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This is a fairly random collection of fic in other fandoms I've read.

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  • Charity Begins at Home by abluestocking- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Cameron/Clegg
    (Contains foursome with Sam and Miriam) This one has a classically cracky premise ? an anonymous donor donates a million pounds to charity on condition that Dave kisses his deputy on national TV ? and it morphs into 30k words of sheer brilliance. I utterly adore Gids in this, and the Queen, and uncertain!David and shy!Nick, and slasher!Sam-and-Miriam.
  • Headline News by anon
    RPS: Cameron/Clegg
    Another the-media-find-out-their-metaphor-has-been-taken-literally fic (all of which are awesome). What makes this one stand out is the subsequent HIGNFY episode, which is absolutely spot on.
  • The Art of Rhetoric by anon- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Cameron/Clegg
    This is the hottest, porniest thing I have ever read, and they don?t even touch. *fans self*
  • A Snifter After Dark by ariana_paris
    RPS: Cameron/Clegg
    A tense conversation, pre-slashy. Beautiful UST.
  • Nachos and Neuroplasticity by a_crystal_ball- EXPLICIT
    Post-series first time with a brilliantly written House characterisation.
  • Halfway House by bethbethbeth
    HP: Snape/Hagrid
    Don't be put off by the pairing - I'm so glad I tried this. This story is set post-war, with a tragically broken Snape being released from Azkaban after fourteen long years. There's gorgeous tenderness here, and some wonderfully funny moments as well.
  • Bound and Determined by chazpure- EXPLICIT
    HP: Snape/Harry
    After the war, Snape escapes to Tuscany and Harry goes to find him. Unbeknown to him, he is leading both of them into a trap set by two meddling headteachers. Wonderful forced-bonding fic with a delighfully vulnerable Snape.
  • Something I Can Never Have by evilremmy
    HP: Snape/Karkaroff
    If you hated JKR as much as I did for killing Karkaroff in passing, this is gold. It's so evocative, and the pain when you realise what's going on is all at once excrutiating and divine.
  • Past the Post by femmequixotic and noeon- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Cameron/Clegg
    Phenomenally hot encounter shortly after taking office, in which it transpires that those ?private meetings? during negotiations weren?t all business. As well as the bone-melting hotness, this is extremely funny and brilliantly written.
  • Reflection by flaming_muse
    Glee: Kurt/Blaine
    Blaine transfers to McKinley, and Kurt ought to be thrilled. I loved this fic because of the flawed characters; Kurt is absolutely aware he's being unreasonable, but that doesn't change the way he feels.
  • So You Think You Can Dance by fourth_rose
    HP: Snape gen
    OMG, this had me weeping in hysterics. It's based on movie-canon, showing what Snape was doing while McGonagall was talking about swans and lions. It is honestly the most hilarious crack I have ever read, and since it's only 1000 words you have no excuse for not reading it, even if you don't normally read Snape. Go, now. Shoo!
  • Be the Good Little Soldier by hikaru- EXPLICIT
    HP: Snape/Karkaroff
    More angsty Snarkaroff :-) This is another one set prior to Snape's Marking, with a brilliantly arrogant maniulated-turned-manipulator!Snape.
  • A Day That Ends in Y by igrab- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Bill. I can't drive with my dick in your mouth.' Naturally, Bill takes that as a challenge. I love this one for the old-married-couple snarking
  • Delayed Gratification by kick_back_80s- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Bill and Leonard attempt to have a tryst on set but are constantly cockblocked. Yummy frustration and intensely hot rain sex ensue.
  • Well, it is the First Step Towards Philosophy by krzcowzgomoo
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Shatner and Nimoy utterly fail at outing themselves.
  • Choices by littlecup- EXPLICIT
    HP: Snape/Karkaroff
    This is a lovely little piece set on the night Snape takes the Dark Mark. Absolutely perfect characterisations of both characters, with a bitter dynamic that paints a wonderful picture of the Death Eaters.
  • A Historic and Seismic Shift by loneraven
    Harry Potter: Gen
    The Minister for Magic meets the new Prime Minister. Absolute genius.
  • Moving Forward by Menolly- EXPLICIT
    Post-series House and Wilson find miracle cures by catching a ride to the future!
  • Coldest Night by Meri Oddities- EXPLICIT
    HP: Snape/Harry
    Two lonely men come together on a cold winter's night. Fluff with just the right amount of edge.
  • Biological Units by my_daroga- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    De takes Leonard to one side to suggest he has a word with Bill about acting so damn horny. Leonard's solution is probably not what De had in mind, but it involves sex in the captain's chair and Bill being utterly clueless about his bedroom eyes, so I'm not complaining.
  • Mere Mortals by my_daroga
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Bill has a question he can't ask Leonard, so he turns to De. This is awesome for De's absolute horror at being involved in this, and for Shatner's glorious ego.
  • The Younger Model by my_daroga- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Nimoy/Pine
    Unrequited!Nimoy fucks Chris Pine as a substitute for Shatner. Angsty and painful and blisteringly hot.
  • Wet Hot American Summer by my_daroga- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Teenage camp AU, with an adorably naive Shatner who doesn't realise how pretty he is or what older men want when they chase him. Bless.
  • Getting Over by naatz
    HP: Snape/Harry
    This is a sweet falling-in-love-over-Occlumency story, but unique in that it's told from Dumbledore's POV. The tenses keep switching, which is mildly annoying, but it's well-paced and very sweet and satisfying.
  • Where is my Home? by naatz- EXPLICIT
    HP: Snape/Harry
    Lovely and fluffy established relationship PWP.
