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  • Reboot Need by 0dreamer0 - ADULT

    This was written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme. The prompt was, "Kirk/Spock - Kirk, for whatever reason, tries to mind-meld with either Spock or McCoy. I'm talking his hand on someone else's face, mind you, not presenting himself to be the passive role. Bonus points if it's because he's having trouble integrating what he got from the meld with Spock Prime (and the accompanying Vulcan memories/feelings when he's definitely not a Vulcan)."

  • Reboot Poor Substitute by 0dreamer0 - ADULT

    This was written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme. The prompt was, "Spock finds a dildo, but has no idea what to do with it. Cue Kirk and/or Sulu showing him whaty to do with it." Obviously, I went the Kirk route.

  • Reboot Second Try by 0dreamer0 - ADULT

    This was written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme. The prompt was, "Let's have someone call Kirk "James", for the love of God. In any context, parental remonstrance, during sex, intimate friendship, even formal introduction as long as they keep calling him that, idk, I don't care. I don't even know what Kirk thinks of it BUT *I* KNOW IT'S HOT."

  • Reboot As You Are by 13empress - ADULT

    in the days leading up to Spock officially joining Starfleet, he has some concerns regarding human sexuality. He decides to investigate and spend twenty-four hours with a prostitute - what starts as an experiment and soon becomes more.

  • Reboot Call Me Jim by 13empress

    Spock meets Jaime "Jim" Kirk at a Starfleet Diplomatic Corps banquet, where there is banter, dancing, sexual harassment and pick-pocketing. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Dirty Dialogue Fun by 13empress - ADULT

    A short un-Beta'ed PWP for a prompt on the new kink meme as part of the kink-a-thon. Spock talks dirty.

  • Reboot Divergence by 13empress - ADULT

    [WIP] The explosion of the Red Matter had unforeseen consequences.... A member of Narada's crew survives when the Romulan vessel is caught in the forming singularity and ends up 13 years in the past, in the year 2245, and immediately convenes with the Nero of that time. Armed with knowledge of what will happen if events are allowed to unfold, Nero decides to ensure his victory by kidnapping the two commanding officers of the Enterprise as children - young Spock and young Kirk - and holding them prisoner, thereby creating a time-line where they met much earlier. Unknown to Nero, the Enterprise crew also uses the unique temporal disturbance of exploded Red Matter to come after him in an attempt to preserve an already messy time-line... [Multipart, incomplete. Last update pt.26/28, 19th Jul '10]

  • Reboot Slow Fun by 13empress - ADULT


  • Reboot Title: Space Pollen Has Nothing On This by 13th_blackbird - ADULT

    This is pretty much just pure silliness. Love deep, angsty K/S, but this is not that. I took the ST fic tropes I liked and ran with them.

  • Reboot His Only Exception by 17edwardc17 - ADULT

    Kirk muses on his feelings for Spock

  • Reboot Different and The Same by 1bill_sookie - ADULT

    Take a look into the lives of James Kirk and from TOS, Mirror Universe, and 2009. See the things that were different, and the one that stayed the same. [4 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Weep, Little Lionman by 1lostone - ADULT

    Sometimes, break-ups are friendly. Sometimes, they are not. This is one of those times.

  • Reboot An Overabundance of Holiday Cheer by 1loststone - ADULT

    IDK who loaned Q a book about the holidays but he just can't leave these two alone.

  • Reboot Cultural Differences, aka the Spanking fic by 1loststone - ADULT

    Jim's having a bad day. Weird Dreams, Snarky First Officer... what's a Captain to do? Make sure his next mission goes well, of course.

  • Reboot Gift of Understanding by 1loststone - ADULT

    Jim gives Spock a gift.

  • Reboot If You Canít Be With The One You Love, HoneyÖ by 1loststone - ADULT

    Spock has aÖ not all together logical reaction to Captain Kirkís constant disregard for his own safety on away missions. [Multipart, Complete]

  • Reboot Interlude by 1loststone - ADULT

    Jim is absolutely, positively not Spock's student.† No, really.

  • Reboot Just One Dance by 1loststone - ADULT

    Written for ksvalentine for this prompt: The Enterprise crew hold a Valentine's party and when a slow dance starts and the lights are turned very low, Jim (who's besotted with Spock) asks him for a dance. He reluctantly agrees (he doesn't want to get too close to his irresistible Captain). They enjoy the closeness and one thing leads to another... (OP = anon)

  • TOS/Reboot Rishan DíKahf-spol (Heartís Survival) by 1loststone - ADULT

    Jim and Spock , who can barely tolerate working together, let alone come anywhere near the epic friendship theyíre supposed to have, find themselves on an inhospitable (but strangely not uninhabited) planet- stranded from the Enterprise. [trekreversebang]

  • AU Strength of Men by 1loststone - ADULT

    Kirk is mysteriously abducted. When Spock rescues him, he discovers the story is only just beginning... [12 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Telling Tales by 1loststone - ADULT

    Chekov is hurt and stuck with Jim. He asks for a story to help get his mind off of his pain..

  • Reboot The One Where Jim and Spock Have Sex During Shore Leave by 1loststone - ADULT

    Summary: see title.

  • Reboot Unexpected by 1loststone - ADULT

    Even on Tarsus, the unexpected can occur. That's the best part about growing up though- realizing that at some point, you have to laugh instead of cry. Not your typical Tarsus IV story.

  • Reboot I Can Never Remember That Line by 3988akasha - ADULT

    Reboot Trek/Labyrinth crossover. Bones becomes tired of Spock and the way he treats Jim. When he overhears Sulu and Chekov discussing a myth about the Goblin King, he makes a fatal wish: ďIf it is the planet of the Goblin King,Ē Bones muttered, ďI wish heíd take away the pointy-eared hobgoblin.Ē [18 parts, complete]

  • Reboot 5 Times Spock and Kirk Weren't Exactly Ninjas (And 1 Time They Didn't Care) by absolutehope - ADULT

    Originally written for a st_xi_kink_meme prompt that I lost because I'm lame. It called for Spock and Kirk being really obvious about, you know, everything while thinking that they're sneaky sons of bitches. I hope that I did it justice, because the image made me laugh myself silly.

  • Reboot Did ya miss me? by absolutehope - ADULT

    ďThe first thing Jim sees when he beams down to the surface of New Vulcan is Spockís small, warm smile.Ē A.N. Next part of ďProfessionalĒ and ďEmotionalĒ (Yes, I just said next part.)

  • Reboot Emotional by absolutehope - ADULT

    "He makes his way towards the captainís quarters with his characteristically brisk, efficient movements, but inside, his mind is screaming at him to turn in the other direction, to sprint back up to the bridge and beg his Jimís forgiveness. Maybe this could all be fixed, maybe it wasnít too late, maybe - regret is illogical." Sequel/companion piece to "Professional"

  • Reboot Fish-Tank Babies by absolutehope

    Written for the st_xi_kink_meme†prompt here. Basically, Kirk and Spock can't have kids, so they resort to less natural means.

  • Reboot Professional by absolutehope - ADULT

    Kirk would pick up his pieces and carry on, just like he anyways had when he was left alone like this. And if this shock took a little longer to get over then previous ones had, well, his grieving would take place behind the firmly locked doors of his quarters, alone, when he was needed in no official capacity anywhere on the ship. Whenever that might be.

  • Reboot 3 Times Spock Heard a "Yo Mama" Joke and 1 Time He Used One. by acacia_123 - ADULT

    Subject says it all!

  • Reboot Through the looking glass by acacia_123 - ADULT

    Kirk is kidnapped into the mirror verse. [5 parts complete]

  • AU Vulcan PDA or 4 times Spock surprised Kirk with affection + 1 time he was expecting it by acacia_123

    Prompt: Public displays of affection either from a helplessly in love Spock but these displays aren't subtle... I want groping, kissing, just blatant disregard (kinda outta character but I don't care...) or due to chocolate intoxication.

  • Reboot Star Trek in Fairyland by aerlalaith

    ST/LotR crossover. Due to a Freak Transporter Incident that May or May Not Have Involved Scottyís Tinkering, Kirk and Spock are TRANSPLANTED TO MIDDLE EARTH. No, really.

  • Reboot With The River As My Guide by aerlalaith - ADULT

    On shore leave on Earth, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock disappear during a backpacking trip in the mountains. A month later, Commander Spock is found unconscious and alone in the desert. Despite Starfleetís hopes that he will lead them to the still missing Captain Kirk, Spock is unable to recall who took them, why they were taken, and why only he was released. Worst of all perhaps, he cannot tell them the location of Captain Kirk, or even if he still lives...

  • TOS Celebrations by aetin

    A series of celebrations throughout the year. Written for ksadvent2009

  • Reboot Gravity by aetin - ADULT

    [WIP] Kirk and Spock, from hatred to ambivalence. From aquaintances to friends. From best friends to lovers. All of the trials and tribulations in between. Starting right from the very beginning, all of the awkward friend-making included. [3 parts, incomplete. Last part posted Dec 7th '09]

  • Reboot Hazards by aetin

    After a blow to the head, Jim completely loses his memory. Unfortunately, that means he loses two years of knowing Spock.

  • Reboot Public Displays of Affection by aetin

    The various ways the crew finds out about their superior officers' romantic entanglement.

  • Reboot The First Time by aetin - ADULT

    15 snippets of Kirk and Spock's relationship and how it develops.

  • Reboot Gravitational Forces by aisalynn

    Written for this prompt at st_xi_kink: I've had this image in my head the last few days of Kirk's hand at the hollow of Spock's back--casually, unthinkingly intimate.

  • Reboot Turn Away (Enjoy the Silence) by alder_knight - ADULT

    Captain Kirk finds herself in trouble on an away mission, and when her first officer comes to get her out, they both end up in over their heads. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Communication by aldora89 - ADULT

    Shameless porn with a dash of bittersweet at the end. A (finally) completed kink meme oneshot that I started over a year ago, written for the prompt "Kirk jerks off and fingers himself for Spock Prime. Extra bonus points for toys."

  • TOS Crash and Burn by aldora89 - ADULT

    As the Enterprise's celebrated voyage winds down, the tension between her captain and first officer escalates, and three days aboard Jupiter's premier lunar station will change everything. Jim doesn't handle change very well. Slow-build, character-study prelude to the Lost Years and TMP.

  • TOS Emergent Complexity by aldora89

    The Christmas Eve party on the Enterprise is full of music, but only a certain someone can coax a song out of a downhearted captain. (Prompt #47)

  • Reboot Life of the Party by aldora89 - ADULT

    [WIP] Spock's reluctant visit to an alien club is made far more agreeable by the intervention of his captain. A double-dip fill for two kink meme prompts: one asked for K/S body shots, and the other requested dirty dancing. Naturally, I crammed them together and got carried away with both. [Part 1 posted Mar 21, '11]

  • Reboot Ride 'Em Cowboy by aldora89 - ADULT

    From a kink meme prompt about wanting a K/S, non-Brokeback cowboy fic.† So I did the exact opposite of Brokeback, i.e. Spock and Jim are on shore leave at an Earth ranch, being painfully happy and domestic.† Oh, and they have sexytimes.† Thatís about all there is to say.

  • Reboot Tactile Species by aldora89

    Jim is suffering from touch starvation, made even worse by recent difficulties with the ship. Someone can't help but notice and come up with a logical solution

  • Reboot The After Party by aldora89 - ADULT

    Jim and Spock go at it after the events of Life of the Party. Smut, but with a little smut, and also some smut.

  • TOS The Squire of Eros by aldora89 - ADULT

    An old nemesis pays a social call to the Enterprise just in time for the annual Valentine's Day party. On this occasion it's Spock who draws the brunt force of his irritating personality. But when his holiday-inspired antics turn dangerous, it's up to the Captain and crew to take him down, and Jim is forced to confront some long-evaded desires regarding his first officer.

  • Reboot Vicarious by aldora89 - ADULT

    K/S, with a Mc sandwich (see warnings for more). At a Valentineís Day pity party, Spock has inhibitions that even alcohol canít break, much to a certain Captainís chagrin. Sometimes you need a little help from a friend.

  • Reboot Catnip by aleniakalain - ADULT

    A group of cat-worshipping aliens think it a good idea to gift Spock with the body of a cat.

  • Reboot Five time Spock misunderstood human behavior... by aleniakalain

    ...(and one time he thought he did but actually didnít)

  • Reboot Involution by aleniakalain - ADULT

    The day in which he loses his planet is the day on which his mother dies.

  • TOS Searching for our Balance (Masterpost) by aleniakalain - ADULT

    It always begins with a pon farr, it always begin with a pon farr and an unwanted bond. [COMPLETE]

  • Reboot Loss, Pain, Grief, LoveÖ and Writing by alinealghost

    To recover from the shock of the loss of their world and to compensate for the deaths of so many Ohakausuótraditional healersóthe Vulcan Science Academy (VSA) has implemented a initiative to assist all Vulcan Orishansuóthe Honored Survivors. This fic concerns Spockís conscientiously following this mandate from the VSA.

  • Reboot Fight to win by allbutwon - ADULT

    James T. Kirk does not like to lose.

  • Reboot I Just Haven't Met You Yet by alpha-hydra

    On an ordinary day, in an ordinary bar, Spock meets someone extraordinary.

  • Reboot Never Think by alpha-hydra

    [WIP] Kirk and Spock find themselves in an alternate universe. Predictably. One of these days, Captain James Tiberius Kirk's going to have a long and stern talk with the universe. [incomplete - part 1 posted May '10, no further updates]

  • Reboot The Windmills of your Mind by alpha-hydra - ADULT

    Wherein Kirk and Spock meet at age six. Yes, another one of those fics.

  • Reboot This Place at the Crossroads by alpha-hydra - ADULT

    Starfleet intelligence says that Earth is decades away from developing warp-technology. Then again, Starfleet intell didnít count on one James Tiberius Kirk getting anywhere near the issue. [Artwork and fanmix by summerslaughter.]

  • Reboot The Devil's In The Detail by Amanda Warrington - ADULT

    Spock gets a grilling from his father about an indiscretion

  • Reboot Graduation by amberland

    There was no one from Jimís family in attendance at the graduation ceremony

  • Reboot Jim Kirk, Coitus Interrupter by amerasu1013 - ADULT

    Spock finds himself somewhat stressed and tries to seek relaxation via engaging in sexual congress with various strangers. Jim does not approve. Such begins the epic tale of Spock and the Cock-blocker of doom. [4 parts, complete] [click 'next' arrow at top of page for next chapter]

  • Reboot Jim Kirk, Relationship Genius by amerasu1013 - ADULT

    So, Jim finally managed to bag his Vulcan, and it's great. Still, this relationship business isn't easy, first they have to make it work.[Six Chapters, Complete]

  • Reboot Public Relations by amerasu1013 - ADULT

    5 things Spock does not alow Jim to speak of while in public and 1 he really doesn't mind.

  • Reboot Negotiations by amethystshade - ADULT

    Jim has a long not entirely successful day of negotiations but he knows just how to make his day end on a better note.

  • Reboot Most Sound Advice by amycoolz - ADULT

    Jim tells Spock he needs to unwind; Spock takes his advice.

  • Reboot Peppermint Candies by amycoolz - ADULT

    Kirk loves his peppermint candies and decides to share one with Spock.

  • Reboot Release by amycoolz - ADULT

    Jim finds release after watching Spock's little "show". (sequel to "Most Sound Advice")

  • Reboot Conflict Of Fate by andieshep - ADULT

    Leonard McCoy and James Kirk feel helpless against the weight of fate.

  • Reboot Easing The Ache by andieshep - ADULT

    Jim Kirk has a bad sunburn, and Spock is eager to help him feel better.

  • Reboot First Contact With Gay Kind by andieshep - ADULT

    Captain Kirk and his crew are sent to a planet predominantly ruled by homosexuals, and the away team have quite an experience....

  • Reboot I Grieve With Thee by andieshep - ADULT

    The loss of a loved one often draws those left behind together.

  • Reboot My Mind To Your Mind by andieshep - ADULT

    Kirk hasnít been right since the older Spockís mind meld.

  • AU The Devil Has Pointed Ears by andieshep - ADULT

    Spock was an angel on duty, but a devil in bed.

  • TOS Not a Cruel Man by animedragon

    McCoy finally get's some emotion out of Spock and it tells him something very interesting.

  • TOS Of Thunder and Roses by anna_amuse - ADULT

    Sometimes friendship is a safer bet, but Kirk hasn't been known for playing it safe. A now-or-never moment between Kirk and Spock. Guess what they picked?

  • Reboot Acceptable Conditions by annenburg - ADULT

    As part of the repopulation efforts, Spock is asked to impregnate a female Vulcan. Jim is oddly enthusiastic. Possibly the start to a longer piece.

  • Reboot Amalgamation by annenburg - ADULT

    As a half-Vulcan, Spock never expects to imprint. It's rare enough for a full-blooded Vulcan to imprint, so why should he have it easy? But he does imprint Ė on the delinquent who sabotaged his Kobayashi Maru. And everything he once knew is about to change. (Star Trek Big Bang fic). Artist: my3scape. Mixer: matiemariie

  • Reboot Corrections by annenburg - ADULT

    Virgin!Spock tries sleeping with Jim. Things don't proceed as hoped. Thankfully, Jim's pretty good at turning things around.

  • Reboot Estrus by annenburg - ADULT

    [WIP] Spock joins his mother on a trip to Earth to visit her old friend, Winona. While there, he meets Winona's daughter, Jamie, and the dominoes begin to fall as she slowly overwhelms all of him. A teenage AU. [mulitpart, incomplete. Last update pt 2 13th Sep '10] [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Filled by annenburg - ADULT

    An ordinary night becomes something much more with a revelation from Jamie. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • AU Growth by annenburg - ADULT

    Sequel to ďOf ConvenienceĒ. Entering a new chapter in life is difficult when youíre single. As a pair? Letís just say Spock and Kirk are going to have their work cut out for them if this chapterís going to end the way they want it to. [multipart, completed]

  • AU Of Convenience by annenburg - ADULT

    Kirk needs to get married for political reasons. Spock offers himself as the logical choice. Written for the st_xi_kink meme. [multipart, completed]

  • Reboot Pre and Post-Pubescence by annenburg - ADULT

    Chekov is crushing on Spock. Kirk does not approve of this for a variety of reasons.

  • Reboot Recognition by annenburg - ADULT

    Written for kinkmeme; prompt called for Uhura to NOT be okay with Spock breaking up with her to be with Kirk, and to portray her as a fallible human. 'Cept it took on a life of its own. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

  • TOS Spirk fic texting by anon

    So, the other day my sister texted me this (yes, texted. She was dedicated). Just a bit of fun, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of this, too. (I picture it in TOS vision, but there's no reason why it couldn't be Nu!Trek.)

  • TOS Death Will Not Keep Me From Thee by anoncomment7

    The Search for Spock from Spockís povÖ in a nutshell. XD

  • Reboot Five times Jim Kirk thinks, what in the hell...? and the one time he doesn't think at all. by anoncomment7 - ADULT

    Five times Jim Kirk thinks, what in the hell...? and the one time he doesn't think at all.

  • TOS Just Try It by anoncomment7

    Prompt: Christmas pudding

  • TOS Not Yet by anoncomment7 - ADULT

    Prompt: Ribbons

  • TOS Prefer by anoncomment7

    Spock doesnít like parties, he prefers the alternative. [Prompt: Christmas party]

  • Reboot A World of Emotion by anonpersona - ADULT

    He knows he cannot simply have the one. Anger, sorrow, happiness, pride, and grief Ė they will all follow love, if he allows just that one emotion to claim him

  • Reboot Let It All Go by anonpersona - ADULT

    [WIP] Prompted on kink meme ( ) I'd love to see an AU where Kirk is homeless, and Spock takes him in. it can be set in San Fran or wherever anon wants, i just need a Kirk who's wet and cold getting taken in for the night and being given warm, dry clothes and some food. Then more plot happens. Title from the song 'Cotton' by The Mountain Goats. [multichapter fic, last update part 6, June 23]

  • Reboot Under Me by anonpersona - ADULT

    Prompted on st kink meme here. "AU, Kirk and Spock are college students (Starfleet Academy is fine, too) living in dorms. Spock rooms with Chekov, Kirk rooms with Sulu. Kirk and Sulu's dorm room is right below Spock and Chekov's. Spock is fed up with the loud music Kirk and Sulu keep playing, so he goes down to the lower level to confront them. Kirk answers the door dripping wet in only a towel.

  • Reboot When the Light Went Out by anonpersona

    Prompted on kink meme. Written for a prompt I lost the link to, but here it is: I want to see the reactions of the people James T. Kirk leaves behind.Ē Oneshot; complete.

