astrophysics metaphors in slash and the last line made me smile.

  • let the rivers fill by focusfixated- EXPLICIT

    This is just a filthy PWP with supernatural stamina and a demanding Aziraphale and it’s wonderful (pay attention to the tags).

  • Strange Flesh and All That by FortinbrasFTW- EXPLICIT

    A delightful bit of Netflix and chill, with a wonderfully matter-of-fact Aziraphale.

  • A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down by for_autumn_i_am- EXPLICIT

    Aziraphale pretends to be Nanny Ashtoreth’s husband to accompany Mrs Dowling and Warlock to the South Downs. Super angsty and bittersweet. All takes place during canon so the happy ending is only implied in the future.

  • The One in Which Crowley Discovers Wanking by for_autumn_i_am- EXPLICIT

    This does what it says on the tin, and it seems like it should be crackfic, but it’s somehow very sweet. And I love it when Aziraphale is all matter-of-fact about things.

  • The Serpent You Know by Franzeska- EXPLICIT

    Warnings for dub-con (but with a happy ending) and snake sex. This is the most intense snake porn I've come across so far, and it's exceptionally filthy. I love it. The premise is that Hastur and Michael "punish" Crowley by dosing him with venom that will make him act out his fantasies with Aziraphale. Aziraphale doesn't get any say in the matter (note the dub-con warning) but he's into it.

  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Gefionne- EXPLICIT

    Seeking privacy on a visit to Tadfield, Aziraphale and Crowley resort to the Bentley. I love this for the classically anticlimactic coming out scene, and for the Meat Loaf reference.

  • Well Versed in Wanting by hollybennett123- EXPLICIT

    Crowley stumbles across Aziraphale's collection of erotica, which prompts a re-evaluation of the parameters of their relationship. This is established relationship but first-time sex, and I'm labelling it first time because it has the glorious nervous confession scene that I love about first times. It's also devastatingly hot.

  • Any Other Name by ignaz

    Aziraphale notices that Crowley calling him “angel” is giving people the wrong idea. Or is it the right idea? Ends a tad abruptly but I do like a nice direct confrontation.

  • Bower Birds (or: things that NEST) by Jaydeun

    Aziraphale and Crowley are both nesting, though they don’t know why. A charming bit of pre-slash that is so beautifully in character I can actually imagine this being a cut section from the book.

  • My Memory With You by jessikast

    A sweet little fake relationship fic featuring an older Adam and Warlock as a couple having a very civilised tea with Nanny Ashtoreth and Brother Francis.

  • Born Of Frustration by juliet- EXPLICIT

    Oh this is intense and hot and wonderful. It’s post-nomageddon and Aziraphale won’t make up his mind. Crowley gets frustrated and the result is explosive.

  • Untitled by justkeeptrekkin

    An adorable ficlet in which Crowley feels self conscious about his eyes. Also features a sleepy snake!Crowley, one of my favourite things.

  • Long Is The Way, And Hard by Kate_Lear- EXPLICIT

    An absolutely stunning Ineffable Husbands Through the Ages fic. Crowley starts off wanting to make Aziraphale Fall; after a few centuries he’s denying himself the thing he wants most in the world because he can’t stand the thought of that happening. The slow development of Aziraphale’s feelings is beautifully done too.

  • A Sky Full of Stars by Kedreeva

    Aziraphale takes Crowley as close to Heaven as he can get. I have no words for how beautiful this is, it’s just lovely.

  • An Honest Surrender by Kedreeva

    That night in Crowley’s flat. I love this because it fixes the problem I have with canon where Heaven and Hell are fooled by mere appearances. It’s also beautiful and contains some lovely soul-bonding.

  • Getting a Wiggle On by Kedreeva

    Crowley pranks Aziraphale with fake snake eggs and it backfires spectacularly. Absolutely adorable kidfic (the kids are snakes, but that's normal in this fandom...) and I really, really want to see more in this universe.

  • When in Rome by Kedreeva

    What happens when they go for oysters in Rome, and afterwards. This is a lovely little slice of a slowburn, a little nudge towards becoming friends. And it also contains wing preening and Crowley clinging to the stars, which are two of my favourite things.

