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The Lord of the Rings was the first thing I ever searched when the Internet finally made its way down into the Westcountry in the mid-nineties. I discovered fanfiction quite by accident, and was startled to discover that there were other people out there who didn't understand why Sam would choose Rosie when he had Frodo. Thus, an obsession was born...

In LotR fandom, I ship Frodo/Sam. My particular weakness is pre-quest Shire fic, and I'm all about the fluff and the happy endings. Please note, however, that this list is extremely incomplete; I was only active in LotR fandom between 1998 and 2004, and wasn't as obsessive about keeping links to my favourite fic in those days.

You can filter these results using the form on the left-hand side. Please note that the labelling maybe incomplete as I introduced new tags later on. If you spot any errors or omissions, please let me know.

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  • The Music of the Thing as it Happens by Achillea Millefolium

    The author has a real gift for making the most heart-wrenching angst elegant and not the least bit trite. This piece is short and wonderfully crafted, and makes you ache for a Sam who doesn't understand.

  • The Night Season by Achillea Millefolium- ADULT

    This is one of the classics of the pairing: dark and angsty but told in such a gorgeous, delicate way.

  • A Pretty Thing by Adrienne- ADULT

    Another of those delightful keeping-quiet-on-the-quest fics. Easy to see why our lads ended up going off on their own, isn't it?

  • Dancing Day by Adrienne

    A short and sweet take on the tried and tested 'Shire valentines rituals' trope.

  • Dead Secret by Adrienne- ADULT

    Ah, nothing like impending doom and the end of the world and all that to set the mood, is there? The lovely thing about this one is that although the fic is quite short, the sex scene starts off gratifyingly slowly.

  • Even If by Adrienne- ADULT

    Who needs secret council meetings when you have a bed full of naked, wriggling hobbit? :-p

  • Fairer Than Most Series by Adrienne- ADULT

    A lovely sweet series, covering Frodo and Sam's first time (though we never rightly see how they got there) and then the usual trials and tribulations as they get used to each other and deal with the expectations of those around them. [Note: the parts of the series are not linked together, so the link just goes to the author's page on WotM where you can find all of them.]

  • First Watch by Adrienne- ADULT

    We all knew Boromir was a pervy hobbit fancier...

  • Hands by Adrienne- ADULT

    A short interlude in Rivendell in which Frodo might be tired, but he hasn't lost his appetite... *lewd wink*

  • Indisposed by Adrienne- ADULT

    'Indisposed' indeed...We've all had a snigger at that line, and this is why :-p

  • Last Watch by Adrienne

    Another short and sweet interlude, this time in Ithilien.

  • Not the Kind of Night by Adrienne- ADULT

    A short 'keeping quiet on the quest' fic: four hobbits in a bed and a Ranger on watch is not enough to keep their hands off each other, it seems...

  • Practicality by Adrienne- ADULT

    Ahh, Frodo and Sam are so cute when they try to tease, but they're really quite hopeless at it. Luckily for us.

  • Rain and Roses by Adrienne- ADULT

    A very sweet first-time fic.

  • Second Watch by Adrienne- ADULT

    Seems Faramir's more like his brother than he imagined...

  • Simply Stated by Adrienne- ADULT

    A short PWP, but nicely written with some lovely talkative sex.

  • The Visit by Adrienne

    Not much attention gets paid to what Sam's family thought of him up and leaving like that, and this is a nice take on it.

  • Washday by Adrienne

    So much for 'Keep it secret, keep it safe,' our lads seem to be flaunting themselves for all and sundry... This is just a short ficlet, but well worth the read for Marigold's charming voice.

  • At the End of All Things by Aina- ADULT

    Sam's deciding to go over the sea has been done many times, and this is one of the better ones: the writing has an honest, raw quality very fitting for Sam, and it doesn't demonise Rosie.

  • Belonging by Aina- ADULT

    Sam's side of the story in Some Dreams Never Change. Seeing Sam's perspective doesn't really change anything, but the premise is still a unique one and in this sequel we get a happy ending tacked onto it.

  • In the Garden by Aina- ADULT

    A short fic in which Frodo's not quite so clever as he thinks, Sam's a downright tease, and some innocent flowers suffer the consequences. Amusing both for Frodo's naivete and for Sam's forwardness.