  • Reboot Calamus by anon_j_anon - ADULT

    Ambassador Spock is sent on an urgent diplomatic mission a few days before his and Admiral Kirk's twenty year anniversary. Poetry ensues. [PG; Coda rated NC-17] [Kirk : Whitman :: Spock : Auden]

  • AU Loose Lips Sink Ships by anon_j_anon - ADULT

    "The Captain and Commander don't know this (she suspects they'd freak out if they did), but Yeoman Rand knows more about their sex life than any other person on the Enterprise."

  • Reboot Observations by anon_j_anon - ADULT

    First Officer Spock comments on life aboard the Enterprise and his service under Captain James T. Kirk. Master list here: [multi-part, complete]

  • Reboot Sviksu by anon_j_anon - ADULT

    An adaptation of Verdi's opera Aida to K/S. "There is a Vulcan by the name of S'chn T'gai Spock. His name is infamous in our history."

  • Reboot The Dedication by anon_j_anon - ADULT

    A K/S Chanukah piece for the 2009 K/S Advent Calendar.

  • Reboot Two Summers by anon_j_anon - ADULT

    "Jim wakes up, sob tearing through him like a chainsaw slicing into the bark xylem heartwood. Chest aching, heart thudding unevenly through his ribcage and in his ears." [WIP, Last updated part 25/? July 1, 2011]

  • Reboot In the still and silent dark by anotherdance - ADULT

    An incident too close to the destruction of Vulcan for comfort hightens Jim's awareness of the value he's come to place on his First Officer. (K/Mc implied)

  • Reboot Where There Are No Phones by anowlinsunshine - ADULT

    It doesnít really tell him a lot, though. Not why heís here or how heís supposed to pay for this or who he even is -- doesnít tell him a thing other than that they donít know any more than he does. Which is to say, practically nothing. (Or, the amnesia!fic I've had in my head since sometime in May, and which I never intended to write, but which decided it was ready to come out now regardless.)

  • TOS A Human Tradition by ansketil_rose - ADULT

    Spock draws logical conclusions from a false premise and Kirk benefits.

  • Reboot Defiant by ansley15 - ADULT

    [WIP] A correctional facility for juvenile delinquents was the last place Spock planned to be spending his golden years, much less meet the group of friends who became his family...and the boy who lived so ingloriously the universe would one day doubt he existed... [Last updated part 1 ch 8 on 4 Aug 2011]

  • Reboot Theta Nix by ansley15 - ADULT

    After Spock is killed on a mission to a planet run by time-altering aliens, Kirk stops at nothing to bring back the man he has just realized he has feelings for. But Kirk, of all people, should know a Captain cannot cheat death... [4 parts complete] Note for angst: Read author's warnings.

  • Reboot Hypothetically Possible Logical Relations by antihysteric - ADULT

    X-Men-inspired AU. "Loss of control," Jim snorts under his breath. "That's rich, coming from Cool Head Spock."

  • Reboot Multi-Colored Lights on that Old White Fence by aohatsu

    The Enterprise returns to Earth for a two-day shoreleave just before Christmas.

  • TOS Balances by apolesen

    The whole crew is entitled to be a bit of a mess at the moment, but McCoy would prefer to keep himself in one piece. The question is if his talks with the admiral are about to tip the balance.

  • TOS: Movies Festivals of Light by apolesen

    Kirk and Spock discuss midwinter celebrations on Terra and Vulcan, and are reminded of more serious matters.

  • TOS: Movies Heart to Heart by apolesen - ADULT

    When Jim Kirk turns seventy, his life as star-ship captain seems farther away than ever before, but soon he is forced to realise that domestic life on Earth might lead to events which are more disastrous to him than most deep-space missions. A.N.: Disregards "Generations". An additional warning is that this fic deals with hospitals and disease (adding this here as it's not one of the "standard" warnings, but I felt it should be mentioned.) [11 parts, complete]

  • TOS: Movies Of lecture notes and chance sightings by apolesen - ADULT

    It is inevitable that cadets gossip, and the Vulcan captain is often at the centre of their speculations.

  • TOS: Movies Private Insight by apolesen

    Even if Vulcans usually do not speak of private matters, sometimes they have to. When Cadet Saavik receives some bad news, the only person she can confide in is her Vulcan captain.

  • TOS: Movies Scattered moments by apolesen - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock attempt to find time for each otherís company during the training cruise which coincides with Kirkís birthday.

  • TOS: Movies Waiting for the stars by apolesen

    Towards the end of the second five-year mission, all which is left for Kirk to do is wait.

  • Reboot The Thing With Vulcan Bonds Is... by archmonkey - ADULT

    1-Kirk ties spock down to break him, rides him *2-post-bonding meld sex (sorta like phone sex, but with kirk messing with spock on the bridge) 3-the all important, mystery drug aphrodisiac (given to either one.. or both)

  • TOS Chess by arhh

    Spock and Kirk play chess, set shortly after the beginning of TOS. There are shifts in POV which I have attempted to clarify by breaking each shift up.

  • TOS Eit'jae by arhh - ADULT

    Written for a spot on my bingo card at kink_bingo. Could be either TOS or Reboot, but I pictured them as the TOS Kirk and Spock.

  • AU Enemies by arhh

    Kirkís (reboot) reflections. Something between a drabble and a ficlet.

  • TOS/Reboot Fascinating by arhh

    A typical bedtime

  • TOS: Movies A Home Made of Sand by ariadnechan - ADULT

    Jim hasn't seen his Vulcan bondmate for six months.. He comes to Vulcan for the ĎAnniversary of the Teachings of Surakí and ĎNew Yearí. How do the events unfold in his parents in law house?

  • Reboot Five times Jim life sucks and one time it didn‚Äôt by ariadnechan

    Life it is difficult, so far more for James T. Kirk, for him life really sucks big time.

  • Reboot Human Rituals | De Rituales Humanos by ariadnechan

    Jim was in love, like a teenager, with his First. But Bones always will be his best friend. [Written in Spanish.]

  • Reboot The Perfect Christmas for a Half Vulcan by ariadnechan - ADULT

    From the prompt ďOne of the few items Spock has from his mother is a box containing Christmas ornaments. Jim helps him recreate a Christmas as his mom celebrated it.Ē

  • TOS The Secret Admirer by ariadnechan - ADULT

    Academy and early career era fic, Lt. Spock gets a mysterious Valentine every year and every year, he has no idea who send it. Who could be the one sending Spock Valentine's for over a decade?

  • AU The Solstice of the Young by ariadnechan - ADULT

    In Terra, Archer wants to establish the Federation at any cost, even if it means sending Kirk into an uncertain mission as a slave in the Vulcan Empire, where Surak was banned. In Vulcan, Sarek sends Spock to the Young Tournament with a personal slave, he must start to understand his position in the Empire's most noble house.

  • Reboot The Sun Always Rises, Do You Want It Or Not. by ariadnechan

    Jim is haunted by the memories Spock Prime accidentally transferred to him on Delta Vega. They meet in order to rid Jim of his ghosts, but find something altogether more fascinating.

  • TOS Thereís No Sunshine Without You by ariadnechan - ADULT

    Rain in San Francisco was not news, but when Spock is away itís like the sky knows Jim misses him.

  • Reboot What About Your First Date? by ariadnechan - ADULT

    Ship Wars prompt for 1000 word maximum on the subject of "First Date". Jim talks to his little girl about her parents first date.

  • Reboot War Games by aristoteles_27

    [WIP] [Part 1 posted, last update June '09]

  • AU The Jhanas by arjuna74 - ADULT

    This fic is loosely based on fleeting clips from the trailers, the leaked plot synopsis (which suggests that the characters in the film exist in a "alternate timeline" to the universe we are familiar with) and other myriad sources of information regarding the 2009 Star Trek film. It is my attempt to reconcile Spock's remarkably un-Vulcan behavior and apparent friction with Kirk. It will undoubtedly be obliterated by canon after the film's release, but until then, enjoy!

  • Reboot Command Dynamics by arysteia - ADULT

    This story was inspired by the barrage of debate at st_xi_kink -- surprisingly chatty for a supposed kink meme -- as to who tops, Kirk or Spock

  • Reboot Delusions of our Childish Days by ashkitty

    When shore leave and a refit of the Enterprise coincide with Christmas, Spock convinces Jim to go back to Iowa for the holidays.

  • Reboot Make crosses from your lovers, throw roses in the rain by ashkitty - ADULT

    One day, looking back, and looking forward.

  • Reboot Green-Eyed Monster by asmallcrime - ADULT

    [WIP] While on the Enterprise's latest mission to the vacation planet Xanthia X, Kirk and Spock end up having to investigate the mysterious disappearances of many visiting children. In doing so, it isn't long before a series of unfortunate misunderstandings places the men's own relationship in jeopardy. [Last Update: Part 1/5, 11th April '11]

  • Reboot The Harbor by asmallcrime - ADULT

    ...because a Vulcan's love for his chosen is fierce and eternal. And Jim's just happy he finally has a place to belong.

  • Reboot Thursday's Child by asmallcrime

    Thursday's child has far to go...but thankfully Jim doesn't have to get there alone. He will always have Spock by his side, even if it's just for something as simple as a game of chess.

  • Reboot Happiness by astatinesmile

    A/N: This is my attempt as a very single-minded K/S shipper to reconcile Spock/Uhura with K/S and the original series in light of the movie. [3 parts, incomplete, last part posted May 27th '09]

  • Reboot A Wager Between Teachers by astra_sequi - ADULT

    Response to kink meme prompt: Both return to Starfleet for their required year of teaching, and they get into an epic competition about which of them has more students fighting to get into his class, which one has a higher grade point average, which of them has more students failing out, which of them is a 'better' teacher, etc. Objective stuff that can be quantified with data, subjective stuff they can banter about endlessly, perhaps even leading up to (still professional, respectful) attempts to 'sabotage' one another. Work bleeds into their off-hours and they continue to argue and compete with one another even at home.

  • Reboot Fight Night by astra_sequi - ADULT

    I'm tired of Jim always getting his ass kicked. He's had bar-fighting experience (which is pretty much the equivalent to street fighting - which is still pretty bad ass) and then, I have no doubt that he took advanced combat fighting at the Academy. A few months after Kirk is made Captain, Jim gets to show off these skills and it makes Spock hot to realize Jim could have given him a run for his money, if he wanted.

  • Reboot Peace on Earth by astra_sequi

    Kirk and Spock spend the winter holidays together, failing at baking and reminiscing.

  • Reboot Uranium Iodide: U and I Together by astra_sequi - ADULT

    Flirt like a genius and maybe you'll catch one.

  • Reboot Ashes to Ashes by athens7 - ADULT

    In the aftermath of Gary Mitchellís death, Jim and Spock are offered the opportunity to finally overcome their divergencies and reveal their true feelings. Sort of reboot version of ďWhere No Man Has Gone BeforeĒ (you donít need to know the episode in detail though, as all the main points are condensed in the first part of the story).

  • Reboot Senses by athens7 - ADULT

    The evolution of a relationship as told through the five senses of the human/Vulcan body. First person POV.

  • Reboot Space Oddity by athens7

    On the Vulcan colony, Jim Kirk pays visit to an old friend. Memories are a blessing, and a curse.

  • Reboot The One with the Unicorns by averzierlia

    Crossover: Harry Potter/Trek

  • Reboot A Friend In Need by awarrington - ADULT

    Written for the st_xi_kink Prompt listed at the end of the story. A year after the events with the Narada, the Enterprise has left Kirk and Spock to complete a diplomatic mission. Things go wrong when Kirk loses consciousness and Spock realizes he's been given a powerful aphrodisiac.

  • Reboot Academic Matters by awarrington - ADULT

    Spock thinks Kirk's a cheat in more ways than one.

  • Reboot Army & Navy by awarrington - ADULT

    It's 1944 and serving in the U.S. Navy, Jim finds himself billeted in London, where he meets a tall, dark, handsome alien.

  • TOS Balance by awarrington - ADULT

    Spock notices his captain seems to get a thrill out of being in danger and spends months closely monitoring Kirk before appoaching him about it.† Just about then, events in his life overtake him...

  • TOS Brief Encounter by awarrington - ADULT

    A few days before Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise, he and his Science Officer have an unexpected encounter. For their own reasons, they are both in disguise and don't recognise each other. Guess what happens...

  • Reboot By Your Side by awarrington - ADULT

    Jimís lost a lot of things in his life Ė but thereís one thing he canít seem to lose even when he tries. Until a certain Vulcan makes his appearance.

  • Reboot Caress by awarrington - ADULT

    Four times Jim caressed Spock and one time Spock caressed Jim.

  • TOS Check Mate by awarrington - ADULT

    What really happened on Ardana. It's James Kirk, not Droxine, who Spock wants to woo. (Four parts, complete)

  • Reboot Children of Destiny by awarrington - ADULT

    Spock is still in a relationship with Uhura when he experiences his first Pon Farr. At his first officer's request, Kirk diverts the Enterprise to New Vulcan so he can marry T'Pring, who survived Vulcan's destruction. However, when Spock gets there, he finds his wedding doesn't go according to plan. This is Pon Farr with a reboot twist. This is a companion piece to Silver Lining, an accidental bonding fic, this time written from Spock's POV as requested by a number of readers. Because of the POV switch, this version is more angsty than the original. This is not a stand-alone story - reading the original will help this one make sense.

  • TOS Christmas in Riverside by awarrington - ADULT

    An unscheduled visit to Earth over the holidays provides Kirk with an opportunity to introduce Spock to his mom. Her assumption about the nature of their relationship causes the men to recognize their true feelings for each other. Then the flirting begins...

  • Reboot Coming Home by awarrington - ADULT

    Set a few months into their first mission, the Enterprise is ordered to pick up a Vulcan Healer and transport him to the new colony. Once there they are scheduled to remain and assist with the early stages of setting up the colony. Kirk's liaison is his 'old friend' Ambassador Spock, now known as Elder Sepak, who takes the opportunity to help Kirk and Spock become better acquainted. S/U implied. (20 parts, complete)

  • Reboot Distraction by awarrington - ADULT

    Jim catches Spock in an intimate situation and can't get the image out of his mind.

  • AU Everyone Deserves Music by awarrington - ADULT

    [WIP] At the age of 19, Kirk and his new friend McCoy, head to San Francisco to enroll at the city's prestigious Music Academy. During the auditions, Kirk falls for Spock, but Uhura's being territorial. [multipart, incomplete. Last update pt 5, 31st Aug '10]

  • Reboot Extra-curricular Activities by awarrington - ADULT

    Spock returns to the Academy from a tour of duty to find an intriguing cadet captures his attention.

  • Reboot Higher Love by awarrington - ADULT

    Itís Valentineís Day and the Enterprise has scheduled shore leave on Wrigleyís. Kirkís all set to go carousing with Bones. All is perfect in Jimís world Ė what could possibly go wrong?

  • Reboot If Wishes Were Kisses by awarrington - ADULT

    Comment fic request by ksha2222 on kirkspock for the prompt: Jim and Spock share a New Year's kiss.

  • Reboot In Vino Veritas by awarrington - ADULT

    For this prompt on the new startrek09kink meme: "Jim and Spock get wasted and Jim discovers Spock's human side comes out when he's drunk. He's horny and ready to bang anything. Namely Jim." [2 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Knowing Me, Knowing You by awarrington - ADULT

    Written for the Halloween Costume Party Fic Exchange by cards_slash. My prompt: Spock goes to the party dressed as a Vulcan of the pre-Awakening (pre-Surak) period. (Two parts, complete)

  • TOS Mistletoe Challenge by awarrington - ADULT

    In his final year, Spock briefly meets Kirk at the Academy Winter Ball. One day, many years later, the man who made a lasting impression on Spock assumes command of the Enterprise. Shamelessly romantic.

  • Reboot Obsession by awarrington - ADULT

    From the moment Kirk sets eyes on Spock, he wants him, but Spock isn't free or interested. [4 parts complete]

  • Reboot Second Kiss by awarrington - ADULT

    For cards_slash's meme trade - challenge was Kirk/Spock - "second kiss"

  • Reboot Silver Lining by awarrington - ADULT

    Spock is still in a relationship with Uhura when he has his first Pon Farr. Kirk diverts the Enterprise to New Vulcan so Spock can marry T'Pring, who survived Vulcan's destruction. However, when he gets there, he finds his wedding doesn't go according to plan.

  • Reboot Slow Beginnings by awarrington - ADULT

    After the defeat of the Narada and Spock's decision to stay with the Enterprise, he and Kirk have to learn to work together. Over the course of their five year mission, their friendship evolves.

  • Reboot Spock's Earthly Visit by awarrington

    kid!Jim introduces kid!Spock to Halloween

  • Reboot Taking One for the Team by awarrington - ADULT

    Kirk is forced to endure unusual torture at the hands of his captives (Or: Aliens Made Them Do It!) [Warning: cumming on face]

  • AU The King's Page by awarrington - ADULT

    Jim gets a job at the royal palace and finds himself falling for King Spock, heir to the Vulcan Empire.

  • TOS The Kiss by awarrington - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock are sent on a mission. Events provide the captain with an opportunity to discover he can respond to Spock sexually, and itís reciprocated. Responding is one thing, acceptance of it, quite another...

  • Reboot A Second Chance by ayesakara - ADULT

    An incident during a shore leave gone disastrous leaves Spock with a link he never expected with his captainóa bond he needs but which he suspects Jim never wanted. The consequences of how he deals with that Ďbeliefí change everything for them. [4 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Riverside by ayesakara - ADULT

    The Enterprise is docked at Earth Station McKinley for repairs and upgrades over the holiday season. Jim invites his friend Spock to join him at his family home in Iowa, where he presumes the house to be empty, but his mother unexpectedly shows up. Things have never been easy between Jim and his mother, and now Spock is caught in the middle of a family rift. How will he ease the tension between his friend, for whom his feelings run deeper than he has let on, and Winona Kirk? [4 Parts, Complete]

  • Reboot At Length Did Cross An Albatross by ayslin - ADULT

    [WIP] The Enterprise's crew is forced to relive their darkest memories. Fun times? Not so much [4 parts posted, last update 29th Oct. '09]

  • Reboot Ignominy by azardarkstar

    Sticks and stones might break his bones, but words have the power to destroy him.

  • Reboot Progeny by azardarkstar

    This will change them. Things will never be as they once were. Sequel to Soliloquy and Ignominy.

  • Reboot Soliloquy by azardarkstar - ADULT

    Regret is an emotion, but he still cannot help but wish that his mother could have known Jim. [Companion to Ignominy.]

  • Reboot Need by azelma - ADULT

    He needed to need, in a way that had nothing to do with being the motherfucking captain. He needed something that was real. Not just the constant illusion of forever that he saw whenever he sat at the helm of his ship.

  • Reboot Against Strange Maladies a Sovereign Cure by azephirin - ADULT

    We're going to be sharing this bathroom for another five years; probably we'll see each other in all sorts of inappropriate states. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Those Gold Bodies by azephirin - ADULT

    He's getting ahead of himself. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot Such a Perfect Anachronism by a_mocking - ADULT

    Spock has become a master escapist in a terribly literal way.

  • Reboot Medical Leave by b-dsaint - ADULT

    Ponn Farr Spock who bottoms.

  • Reboot Home by baby_razzle

    st_xi_kink Prompt filled: here There needs to be a fic where KirkPrime beams aboard the Enterprise and the first thing he sees is SpockPrime and since it's been forever since he's last seen him (like he's been in the Nexus or however anon makes it so that KirkPrime is in the nu!universe), KirkPrime rushes over to SpockPrime and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Nu!Kirk and Nu!Spock just kind of stand in the doorway and tilt their heads like WTF?

  • Reboot The Divorce by baby_razzle - ADULT

    Obligatory bonding fic. Aliens made them do it; will anything make them keep it?

  • Reboot The Honourable Thing by baby_razzle

    There are rules to the start and end of relationships. Well, they're more like guidelines, really.

  • Reboot A Series of Ill-Conceived Experiments by backinblack

    [WIP] Spock's a mystery, and Jim's the cat curiosity killed. Vulcan biology is weird. [multipart, incomplete. Last update, pt 2/3, 28th Jun '10]

  • Reboot The Passing Of Fire Into Blood by backinblack - ADULT

    After a diplomatic mission goes horribly, humiliatingly wrong, Jim learns something surprising about Spock.

  • TOS Can't You Just Let Me Be? by badgerpride89 - ADULT

    Just because they saved the world, again, doesn't mean McCoy is going to forgive Kirk and Spock so easily for the pain they've put him through. Let them suffer for once. Set just after the V'ger incident and written for the 2010 Ship Wars. Thanks to Nightshadow for betaing.