  • You're the Only Prayer I Need by Kedreeva

    Crowley is shedding, and Aziraphale lends a hand. An adorable bit of snake!Crowley fluff.

  • Leaves of Grass series by LauraShapiro- EXPLICIT

    A series of four PWPs that together form a beautiful progression from first kiss through to transcending planes of reality in the final part. I particularly enjoy a good top Aziraphale.

  • love like the dawn by leaveanote- EXPLICIT

    Lovely slow, romantic morning sex in the South Downs cottage.

  • Any Way You Want It by LieutenantLiv- EXPLICIT

    Aziraphale and Crowley relinquish their powers in order to free themselves from Heaven and Hell, and take a holiday to Skye, where Things Finally Happen. This is tooth-rottingly sweet and satisfyingly long and utterly perfect. Also there's Scrabble.

  • Going Fast by lyricwritesprose

    This is a short what-happens-after-the-bus fic, but it's sweet and funny and I do love a fic in which Aziraphale takes the initiative.

  • In Flagrante Delicto by Mazarin221b- EXPLICIT

    A 5+1 fic in which Aziraphale and Crowley keep being caught in compromising positions.

  • Slow Show by mia_ugly- EXPLICIT

    Human AU in which Anthony Crowley and Avery Fell are co-stars in a fantasy TV show (not RPS!). I avoided reading this because I’m not into AUs but caved after seeing so many people rec it. It really is incredible - it’s long and satisfying and filled with so much pining, and so thoughtful in how it deals with both of their emotional baggage. I lost an entire day to this fic and kind of want to go right back to the beginning and read it again.

  • In Other Words, Baby, Kiss Me by mikkimouse

    Five times Aziraphale kissed Crowley and one time Crowley (finally) kissed him back. This is almost unbearably sweet, and fits nicely into my headcanon that Aziraphale is the one to make the move since Crowley’s trying not to go too fast.

  • Zira and the Serpent by neunundneunzig- EXPLICIT

    Gratuitous snake porn featuring hemipenes - you have been warned!

  • Eternally Yours by oblongpill- EXPLICIT

    Aziraphale and Crowley renounce their immortality to grow old together. This fic covers the rest of their lives and comes across as a little rushed, but it's incredibly sweet.

  • it's affection, always by oopshidaisy

    Crowley has been taking Aziraphale on dates, but he's a little slow on the uptake. A very sweet everyone-thinks-we're-doing-it fic.

  • Dim the Lights and Sing You Songs by Polaris- EXPLICIT

    Crowley uses Grindr, but every time he tries to meet up with this human for sex Aziraphale shows up... Starts as a lovely mistaken identity fic, with a delightfully experienced Aziraphale, and ends in snake porn, thus covering all of my favourite things.

  • to sing the beloved by punkfaery

    In which human sex is a bit meh so they try out their true forms. I really enjoy some intense creative metaphysical lovemaking, and this one also comes with a side helping of some surprisingly good real-world physics which is very much up my alley!

  • Make Me A Match by queenofzan

    A sweet matchmaker fic. Aziraphale's confession in this one is really the most adorkably in-character version I've read.

  • First Feast by reserve- EXPLICIT

    Porn in Eden! Involving food!

  • The Weight of Well Tailored Clothes by reserve- EXPLICIT

    Some lovely smut set in Revolutionary France and featuring That Outfit.

  • When in Rome by reserve- EXPLICIT

    Smut in Rome! This is hot, but have some fluff lined up for afterwards because the ending - ouch.

  • The Gift by rfsmiley

    A short and adorably bickery marriage proposal.

  • The Point of You and Me by Rizandace

    This fic starts out like a fluffy post-nopocalypse first time, and then takes a massive swerve as Heaven shows up to exact its revenge. Warning for torture scenes.

  • Charmed, I'm Sure by sabinelagrande- EXPLICIT

    Aziraphale is very much ok with Crowley’s snake form. Contains a bit of voyeurism and snake sex (but no penetration).

  • circumstance will decide by sabinelagrande- EXPLICIT

    Crowley watches Aziraphale perform a temptation as part of the Arrangement and is wildly tempted himself. And who wouldn’t be?