  • Most Distracting by Aina- ADULT

    A quick and hot first-time fic, in which everything happens a little too fast, but it's nicely written nonetheless.

  • Ready or Not by Aina- ADULT

    Despite apparently playing Hide and Seek every Yule for many years, it seems Frodo and Sam still don't quite understand the rules... but no one's complaining, since it leads to some hot outdoor sex. Features forward!Sam, which is always nice.

  • Reason to Stay by Aina- ADULT

    I don't normally hold with threesomes where the OTP is concerned, but this one gets away with it because Frodo and Sam are the real pairing here, the errant Brandybuck just something for them to play with. [Also Frodo/Sam/Merry]

  • Some Dreams Never Change by Aina- ADULT

    This is an interesting one: Frodo's the gardener for Master Gamgee of Bag End, but in all other respects their characters are unchanged, which means, among other things, that Frodo isn't a terribly <i>good</i> gardener. Lucky for him that Master Gamgee has other reasons for keeping him on, then...

  • Thunder Without Rain by Aina

    Frodo and Sam wake together on the edge of a thunderstorm

  • Towards the Sun by Aina

    An afternoon on the roof of Bag End.

  • Firedance by Amrunofthesummercountry- ADULT

    Merry plays matchmaker and, to the F/S shippers' relief, doesn't seem to mind being pushed aside.

  • Tryst by Amrunofthesummercountry- ADULT

    More voyeurism in the Fellowship...

  • Atonement by Angharad

    In Minas Tirith after the destruction of the Ring: Sam POV.

  • Gossip by Angharad

    Hobbits love their gossip--they don't have LJ.

  • Party by Angharad- ADULT

    Sam can't let himself give in because tomorrow he'll still be the gardener-lad about his chores - maybe.

  • Pied Piper by Angharad

    A story about rats, rivers and restitution.

  • Some Dreams Never Change by Angharad

    A reunion in the undying lands; alternating Frodo and Sam POV in eight drabbles.

  • A Time to Heal by Annwyn

    The Ringbearer comes at last to Tol Eressea and finds healing with the help of an unlikely friend.

  • Awakening by Annwyn- ADULT

    As the hobbits prepare to set off on the quest, the Ring makes its presence felt.

  • Friends and Lovers by Annwyn- ADULT

    This is really quite funny, in that 'unusual medical practices' kind of way.

  • Gifts from the Heart by Annwyn- ADULT

    Frodo receives some unexpected gifts for Yule.

  • Heart's Ease Series by Annwyn- ADULT

    The first three form a nice first time fic, but be careful of continuing onto Part IV unless you're prepared for a lot of angst.

  • The Last Kiss by Annwyn

    Sam encounters a Yule custom that throws him for a loop.

  • Hope Always by AZ Telcontar- ADULT

    Samwise holds on to the hope that Frodo can be wholly healed.

  • The Homecomng by Belleferret- ADULT

    This may be movie canon, but there isn't a F/S shipper anywhere who hasn't wished, at least once, that it really did end this way.

  • Words Too Big by Belleferret

    After the end of all things, Frodo awakens...

  • A Letter Unwritten by Bill the Pony

    Sam stands watch in the Emyn Muil, thinking.

  • An Unexpected Party by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    My, but this one's delightful. Turning the master/servant thing on its head is always fun, and this is one of the best, with a deliciously cheeky servant!Frodo, and a nice meddlesome Bilbo.

  • Botheration by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    Frodo turns out to be something of a voyeur, and Sam's rather messy...

  • Cloves and Kisses by Bill the Pony

    As bizarre-Shire-courting-ritual fics go, this has to be one of the best. Predictable, sure, and with more than a smattering of het, but it's sweet and charming all the same.

  • Comfort by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    Sam comforts Frodo in Minas Tirith after the quest.

  • Coming of Age by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    AKA, 'Oh dear, I appear to have a naked hobbit in my bed. Whatever shall I do?'