  • Reboot Endure 'til Heaven by badgerpride89

    He hugs Jim tight that day. It's pretty much all he remembers about it.

  • Reboot The Cardassian Incident by badgerpride89 - ADULT

    Pike wasnít paralyzed by Neroís slug. As such, he took command of the Enterprise as scheduled and brought James T. Kirk along as his Chief of Security. When the Enterprise is ordered to investigate an outpostís sudden radio silence, they get caught between a rock and a hard place. The outpost scientists are missing and the only ones who seem to have any clue of whatís going on are the Cardassians, a new species and the local powerhouse. However, as time goes on, itís clear the Cardassians want more than to just help the Enterprise, but just what? As the web is woven around them, Kirk has his own demons to face, demons he long thought dead. Can the crew navigate the treacherous waters of Cardassian interference and save their people? [Written for the 2010 st bigbang.]

  • Reboot Wonderful by baehj2915 - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim is harried and discombobulated; Spock is more so. Storyline quagmire! Inconvenient cockblocking! Gender nonsense, bad translations and repressed emotions within. Romancing to follow. [multi-part, incomplete. Last update pt 7/9, 29th Jul '10]

  • Reboot Ein Deutsches Requiem by banditjoeykuba

    They danced, he loved her. She always died again when the music stopped, his heart broke. He wanted to forget, Spock wanted to help.

  • Reboot Fireworks by banditjoeykuba

    He drinks to forget what he remembers when he drinks.

  • Reboot Indulging by banditjoeykuba

    It was illogical, indulging his human-half like this.

  • Reboot Jealousy by banditjoeykuba

    Jamie knows perfectly well what she's doing... [Always a girl!kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot Love Spelled Backwards is 'Evol' by banditjoeykuba

    Everything Kirk did was to ensure personal gain. (He was not worried about Spock.)

  • Reboot Pon Farr RULES by banditjoeykuba - ADULT

    Spock has never been this rough with her... And it's making her want him that much more. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot The Four Differences That Nearly Broke Spock Prime's Heart... by banditjoeykuba

    This new universe continued to surprise him in ways his old heart could barely handle.

  • Reboot Indistinguishable From Magic by barrowjane - ADULT

    After an incident investigating a research vessel, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves in a different place and Kirk realizes he may have to follow the rules of this odd, almost fairy-tale world to get them home.

  • Reboot shut up and eat your vegetables by barrowjane - ADULT

    ďIf the Captain requires someone to monitor his diet and activities until he is more stable, I will volunteer for such a duty,Ē Spock says, and that's where it starts.

  • TOS: Movies Homecoming by beedlebarg - ADULT

    Jim wakes after an attack to find everything changed.

  • TOS: Movies Row Row Row by beedlebarg - ADULT

    CAMPFIRE SEXINGS TIEMS o/ It's the start of Final Frontier†and Jim, Spock and Bones are around a campfire in Yosemite. They've barely said good night before Jim creeps into Spock's bunk. Bones alternatively reminisces and grinds his teeth over being a third party to a relationship that spans time and spaaaaaaaaaaaace

  • Reboot Smells Like Teen Spirit by beedlebarg - ADULT

    Jim and Spock are turned into stereotypically moody teenagers by an alien being

  • Reboot With This, Therefore Because of This by beedlebarg - ADULT

    [WIP] What if Jim didn't take Pike up on his challenge to enlist? Captain Spock manages to defeat Nero with the assistance of his crew, but there are heavy losses throughout Starfleet and the Federation. Then something starts to go wrong with the Enterprise and Admiral Pike's got a solution. [Multipart, Incomplete, Last Update part 4, 13 Nov '10]

  • Reboot Man of my Dreams by beehj2915 - ADULT

    Jim emits things from his subconscious nocturnally.

  • Reboot Pointy. by bellax_xmuerte

    Bones keeps calling Spock a ďF**king pointy eared b*****d.Ē Kirkís had enough of it.

  • Reboot Mourn by bella_selene

    Their love is not lost.

  • TOS Argumentum ad speculum by belmanoir - ADULT

    Spock goes into pon farr at 21, and Kirk is a rentboy.

  • TOS Five Times Kirk Tried to Seduce Spock, and One Time He Succeeded by belmanoir

    Four Times Kirk Tried to Seduce Spock, and One Time He Succeeded.

  • TOS Wilderness Were Paradise Enow by belmanoir - ADULT

    Kirk wants to know if Spock is really unhappy on the Enterprise.

  • TOS: Movies You've given me the best of you, but now I need the rest of you by belmanoir

    Spock wants to know if his mother regrets spending her life with a Vulcan.

  • Reboot Game Day by berusama - ADULT

    Spock is not pleased with the latent homo-eroticism found in North American football.

  • Reboot Lessons by berusama - ADULT

    Begins early on in the Enterprise's mission. Jim has a few things to learn about being captain. [Needs genres; tropes; length]

  • Reboot Maybe We'll Look Back and Laugh by berusama

    Jim and Spock wake up as nine-year-olds. Antics ensue.

  • Reboot Arena (the Walk Without Rhythm remix) by betweenthebliss - ADULT

    After a Federation colony is attacked, the Enterprise pursues an alien ship into uncharted space. There they meet with a race of beings who kidnap Captain Kirk and force him to fight the alien captain in a battle to the death, while Spock must lead the Enterprise crew in a race against the clock to save him.

  • Reboot Reconciliation by betweenthebliss - ADULT

    ST/Battlestar Galactica crossover. On the border of the Neutral Zone, the Enterprise runs into the Battlestar Galactica, reuniting Kirk with his old friend Kara Thrace. The Colonials are in trouble; their ship has been damaged and Admiral Adama taken hostage by cylons newly allied with the Romulan Empire. Eager for proof of an alliance that could endanger the entire Federation, Kirk commits the Enterprise to helping the Colonials out; but as usual, nothing goes according to plan.

  • Reboot A Perfect Fit by bigmamag

    Jim Kirk is no taller than a thumb, but his dreams reach the stars. Based loosely on the story 'Thumbelina'.

  • Reboot Armchair Psychology by bigmamag - ADULT

    McCoy forces Kirk and Spock to write an ongoing list of things they like about each other. Kirk doesnít know if heíll be able to make his weekly quota. At least, not at first.

  • Reboot Destinies Averted by bigmamag - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock take shore leave on Tarsus IV. Coda to 'Refractions.'

  • Reboot Follow the Leader by bigmamag - ADULT

    [WIP] After the events of [fic] Refractions, life is forever changed for one of the universes. Director Spock returns to Vulcan, but finds that his ordered and predictable life is no longer satisfactory. Captain Kirk is faced with the harsh realities of a potential Romulan war and the loneliness of command. Author's Note: This fic will make little sense if you haven't read Refractions because it's set in an alternate universe right after the events of the story. [Part 3 posted June 27 '11]

  • Reboot Somewhere Where They Can Forget by bigmamag - ADULT

    AU. Nero escaped from Rura Penthe early and managed to destroy both Vulcan and Earth. Most of the remaining Vulcans and Humans are taken to a Romulan penal colony. In this harsh new world, Spock meets and falls in love with Jim Kirk.

  • Reboot Spockís Vagina by bigmamag - ADULT

    Spock exhibits increasingly strange behavior after a transporter malfunction and Jim wants to know why. Good thing nature has a flair for revealing the most asinine of secrets. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot Shore Leave by bionic - ADULT

    Jim gets drugged, and the truth comes out.

  • TOS You Held My Hand by Blackbird Song

    After two days of being back to normal, Kirk still can't sleep.

  • TOS Contact by blackbird-song - ADULT

    Kirk needs a way to work out mental and emotional stress, but Spock's offer may not always be a good idea.

  • TOS Cracking the Ice by blackbird-song - ADULT

    The shore leave Kirk had planned with Spock doesn't seem to be going so well.

  • TOS Eddies by blackbird-song - ADULT

    Kirk sustains a head injury in an ambush.

  • TOS He That Pricketh the Heart by blackbird-song - ADULT

    After V'ger evolves and goes away, Kirk sits Spock down for a talk.

  • TOS Kal Rekk by blackbird-song

    Silence and solitude seldom occur when sought.

  • TOS Moments in Time by blackbird-song

    Written for The K/S Advent Calendar of 2008. This is a series of short to medium-length vignettes, told from Spock's POV, leading up to a much longer story told from Kirk's POV.

  • TOS: Movies Temporary Quarters by blackbird-song - ADULT

    Set during and after TMP, Kirk and Spock's relationship gradually changes from friends, to more... A/N: This sequel to Moments in Time was mostly written well before that story was conceived. Spock's cooler body temperature (91 degrees Fahrenheit) comes from the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual. It seems logical, given both his copper-based blood and the fact that most desert mammals on this planet appear to have cooler body temperatures than their relatives dwelling in more temperate climates. Many thanks to my husband for the beta.

  • TOS Experiment by blackillya

    For prompt: #60: Kirk introduces Spock to the tradition of mistletoe and New Year's kisses

  • AU Through Thorns To The Stars by black_regalia - ADULT

    [WIP]Kirk sets off from Earth ready for a life of danger and adventure. What he gets is more or less completely different. [multipart, incomplete, last update June '09]

  • Reboot The Omitted AdmissionóStumbling into Love by blcwriter - ADULT

    pock gives Kirk a meld for Christmas; Spock sees more than Kirk intends him to.

  • Reboot Undisclosed Desires by bloodytastic - ADULT

    [WIP] Inspired by Carriers and 28 days later. Earth is now a quarantined planet. The cause? A deadly virus known as the R2259, a hazardous weapon used by Romulans decades ago. Kirk is a survivor being hunted down for his healing abilities. Desperate to find a cure to his mother, Spock finds Kirk and asks him for help. [multipart, incomplete. Last update, pt 7, 11th Oct. '10]

  • Reboot Something Resembling Serenity by blucola

  • Reboot Allowed to Touch by blue_jack - ADULT

    ďSpock! Youíre under the influence of some kind of lust ray!Ē Eh, close enough.

  • Reboot It Starts with Something Small by blue_jack - ADULT

    Prompt: booty call, though less a booty call then a . . . hand call.

  • Reboot Little Magic Pill by blue_jack - ADULT

    Birthday fic for awarrington. SoÖthis started out as crack, because Amanda said she really enjoyed the way I write humor. And then, I donít know, it became seriousóeven though the underlying idea is still crackyóand wtf, brain?

  • Reboot Unbearable by blue_jack - ADULT

    There is simplicity in pain. [non-sexual, non-explicit BDSM themes]

  • Reboot Zombieland aka Not the World We're Used To by blumvale - ADULT

    Zombies have taken over and Jim and Spock are two survivors growing closer and trying to stay alive.

  • Reboot O Captain! My Captain! by booklington

    When Spock (Prime) had been young and arrogant, he had scoffed at the human propensity for sentimentality. For accepting comfort in whatever form it presented itself. However false, however illogical. Since then, he has lost his t'hy'la and his planet. And a whole lot of certainty to go with it. Inspired by the poem "O Captain! My Captain!" by Walt Whitman.

  • Reboot A Different Past by bowsie22

    We all know Nero killed George Kirk. He also killed Winona Kirk and took James for himself. 24 years later, Jim escapes and gets to the Enterprise. Will a relationship with Spock help save Jim and can Jim help save the Earth?

  • Reboot A New Future by bowsie22 - ADULT

    A sequel to A Different Past. Spock and Jim and their life with their child. This will deal with important times in Grayson's life.

  • TOS ...And The Bells Jingle Madly (1/1) by bradygirl-12 - ADULT

    Realities collide in the heat of emotion.

  • TOS At The End Of The Rainbow by bradygirl-12 - ADULT

    Jim Kirk is gifted with magic of a very special kind.

  • TOS Red-Green-And-Gold by bradygirl-12 - ADULT

    Jim is ready to serve his mate in his time of need.

  • TOS None So Blind by brianna-falken - ADULT

    Spock convinces a blinded Kirk to allow him to create a mental link between them while they are stranded on an uninhabited planet after the shuttle crashes. Originally published in 1997 in the print fanzine Kaleidoscope # 6.

  • Reboot A Level Course and True by brighteyed_jill - ADULT

    Spock is experiencing an unsettling emotional response in the wake recent events, but the very last thing that could possibly improve the situation is a late-night confrontation with James T. Kirk.

  • Reboot Absolution by brighteyed_jill - ADULT

    For this, Kirk can only come to Spock.

  • Reboot What I Say, When I Say Anything At All by brighteyed_jill - ADULT

    Faintly, somewhere in the background of his consciousness, Spock thought he should have better discipline than that. Unfortunately, discipline of any kind never seemed to apply when Jim was around.

  • Reboot What I Say, When I Say Anything At All by brighteyed_jill - ADULT

    Faintly, somewhere in the background of his consciousness, Spock thought he should have better discipline than that. Unfortunately, discipline of any kind never seemed to apply when Jim was around.

  • TOS: Movies Insert Slash Here: A Collection of Oneshots by brittanyksduh - ADULT

    I take real moments in TOS and write the scene that could have or should have come before or after said moment, in a realistic way. Flirting, banter, epic romance, sexual tension, and more.

  • TOS Adventures in Vulcan Potty Training by brown_polyester - ADULT

    [WIP] When Kirk and Spock end up on a planet with an entirely male population, they wonder how the men manage to procreate. Then they find out. [Incomplete, Last Update pt 2, 9 Dec '10]

  • TOS Life of Syvek by brown_polyester - ADULT

    [wip] ďAll children develop differently, at different rates,Ē McCoy told him, sighing. ďI feel like weíve had this discussion before. Numerous times. And the little hobgoblin has always proven me right. He always figures it out eventually, right?Ē [incomplete part 1 posted 18 Apr '11]

  • Reboot Structural Integrity by brown_polyester

    Why do Kirk's shirts seem to get ripped so often?

  • TOS The Continuing Education of Syvek Leonard Kirk by brown_polyester - ADULT

    More events in the life of Syvek Kirk and his parents, Jim and Spock. Sequel to Adventures in Vulcan Potty Training

  • TOS/Reboot A Heartbeat by brytewolf

    A heartbeat. Such a complex thing, if you stop to consider it. Most people, he is aware, do not Ė they know it exists, and leave it at that.

  • Reboot Accidental Intermission by brytewolf - ADULT

    Jim and Spock are having a movie night in Jim's quarters. Spock accidentally ingests some chocolate, and shameless smut and fluff ensue. Rated NC-17 for a reason, people XDDD

  • Reboot As the Moon by brytewolf - ADULT

    After a long day at work, Jim can't help but question Spock's feelings for him - he is a Vulcan, after all.

  • Reboot As the Sun by brytewolf

    At night, when Jim is asleep and Spock is watching over him, the doubts come through.

  • Reboot Cover My Eyes by brytewolf - ADULT

    Inspired by the lyrics to "Cover My Eyes" by La Roux. When I see you walking with her/I have to cover my eyes/(I have to cover my eyes)/Every time you leave with her/Something inside me dies/(Something inside of me dies) What is it like, to love someone you can never touch, because they are already in love with another? Jim's been living that nightmare.

  • Reboot Meet Me Halfway by brytewolf - ADULT

    Jim is distracted. Spock is curious. And is iPod? Possibly. Oneshot, Songficcy.

  • Reboot Resolve's Reward by brytewolf - ADULT

    Jim has been dropping hints left and right for months, but Spock just†doesn't get the clue. It takes an unexpected encounter at a club for Jim to†finally get through that thick Vulcan skull.

  • Reboot The End of a Long Day by brytewolf

    When Jim finally pulls them all out of a crisis, and he gets time to sleep -- he can't. He finds he cannot sleep without a certain dark-eyed Vulcan to lull him into slumber.

  • Reboot The Flavor of Laughter by brytewolf - ADULT

    [WIP] He is Starfleetís youngest captain. But he is untried, and inexperienced. What kind of captain will James Tiberius Kirk become? A story in three parts. Slow-building, will eventually be K/S. [multi-part, incomplete. Last update, pt 24/36, April 8th ]

  • Reboot The Longest Christmas by brytewolf - ADULT

    The only thing Jim's ever wanted is Spock. But Spock is the one thing he can't have -- until a strange visitor grants Jim one wish. "I wishÖI wish that I could know, at least once, what it would be like for Spock to love me as much as he loves Nyota."

  • Reboot To You, I Belong by brytewolf - ADULT

    After entering a bet with Sulu, Kirk finds himself trying to seduce Spock, whom Kirk believes hates him. But he finds out what Spock feels for him is certainly not hate.

  • Reboot Touch and Sensation by brytewolf - ADULT

    When Spock returns from an extended time away from the Enterprise, he needs to remind himself of who he is when he's with Jim.

  • Reboot Unanticipated Outcomes by brytewolf - ADULT

    Jim finally has Spock where he wants him. But not even his wildest fantasies could prepare him for this.

  • Reboot Spider-Walking by bubblegumbudgie - ADULT

    Spock has a weakness. Kirk finds out. Spock gets angsty. Kirk fixes it.

  • Reboot 50 Things by buckirocklvr

    50 themes, one sentence each.

  • Reboot A Straight Line by buoy - ADULT

    Jim wants more than he can actually take, Spock relents and lets him.

  • Reboot On the observation deck at 0345 hours, the expanse of space stretches out before Kirk as an abyss punctuated by distant stars by buoy

    Title: Cradled by Stars

  • Reboot Together, Yet by calicokat

    In a mind meld, emotions run both ways.

  • Reboot Teach Me To Belong by canadiangoddess - ADULT

    This is for flariariia who prompted Star Trek, Kirk/Spock, knowing your place

  • Reboot Let Me Be What You Need by candesgirl - ADULT

    Written for the new and wonderful st_tos_kink with the prompt of Kirk/Spock, bottom!Spock, wall sex

  • TOS The Incident After the Enterprise Incident by candesgirl - ADULT

    Jim is jealous of Spock and the Commander, but good God man, he wants to watch anyway.

  • AU Five Minutes by canonisrelative - ADULT

    It's several weeks after the events of Amok Time (in the same universe as "For The Love of a Human," my slashy interpretation of those events), and Kirk and Spock are still adjusting to their shiny new relationship, and what it means for both of them when the other's life is threatened. Set just after the events of the episode The Doomsday Machine.

  • AU Happy Birthday...Surely, the "Best of Times" by canonisrelative - ADULT

    I have a special planet that's all my own, where my fiction lives and breathes and my characters come to hang out with me. Today, some unexpected people showed up looking for Serena*, aka pencil_tricks, and wouldn't leave me alone until I brought her to see them... [self-insertion fic]

  • Reboot A Lesson in Romance by carouselcycles

    Written for a prompt on the st_xi_kink_meme. Spock has a secret nickname for Kirk.

  • Reboot As a Shepherd Should by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Growing up as a poor shepherd, Jim's never had any grand expectations for his life. Then Spock comes around and everything changes.

  • Reboot Gourmandises by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Spock learns that not all members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are as upstanding as they'd like to be.

  • Reboot Like Cats and Dogs by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Jim just wants to be friends, but somehow Spock finds this hard to believeóa classic case of misunderstanding.

  • Reboot Plug in, Baby by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Jim is only a lowly sound technician at Starfleet Records, but somehow this doesn't prevent him from getting his brains fucked out by one of the galaxy's biggest pop stars: S'chn T'gai Spock.

  • Reboot Rattling the Cages of our Youth by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Written for a prompt on the st_xi_kink_meme. Spock and Kirk are brothers, best friends since childhood. Then the lines that define their relationship start to blur and it all comes crashing down around them. After all, there are three definitions for the Vulcan word 't'hyla'.

  • Reboot Spiral Static by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Jim's never been one to feel insecure in a relationship, but then again, he's never been in a relationship with a pop star before either.

  • AU Sucreries by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Jim momentarily forgets about his pledge to remain an "upstanding, law-abiding citizen." Spock doesn't complain. Sequel to Gourmandises.

  • Reboot Valkyrie by carouselcycles - ADULT

    When Spock came to Earth he had only one goal in mind: kill James T. Kirk, President of United Earth, and shake the stigma his mixed heritage had brought him on his home planet of Vulcan. Too bad he hadn't counted on falling for the one man he was supposed to hate. [8 Parts, Complete]

  • TOS Attraction by catalenamara - ADULT

    On an AU Tarsus, rescue never came. In the throes of pon farr, Spock hires a prostitute. But what Jim is concealing about his present life will change Spock in ways he cannot imagine. [multipart complete, posted in 22 parts]

  • TOS Like A Tear Cast In Stone by catalenamara

    A Vulcan woman recently posted to the Enterprise has difficulty accepting human behavior and Spock's seeming betrayal of Vulcan by bonding with Kirk.