  • The King of Siam and his Siamese Twin by neverfaraway
    RPS: Cameron/Clegg
    An encounter at Oxford in 1987 has consequences 23 years later. I love the young Dave and Nick in this one.
  • Once More With Feeling by Obsessed One
    HP: Snape/Harry
    Groundhog Day thing with some lovely snarky dialogue. I didn't understand the ending, but I don't really care because it was funny and actually quite sweet, in the way that only Snarry can be.
  • A Question of Cultural Variation by obstinatrix
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Shatner kisses everyone on set. Almost everyone. Jealous!Nimoy is so, so not jealous.
  • A Scene in Five by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    In which Leonard is a cocktease, and the source of the Extremely Visible Erections becomes known.
  • And They Thought Sixty-Four Was Optimistic by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Bill's 78th birthday present. Warning for oldman!sex if that squicks you, but it's so utterly adorable.
  • Circles by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    More weed-induced porn, this time prefaced by Bill and Leonard in a strip club. This is possibly the best mental image I have ever had.
  • Director's Cut by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Leonard is pissed - seriously pissed - at the whole being-chucked-into-the-water thing at the end of ST4. Hot angry shower sex ensues.
  • Friction by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Bill gets all hot and bothered rolling around in the sand with Leonard on the set of Amok Time. Hotness ensues.
  • Like This, Looking by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Shatner/OFC with voyeur!Nimoy. Deliciously hot.
  • Mr Spock's Space Menagerie by obstinatrix
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Complete crack in which Shatner and Nimoy deal with the cancellation of Star Trek by running away to San Francisco and opening up an exotic pet shop. Awesome in general, but in particular for this line: But then, nobody really wants to think about the Seventies, because they began in the wake of Star Trek Death and ended with Kirk and Spock in grey pyjamas, and seemed pretty much like one of God's mistakes in general.
  • NYPD Nights by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Shatner and Nimoy get pulled in for indecent exposure by a fanboy policeman. Cute and cracky.
  • Of Human Bondage by obstinatrix
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    On the set of TMP, Shatner, Nimoy and the Kirk and Spock in their heads are dissatisfied by the script.
  • On Introductions by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    An anonymous fuck on the set of Man from U.N.C.L.E. when neither expects to see the other again.
  • Switch by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Jealous!Bill is sheer hotness.
  • Vulcan Hand Sex by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Leonard demonstrates Vulcan kissing. And necking. And hand sex. Bill is so totally not affected by this. Nuh uh.
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread by obstinatrix
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Under the influence of weed, Bill reveals certain...tendencies, and Leonard is intrigued.
  • Xenootology by obstinatrix- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    In which Bill is a teensy bit obsessed with Spock's ears, and who can blame him?
  • Out of Place by pepperlandgirl4- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    This one had me in tears. Bill has something of a breakdown while filming the funeral in TWOK, and there is beautifully written blurring of the line between Shatnoy and K/S.
  • Why Leonard Really Fought for his Air Conditioner by pepperlandgirl4- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    PWP that does what it says on the tin, with a yummy top!Bill.
  • One to Remember by pyracantha
    HP: Snape/Lily
    Snape visits Lily's grave and reflects on his own guilt and unrequited love. A beautiful ficlet, the first good look at Snape's guilt over the Potters' deaths that I've seen since HBP.
  • The Weight of History by rexluscus- EXPLICIT
    HP: Snape/Slytherin
    This is another DE!Snape-having-doubts fic, but wow! it's so original. Slytherin questions Snape's conscience in a way that no one else could manage. This is dark and angsty and wonderfully creepy.
  • And They Won't Believe It When They See It by sans_pertinence
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Nimoy calls Bill out on being a Trekker. And there is discussion of their going to a con dressed as an Orion slave girl and Kirk, her handler. I am most distressed that this did not happen (or did it? *dons tinhat*).
  • Love, Canadian Style by screamlet
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Lovely first time with an absolutely hilarious Bill.
  • Mr Spock's Space Junk Party by screamlet
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Leonard is getting rid of the Buick. Bill is devastated and insists on a going-away party. Is made of win for many reasons, but mostly for the lol-worthiness of the Bill-shaped dent in the hood :D
  • Watch and Observe by screamlet
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    De POV with established Shatnoy. Amused!tolerant!De is delightful.
  • Remember This by Sioniann
    HP: Snape/Lockhart
    Immediately post-HBP, Lockhart is still in St. Mungo's, gradually recovering fragments of his memory.
  • You Don't Own the Situation, Honey by snow- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Cameron/Clegg
    Rentboy AU :D
  • Amok Time by starcrossedgirl
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Shatner can't understand why he's so angry with Leonard, until...well. Yes.
  • Don't Think Twice, It's Alright by starcrossedgirl- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Shameless PWP in which Bill is struggling with his sexuality while Leonard fucks him.
  • What He Wants by summerborn- EXPLICIT
    HP: Snape/Lockhart
    Set during CoS, with Snape and Lockhart forming an unlikely friendship over Firewhisky. A wonderfully airheaded Lockhart thinks he's manipulating Snape, but we all know who's really in control ;-)
  • Closet Space by thedeadparrot- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    Blisteringly hot PWP in which Leonard uses his sex voice, and all higher brain function evaporates.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by thedeadparrot- EXPLICIT
    RPS: Shatner/Nimoy
    In which Leonard calls Bill's bluff and intense hotness ensues. Guh.
  • Limbo by titti- EXPLICIT
    HP: Snape/Dumbledore
    Another pairing I never thought I'd read, and another gorgeous fic. This one weaves seamlessly into HBP, and conveys a beautiful relationship with a heart-wrenchingly bittersweet ending.