  • sign my name across your heart by sabinelagrande- EXPLICIT

    A short and sweet Through the Ages fic in which Crowley attempts to give Aziraphale a nickname.

  • Let me ssslide into our heart, my love by Sar_Kalu- EXPLICIT

    Bentley!sex. With Crowley in snake form. What more is there to say?

  • The Ineffable Art of Gift-giving and Confessing Your Love by Anthony J. Crowley by screamerofstars

    After pining for 6000 years, Crowley confesses on Valentines Day. This is a beautiful bit of fluff with a brief but adorable appearance from Snake!Crowley.

  • Foolish Principality by seashadows and WikdSushi

    While unpacking in the South Downs cottage, Crowley uncovers Aziraphale’s secret stash of poetry. The poems are absolutely delightful, some earnest, some completely ludicrous. I love that Crowley’s sees all of Aziraphale’s ridiculousness and loves him for it.

  • And Breathe by Selenay

    A very sweet first time in which Aziraphale is the brave one.

  • the voice under all silences by ShadyCakes- EXPLICIT

    A devastatingly beautiful take on the night at Crowley’s flat, featuring blisteringly hot porn with feelings.

  • Something to do with these sacred words by Solshine

    A beautiful slow burn Ineffable Husbands Through the Ages fic. Crowley confesses early and often; Aziraphale never knows what to say.

  • Appetite by spunknbite- EXPLICIT

    Crowley seduces Aziraphale with food while they’re pleasantly drunk in the bookshop. Phenomenally hot.

  • every winding road i take leads me back to you by starkhasheart- EXPLICIT

    Aziraphale and Crowley go on a road trip across America! Delightful fluff and so much yearning, with some bonus hurt/comfort leading to a heated confession.

  • Common Tongue by Stegaysaurus- EXPLICIT

    A lovely example of the night at Crowley’s flat, because there can never be enough of these. I love that after six thousand years of circling they just get right to the point here.

  • And the Devil Makes Three by stereobone- EXPLICIT

    Aziraphale is jealous of Satan. This fic is hilarious and sweet and Crowley being responsible for Mamma Mia! explains everything.

  • Love Hath Made Thee a Tame Snake by thehoyden- EXPLICIT

    A delightful bookshop-snake fic (one of my favourite genres) in which a possessive Crowley moves into the bookshop and helps drive away customers. All sex in this one is human-shaped.

  • You, Soft and Only by thehoyden- EXPLICIT

    Absolutely beautiful Ineffable Husbands Through the Ages fic. Starts out as a Fake Dating/ Fake Marriage but I love that they’re immediately upfront with each other as it becomes real.

  • The Inevitable by Toft

    Some delightful fluff about That Night at Crowley's flat.

  • For the Angel Who Has Everything by triedunture- EXPLICIT

    Crowley really enjoys giving Aziraphale things. Including himself. An interesting Crowley with severe self esteem issues, and a very self-assured (actually kind of a brat, but cute) Aziraphale.

  • Of Celestial Sonnets and Pitiable Poets by triedunture

    Crowley is pining so very badly in nineteenth century London that he’s driven to writing emo poetry of questionable quality. Of course Aziraphale reads it, and the fallout is hilarious and sweet.

  • Holy Matrimony by TurtleTotem

    This is very short but very sweet. Aziraphale and Crowley are married. Aziraphale is fully aware of this; Crowley is not.

  • did you open up your heart there? by weatheredlaw- EXPLICIT

    AU that loosely follows the Ineffable Husbands through history, except that Crowley is repeatedly reincarnated as a human. They’re drawn together and Aziraphale has to keep losing him again and again. Beautifully angsty but has a lovely happy ending.

  • Bring it back, bring it back [don't take it away from me] by wednesdaisy

    After the Nopocalypse Crowley comes to the conclusion that he’s never going to get what he wants with Aziraphale, so he leaves London. Aziraphale is slooooooow on the uptake, but eventually goes after him, and his perseverance is beautiful.

  • I Fell Into Grace by werebear

    Wonderfully indulgent wingfic! Who knew that grooming could be so hot?

  • eden is a feeling by yolkinthejump- EXPLICIT

    Some delicious snake porn with feelings, as Aziraphale and Crowley christen the garden in their cottage.