  • TOS Re-Emergence by catalenamara

    Set somewhere between the events of 1st and 2nd season TOS. References ďCity on the Edge of ForeverĒ, ďOperation AnnihilateĒ and ďThis Side of ParadiseĒ. Originally published in 1983 in the print fanzine Entercomm #6, edited by Jackie F.

  • TOS: Movies Sacrifices by catalenamara - ADULT

    Kirk founds out exactly what Spock remembers after the fal-tor-pan. Originally published in the print fanzine Legacy Volume 1, July 2007, edited by Jenna Sinclair. [Four parts, complete]

  • TOS Two Words by catalenamara - ADULT

    Inspired by and a sequel to the novel "Ishmael".

  • TOS: Movies Winter by catalenamara

    Kirk and Spock reunite at the Khitomer II conference.

  • Reboot Ask by cathalin

    When DADT is repealed, Jim, a Navy Seal, has a question he wants to ask Spock, a professor.

  • Reboot Ashaya by cedarrapidsgirl - ADULT

    Ashaya [love]. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person.

  • TOS Waiting for the Last by cero_ate

    The crew is waiting for Spock to finally get there.

  • TOS/Reboot Four Vulcan Words Spock Taught to Captain James T. Kirk (and the One He Didn't) by cest-moi-01

    The story of Jim Kirk's life aboard the Enterprise and his relationship with Spock in five words - vitaya, t'hy'vaj, t'zaled, t'hy'la, and p'pil'la'ai.

  • TOS Tea & Compromise by cest-moi-01

    ÔŅĹHe waited for a moment, leaning against the doorjamb with his arms crossed against his chest, watching, and fancied he could almost see the cogs turning in the VulcanÔŅĹs sharp mind, weighing the pros and cons of such an action.ÔŅĹ The beginning of a legendary friendship. JimÔŅĹs POV, somewhat introspective, pre-series.

  • Reboot Guess How Much I Love You? by chaos-vaan

    "Oh yeah? Well I love you more than Uncle Sulu loves fencing!"

  • Reboot Just Like His Father by chaos-vaan

    He's going out, just like his father. And he's leaving someone behind. Just like his father.

  • Reboot Pampered by chaos-vaan - ADULT

    Even in space, Kirk learns, that it's possible to catch a common cold. Spock, however, learns to remedy that fact.

  • Reboot Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals by chase820 - ADULT

    [WIP] Everyone knows the story of how James T. Kirk beat the Kobayashi Maru. But only Jim, Bones, and Spock know the real story. Set before and after the 2009 film, this fic offers a slashtastic twist on events. [multipart, incomplete. Last update, pts. 41-46, June 27 '11]

  • Reboot Seven Deadly Sins by chassie730 - ADULT

    Just some oneshots based off of the seven sins. They may or may not be connected to each other. Some are established relationship some not. This one is established. [7 parts, complete]

  • Reboot The Circumstance of Passion by chassie730 - ADULT

    [WIP] k/s eventually. Kirk and Bones are in a relationship, but Kirk can't come to terms with his sexuality. Meanwhile Spock is slowly accepting his feelings for the Captain. [2 parts so far, last updated 1st Mar '10]

  • Reboot Your Heart Is My Home by chassie730 - ADULT

    Spock didnít think Jim would return.

  • Reboot A Simple Misunderstanding by cheetahliv - ADULT

    A simple misunderstanding causes consternation for our heroes the morning after a (rather drunken) evening.

  • Reboot A Few Firsts by chibinecco - ADULT

    A few milestone firsts in Sochya's life as Kirk and Spock begin preparations for expanding their little family even more. [Sequel to Due Dates]

  • Reboot A Few Firsts by chibinecco - ADULT

    A few milestone firsts in Sochya's life as Kirk and Spock begin preparations for expanding their little family even more. [Sequel to Due Dates]

  • Reboot A Few Firsts by chibinecco - ADULT

    [WIP]A few milestone firsts in Sochya's life as Kirk and Spock begin preparations for expanding their little family even more. A.N.: Sequel series to Due Dates. Each installment is completely stand alone. [multipart - last post part 2, 4 May '11]

  • Reboot A Few Firsts II Ė Nine Months by chibinecco

    A few milestone firsts in Sochya's life as Kirk and Spock begin preparations for expanding their little family even more. Sequel series to Due Dates

  • Reboot A Few Firsts VIII - Eighteen Months, Two Months by chibinecco - ADULT

    A few milestone firsts in Sochya's life as Kirk and Spock begin preparations for expanding their little family even more.

  • Reboot Clouded Memories by chibinecco - ADULT

    After an accident during an away mission, both Kirk and Spock somehow lose their memories. Not knowing where they are or who they are, they both must learn to rely and trust one another for their very survival. Along the way, dormant emotions rise to the surface, making the two men suspect that whatever they were in the past, it was probably a lot more serious and complex than mere friendship.

  • Reboot Compelling by chibinecco - ADULT

    Prompt: So Spock and Kirk would like to have some happy time together. But neither of them had ever sex with a men. So McCoy needs to do a bit of a demonstration. Luckily he can use Jim for this. Bottom Jim and Top McCoy and Spock.Spock should not only watch but also be part of it, later. Kirk has, well, nothing to say hat all..besides moaning. [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • Reboot Control by chibinecco - ADULT

    Spock is much, much stronger that Kirk... unfortunately. Spock craves sexual domination, but how does he manage this with an inferior species?

  • AU Gorgeous Girl by chibinecco - ADULT

    A little porny ficlet inspired by cannedebonbon's recent art post, specifically this one here.

  • Reboot Sated by chibinecco - ADULT

    Every so often, Kirk allows Spock to indulge in his inflation and food kinks, after all, Jim enjoys them just as much.

  • Reboot The Color of Sound by chibinecco - ADULT

    A heated reunion of old friends.

  • Reboot Of Chocolate and Motorcycles by chicapanzy86 - ADULT

    Alcohol has no affect on Vulcans. Chocolate however...

  • TOS A Kiss With A Fist by chimera_ally - ADULT

    Mirror version of the Enemy Within. Kirk is divided into a good half and a bad half but this time, it's the good!Kirk that wreaks havoc on the ISS Enterprise.

  • AU Circle of Fear by chimera_ally - ADULT

    ďWe fear violence less than our own feelings. Personal, private, solitary pain is more terrifying than what anyone else can inflict.Ē ~ Jim Morrison

  • TOS Close Encounters of the Opposite Kind by chimera_ally - ADULT

    It's always the transporter's fault - but he wouldn't be James T. Kirk if he didn't take advantage of the opportunity... An April Fools' Day parody of Mirrorverse!

  • TOS Divide et Impera by chimera_ally - ADULT

    The Tantalus Field is installed aboard the ISS Enterprise and Marlena becomes the Captain's Woman. What will Spock's reaction be like? Is jealousy really illogical?

  • TOS Forty Years of Arguing Are Over! by chimera_ally

    Is Spock cold or warm to the touch?

  • TOS Friends and Foes by chimera_ally - ADULT

    Being the Chief Medical Officer of the ISS Enterprise is not easy, especially when there is a certain pointy eared hobgoblin constantly getting on your nerves. Spock & McCoy bickering, mirror style. Kirk/Spock (outsider point of view)

  • TOS Happy Birthday, Captain by chimera_ally - ADULT

    It's Kirk's birthday, and his First Officer has prepared a very special kind of present for him. The question is, would Kirk actually enjoy it?

  • TOS Noblesse Oblige by chimera_ally - ADULT

    Mirror version of the Amok Time Episode, in which the Captain did not accompany Spock to Vulcan. What happened on the planet's surface? How will it affect Kirk/Spock relationship?

  • TOS Smothered Mate by chimera_ally - ADULT

    We all know what happened in the Mirror Universe in the Mirror Mirror episode. What happened to the Mirror counterparts in TOS universe, though?

  • Reboot Spock of the Terran Empire by chimera_ally - ADULT

    You once said being a starship captain was my first, best destinyÖ if thatís true, then yours is to be by my side.

  • TOS: Movies Spock of Vulcan by chimera_ally - ADULT

    V'Ger has knowledge that spans this universe. And, yet with all this pure logic, V'Ger is barren, cold, no mystery, no beauty. I should have known: This simple feeling Ö is beyond V'Ger's comprehension.

  • TOS/Reboot The Master and Commander by chimera_ally - ADULT

    M!Kirk is unfaithful with Asami, and M!Spock decides to punish them both. A parody of both Viewfinder and Star Trek Mirror Universe, definitely not to be taken seriously.

  • TOS The Poisoned Pawn by chimera_ally - ADULT

    ďWhat if, ...Ē Kirk paused and moved his piece ďthe winner of the game plays the dominant role in bed then?Ē He smiled and crossed his arms. ďThat would give you the mental stimulation you desire so much, wouldn't it?Ē

  • TOS Till Death Do Us Part by chimera_ally - ADULT

    Mirror version of the Operation Annihilate. Character study, minor character death. Sequel to the Uneasy Truce

  • TOS Uneasy Truce by chimera_ally - ADULT

    Can you be safe in the Mirrorverse? Can you trust anyone?

  • Reboot Personal Time by ciaan - ADULT

    For the Porn Battle prompt "going down on her in the captain's chair." [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot E = Eternity by cjjefferson - ADULT

    [WIP] After seven weeks of condescending hand-holding, Starfleet has finally given the Enterprise a mission worthy of the fleet's flagship. The mission that follows changes more than anyone could have imagined. [multipart, incomplete, last update part 2 (of 15), 22nd Aug. '10]

  • Reboot And Away We Go by clevenbelden - ADULT

    the story of how Jamie Kirk falls in love and in trouble with her first officer and her CMO [girl!kirk/spock/mccoy]

  • Reboot Closer by cockyblondie - ADULT

    Inspired by "Closer", sung by Nine Inch Nails. Jim is in need of rescuing, and there's just the half-Vulcan who is more then willing to oblige.

  • Reboot Fucking Perfect by cockyblondie - ADULT

    The crew is on shore leave, and Jim winds up getting caught in the rain.

  • Reboot Long Distance by cockyblondie - ADULT

    A sixteen year old Spock goes to Earth with his parents for a 'vacation'. Inevitable, he meets a certain blue-eyed boy at the mall, unexpectedly in a bookstore.

  • Reboot Unbreak My Heart by cockyblondie - ADULT

    Jim's heart gets broken in more ways then he ever thought possible.

  • Reboot No Greater Glory Than by concnon - ADULT

    Prompt, basically, was Kirk occasionally prostituted himself before joining Star Fleet.

  • Reboot Snow by connie_welsh - ADULT

    Trapped (again) on a freezing ice planet, the boys have to get creative to keep warm.

  • Reboot To the Victor Goes the Spoils by connie_welsh - ADULT

    Chess game shenanigans. Jim honors Spockís victory in a most unorthodox way...

  • Reboot Ashes of the Sun by coprolite_blend - ADULT

    [WIP]Something destroyed a technologically-advanced civilization nine hundred thousand years ago. Now, the threat has returned. Seven strangers find themselves pulled into the kaleidoscope of the pandemonium, and one of them will lead their destruction. Based on the novel of Alastair Reynolds, Revelation Space, the STXI characters (and some from TOS with minor roles) are in for the ride of their lives. [Multipart, Incomplete, Last Update Part 1B, 1st Dec '10]

  • Reboot Daylight Star by coprolite_blend

    Where Jim goes, Spock follows.

  • Reboot Safe Here by coprolite_blend

    Spock tries himself with... "comforting".

  • Reboot A Dubious Cocktail by corcalamus

    He had decided, in his infinite wisdom, that this should be a party to remember and it was, for most of the crew at least. For Jim Kirk himself, however, it had blurred together into a sort of haze of colour, alcohol, music, lights and laughter.

  • Reboot Paper hearts by corpses_smiling - ADULT

    Jimmy Kirk is five-years-old and it is Valentine's Day on the U.S.S Enterprise.

  • TOS/Reboot Artistry by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    For verizonhorizon's prompt: "You know what would be really erotic for Vulcans? Henna hand art."

  • Reboot Five People Who Loved Spock by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here: ďFive people who loved Spock and the one he loved back. Ending Kirk/Spock. Can include OCs, Uhura, whatever. :) Bonus points for creativity with those five people!Ē

  • Reboot Half of My Heart by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt: "A post-TMP/pre-TWoK scene with Kirk and Spock, then Spock Prime being reflective and sad in his new universe because he misses his Jim."

  • AU Masterlist for 'The Ending Has Not Yet Been Written' by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt: "Everything is changing, my friends are leaving, and I'm feeling alone and left behind. So what I want is for this to happen to the Enterprise. Their mission is over, and they are *all* being reassigned. Everyone else should be sort of sad, but excited too, because they are going on to bigger, better, newer things. And one person isn't. Maybe at the end someone stays, and there is wonderful, I-love-you-and-cannot-leave-sex, or maybe (even better), there is sad, this-is-the-last-time sex."

  • Reboot Of Sentinels and Anchors by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    Prompt: AU in which Spock was raised on Earth with no Vulcan influence in his life. The fic deals with the idea of a more humanized Spock with far less control over his telepathic abilities.

  • Reboot Semantics by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here: "Linguistic details! Someone calls Spock on using "fascinating" and "illogical" so often, and he has to explain that the English words are simply restrictive, as Vulcans have different ways of saying that something's fascinating." [ksadvent2009]

  • Reboot Symptomatic by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    Prompt: a pathetically sick, freezing Spock and Kirk taking care of him.

  • Reboot Take Refuge in What You Know by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    Kirk has moved into an apartment and wants to get to know his neighbors. He meets his neighbor Spock, a loner who suffers from extreme agoraphobia. Kirk thinks he's a beautiful enigma. AU. [34 parts, complete]

  • Reboot To Burn by corpus_invictus - ADULT

    Written for Team Spork as a fill for Ship Wars Prompt 3 - NCC-17. The challenge was to write a PWP of 1000 words

  • Reboot I Die Without You by cozibizzie - ADULT

    Spock doesn't understand his feelings for his Captain. His mind is like his speech, less than articulate. [Complete Chapters]

  • Reboot Behind His Blue Eyes by crashdownpixie

    Prompt: #212 100 Greatest Classic Rock Songs; Song: "Behind Blue Eyes" By: The Who

  • Reboot Why? by crashdownpixie

    Confusion fills Spock's logical mind.

  • Reboot Wouldn't He? by crashdownpixie

    Based in Star TreK: Reboot after Spock talks to Spock Prime, but before he steps on the bridge.

  • Reboot Chicken Soup for the Vulcan Soul by creampuffsteph - ADULT

    Kirk is sick with a cold. Spock makes sure his Captain gets what he needs.

  • Reboot Fruit of the Tree of Life by creampuffsteph - ADULT

    Spock and Kirk must survive Tarsus IV together

  • Reboot Helping Hands by creampuffsteph - ADULT

    Jim's got talented hands and knows how to use them.

  • Reboot One in the Same by creampuffsteph - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim and Spock attempt to beam back aboard the Enterprise during an ion storm and find themselves not quite...themselves.† And yet, despite the switch, they will discover they're still the same deep down inside.† And more alike than they thought possible. [Multipart, Incomplete, last update part 5, 27 Apr '11]

  • Reboot Seven Minutes in Heaven by creampuffsteph - ADULT

    Spock attends a house party with Nyota, hosted by none other than Jim Kirk.

  • Reboot The Gift of Home by creampuffsteph - ADULT

    Kirk woos Spock over the twelve days of Christmas.

  • Reboot Mirror, Mirror by cymbalism219 - ADULT

    Spock needs clothes for shore leave. Jim, uh, helps.

  • Reboot Two firsts for Spock by cymbalism219

    Perhaps it should not be a surprise that Jim is the only person at school to have befriended Spock.

  • Reboot Jar of Hearts by dahliablack86 - ADULT

    Had it really snowballed into such a tangled mess that there was no way to set things right? Would they really have to spend the rest of their professional relationship ignoring the throbbing heart of it all, beating violently between them? Jim confronts Spock on his first evening as captain aboard the Enterprise in an attempt to gain closure.

  • Reboot Oublier by dalekdisaster - ADULT

    On a reconnaissance mission, Captain Kirk stumbles across a bomb and gets caught in the blast. Now, Spock must deal with the ship, their latest mission, and the fact that his captain cannot remember who he is, or the relationship that has been building between them.

  • Reboot Contact by danahid - ADULT

    This story is a response to a request on the STXI Kink Meme (Part 13): "Kirk, while bored and stuck in sickbay, or just those long dull stretches getting from point A to B, decides to start writing about his early years. (Anon is NOT requested to write the novel, though a few 'quotes' from the book would be nice)..."

  • Reboot Love and Dilithium by danahid - ADULT

    Do you think I have the time to see to every love affair in the universe personally?

  • Reboot The Merits of Emotion by danahid - ADULT

    What Spock understands and what he thinks he understands are two different things.

  • Reboot You Are Whatever A Moon Has Always Meant by danahid - ADULT

    The story of Kirk and Spock is a (true) story. A/N: This story was written for the 2009 K/S Advent Calendar ([info]ksadvent2009) as an epilogue to my holiday story, The Things That Sustain Them, although I think it can stand alone as well. (It also exists in the same universe as my first STXI story, The Things You See and The Way You See Them, because that made sense to me. Apparently I wrote a triptych. Who knew?)

  • TOS Enterprising Tours by dana_austin_marsh - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock decide to use different places on the Enterprise to make love while it is deserted during a re-fit, unaware that some crewmembers have started tours through the ship. Originally published in the 1994 print fanzine Kaleidoscope # 2, edited by Emily Adams.

  • TOS The Omni by dana_austin_marsh - ADULT

    When the Enterprise responds to a distress call, thy discover a colony where everyone has died except for a Human/Vulcan infant who forms a child/parent bond with Kirk, to the chagrin of his bondmate, Spock. [Originally published in 1989 in the print fanzine Counterpoint # 2]

  • Reboot A Pause in their Burdens by dante_s_hell - ADULT

    Jim becomes pregnant, but loses the baby.

  • Reboot Dead of Space by dante_s_hell - ADULT

    [Written for spook_me Halloween challenge.] The Enterprise has a passenger with an unusual appetite.

  • Reboot Deep Into You by dante_s_hell - ADULT

    Sequel to No Man (or Alien) Shall Tear Asunder. It's the next day.

  • Reboot Human Touch by dante_s_hell

    [WIP] As captain and first officer explore new worlds, they also begin exploring their new friendship, which has a depth they they are just beginning to realize. Unfortunately, an unexpected event leads to unforeseen complications. [5 parts posted, last post June '09]

  • Reboot Instinct by dante_s_hell - ADULT

    The away team runs into to trouble. H/C.

  • Reboot Mark of Ownership by dante_s_hell - ADULT

    Sequel to Actions have Consequences. Fifth story in the Ponfarr!verse.

  • AU No Man (or Alien) Shall Tear Asunder by dante_s_hell - ADULT

    Sequel to As One, picks up almost immediately from where As One left off. It also addresses a little bit more of the prompt. It's a short PWP that just wouldn't leave me alone.

  • Reboot No More Games by dante_s_hell - ADULT

    A new crew member comes aboard the Enterprise, making things difficult for Kirk and Spock and their new relationship.

  • Reboot To Lose Something You Never Had by dante_s_hell

    (Prompt) K/S established. Spock walks in on Kirk playing the last few moments of his parents on the Kelvin.

  • Reboot Loving Me, Loving Me Not by danyliz - ADULT

    [WIP] Whatís the difference between loving and being in love with someone? After the breakup, Jim discovered the distinction. [multichapter, last update, part 1 Jan 7 '11]

  • Reboot The Enterpriseís OTP by danyliz - ADULT

    Spock knew that working with humans would be challenging. However he wasnít ready for the things the crew talked about the Captain.

  • Reboot The Trouble with Normal by danyliz - ADULT

    Itís time for the Enterpriseís performance evaluation. Too bad that on this ship, Ďnormalí gets a whole new meaning.

  • Reboot Unwritten Fate by danyliz - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim considers what his best option is given that he is no longer the Captain of the Enterprise. [ incomplete - last update chapter 4A & 4B posted 20th Feb '11]

  • Reboot Alternates by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    A tear in reality that shows up once a year gives Kirk and Spock a chance to talk.

  • Reboot Birthdays (or four birthdays Kirk and Spock spent together and one they didn't.) by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    Four birthdays Kirk and Spock spent together and one they didn't.

  • Reboot Change by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    After Kirk and Spock have a fight Kirk is told about how him and Spock's counterparts got together in another universe and reaches some conclusions.