  • Endurance Beyond Hope by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    This is a WIP, but don't let that put you off, because our lads get over a pretty major hurdle right before it cuts off, and it's easy enough to read it as an ending. This is, quite simply, the best Tol Eressėa fic out there. Usually, Sam steps off the boat and it's as though they were only parted yesterday, and lovely though that is in its way, this feels more real, more like a story worth telling as opposed to something borne of a need to fill the chasm that the ending of LotR leaves open. I sincerely hope that this is finished one day, but even in its current state it stands among the best that Frodo/Sam has to offer. [Note: technically, this is not a 'first time' fic, but I have labelled it as such because, well, it might as well be]

  • Foolish Games by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    Improbable it may be, but it manages to be hot and funny and sweet all at the same time.

  • Forelithe 1482 by Bill the Pony

    Secrets are confessed on Rose Gamgee's deathbed. [Also Frodo/Rosie]

  • Fos' Almir by Bill the Pony

    Another unique Tol Eressea story; in this one, Sam's choices are not done when he decides to sail.

  • Hare and Hounds by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    Gotta love these bizarre Shire rituals! This one is a lot of fun, and with a neat twist - though the choose-your-own-adventure books I read as a kid never ended like this one...

  • Magic and Mischief by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    This fic is delightful, if improbable. But the thrill of will-they-won't-they-get-caught makes it all the hotter :D

  • Tea and Lavender by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    The origin of the lavender oil trope! This fic has a lot to answer for...

  • The Making of Samwise by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    Possibly the best F/S out there. It's gloriously long and wonderfully true to canon, and the slow progression of Frodo and Sam's relationship is wonderfully satisfying. There are no superlatives in the tongues of Men, Elves or Hobbits for how incredible this fic is.

  • Under the Ympe Tree by Bill the Pony- ADULT

    Gaffer Gamgee worries about his missing son.

  • Bearing Company by Blackbird Song

    Saying goodbye is never easy, but can Frodo bear to do otherwise

  • Quills by Blackbird Song- ADULT

    Sam has a task to complete before Frodo returns.

  • Ties that Bind by Blackbird Song

    Bilbo and Hamfast have a long-overdue conversation during a dangerous storm

  • Writer's Block by Bodygardener- ADULT

    Every Mary Sue writer's fantasy, with a cameo appearance by forward!Sam.

  • A Very Special Birthday Party by Briefly Del

    Frodo wants only one thing for his birthday this year -- and he's not doing a particularly good job of concealing what it is.

  • And Like the Horizon by Briefly Del

    In a garden bloom many things, but some flowers only come out at sunset.

  • Casting Off the Scarf by Briefly Del- ADULT

    Mainly Merry/Pippin, and a bit AU since this is four years into the Fourth Age and Frodo's still around, but who's complaining about that?

  • Midnight Excursion by Briefly Del

    Apparently elves weren't terribly interested in sound-proofing their walls, prompting Merry and Pippin to seek an evening's rest quite outside the halls of Imladris...

  • The Warming Lesson by Briefly Del

    A little weather ain't never kept a Gamgee from his job, nor from his true love either.

  • Sick Day by Calligraphy- ADULT

    AU in the sense that Sam seems to be living at Bag End after the Quest with no mention of Rosie, but that's all to the good. Some might be upset by Frodo's characterisation, but I love it: his loss of control and his sense of shame about it are perfectly believable, and Sam's unwavering devotion makes this one of the most wonderfully characterised fics I've ever read.

  • Five Elements by Cara Loup- ADULT

    Water - Fire - Shadow - Air - Earth: The turning points of Frodo's and Sam's bond from Amon Hen to Bag End.

  • Hope Unquenchable by Cara Loup

    Memories lost, regained and released after the Ring's destruction. Sequel to Last Step

  • Last Steps by Cara Loup

    What remains within sight of Mount Doom? Followed by Hope Unquenchable

  • Light Passing Between by Cara Loup- ADULT

    A series exploring the time Sam and Frodo spent in the Shire after their return from the quest.

  • Meridian by Cara Loup- ADULT

    'Special relationships' between masters and servants are common enough in the Shire - still, Frodo and Sam need time to find out what that means for them...

  • Never and Always by Cara Loup

    Stages of a journey traced through memory of special places, Frodo and Sam.

  • Sūlinīr by Cara Loup

    Spring returns, and Sam has a journey before him.