  • Reboot Connections by daphnie_1

    There is more to Kirk than Spock realizes. Kirk and Spock's telepathic lessons progress as the two grow closer on shore leave. This is technically a sequel to my other fanfic: Connections and it's follow-up Empathy . This can probably be read independently but will make more sense if you've read the other two.

  • Reboot Contact by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock's telepathic lessons progress as the two grow closer on shore leave. [follows Connections and Empathy.]

  • Reboot Daydreams by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    Kirk sometimes wonders what it would have been like to meet Amanda. He has a day-dream that runs a little something like this...

  • Reboot Empathy by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    [sequel to Connections] Kirk and Spock's telepathic lessons are interrupted by a distress signal. They beam down to the surface of Astra VI and get more than they bargained for.

  • Reboot Inductive Logic by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    It turns out Spock has a certain fascination for an odd branch of Vulcan literature.

  • Reboot Nothing Ever Stays the Same by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    Winona Kirk sometimes wonders why her son keeps on changing - or, two times Winona realised she didn't really know the person†Kirk had become even though she's a pretty damn good mom.

  • Reboot Shore Leave by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    Kirk realizes he might be more tired than he'd thought.

  • Reboot Silence is Golden by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    Kirk sometimes thinks that silence really is golden.

  • Reboot Sleep, Captain by daphnie_1 - ADULT

    Just the end to another away-mission from hell

  • Reboot Tag, You're it by daphnie_1

    Kirk is bored on the Enterprise after three weeks of mapping star charts in the neutral zone. He decides to entertain himself by playing a rather unconventional game of Tag with Spock.

  • Reboot With a little help by daphnie_1

    Kirk is recovering from an away mission and is getting pretty damn twitchy.

  • TOS Aftermath by darke_wulf

    Scenes following the end of my "Operation: Annihilate, Redux" story, written for/at the request of starshinedc.

  • AU Bitter Ashes by darke_wulf - ADULT

    This is the first chapter of the help_chile story I am writing for ficchica . She asked for a extreme AU Spock/Kirk. What I came up with is "Star Trek" meets "Blade" meets "Mercy Thompson" (a series of Urban Fantasy by Patricia Briggs which I would highly recommend). While the story was only supposed to be 2,500 words, we're now looking at approaching 10,000. Thankfully, [info]ficchica has been most understanding :-) [multi-chapter, incomplete]

  • Reboot Clothes Don't Make the Man by darke_wulf - ADULT

    A fill for a prompt at the kink meme. Really, this is pretty much nothing but a shameless PWP :-)

  • Reboot Disciplinary Authority by darke_wulf - ADULT

    Sarek plans to take Spock to task for his behavior. Little does he know, someone else has claimed that responsibility.

  • Reboot Mighty Morphin Star Trek Rangers - Episode 01, Part 1 by darke_wulf

    [WIP] AU for both Star Trek and Power Rangers

  • Reboot The Elf and the Scientist by darke_wulf

    Spock catches Kirk working in the labs after hours. He finds the sight... fascinating.

  • Reboot Five Times Spock Felt Alone and One Time He Didnít by darksagegr10

    Kink meme prompt: Five people that made Spock feel more alone in a crowd than he did by himself and one person (Kirk) that made him feel loved and happy before he even realized he felt lost.

  • AU Kisses Like Raindrops by darksagegr10

    Five times Kirk and Spock kissed the Vulcan way and one time it was completely human.

  • Reboot Quote Inspired by darksagegr10 - ADULT

    Or, Four Times Spock Got the Last Word and One Time He Didnít, Not Really

  • Reboot Trick by darksagegr10 - ADULT

    The Starfleet Annual Halloween Party. Need I say more? Hmm, well since you asked so nicely. October 69 Meme Prompt: they surprise each other by dressing up as each other! (Kirk shows up as Spock, and Spock shows up as Kirk).

  • Reboot Sense(less) by darkstar99 - ADULT

    Love is never sensible.

  • Reboot Transatlanticism by davynm - ADULT

    [WIP] Spock moves to Earth to deal with a personal crisis and meets Jim, a charismatic photographer who has also recently left his home. Based off of the Death Cab for Cutie album. [Part 3/11 posted July 24, 2011]

  • Reboot Make Me a Match by dawning_star

    Matchmaker, matchmaker ....

  • Reboot Vulcans Do Not Apologize by dawning_star

    Vulcans do not apologize. But one Vulcan is beginning to think that he needs to.

  • Reboot Unspoken by daydreamer64 - ADULT

    Some things are said, some things just don't need to be.

  • AU Five Times Kirk Spoke a Different Language, and One Time He Did Not by dazzlingphasers

  • Reboot A Bump in the Night by db_mmxx - ADULT

    When Halloween coincides with shore leave on Earth, Kirk's husband and son indulge his illogical love of the holiday. Come nightfall, things that go bump in the night have Kirk on alert. Someone's following him.

  • Reboot Imprint by db_mmxx - ADULT

    [WIP] On an away mission gone awry, Kirk must care for a de-aged Spock. In a reserved, Vulcan fashion, Spock grows to adore Kirk. How will they cope when reversing the transformation threatens to erase Spockís memories? [multipart, incomplete. Last update pt 10, Aug 30th, 2011]

  • AU No, there is no destiny for us by deadasaduck

    An alternate ending to star trek xi, that is not all that pleasant.

  • TOS: Movies 100 Days by deanna_gray - ADULT

    While celebrating their 100 day anniversary back on the Enterprise after V'Ger, Kirk and Spock discover some anniversaries can be painful. (posted by tat63@LJ)

  • AU New Encounters by delilah_lilith - ADULT

    Spock leaves Vulcan for the first time with his new master.

  • AU The Captain's New Gift by delilah_lilith - ADULT

    Captain Kirk enjoys the gifts of good diplomacy.

  • TOS Small Gift by delmarsdoll

    Spock thinks he is dying.

  • Reboot 5+1 Starfleet regulations by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Five Times Spockís adherence to Starfleet regulations stopped them having sex and one time Spock didnít care.

  • Reboot Blank Mind by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Jim wakes up believing it to be the day he walked onto the bridge as captain, about to leave Earthís space dock (the end of XI). Itís actually two years since that day and heís bonded and married to Spock. [3 parts, complete]

  • TOS/Reboot Educated Differences by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Early 21st century college AU. Jim and Spock are freshmen and are put together as roommates. A/N: Something to note, because this is an AU set in this time period, Spock is not a Vulcan for obvious reasons, heís just a bit weird. [13 parts, complete]

  • Reboot I wanted Orions, by James T Kirk by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Jim is in his final year of high school, and for his last project he has to research into mating rituals and behaviours of a specific species. Jim gets given Vulcans. His mom sets up an interview for him with her friendís son whoís studying at the academy.

  • Reboot Innocence by demonllama1

    On a rescue mission, Jim finds a Vulcan orphan who becomes extremely affectionate and possessive of him, leading to problems.

  • Reboot Montgomery Scott: Engineer and Matchmaker by demonllama1 - ADULT

    For Valentineís Day, Scotty creates a computer program that pairs up the most compatible people on the ship. He sends a ĎTop Tení list to everyone. In the number one spot? Spock and Jim, who are not very good friends.

  • Reboot Productive Recovery by demonllama1 - ADULT

    AU: Spock is first officer of the Enterprise with Pike as captain but after a mission goes wrong and the ship is attacked, they have to visit a starbase for medical attention. While recovering from injuries, Spock gets to know his overly cheerful, blonde haired, blue eyed male nurse called Jim. Warning: Light mentions of sex. Fluff. Fade to black.

  • Reboot Stacks by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Jim is a librarian in San Francisco and he becomes a little enamoured with the Vulcan that always visits.

  • Reboot The Burger by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Follows The Gift and is basically pregnant!Jim and possessive!Spock. Yep. Itís one of those.

  • Reboot The Crash by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Soren is in an accident, but itís Jim whoís really affected by it. Set in Sorenverse. You could probably read this as a one shot if you can nod along to some bits. :) This is less fluffy than the other parts.

  • AU The Daughter by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Jim struggles through his second pregnancy with both a husband and a son being constantly protective of him. A/N: Set in Sorenverse. You guys asked for it, so here it is. There is a lot of possessive!Spock and Soren in this.

  • Reboot The Doctor by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Spock goes into Pon Farr and so whist he and Jim deal with it, they leave their 5 year old son in McCoyís hands. McCoy is not a fan of babysitting. A/N: Set in SorenVerse.

  • Reboot The Sexual Exploration by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Deals with Soren (Jim and Spockís son) and his relationship with sex through the years. A/N: This is set in Sorenverse, following The Gift and The Burger. Itís kid!fic guys. Again, you donít really have to read the others but it would help.

  • Reboot The Terran Holiday by demonllama1

    Spock and Jimís first Christmas back on Earth with their 6 year old son and 2 month old daughter. [part of the Sorenverse series]

  • Reboot The Visit by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Spock and Jim take their 4 year old son to visit New Vulcan. Set in SorenVerse. Others are here. You donít have to read the others but it would probably make some things a bit clearer if you did.

  • Reboot Tray Tables and Seatbelt Signs by demonllama1 - ADULT

    Modern Day AU. Jim is an annoying airplane passenger; Spock is a hot flight attendant.

  • TOS A Lingering Touch by Denise Dion

    A moment passes between them, and they now know what they mean to each other.

  • TOS Always Alone by Denise Dion

    Spock feels so alone sometimes. If only someone would notice him. At the moment, Jim has his hands full.

  • TOS As I Play by Denise Dion

    Spock plays his lyre. Sadly only for Jim.

  • Reboot Does She Not? by Denise Dion - ADULT

    Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk return on board the Enterprise, disturbing their so needed shore leave. A minor incident in sickbay diverts McCoy's plans, Jim's plans are changed also. But, only major difference between the doctor and the captain is that Jim is drunk, and has a terrible hard-on from it. What will he do until McCoy finishes with his business in sickbay? Spock is in trouble with his relationship with Uhura. But, he dare not say a word. Because the women tend to wear the pants in the family. Well, Spock's family they do. Will Jim and Spock meet? [Multipart, incomplete - last updated May 2012]

  • TOS Eye-sex at any age by Denise Dion - ADULT

    Jim and Spock take a break, whispering sweet nothings in a dark, secluded corner of the Enterprise.

  • TOS I Did it for Love by Denise Dion

  • TOS: Movies It Will Never Be Same Without Him by Denise Dion

    Jim has the Enterprise back, he should be happy. He got what he wanted, right?

  • TOS Just Say Cheese, Dammit!! by Denise Dion

    The old camera that Spock used decades ago, resurfaces. McCoy gets to take a picture of the handsome couple. McCoy wishes he'd never accepted. Epilogue to Portrait. Got my prequel, now I need to finish the main story.

  • TOS Late Confession by Denise Dion - ADULT

    Spock decides to tell Jim how he feels. But someone has beat him to it.

  • TOS Portrait by Denise Dion - ADULT

    Spock encounters Jim at the Academy. They get to know each other and sparks fly. The relationship blossoms. And one night Jim falls upon a hobby that Spock has been doing on the side for extra credits. Spock is an established photographer, and he wants Jim to pose for him. Nude. [Started 29th June 2012]

  • AU Strip by Denise Dion - ADULT

    Jim and Spock are captured by Klingons. One Klingon is left to watch over them and he wants them to strip.

  • TOS Submerged by Denise Dion

    Spock has two sides of him. Jim seems to be there to balance things.

  • TOS The B_old and the Frisky by Denise Dion

    Jim needs a little bit of Vulcan spirits to get things going.

  • TOS/Reboot When I Close My Eyes by Denise Dion - ADULT

    Spock remembers Jim when he was young.

  • Reboot Baby, Is it Your Time? by denisedion - ADULT

    Jim is worried about Spock. Bondmates for what seems like forever, Spock begins to act like he did all those years ago. Could it be his time? Jim confronts him as he breaks into song.

  • TOS Baby, Sorry About the Buick, Do You Forgive Me? by denisedion - ADULT

    It was a particular warm day in San Francisco with not much to do. Jim wanted to see the sites. Walk along Golden Gate Bridge, visit the museums and all the other things they did on a lazy warm Sunday afternoon. But someone was not in the mood. In fact, that person was sulking. He happened to have a particular trait. He had pointed ears.

  • TOS Breathe Beloved by denisedion

  • TOS Colors Collide by denisedion

    What happens when colors colide?

  • Reboot Love Bites by denisedion - ADULT

    Stranded on a planet for only a moment until a storm passes Jim and Spock take refuge in a cave..(.like what else is new.) A snake enters Jim's sleeping bag and he is bitten. Spock's logical solution is to extract the poison. Guess where and how he does it ....

  • Reboot Love Bites by denisedion - ADULT

    Stranded on a planet for only a moment until a storm passes Jim and Spock take refuge in a cave..(.like what else is new.) A snake enters Jim's sleeping bag and he is bitten. Spock's logical solution is to extract the poison. Guess where and how he does it ....

  • Reboot Penance by derrumtreiber - ADULT

    Kink Bingo challenge- spanking.

  • Reboot Just One Second... by de_gnome

    Made for this prompt: Kirk and part/most/all of the crew thinks he's with Spock. Kirk, in an effort to show Spock he's serious, has taken things way slow - so there's been nothing really obvious, as far as human displays of affection go. Spock says or does something with the belief that he is not emotionally attached to anyone.... Jim is devastated. (Three parts, completed)

  • Reboot Why Uhura No Longer Wanted To Kill Kirk by de_gnome

    Uhura finds out part of what made Kirk, well Kirk, and her opinion changes somewhat

  • Reboot Due Dates by diane_kepler - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock decide to have kids. Along the way, they have a lot of sex. [11 parts complete]

  • Reboot Tease by dirty_smudge - ADULT

    Spock's having sex flashbacks at an inopportune moment, and being in close proximity to Jim isn't at all helping him think straight. A/N: Definitely a sequel to Tell Me, which may or may not be a sequel to Instinct.

  • Reboot Tell Me by dirty_smudge - ADULT

    Uh... Jim has Spock under his control and won't give him what he wants until he asks for it? If that even counts as plot.

  • Reboot You Bring Out the Devil in Me by donnadekarenfic - ADULT

    Halloween is a time where everyone dresses in costume and not be themselves. For a certain white-winged Angel, it's the only time he can go out and not have to worry about a disguise. Much to his dismay, it's the same time a certain black-winged Devil likes to do the same thing.

  • AU Open Up My Eager Eyes (Pump Up the Volume Remix) by downjune - ADULT

    The premise of the challenge was to take a movie that we love and have the ST characters as the stars. Kinda silly, yes, but awesome. And Pump Up the Volume has long been one of my favorite favorite movies. Two words. Pirate. Radio. Have I mentioned that I did college radio from the age of 14 through 20? Pump Up the Volume, Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis meant a lot to me growing up.

  • Reboot We Start with the Big Stuff by downjune

    Essentially a retelling of the climax of the movie, brain-sucking slugs and all.

  • Reboot We'll Be in Our Hidden Place by downjune - ADULT

    The mind can be a very quiet place.

  • Reboot Across the Universe: I Want to Hold Your Hand by downshefalls

    When it comes to touch telepaths, holding hands means so much more. Author's Notes: Part 4 in a 30 part series based off of the soundtrack for "Across the Universe". [note, not all stories are K/S]

  • Reboot Adaptations by downshefalls - ADULT

    What starts as simple stomach cramps turns into something far greater for Jim and Spock.

  • Reboot All My Loving by downshefalls

    While on an away mission, Jim makes sure to keep in touch with Spock.

  • Reboot Come Together by downshefalls

    James Tiberius Kirk is a son of a bitch. But he sure has a way with people.

  • Reboot Fireworks by downshefalls

    Fireworks had never looked more beautiful to Jim than they did when reflected in Spockís eyes.

  • Reboot Life, The Universe, and Everything by downshefalls

    Spock sees Jim's tattoo as highly illogical. Jim sees it as the most logical thing in the world.

  • Reboot Rain, I Don't Mind. Shine, The World Looks Fine by downshefalls

    To most, the rain means destruction. To Spock, it means feeling alive.

  • Reboot Speed Bump by downshefalls

    Driving through Iowa, Jim is amazed at how Spock can get carsick.

  • AU Love in a Verbal Confrontation Pod by dracavia

    Kirk and Spock, stuck in a turbo lift with a ping-pong ball.

  • Reboot Spock Takes a Holiday by dracavia

    Jim wanted to take Spock somewhere special for their first vacation together, somewhere just a bit unusual. The problem was, shore-leave is on Earth, and while Spock might not be a native, he has gotten around a bit. (Set in the '<a href="">Where Home Really Is</a>' verse, but it's not necessary to read the previous stories to enjoy this one.)

  • Reboot The Epic Friendship of Jim and Spock, Step 1 by dracofiend - ADULT

    Just another story about Jim and Spock getting to know each other, onboard the Enterprise, and occasionally, off. [Posted June 3, 2011]

  • AU 9 Out Of Ten Bones Agree by dragoona - ADULT

    Collection of Graduate!Spock/Cadet!Kirk fic.

  • Reboot Bedtime Ritual by dreaming_k - ADULT

    Academy AU snippet: With Spock Jim is a cuddler, well duh.

  • Reboot Pillow Fight by dreaming_k - ADULT

    Academy AU snippet: Spock is ignoring Jim, a pillow fight ensues. This is a sequel of sorts to Bedtime Ritual. You don't have to read that to understand this story, though.

  • Reboot All Our Yesterdays (the All or Nothing Remix) by dreamlittleyo - ADULT

    Trapped on an alien planet, in an ice age thousands of years before the Federation even exists, Spock finds himself falling apart. Back on the ship, Kirk fears his relationship with his first officer might never be the same.

  • Reboot All That We Can Be, Not Just What We Are by dreamlittleyo - ADULT

    The bond between captain and first mate runs deeper than blood. Originally written for st_xi_kink to the prompt: Spock goes into Pon Farr and Uhura isn't able to empathically bond with himóbut a certain Captain is.

  • Reboot Living on the Promise in Your Last Kiss by dreamlittleyo - ADULT

    Sequel to All That We Can be, Not Just What We Are and Who Am I to Say? Kirk sort of figured being bonded to Spock would be complicatedóand he sure as hell doesn't regret his hasty decision. But between his new obsession with Spock's hands and his attempts to avoid Uhura, he wouldn't mind knowing what the hell is going on. [2 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Who Am I To Say? by dreamlittleyo

    Everything about McCoy's job is harder when people refuse to tell him what's going on.

  • Reboot A Trick of Eros by dreamwind83 - ADULT

    Teenage Jim has somehow become a girl, and while a girl he meets Spock and the two get intimate. Which of course leads to Jim becoming pregnant. So this is the story of Jim and Spockís first meeting and the miracle that sprung from it. [Complete] [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Live on the SENN ChannelÖ by dreamwind83 - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim's POV during 'The SENN Channel Presents.' Jim begins to find some interesting videos anonymously sent to his email showing his First Officer in moments of intense privacy.

  • Reboot The Ark and the Desert by dreamwind83 - ADULT

    Unable to handle another devastating war the Wizarding communities from around the world pull together and enlist the aid of the Muggleborn’s families to launch themselves into space. Settling on a new planet is harder then it seems, especially when they find they are not the only ones wanting to claim it as their own. [Harry Potter/McCoy, hints of Uhura/Scotty]

  • Reboot The SENN Channel Presents.... by dreamwind83 - ADULT

    Spock finds that his cabin computer has access to the security cameras in the Captain's quarters. [5 parts complete]

  • Reboot Super Villain by dreamwriter613 - ADULT

    No Superman, but can super reporter Jim Kirk crack the case of the greatest kingpin the Federation has ever known-- Mr. Spock? Very slightly influenced by the Mirror!verse. [Multipart, Complete]

  • Reboot The Sword of Damocles by dreamwriter613

    Spock is arrested for a crime he didnít commit. Can his Captain save him before it is too late?

  • Reboot A Sign of Happiness by eagle_of_idiocy

    Jim makes a discovery while wrestling with Spock in the gym.

  • Reboot Acceptance (of the series, What We Remember Forever) by eagle_of_idiocy

    Trouble brews and tension rises when the Enterprise takes a brief mission to transport a bigoted ambassador.

  • AU Beginnings by eagle_of_idiocy

    After learning the truth of his captain's childhood, Spock makes a decision and begins to coax Jim out of his shell.

  • Reboot Follow Your Bliss by eagle_of_idiocy - ADULT

    Companion fic to ďWeíll Walk In Ecstasy.Ē Itís day five of Kirkís impromptu Pon Farr. Letís see how the two lovebirds are doing.

  • Reboot Gentleness by eagle_of_idiocy - ADULT

    Initially Jim isn't sure how he feels about being handled like some kind of priceless, breakable treasure Ė it's so far from what he knows. But then Spock kisses him and sweet gods of mercy, he is home.

  • Reboot How Many Licks by eagle_of_idiocy - ADULT

    Spock gives Kirk a tongue bath.

  • Reboot Jewels of the Flesh by eagle_of_idiocy - ADULT

    Spock is captured during an away mission. After recovering him, Kirk discovers that his mate's ears have been pierced. Inevitable sexytimes ensue.

  • Reboot The Male Vulcan in Mating Season by eagle_of_idiocy - ADULT

    Six places in which Spock tried to make it with Kirk, and the one time and place Kirk finally got the hint and decided to help out.

  • Reboot My Skin It Wondered How by ediehansen - ADULT

    "If he were the type of guy you could just have sex with - Jesus, there's a weird thought." "I don't want sex." McCoy's eyebrow shot up in a killer imitation of the object of their debate. [2 parts, completed]

  • Reboot Deleted Files From the Captain's Log by eeyore9990 - ADULT

    Just another day in the life of James T Kirk and crew. Except this time, no one's trying to kill them.

  • TOS A Dance In Shadow And Silence by eimeo - ADULT

    A shuttle crash leaves Spock, Sulu and Chekov adrift on a deserted ocean world. As Chekov fights for his life and Sulu tries desperately to save him, Spock reflects on the strong bond that exists between the two men and starts to wonder what it is he's really afraid of in his relationship with Kirk.

  • TOS Every Tuesday Evening by eimeo - ADULT

    PWP featuring kind-of-voyeur!Spock, half-naked-and-glistening!Kirk, and the Red Gym Tights of Awesome. Oooh, and wrestling. NC-17 wrestling.

  • TOS Spice by eimeo - ADULT

    The problem with falling in love with a member of an insanely private species is that it just might take you the best part of a five year mission to work out that the feelings are requited. And then you might discover that he’s already decided that the two of you can never be together. And what are you supposed to do if he won’t tell you why? [WIP: Last update Chapter 20 23rd July 2012]

  • Reboot Amok Time Rebooted by elayna88 - ADULT

    Spock goes into pon farr.

  • AU Last Guys by eldritchhorrors

    [WIP] Pike wasn't the only guy recruiting; he was just complete shit at it. Good for some- not so hot for Starfleet. [Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Spock, Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy] [incomplete, last updated Oct 09]

  • TOS Juggernaut by elfqueen55 - ADULT

    After an unexpected quirk in fate, bondmates Captain James T. Kirk and his First Officer, Spock, find their lives spiraling out of control following a troublesome outcome with the Starfleet Tribunal, and several missteps in their own relationship.

  • TOS Destiny by elise_madrid - ADULT

    Existing in a loveless marriage with Lori Ciani and haunted by memories of his past, Admiral Kirk humors Loriís suggestion that they visit a carnival psychic.

  • TOS Duty's Call by elise_madrid - ADULT

    Kirk is adamant in his desire that Spock live on after his own death.

  • Reboot Ears by ella-in-spades

    Jim's a little drunk, and he might just like Spock's ears a little too much...

  • Reboot Convincing by elva_barr - ADULT

    "Nor was it the case that he truly wished the captain to cease his sexual advances. Sex with the captain was, as far as he knew, highly enjoyable at a minimum of 98.73% percent of the time. Unless, of course, he had misinterpreted the frequent commotion from Jimís adjoining room when he entertained. This was unlikely."

  • TOS/Reboot Successful Communication by elva_barr - ADULT

    "Emotion is the only way that we can sincerely express our desires. How can you communicate with others if you canít communicate your needs?"

  • Reboot Waiting For The Fall by enmuse

    Gaila's the best friend, which means she knows all the details of Uhura's relationship and rocky road when Spock takes up with Kirk after that relationship failed.

  • Reboot Your words alone by ensignjellybean - ADULT

    Written for this prompt over at STXI kink meme: So, lets give Kirk a voice kink to rival mine. Say he overhears Spock practicing a speech (preparedness is logical) or -Surak forbid- singing and gets off on it.

  • Reboot And So She Bit the Dust by epiconly

    All the ‚Äėshe‚Äôs important to Jim are sentient.

  • Reboot They Call This Denial by epiconly

    Kirk convinces a heartbroken Spock that a blind date is the way to go, and realizes he doesn't much like the idea of Spock ending up with someone else. Serious Stuff happens. [Last updated with Part 2 on 24th April 2012]

  • Reboot The Morning After by eris-historia - ADULT

    The morning-after awkwardness following Kirk and Spock finally succumbing to temptation.

  • Reboot The 5 and 1 of a Christmas Puppy by estalita-11

    Spock gets Jim a Chihuahua puppy for Christmas one year and has to live with the consequences.

  • Reboot Things that have been found by ever_obsessed - ADULT

    ďItís so cute how he wants his first official holiday with the captain to go so well.Ē

  • Reboot Fever by ewinfic - ADULT

    Spock undergoes an unscheduled pon farr and Kirk and McCoy have to nurse him through it.

  • Reboot Reversal by ewinfic - ADULT

    Poor Man's Sinfest v3 prompt - "Kirk learns the right way to be slammed against a wall."

  • Reboot The Cuddling Conundrum by ewinfic

    Poor Man's Sinfest v3 prompt - "Spock overhears from someone (probably Bones) that Kirk loves to cuddle. This whole "cuddling" thing is completely foreign to Vulcans, so Spock decides he has to learn how before he can approach Kirk for naughty times. How does Spock learn to cuddle? In-depth research, asking awkward questions, etc. Obviously ends in Kirk/Spock cuddle times.

  • Reboot One Quotable Phrase by fadagaski

    Call him selfish in his old age, but when Jim Kirk invites him on a whistlestop tour of Earth, Spock Prime can't help but say 'yes'.

  • Reboot The Kirk/Spock Slash Community - Fic: A Fighter By His Trade by faded_fallen - ADULT

    He learned hard and fast that half of fighting is attack, but the other is learning to roll and cope and deal with the pain enough to keep on fighting.

  • Reboot A Gift From the Heart by fagur_fiskur - ADULT

    Based on this prompt from the k/s advent calendar: Kirk buys a gift for Spock but decides not to give it to him because it's too valuable, they're only friends/work colleagues and it might embarrass Spock. He can't give it to anyone else, because the gift is something ideal only to a Vulcan. But Spock finds it anyway.

  • Reboot Creature of the Night by fagur_fiskur - ADULT

    In which Jim is a vampire slayer and Spock is a creature of the night.

  • Reboot Drifter by fagur_fiskur

    "They think youīre crazy," Jim supplies helpfully from his place in the corner.

  • Reboot Five people Gaila pulled out of Jimís bed and one person she pushed into his arms by fagur_fiskur

    A fill for this prompt: Gaila takes it on herself to protect Jim Kirk, who she now thinks of as a little brother (who she happened to sleep with a couple times before he became "Family").

  • Reboot For the Man Who Has Everything by fagur_fiskur

    On the morning of his thirtieth birthday, Jim Kirk is discovered comatose in his quarters. While his friends race to find a solution, Jim gets to experience a life where his family is alive and well and he is engaged to his first love. [3 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Humanoid Sexuality by fagur_fiskur - ADULT

    Posted as an answer to this prompt: Spock fingerfucks Kirk in public. Bonus points if it's first time

  • Reboot Keeping the Balance by fagur_fiskur

    Kirk raises an eyebrow. Or tries to. It feels like maybe one of them went higher than the other, but as he's not standing in front of a mirror, he can't be sure. "Delicate?" He repeats. "A century later and you're still waxing poetry about the guy. That doesn't sound very delicate to me."

  • Reboot Life's Dearest Bands Untwining by fagur_fiskur

    Kirk and Spock are on an away mission gone wrong and Spock is grievously injured. Kirk finds himself making a bargain with strange aliens for Spock's life. The price? Spock's love for his bondmate. Kirk makes the trade without a moment's hesitation, but the fallout is not so easy. [10 parts, complete. Warning this story doesn't come with a happy ending.]

  • Reboot Men of Duty by fagur_fiskur

    Spock is being transferred to a different ship and so he and Kirk say their goodbyes.

  • Reboot Straight On Till Morning by fagur_fiskur

    [WIP] All children grow up. This was a realization that Spock came to at an early age, one that would years later be challenged by a strange human boy with pointed ears and sky blue eyes. A Star Trek/Peter Pan fusion fic. [Incomplete, part 3/7 posted 09/14/11]

  • Reboot Sure Thing by fagur_fiskur - ADULT

    Based on this prompt: Because of his reputation (which initally came from nowhere) men have always assumed Kirk is a sure thing and have never tried to seduced Kirk... just used the old wham, bam thank you ma'am (or sir in this case)and have rarely bothed about his pleasure. (...) So suddenly Kirk finds himself being courted by Spock... at first Kirk thinks it is Spock trying to mess with his mind because Spock is still pissed about the 'cheating' incident but is soon disabused of that notion and he finds himself in his first loving, committed relationship in his life.

  • Reboot Reddy For Duty + Untitled [2 fics, same url] by fairhearing - ADULT

    Fic 1: For the prompt "Kirk decides to prove to Spock and his crew that the Redshirt Phenomenon is just a myth." This is nothing but outrageously insane crack. | Fic 2: For the prompt "[Reboot 'verse] I'd like to see some serious pining -- Jim is in love with his best friend and, for whatever reason, that other person does not, can not, and will not love him back. No happy ending, please, anons." This is basically as different from the first fic as it is possible to be.

  • Reboot The Last Letter by fairyniamh - ADULT

    Jim says his final farewells to the crew of the Enterprise

  • Reboot The Worst Honeymoon Ever by fairyniamh - ADULT

    Kirk has the worst honeymoon ever.

  • Reboot There is always some madness in love by faithsummers80 - ADULT

    Letís-pretend-they-met-each-other-when-they-were-randy-teenagers fic.

  • Reboot gyptianfic by Familiar, So Familiar - ADULT

    Five ways in which Spock recognised Kirk in another universe, and one way he didn't. Or the one where I-Chaya is a daemon, because Spock is secretly a gentle soul with claws and big teeth. Crossover with His Dark Materials, Part 1 of the Daemon I-Chaya series.

  • TOS All For Naught by faorism

    For all the percentages permeating Spock's mind at the current moment, he fails to examine the one calculation that, in the end, matters most: the correct one.

  • TOS Always Practice Safe Melding by farfalla - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock are just good friends, but "It appears that we bonded in our sleep."

  • TOS BEEP by farfalla - ADULT

    - TOS fic "Beep" K/S sexy sexy

  • TOS Bella Luna by farfalla

    Kirk wanders Sarek's mansion, searching for the missing pieces of a Spock who is revived but unwhole.

  • TOS Cover Slip by farfalla

    Do paramecium have t'hy'la?

  • TOS Good Clean Fun by farfalla - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock wind up in the showers together. There is no chessboard in there, so what do you THINK is going to happen?

  • TOS His Golden Smile by farfalla

    An aged Spock gives advice about pon farr to his Vulcan student.

  • TOS I Know You're Out There Somewhere by Farfalla

    "At his side, as if you've always been there, and always will."

  • TOS Some new K/S drabbles by farfalla - ADULT

    Here is a drabble series that I wrote this week to help practice writing again. Each drabble was inspired by one of the amendments in the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. #8 and #6 were written two years ago; the rest are all new.

  • TOS Spilt on the Silt by farfalla - ADULT

    This story is an AU and ADULT and has to do with PON FARR and a BAD sense of HUMOR on the part of the NUT who wrote it.

  • TOS: Movies Stardate: Monday by farfalla

    A mysterious affliction befalls Captain Kirk after returning from shore leave. Takes place during the third five year mission (in other words, after they save the whales and get their new ship.)

  • TOS The Only Choice by Farfalla - ADULT

    What a wealth of squishy yet manly beauty! Whatever will Spock do?

  • TOS TOIL AND TROUBLE by farfalla - ADULT

    Kirk rejects the advances of a beautiful Ambassador, and she places a curse on him in revenge.

  • TOS Toil and Trouble by farfalla - ADULT

  • TOS: Movies Universe Within a Heart by farfalla - ADULT

    A whale and a bear guide a resurrected Spock back to his emotional place in the world.

  • Reboot Inside and Out by farfallacaqui - ADULT

    Jim's first few mind melds have an unexpected side-effect.

  • TOS Release by farfallacaqui - ADULT

    This story originally appeared in the printzine Dark Fire II and features extremely adult themes and angst.

  • Reboot Ripe by favolefata - ADULT

    For Lallyloo's Five Acts fic meme. A/N: Warning: rimming

  • Reboot Cozy Combination by ferretbaby - ADULT

    After Spock and Jim's first time they discuss their future, pon-farr, and have more sex. Also Sarek is very manipulative.

  • Reboot Flower of Love by ferretbaby - ADULT

    Jim stays at a villa that offers a special service, since Spock doesn't show interest he decided to test out some of the amenities.

  • TOS Bedtime Philosophy Discussions by fffshuuu


  • TOS Glorious Vintage by fffshuuu


  • Reboot Four (Memorable) Times Jim Faked It and the One Place He Never Had To by flagrantialuna - ADULT

    The title pretty much says it all. Companion piece to The Play

  • Reboot Four-Hundred Fifty Six Days by flagrantialuna - ADULT

    The day after Mourning.

  • Reboot Mourning by flagrantialuna - ADULT

    It has been 454 days since he first took the title of Acting Captain from Spock. The day after tomorrow, it will have been one Vulcan year.

  • Reboot One Week: an interlude by flagrantialuna

    It's been one week since they returned to the ship, and everyone knows that something has changed. Follows Mourning and Four-Hundred Fifty Six Days.

  • TOS/Reboot The Fight by flagrantialuna

    The fight starts with a pair of socks.

  • Reboot The Narada Incident by flagrantialuna - ADULT

    "The Narada Incident has only been declassified for ten years when JJ Abrams decides that a feature film should be made to document the events." [multichapter fic, last update part 1, 15th Jan '11]

  • Reboot The Play by flagrantialuna - ADULT

    Pranks, acting, and performances: Four moments between Jim and Spock during a day aboard the Enterprise.

  • Reboot Yellow by flagrantialuna - ADULT

    Look at the stars/ Look how they shine for you...

  • Reboot Untitled by flail

    His mother had always said good things don't last; it's only now he realizes she might have been serious.

  • Reboot Strength of the Mind by flowrs4ophelia - ADULT

    Reboot-universe redux of the TOS episode "Plato's Stepchildren" [Kirk/Spock/Uhura]

  • Reboot When I was young and fever fell by folkhore

    [WIP] AU in which Spock grows up on Earth and meets Kirk as a kid. A series of snapshots of their bond and its growth over the years. In this installment, you'll see the boys at ages 5 and 8. [2 parts posted, last update 15th Aug '09]

  • Reboot Where Soul Meets Body by folkhore - ADULT

    Jim loves Spock's body, fleshy and vulnerable beneath him.

  • Reboot Creature Of The Night by follow_the_echo - ADULT

    When their car breaks down, two travellers go in search of a phone and find much more than they bargained for. Modern day AU, no starfleet but there is aliens.

  • Reboot Traditions (or, the five christmas traditions that jim had to explain to spock, and the one spock figured out from somebody else) by foreverflicker - ADULT

    Spock's always curious.

  • Reboot Five Times They Had Pregnant Sex and One Time They Had Sex Just For the Hell of It by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    The five times Jim and Spock had baby-sex and the one time they did it just because.

  • Reboot For Your Entertainment by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    Spock goes to a club, reflects on the illogicality of the human race, then has himself some sexy times.

  • Reboot Light Primary by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    As I do not think briefs are attractive on men, I changed the red briefs to red boxer-briefs. I hope the OP does not mind. Response to this st_xi_kink_meme prompt.

  • Reboot Like, Like by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    Prompt: ďJim, do you like him?? Ö OMG, you *like* like him!Ē

  • Reboot Sniff/Piss, Or: One Step Up From Dogs by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    Prompt: 3. Spock has feelings for Kirk, but decides not to do anything about it b/c Kirk is not a logical choice for a mate. Then, they visit the new Vulcan colony and another Vulcan decides that Kirk IS a logical choice - the other Vulcan (preferably male but w.e.) pursues Kirk and Spock is REALLY jealous.

  • Reboot Strange Considerations by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    [WIP] So, to borrow a phrase from his currently slutty First Officer, it was logical to assume that he was only attracted to Spock. [WIP: Last updated Aug. '09]

  • Reboot The Balance of Things by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    Sometimes life needs an adjustment period.

  • Reboot The Five Times Spock was Quiet during Sex and the One Time He was Rather Loud by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    The Five Times Spock was Quiet during Sex and the One Time He was Rather Loud

  • Reboot The Humorist by freaky-anomaly - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim flies through life, connected to no one. Not even his best friend. Can Spock change that? Does he even want to? [1 part posted, incomplete, last post Aug '09]

  • TOS Never Again by fujitsu01

    Kirk makes a promise to Spock after being rescued from the Nexus by Picard. Or: How "Generations" should have ended.

  • Reboot Sex and Orgasms by futago-02 - ADULT

    Apparently in Vulcan that meant ďI want to have hot sexy man-loving with you all night longĒ because Spock abruptly launches a proposal. Of sorts.

  • TOS Crafty by garryowen

    Spock makes Jim a Christmas gift.

  • Reboot Love is Strange by garryowen - ADULT

    Spock accompanies his parents to an Earth resort where Jim Kirk is a dancer. Dirty Dancing redux.

  • AU Strange Fascinations by garryowen - ADULT

    Jim is going crazy. He has to have them!

  • Reboot The Sting by garryowen - ADULT

    Kirk gets stung by a Gorthonian jellyfish. [Warning: urination over body part]

  • Reboot Gotta Have You by gaveitallforyou - ADULT

    shenanigans at a coffee shop

  • Reboot Gotta Have You by gaveitallforyou - ADULT

    shenanigans at a coffee shop

  • Reboot Control is Overrated by gaylarain

    Prompt: 1. Spock Prime lights a fire under Spock2's ass. IE, he says either you hook up with your captain or imma consider it open season on Jims. 2. Domestic fluff where they hang out and read together. 3. After an away mission, Spock reads the captain the riot act.

  • TOS Choices by gayle_f - ADULT

    After a surprising night of passion on Argeelius, Kirk and Spock begin an erotic relationship. But the future is uncertain...

  • TOS Mirrors of Mind and Flesh by gayle_f

    In a magical cave, Kirk and Spock meet each otherís mirror counterparts in what might be dreams. Published in 1979 as a standalone print fanzine. ďSince this was a first time story separate from the Cosmic Collected universe, I decided to design a different cock for Spock. That was fun. I wanted a double hot fudge sundae of erotica and hope I succeeded, but the story itself was very difficult to write - trying to get the mirroring to work effectively without being repetitive. And I wanted to do a Mirror story. Although Iíd always rather thought Mirror Spock should take Jimís advice and take over the Enterprise, Mirror Spock wanted to save his Captain. Of course.Ē

  • TOS Sorcerer by gayle_f

    A.N. I don't remember the exact origins of this story, but I was reading a great deal of fantasy it that era. Spock had a special magic for me as a character and returning that magic by making him a sorcerer had great appeal. And, of course, what would Jim or Spock do if the other died was a never-ending question. I rather like this answer. First published in Galactic Discourse 3, 1980.

  • TOS The Brothel by gayle_f - ADULT

    Author's Note: I've always been enamored of love slave stories and had much lascivious delight imagining Kirk and Spock in either role. This story is a particular favorite because the illustrations turned out well, too, so it all fit together in a delicious erotic treat. I hope you enjoy it as well.

  • TOS For the Love of a Human by gentlest_sin - ADULT

    prompt: At the end of Amok Time, when Spock sees Jim in Sickbay and gets all happy and stuff, McCoy says something I'd like to see written. He says something to the effect that if he and Chapel hadn't been in Sickbay, then Spock would've been more emotional or whatever. Well, I think he's right. Spock only clamped down on his emotional reaction when he saw McCoy and Chapel looking at him. So, I'd like to see the scene, if Spock and Kirk were alone. It doesn't have to be like instant slash or anything, actually I'd prefer it not to be. Maybe pre-slash, where each is thinking about their feelings at that moment after everything they've been through. Or, you know, I'm in love with you but I'm hiding it - that kind of thing is always great.

  • TOS Two Souls on the Edge of Forever by gentlest_sin - ADULT

    Set shortly after "City on the Edge of Forever." Spock is injured on Rura Penthe, and Kirk and Bones talk in Bones's office while Spock is unconscious.