  • The Calling by Cara Loup

    Sam receives his call to the Sea.

  • The Wind in the Wish by Cara Loup- ADULT

    Sam makes a wish in Lorien. (sequel to Wider the Dark)

  • The Wind's Tale by Cara Loup- ADULT

    How does the Ring shape and transform Frodo and Sam's love?

  • Undersun by Cara Loup

    Gollum wonders about Sam.

  • When by Cara Loup

    Frodo waits in Valinor.

  • White Shadow by Cara Loup

    Strange paths cross the Sundering Seas.

  • Wider the Dark by Cara Loup

    Frodo makes a discovery in Moria.

  • The Very Secret Diaries by Cassandra Claire

    I find it hard to believe anyone has not come across this already, but if you don't know why 'Still the prettiest' is funny, you need to drop everything and read this.

  • A Spring After Winter by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    Tagged 'established' because our hobbits are already together at the start of the fic; however, this is primarily about the trials of a new relationship. Contains a lovely altruistic Frodo who thinks he's more emotionally mature than he is.

  • A Writer's Bane by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    Frodo tries his hand at slash writing and, thanks to Sam's intervention, seems to be left with a terminal WIP. *sigh*

  • A Yuletide Carol by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    One Yuletide Frodo is visited by some unusual ghosts. Loosely based on Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'.

  • Among the wildflowers by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    Somebody sees something she shouldn't have...

  • An Impatient Week by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    One of the classic first-time fics, and gloriously satisfying.

  • Enough Rope by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    Tug-of-war and sex.

  • Epilogue by Cassiopeia

    Sam talks with Elanor about Mr. Frodo.

  • Fire and Ice by Cassiopeia

    Frodo catches Sam spying...

  • Healing Samwise by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    The 'oh dear, it appears I have to have sex with you' trope can come off trite and farcical, but this one is very well done indeed.

  • Kissing Frodo by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    Frodo finds himself in an awkward situation at the Rethe fair. Sam does the only thing he can.

  • Let it Be by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    Sequel to Time to Be. Personally I've always thought it's better taken on its own than with the sequel, but I've included this too for completeness.

  • Serendipity by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    There are lots of 'Oh, let me rub this salve onto you Mr Frodo...' fics, but this one turns the cliche on its head by having Frodo look after Sam. The result is very delicious indeed.

  • Special Medicine by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    A silly premise, but very sweetly done.

  • Time to Be by Cassiopeia- ADULT

    An absolute classic; beautiful but agonising

  • Be Careful What You WIsh For by Daffodil Bolger- ADULT

    Perhaps a little contrived, but ohso worth it. Sam will never get a birthday present as good as this one :D

  • Beware Hobbits Bearing Gifts by Daffodil Bolger- ADULT

    In which Frodo is exceedingly horny and Boromir reaps the rewards. But not as squicky as it sounds :-p

  • First Kiss by Daffodil Bolger

    A sweet vignette.

  • I Gyel by Daffodil Bolger- ADULT

    Sam dreams.

  • Judas Kiss by Daffodil Bolger- ADULT

    Frodo suffers with guilt on the road to the Grey Havens. Very angst-laden indeed.

  • No Promises by Daffodil Bolger- ADULT

    What really would have happened if Frodo tried to push Sam away. Hope Mr Jackson is paying attention...

  • Dreams of a Far Green Country by Diamond of Long Cleeve- ADULT

    The love between Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee lasts for a lifetime ... and beyond.

  • Before Breakfast by Elanor Gardner- ADULT

    Frodo introduces Sam to other joys besides food in the Bag End kitchen. (Sequel to Falling Into the Sky)

  • Falling into the Sky by Elanor Gardner- ADULT

    An absolutely gorgeous first time fic, featuring meddlesome!Bilbo.

  • Hebel by Elanor Gardner- ADULT

    A post-party fic in which Sam takes care of a distraught Frodo, and very nicely done indeed. Never knew a haircut could be so hot!

  • Shire Morns series by Elderberry Wine- ADULT

    Frodo and Sam go through the trials and tribulations of being together, and deal with the expectations of friends and family. Contains lots of beautifully realised secondary characters.