  • Reboot Red Hands, White Knuckles by girlnotorious - ADULT

    Stripped of his logic, and to both of their surprise, Spock defends his captain fiercely.

  • TOS The Brume of Ardor by gorthead - ADULT

    For Prompt 5 at ksvalentine: The Enterprise visits the planet 'Valentine' where everyone is romantic and gets Kirk in the mood...

  • TOS: Movies Together We Are by grabi_hands

    ...I guess you could say I was having some... commitment issues. [ksadvent2009]

  • Reboot Just Desserts by grammar_glamour

    On an away mission, Spock accidentally eats chocolate. We all know how well that works out for Vulcans.

  • Reboot Nekhaya by grammar_glamour - ADULT

    Following a disastrous away mission, old guilt and feelings plague Jim Kirk. The only one with the secret to his recovery is Spock Prime. [7 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Vulcan Prometheus: A Requiem for Logic by grammar_glamour - ADULT

    After Jim dies in an away mission, Spock devises a plan to restore his bondmate.

  • Reboot If These Walls Could Talk (They'd Be Gossips) by greyelveneyes - ADULT

    These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise Ė or rather the everyday objects aboard that have to suffer Kirk and Spockís sexual escapades.

  • TOS Heart Fire by greywolf_the_wanderer - ADULT

    Spock asks Kirk to meet him in the observation deck at 2000 hours, once they are off shift for the day. There is something he needs to discuss...

  • Reboot Last Christmas by gunning_angel

    Your hand dances around the edge of the glass, cool against the tips of your fingers, as you try to look anywhere else but at him. It doesnít work of course; you keep coming back.

  • AU Second Contact by gyptianfic

    Can be read as a standalone, part of a 21st century AU series. The Orions are coming to Earth, but so are the Vulcans. While a fledgling Starfleet prepares to fight them off, Jim has gone into hiding with his team to continue the development of the first faster-than-light ship in a small town in Georgia. Spock finds him there and hopes to recruit him to convince humanity to accept Vulcan as an ally. It may be Earth's only hope for survival. [Last update: Part 1 6th March 2012]

  • Reboot The House of Kirk by gyptianfic

    Carol Marcus, possessed of a young son and an engineering degree, was asked to help in reverse-engineering parts of the drill Nero had dropped into San Francisco Bay. In the summer of 2262, she died. Five weeks later, Captain James T. Kirk received an urgent message. The first thing he did was call Spock.

  • AU The Talk, the Talk and Another Talk by gyptianfic

    Some tasks are traditionally performed by older male relatives. Bones is willing to fill the gap, as long as Kirk buys the drinks, even when he wants to talk about his marriage to the hobgoblin. Fourth in the Daemon I-Chaya series.

  • AU Different sex, same attitude by Hakka (prue84) - ADULT

    Spock can’t understand the person named Jean Kirk and this will cause him some headaches. Because, it doesn’t matter the sex, a Captain Kirk is always a Captain Kirk, even if her attributes are of the other gender.

  • Reboot Misinformed by hazelthewitch - ADULT

    Turns out Kirk was misinformed about a few things.

  • Reboot A Measure of Worth by heeroluva - ADULT

    An encounter with an Orion slave ship, brings with it an unexpected gift. [1st in the Worth series]

  • Reboot Always Watching You by heeroluva - ADULT

    An asexual but not aromantic Spock contemplates his relationship with Jim and Leonard. [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • Reboot Assertion of Compatibility by heeroluva - ADULT

    Spock asks Jim out on a 'date'. It doesn't go quite as expected, but he's sure not going to complain. ;)

  • Reboot Black by heeroluva - ADULT

    A series of drabbles exploring the development of relationships between Bones, Kirk, and Spock. [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • Reboot Break Me Down, Fill Me Up by heeroluva

    Spock begins to wonder if he is going crazy.

  • Reboot Guiding Light by heeroluva - ADULT

    Jim knew that something had to be done about Spock and that he was going to have to be the one to do it.

  • Reboot I'm Stuck on You by heeroluva - ADULT

    Heíd been with plenty of aliens in his time, and none of them had ever had dicks that changed shape once they reached full hardnessóthough there had been some that could move in the most amazing waysóand heís pretty sure heíd remember if heíd heard about this when they went over Vulcan anatomy and reproduction in xenobiology.

  • TOS If I Only Could Make a Deal with God... by heeroluva - ADULT

    What if Spock had stayed with Jim after the end of the five year mission, rather than going to Gol? What if they had bonded? What if Spock had died shortly after? What then?

  • TOS/Reboot In Tune by heeroluva - ADULT

    Jim and Spock enjoy an active sex life despite Spock's impotence.

  • AU It Started with a Taste by heeroluva - ADULT

    Aliens made them do it... sort of.

  • Reboot Jim's Horrible, No Good... Not So Very Bad Day by heeroluva - ADULT

    Everything has gone wrong in Jim's day, everything except this. [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • TOS/Reboot Reality Trumps Dreams by heeroluva

    Jim reminisces.

  • Reboot Sleepy and Sated by heeroluva - ADULT

    After a hard night of play, McCoy is woken up for more by his insatiable lovers. [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • Reboot Tables Turned by heeroluva - ADULT

    Being smart is not all it's cracked up to be. Spock shows Jim otherwise.

  • TOS The Missing Piece by heeroluva - ADULT

    After Spock is severely tortured will Jim and Bones be able to put the pieces back together?

  • Reboot The Sharing of Grief (or Assertion of Compatibility v2.0) by heeroluva - ADULT

    Spock asks Jim out on a 'date', or so he thinks. It doesn't go quite as expected, but "he wouldnít have traded it for the world."

  • Reboot The Small Things by heeroluva - ADULT

    Spock shows Jim that maybe Christmas isn't so bad after all over the course of their voyage.

  • AU Unspoken by heeroluva - ADULT

    This is the story of the relationship between three men that don't communicate.

  • Reboot Whole Together by heeroluva - ADULT

    Jim breaks into prison to break Spock out, but when he finally finds Spock things donít go quite as planned.

  • Reboot Worth the Risk by heeroluva - ADULT

    As Shen works to overcome what was done to him, Spock and Jim work to figure out what's going on between them. [2nd in the Worth series]

  • Reboot Helping Hand by hihielmo - ADULT

    A fourteen year old Kirk tries to help out Spock.

  • Reboot Infinity by hihielmo - ADULT

    It starts with no every time.

  • Reboot Like Rivers, Like Wine by hitlikehammers - ADULT

    Destiny isnít patient, doesnít wait whilst its pawns prepare themselves for whatís to come. Whether thatís a blessing or a curse is yet to be seen.

  • Reboot Parting Of The Sensory by hitlikehammers - ADULT

    He knows these feelings donít belong to him, but that doesnít make them any less real.

  • Reboot Potential, In Retrospect by hitlikehammers - ADULT

    It doesnít make any sense, and thatís either beautiful, or itís utterly terrifying.

  • Reboot Out of Many, One by hollow_echos - ADULT

    The holidays are a time for family and friends, for celebrations and showing them just how much they mean to you. For people from different walks of life and different cultures, it also means finding a common ground. McCoy, Uhura, Jim, and Spock's first holiday season together at the Academy. [6 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Discipline by honeyandtherock - ADULT

    Jim is rewarded after a lesson in discipline. D/s, established relationship.

  • Reboot Play With Me by honeyandtherock - ADULT

    Edit and Repost) Established relationship. D/s. Jim giving Spock a hand job...with his mouth. I love proper Vulcan anatomy in fics.

  • AU Ten by honeyandtherock - ADULT

    Established relationship. D/s. dom!Spock disciplining sub!Jim. It's not all death and disease wrapped in darkness and silence, though.

  • Reboot In A New Light by hoosierbitch - ADULT

    He wanted Spock. But not like this. (Okay, honestly, IT IS TENTACLE PORN. ANGSTY, SMUTTY TENTACLE PORN. THAT IS SECRETLY ALSO A LOVE STORY).

  • Reboot This is not forgiveness by hoosierbitch - ADULT

    If he were the kind of person who got sad instead of angry he would have died when he was nine and his fingernails were breaking on the last rocky inch of solid ground.

  • Reboot Only Human by htebazy-fic - ADULT

    Spock slips into the elevator with him at the last minute and Kirk can't quite read the look (or lack thereof) in his eyes. He does have a theory or two, however, lets his mouth quirk up as he leans closer to ask, "Need some help relaxing?"

  • Reboot Brats by htebazytook - ADULT

    High School AU. Kirk's mother is stationed on Vulcan. Kirk goes to Spock for help with fancy Vulcan school, and Spock goes to Kirk for help with . . . biology.

  • Reboot When I Grow Up by icequeenrex - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim and Spock meet at a ceremony on Vulcan as children and somehow, little Jim is just as much a master manipulator as his older self. A story written in three parts. [multichapter fic part 1 posted 8 Feb]

  • Reboot Stumbling in Love by idvo - ADULT

    For zephyr_macabeeís K/S Valentine prompt: Spock doesn't know that Jim is allergic to chocolate. After consuming some chocolate for courage he kisses Jim. Bad (or hilarious) things ensue.

  • Reboot The Box by idvo - ADULT

    The Enterprise has to drop off a few supplies at a nearby colony, and Kirk was looking forward to the lull in activity. Finally, a chance to spend some time with Spock. However, between McCoy hounding him to complete his athletic evaluation, and the appearance of strange and destructive aliens, Kirk canít seem to spend more than a few short moments with him.

  • Reboot Wishing for You by idvo

    For ksadvent, this prompt: ďWhile on a newly discovered planet, Kirk gets separated from the rest of the landing party and comes face to face with someone claiming to be his fairy god mother. She grants him three wishes.Ē

  • Reboot You Hit Me Once, I Hit You Back by ifyouweremine - ADULT

    ďYour fist hits his mouth and Spockís bottom lip splits down its supple center, blood spilling glossy across his chin, his head thrown back against the pillow and he gasps, blinking, and you lean down and slot your lips to hisĒ

  • Reboot Let It Be by ikinari

    Kirk and Spock in the shower not doing anything naughty.

  • Reboot Contrived Coincidence by illogicalyet - ADULT

    STXI/SPN crossover. A cruel twist of fate (a plot device gone wrong) leads Team Enterprise to Team Free Will.

  • Reboot Let's Not and Say We Did by illogicalyet - ADULT

    Easy A au of Jim, Spock and the gang at the Academy written because I'm always intrigued with the idea that James Kirk is an intergalactic slut. I'm sure the rumours are highly exaggerated but where there's smoke, there's always fire. The genius dialogues, characters and plot belong to each film's respective owners, whatever's left is my contribution.

  • Reboot Convince the Heart by imagined-haven

    Jim and Spock have a disagreement on the application of logic to personal relationships.

  • Reboot Four times Spock was a genius and one time he wasn't by immortalis

    McCoy suddenly clapped Spock sharply on the back. ďWell, I must say, Mr Spock. Maybe you are a genius, after allĒ

  • Reboot Days of our Youth by infectedscrew - ADULT

    Another encounter with a Romulan leaves the entire crew of the Enterprise realing but no one was spinning more than Kirk. Not only does he have to deal with a nagging Bones but now he has to find kid sized clothes for a pint-sized Spock. (14 parts, complete + alternate 'adult' ending here: )

  • Reboot Life Revisited by infectedscrew - ADULT

    While fixing a rather serious problem on the Enterprise's engines, Spock expirences a terrible injury. The following day, he wakes up only to fix the same problem over again. [4 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Upset Youth by infectedscrew

    Sarek is suffering through the 'blood fever' and now Spock is being shipped off to Earth to stay with his mother's friend Winona Kirk. For the next month and a half he gets to observe illogical behavior up close and personal. Luckily for him he's got the perfect example: Jim Kirk. [9 parts, completed]

  • Reboot A Matter of Trust by infiniterider - ADULT

    Starfleet is largely comprised of submissive/dominant relationships and the like. Submissives CAN make it into command, as long as they're 'collared' (have a dom). What no one (other than Bones) knows is that James Tiberius Kirk, the newest and youngest captain, the golden boy of the 'Fleet, and Captain of the Enterprise, is an un-collared sub. Bones helps Jim keep it a secret, because all Jim has ever wanted is to captain a starship and while he might be submissive in bed, but he's aggressive when it comes to pretty much everything else. When someone finds out, Jim discovers Spock is willing to help him.

  • Reboot Spock's Kitten by ionaonie

    Jim gives Spock a cute animal and watches Spock melting from the cute.

  • Reboot Grievances Foregone by irisbleufic - ADULT

    There's what one does and what one should have done.

  • TOS Incidentals (series) by irisbleufic - ADULT

    Even successful missions result in negative fall-out. [in 5 parts: Incidentals, Demons, Ghosts, Revelations, and Risks]

  • TOS Little Things by irisbleufic - ADULT

    It's the things you hardly notice at first that add up to the whole.

  • TOS Shutters Drawn by irisbleufic

    Nurse Chapel POV - through a window.

  • TOS Slow Motion by irisbleufic - ADULT

    A few days ago, mycapeisplaid asked me to write a kiss. And then I dreamed it. No real rating, no true summary, and a whole lot of sensory overload.

  • TOS Sorcerer by irisbleufic - ADULT

    Even when close calls are a way of life, they don't tend to lose impact.

  • Reboot Different Circumstances by irlanda_anima - ADULT

    No matter how hard he tried to hide it, there were just some things Spock could never hide from Kirk, no matter the reality. (Kirk!Prime/Spock!Prime implied)

  • Reboot Stark Landscape by irlanda_anima - ADULT

    The stark landscape of Vulcan was easily comparable to the cold personality of the Enterpriseís overbearing scientific advisorÖwatching Spock now, Kirk knew heíd been wrong. This is a continuation of my pervious fic ĎDifferent Circumstancesí.

  • TOS: Movies A commotion in the firmament by irnan - ADULT

    They should have had this conversation weeks ago.

  • Reboot and that smallest star of all by irnan

    Serious conversations are overrated, Jim thinks. Spock is of that opinion where meaningless small talk is concerned.

  • TOS Apologising by irnan

    Kirk has a tendency to look before he leaps. (In any universe.) [Small drabbley-thing which is unlikely to make any sort of sense if you haven't seen By Any Other Name.]

  • Reboot Believe in anything that comes from me by irnan - ADULT

    The simple fact of the matter is this: eight year-olds do not belong on Constitution Class starships.

  • TOS: Movies Knew the pathway like the back of my hand by irnan

    It's getting late, and Kirk's getting restless

  • Reboot Measuring for Hollow Trees by irnan

    It is an illogical contradiction: Jim enjoys celebrations, yet resolutely ignores the most obvious excuse to hold them - himself.

  • Reboot The Naked Time (or Five Times the Crew Saw Their Captain Inexplicably Naked) by iruse234 - ADULT

    The title somes it up pretty well but throw in a little jealous Vulcan and we're good

  • TOS A Pawn in Play by Ivy Cross - ADULT

    When Spock find Kirk's collection of sex toys, Kirk tries to convince him that they are chess pieces.

  • AU More From Where This Came From by Ivy Cross - ADULT

    Jim needs to make rent tonight or get tossed out if his apartment. Luckily for him he gets picked up by a handsome man in a Mercedes that tells him that he can refer to him as Spock. [WIP: Last update Chapter 2 31 July 2012]

  • TOS/Reboot Happy Birthday by ivycross - ADULT

    It's Mister Spock's birthday, so the captain give him a cake

  • Mirror In Search of T'hy'la by ivycross

    Mirror!Spock tired of being ignored by his captain, goes in search of the"other captain"

  • Mirror Not So Bad by ivycross - ADULT

    James finally gives into Spock's desire to rp and find that the Vulcan has more than sex in mind, but is it really so bad...

  • Mirror Reflections of Redemption by ivycross

    Mirror!Spock at the moment of his execution thinks about what led him to this point and what is waiting for him on the other side.

  • Reboot The Aftereffects of Happy Juice by ivycross

    Spock goes to find out if Jim meant what he said and Jim is worried that he offended Spock.

  • Reboot The Effects of Happy Juice by ivycross

    Spock has to deal with a oddly behaving Jim on the bridge

  • Reboot Relationships, and the Secrets They Keep by i_forget_me_not

    [WIP] Everything else sort of passed in a swirl, the dark haired youth busting through the front door with a bang, calling out in a jovial boom "Dad, we're home! Two men were making out on our porch! No it wasn't us! Going to bedroom!" leaving him and Mark standing rather awkwardly in the doorway [multipart, incomplete, last update Apr. 4th '10]

  • Reboot An Unexpected Reaction by j-green-teeth - ADULT

    Response to st_xi_kink_meme† prompt 'I want something to happen that leaves Jim with an incredibly intimidating/arousing feral animal growl (permanently). Whenever Spock hears it, he feels an incredible urge to roll over and stick his ass in the air.'

  • Reboot The Beginning of a Pattern by jack_quaker

    Spock moves to Earth as a child. Here's a look at how he and Jim meet.

  • Reboot Gravity by jademac2442 - ADULT

    After his brother's death on Deneva, Kirk has a crisis of confidence and is in need of some consolation. Spock is there to give it to him. A.N: This is a nuTrek version of what happens after the events of the TOS episode ďOperation-Annihilate!Ē

  • Reboot On this Winter's Night by jademac2442

    Spock rescues Kirk from a bar fight and walks him home. Flirting ensues

  • Reboot Wherein Kirk Swears that the ĎTí Doesnít Stand for Thickheaded by jade_dragoness - ADULT

    Based on the prompt: Spock/Kirk, Spock enters Pon Farr while trapped somewhere with Kirk. Kirk is clueless

  • Reboot Like A Fire (Don't Need Water) by jane_potter - ADULT

    S'chn T'gai Spock is an entirely logical being. In this, he is like all other Vulcans. S'chn T'gai Spock has a rather unique concept of what constitutes logic, however. He considers emotion to be a valid point of consideration in it. In this, he is vastly unlike all other Vulcans. By the time he is twenty-one, they will consider him a terrorist for it. But that is later. This is now.

  • Reboot Like A Riot (Don't Need Order) by jane_potter - ADULT

    In a universe where first contact with Earth in the throes of the Eugenics War repulsed Vulcan too much for them to consider an alliance, the Terran-Orion Union is the terror of the black, their Starfleet branch maintaining relations with a facade of neutrality while Syndicate ships raid and kidnap slaves. Smaller worlds hide in the so-called Free Space behind Vulcan's blockade, but 250 years isolated from any kind of emotional influence has left Vulcan law stagnant and cold to the plight of other peoples. Doing what's right is neither legal or logical. Jim Kirk and S'chn T'gai Spock are both pretty okay with that.

  • Reboot Red Shift by jane_potter - ADULT

    Even on alien planets where it's socially acceptable, Spock doesn't do well with public nudity, particularly when his mate is involved. Fortunately for Jim, this usually leads to possessive wallsex.

  • Reboot So Don't Let It Kill You by jane_potter - ADULT

    Uhura's life is never about winning. It's always about not letting somebody else win. Not surrendering. Not letting them beat her, figuratively or literally. This is a good thing, because life's not a game. There are no time outs, no rule books, no umpires, and nobody wins. They just survive. Or not. [Sequel to: Like A Riot (Don't Need Order) and Like A Fire (Don't Need Water)]

  • Reboot 5 alien aphrodisiacs Kirk regrets taking, and the one he just thinks was damn cool. by janice_lester - ADULT

    Alien aphrodisiacs have got to be awesome, right? Jim decides to research the matter. In a practical, hands-on fashion, of course.

  • Reboot 5 times Jim daydreamed about Spock's pecker and the first time he didn't have to by janice_lester - ADULT

    Jim has a new obsession. It lives in his first officer's trousers.

  • Reboot Drugging Kisses by janice_lester - ADULT

    Jim's read about the drugging power of kisses in romance novels, but he gave up believing in that concept after he, well, actually got himself kissed. Things would seem to be a tad different, though, when you're with Spock...

  • Reboot Oh, no they didn't by janice_lester - ADULT

    The whole crew seems to think that Kirk and Spock are trying to kill each other in their spare time. What other explanation could there be for the odd behaviour, the bruising, the destruction of Starfleet property?

  • Reboot Prehensile; or, 5 times Spock used his cock to effect a daring escape, and one time he employed it in a more conventional capacity by janice_lester - ADULT

    Spock has unusual genital anatomy, and he makes good use of it, with a little help from his unblushing, laterally-thinking friends.

  • Reboot Nothing Lay Between by jantra - ADULT

    [WIP] Kirk receives a reward for killing the man who massacred the Vulcans. Neither he nor his reward is pleased. [Multipart, incomplete. Last update, pt 7, 24th Oct. '09]

  • Reboot The Coffee Shop by jaykela - ADULT

    An early morning coffee always did the world of good for Jim.

  • Reboot A Kiss is but a Kiss by jaylee-g

    Jim isn't interested in Vulcan hand kissing - he can't feel anything and just doesn't get it - but Spock loves it so he's determined to spend hours at it.

  • Reboot Abstract by jaylee-g - ADULT

    Jim often felt like Cinderella. Well, if Cinderella had a dick and a penchant for sarcastic repartee.

  • Reboot All My Dreams, Torn Asunder by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "The terminal disappeared and the crowd of people disappeared, and it was just the two of them, the way it always seemed to be when Spock was near."

  • Reboot Chaotic by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "Amok Time" AU, reboot style... "Get your goddamned Vulcan under control or I'm going to sedate him!"

  • Reboot Chemical Compatibility by jaylee-g - ADULT

    ksvalentine submission for this prompt... Carol had warned him once, in her kind-yet-succinct way, that he would one day meet someone who would be able to get under his skin. He wondered what she would say if he called her now and told her of his predicamentÖ She would probably find the entire thing vastly amusing.

  • Reboot Cumulative Evidence by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "So maybe he wasnít prone to self-denial naturally, but he was sure as hell certain he could learn it with time"... or Jim Kirk's guide to discovering you're attracted to men, or rather one half-human, half-vulcan male in particular.

  • Reboot Entire of Himself by jaylee-g - ADULT

    You were prepared to hate your accuser on sight, in fact, you were already mentally preparing your diatribe, and the sharpness of your glare, before he stepped up to the podium to confront you... But then your eyes caught his and you froze.

  • Reboot Fall Into Your Gravity by jaylee-g - ADULT

    Spock and Jim meet at a Starfleet function as toddlers and spontaneously bond. One would think meeting one's soulmate at so young an age would make courtship fairly easyÖ Not so much when the two people in question are each vying for the spot of the most stubborn being in the galaxy and neither likes to do anything the easy way. Features culture differences and two boys unwilling to discuss feelings. [Six Parts, COMPLETE]

  • Reboot Game Face by jaylee-g

    For the prompt: Playing video games, with Spock saying "This is illogical," and despite never touching the system before, is totally kicking Jim's butt, who's been playing since he was 11.

  • Reboot Illuminate by jaylee-g - ADULT

    he universe he lived in really, truly sucked and he would have been content if he had lived blissfully on not knowing thatÖ. not knowing that it could be better, not knowing other Jims had amazing lives with living fathers, soul deep friendships and a long list of battles won.

  • Reboot Implicitly by jaylee-g - ADULT

    It had always been Spock; from the moment they met, it had been Spock. (Pon Farr)

  • Reboot In Retrospect by jaylee-g - ADULT

    Ship Wars prompt for 1000 word maximum on the subject of "First Date".

  • Reboot In Silence You Can't Hide Anything by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "Nothing in his life had ever been so powerful, or so wonderful, nor so dire all at once."

  • Reboot Inamorato by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "Naked Time" Reboot style, shaken but not stirred. "It was a sight that Jim knew he wouldn't ever be able to strike from his memory no matter how many times he beat his head against a wall in an honest effort to try."

  • Reboot Incongruent by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "Thus the pattern continued. Learn people, see what makes them tick, and cajole around their defenses to benefit his person. It wasnít until one night, while drinking away the fact that he had to live in a universe in which stupidity existed, that he began to reevaluate his hard-earned take on the psychology of man. "

  • Reboot Inevitability by jaylee-g

    Companion piece to my story "Improbability", told from Spock's POV. "He would figure Jim Kirk out eventually -- it simply required more observation and the accumulation of data."

  • Reboot Infatuation by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "Do not be concerned. All is as it should be. No words are necessary. It pleases me that our coupling was as powerful for you as it was for me. It will always be like this, for us, if you choose." [Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock]

  • Reboot Interpreting Spock by jaylee-g

    Written for the ever exuberant marlee813 using the prompt "either Spock or Jim getting sick (my preference is Spock) and the other having to take care of them" for my reading/reviewing challenge... "Bottom line: he knew his Spock, thus he knew, unequivocally, that Spock was sick (and being rather shifty about it)."

  • Reboot Lead Me Not Astray by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "I wasn't planning on denying you anything... except that, I don't do that." A.N: This story is a follow-up, kind of, to Inertia. However, it can stand on its own, as well.

  • AU Love Like the Melvaran Mud Flea Vaccine by jaylee-g - ADULT

    "The first time Jim met Spock he wanted to kill him."

  • Reboot Of Lirpas and Laras (You say it best) by jaylee-g

    ksadvent submission for the prompt: Spock has almost nothing of Vulcan. Kirk searches the universe for things to give him.

  • Reboot Piqued by jaylee-g

    Spock Prime is getting up there in age, there are few things left in life he finds particularly entertaining. Yet having a front-row seat to his younger counterpart and an equally young Jim Kirk skirting around each other in the early stages of their relationship could definitely be counted among the few. He only wishes his own T'hy'la were with him, so he, too, could enjoy the show.

  • Reboot Quiver by jaylee-g - ADULT

    Jim is hesitant to allow Spock to meld with him.

  • Reboot Sensible to Feeling as to Sight by jaylee-g - ADULT

    ďDagger of the MindĒ Reboot style, shaken but not stirred... ďSpock, this isnít what it looks like.Ē

  • Reboot Shut-up and Kiss Me by jaylee-g

    For the prompt: First kiss.

  • AU The Mayor of Hedgerville by jaylee-g

    It was all very skeevy on Spockís part, getting under Jimís skin like that. It still baffled him. How had his walls been infiltrated?'

  • Reboot Waterlogged by jaylee-g

    Written for the ever sweet ariadnechan using the prompt "cold in the rain" for my reading/reviewing challenge... "He was in the doghouse. Again. Joy."

  • Reboot How Soon is Now by jaylee_g - ADULT shocking as this would be to anyone who knew him, Jim was a mite bit competitive. Just a tad.

  • Reboot Never By Halves by jaylee_g

    "His father had died so that Jim may live, thus Jim considered himself honor-bound to live enough for both of them...." or, Jim has plans to celebrate his birthday with his usual flair. Spock stages an intervention.

  • Reboot Sexual Harassment 101 by jbmcdragon - ADULT

    [WIP] When a conference on sexual harassment uncovers the fact that Kirk's position means he can't sleep with anyone on the ship, Spock comes up with a completely logical solution: human/Vulcan sex. Now Jim just has to convince Spock that, really, it won't work. [Part 1 posted 21st March '11]

  • Reboot The Sum of its Parts by jbmcdragon - ADULT

    Broken: Adj. Def. 1. destroyed; made into pieces from a whole. The Casari homeworld is a place that has yet to become unified. The people are ready to join the Federation, but one rebel faction will do anything to stop it. Anything, including capturing a starship captain and his first officer. With Kirk's memory damaged and Spock's mental shields shattered, escape is unlikely. It won't stop them from trying.

  • Reboot The Truth of the Matter by jbmcdragon - ADULT

    Crazy truth serum PWP crack. Yeah, I dunno either. *grins*

  • TOS Divisions by jean_lightfoot - ADULT

    This story takes place during and after the events of the TOS episode "The Enemy Within". </DL><p>

  • Reboot Her dick's probably bigger than yours by jellybgood - ADULT

    Jim loves the ladies, but he prefers men in bed. That's okay, because girl!Spock is totally gonna convert him with her sex god(dess) powers. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • TOS Need by jemariel - ADULT

    Spock keels over on Altair VI. Jim worries. McCoy makes deductions. TOS-verse. Spoilers for/won't make sense if you haven't seen Amok Time.

  • Reboot A Little Back by jessica_hobe

    Spock has lost a lot, with some help Jims able to give a little back.

  • Reboot Let Our Masks Fall Away by jessie62990 - ADULT

    A rare moment of emotional reflection sends Kirk and Spock down the path of rediscovery.

  • TOS: Movies A Perfectly Logical Answer by jestersnthieves

    "... Vejur isÖ incomplete. Why is Vejur incomplete?" To finally touch the pure logic he had been searching for, the complete lack of emotions, did not save him. In his meld with Vejur, Spock saw many things.

  • Reboot Touching And Touched by jestersnthieves

    The many occasions that Spock had touched and been touched by Kirk.

  • Reboot And Yet... by jihime47

    It's an effect of a mind meld.

  • Reboot Attention by jillfox22 - ADULT

    PWP basically. Kirk and McCoy get into a bit of trouble while on shore leave. Spock's not pleased.

  • Reboot Not So Unexpected by jillfox22 - ADULT

    ďThe grip was firm around his wrist, unyielding yet familiar.Ē [3 parts, complete]

  • Reboot A Series Of Unfortunate Misunderstandings by joec_mn

    The (supposed) epic romance of Spock and Jim. How it began and why people think they're 'doing it'. Preslash. Misunderstandings galore and pathetic attempts at humour. [WIP: Chapter 4 posted 19th August 2012]

  • Reboot The Plan by joec_mn - ADULT

    Valentines suck. Jim decides that the only way to get rid of annoying propositions is to fake a relationship with Spock. Now all they have to do is get caught in a compromising position by someone in the crew so the word will spread. Piece of cake. Or is it?

  • AU A Firm Hand by jouissant - ADULT

    Initially a series of kink meme fills, this took on a life of its own and became its own mini-universe. Roleplay(daddy!kink), hurt/comfort (sort of), frottage, spanking.

  • Reboot And Therefore I Forbid My Tears by jouissant

    [WIP] Written for this prompt at [info]st_xi_kink_meme. A rebooted version of the TOS episode Conscience of the King; you may want to give it a watch before reading. [incomplete, part 6 posted Mar '09]

  • Reboot Confession by jouissant - ADULT

    For lallyloo for the Five Acts meme, prompts "confession, coming, first time." That sums up this fic pretty nicely. Porny porn porn. Also, aliens made them do it. Kind of.

  • Reboot Gone Horribly Wrong by jouissant - ADULT

    Written for the trek_hc fic exchange, for nightshadow_t2, who requested Spock hurt on an away mission and protective Kirk & McCoy. This story actually exploded on me and morphed from this short piece into a much longer story that couldn't be reined in in time to meet this deadline. So, enjoy this as a stand-alone piece, and watch for the extended mix shortly.

  • Reboot I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you by jouissant

    Jim can't dance. Spock takes pity on him for the greater good. Title and partial inspiration from

  • Reboot Shut Your Eyes by jouissant - ADULT

    Spock is 12 years old. He's been 12 for over 200 years, and he just moved in next door.

  • AU Something Rich and Strange by jouissant - ADULT

    In another universe, captaining a starship is Jim Kirk's first, best destiny. In this one, he's just been laid off from a soulless office job, he's struggling to make ends meet in New York City, and the closest thing he has to a love life is a strange fixation on a Shirley Temple-drinking regular at his new bartending gig. But when he forges a connection with this compelling stranger and begins unravelling the mystery of his father's death, Jim stumbles onto a secret that will change his life forever.

  • Reboot Spocks in Socks by jouissant

    Written for this prompt at [info]st_xi_kink_meme, which asked for Spock in socks and only socks. My brain instantly went to the "awkward first sleepover" place, probably because while I have very few actual squicks, "naked dudes in socks" is one of them.

  • Reboot Taught by jouissant - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock both have things to teach each other.

  • Reboot Untitled by jouissant - ADULT

    Spock knows how to take care of Jim.

  • Reboot Weight of Water by jouissant - ADULT

    Kirk catches Spock watching. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • TOS Terminus by judithgran - ADULT

    At the end of the five-year mission, Kirk and Spock find opposition within Starfleet to the idea of their serving together in starship command positions in the future. Nogura has his own plans for Kirk, and takes a dim view of Kirk's and Spock's relationship. But the lover's own different needs and desires are the greatest challenge of all.

  • TOS The Question by justqueenie - ADULT

    Set between the end of TOS and the start of the first movie.

  • Reboot Leaps of Faith by just_jane_doe

    Jim gets an unexpected moment with Spock before going to celebrate his first day on the job.

  • Reboot Jim Kirk is Mine by juxtaposefantsy - ADULT

    Jim wants McCoy and Spock. McCoy and Spock can't stand each other but can't resist Jim. Things are going to get rough.

  • Reboot After Hours by kagedtiger

    Ficlet. Uhura and McCoy discuss the new change in their Captain and First Officer's relationship. [Part of the Timeverse; takes place just after Out of Time]

  • Reboot Future Bliss by kagedtiger - ADULT

    Direct sequel to "Past Sorrows, Present Joy." Spock suffers from the severing of his engagement bond with T'Pring, and Things Go Awry.

  • Reboot Our Yesterdays and Tomorrows by kagedtiger - ADULT

    A re-telling of the TOS episode "Journey to Babel," wherein Spock and Kirk, now married, meet up with Spock!Prime once more, and Kirk considers the nature of his relationship with his first officer. [Part of the Timeverse, taking place about six months after Out of Time.]

  • Reboot Out of Time by kagedtiger - ADULT

    Sequel to "Past Sorrows, Present Joy" and "Future Bliss." Two years later, the pon farr finally catches up with them.

  • Reboot Outside of Time by kagedtiger - ADULT

    The missing pon farr sex scene from Out of Time. [Remember when I said I didn't include the sex scene in "Out of Time" because it wouldn't have matched the tone or pacing of that piece? ...Yeah. This is why. Please be aware that below the cut is graphic and possibly disturbing sex.]

  • Reboot Past Sorrows, Present Joy by kagedtiger - ADULT

    Kirk experiences what might have been.

  • Reboot The Naked Time by kagedtiger - ADULT

    Spock and Kirk's first kiss happened under less-than-fortuitous circumstances. A re-telling of the TOS episode "The Naked Time."

  • Reboot Time's Up by kagedtiger - ADULT

    Ficlet. Spock deals with the onset of pon farr, and the decision it forces. [Part of the Timeverse; takes place just before Out of Time]

  • Reboot Tomorrow's Promise by kagedtiger

    Spock's POV during and immediately after mindmelding with his older counterpart in Our Yesterdays And Tomorrows.

  • Reboot Until the End of Forever by kagedtiger

    Kirk has a few issues with the Vulcan legal system. "Explain to me again," said Kirk, rubbing his temples against an impending headache, "why I'm supposedly a woman now?" In the corner of the room, Dr. McCoy snickered into his hand.

  • Reboot Believe in me (I sparkle) by katsa_db_lover - ADULT

    [WIP] Spock is a fairy, a Ďsparklefiendí. Kirk is his soulmate. Unions between fairies and men are forbidden. Will their love endure? and is Kirk strong enough for Spockís love? [incomplete, 1st part posted May '10]

  • Reboot Temptation by katsa_db_lover - ADULT

    Jim Kirk doesnít believe in no win scenarios. Pike agrees. [Kirk/Spock/Pike]

  • TOS Turkey Troubles by kayleightalitha - ADULT

    Jim tries his best to keep a promise to his crew even when it's being met by disapproval from his First Officer and bondmate Spock

  • Reboot Tangled Destinies: Forsaken by keiramarcos - ADULT

    Sarek takes his family back to Vulcan for the formal adoption of T’Mara. [Part 9 of a series]

  • Reboot Tangled Destinies by keira_marcos

    [wip] Spock convinces his father that his motherís happiness is the most important consideration and the family moves to Earth where they meet Captain Christopher Pike and his adopted son, James Tiberius Kirk. [multipart, 7/10 arcs complete]

  • Reboot Dealing with illogical needs the logical way by kei_rin - ADULT

    Kirk pissed off one too many priestesses and now has to deal with the consequences. Written for the st_xi_kink. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Will you still respect me in the morning? by kei_rin - ADULT

    So after Kirk gets his penis backÖ Immediately follows the events of "Dealing with illogical needs the logical way" (girl!Kirk genderfuck fic), you probably should read that first before you read this one.

  • Reboot Hunger by kenshincha

    The Enterprise aids an attacked colony, bringing back dark memories for Kirk.

  • Reboot Not So Friendly Nectar by kenshincha

    Jim wakes up in the morning not quite feeling like himself.

  • TOS Second Decent Destiny by kenshincha

    Alternate ending to Amok Time. What if T'Pau hadn't sent that message to Starfleet to excuse Kirk for his insubordination, and he was discharged from his first best destiny?

  • TOS As Much Love as Asks by khiori

    A simple shore leave turns deadly. (tat63@LJ)

  • TOS In Sickness and In Health by khiori

    An "after the credits" scene from "Journey to Babel". (tat63@LJ)

  • TOS That Voice by khiori - ADULT

    When a mission goes horribly wrong, Kirk is left wondering if the race to save a life, always victorious in the past, may finally be lost. (tat63@LJ)

  • TOS Turbotalk by khiori

    A young ensign learns what it's like to be a starship captain - and more. (tat63@LJ)

  • Reboot (And I Wait) Without You by kianspo - ADULT

    An obligatory amnesia story, but with a twist. Jim believes he has lost Spock, after seeing him die. Later he discovers that Spock is alive, but suffers from a memory loss. Jim wants Spock to remember everything, but he doesn't know what he's asking for.

  • Reboot A Mistake by kianspo - ADULT

    Kirk makes a mistake and comes looking for Spock's forgiveness, while Spock is staying with his ex for Christmas.

  • Reboot Anniversary by kianspo - ADULT

    It's one year after Vulcan's destruction. Spock feels down. Kirk and Pike help him cope. [kirk/spock/pike]

  • Reboot Any Way You Want It by kianspo

    In which Bones is a rock star, Spock gets a present he'd rather give back, Jim still has his looks, Uhura's boyfriend is sensitive but also kind of awesome, dragons are exploding, and lions are dancing. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Reboot Aurora by kianspo - ADULT

    [wip]When Spock's parents die, his mom's old school friend Winona Kirk is appointed his legal guardian. Another one of 'Spock grows up on Earth' tales. The story starts when both Jim and Spock are 14. [multichapter - part 2 posted 29th Apr '11]

  • Reboot Cultural Misunderstanding by kianspo - ADULT

    Little Vulcans liked to gossip about humans and their bizzare sexual habits. Spock never should have listened.

  • Reboot Eggnog by kianspo

    Kirk rents a cottage for the bridge crew for Christmas. Spock is late.

  • Reboot Federation Day by kianspo - ADULT

    9-year-old Spock puzzles over his relationship with holidays and his father. But it turns out okay in the end.

  • Reboot How Far Is Near by kianspo

    Prompt: Kirk/Spock, first time. Kirk recites Vulcan poetry, Spock finds it hot.

  • Reboot Now, You Are by kianspo

    Spockís expression remains unchanged, and Jim groans. ďOh my God, just who have you fallen in love with?Ē

  • Reboot Of Spanking and Chastity Belts by kianspo - ADULT

    Summary: Spock tries his hand at spanking... or does he?

  • Reboot One-Two-Three by kianspo

    Kirk is supposed to learn how to dance. Spock shares tips.

  • Reboot Personal Diplomacy by kianspo - ADULT

    First ever fic for this fandom. Written on a prompt found on the st_xi_kink meme: "There's soooo much hurt!jim around here, can we get some hurt!spock, s'il vous plait? No magical healing sex, please, though Spock/Kirk or Spock/Uhura shippyness is cool. Maybe Spock does the cliche heroic last minute save and gets himself hurt instead of Kirk/Uhura? Like, he takes a hit for Kirk because he luffs his Jim it's logical for him to save a superior officer, and Jim angsts in sickbay next to his unconscious body."

  • AU Ripples in the Mirror by kianspo - ADULT

    Set in Mirrorverse. Kirk notices a weird pattern in his XO's behavior.

  • Reboot Shock Therapy by kianspo

    A bit of K/S hurt/comfort

  • Reboot Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) by kianspo - ADULT

    In which Spock contemplates the laws of attraction and realizes what a slippery slope that is only after he has already fallen. There's no help for him now.

  • Reboot So Terribly Wrong by kianspo - ADULT

    "What would you have me do, Jim?" -- "Be enough."

  • Reboot Sunspots by kianspo

    Stranded on a planet, Kirk discovers Spock has freckles. Spock isn't happy. Fluff ensues.

  • Reboot The Mastery of Improvisation by kianspo - ADULT

    Summary: Kirk and Spork are on an undercover mission. What better time for overdue confessions?

  • Reboot The Trouble With Wardrobe by kianspo - ADULT

    Set in DNSB-verse. Jim and Spock go shopping.

  • Reboot This Is How You Remind Me by kianspo - ADULT

    Jim invites Spock to his high school reunion for moral support.

  • Reboot What Friends Are For? by kianspo - ADULT

    The Enterprise is due for its first ever inspection. Everyone is nervous until Kirk discovers that the inspector is an old pal of his. But the man appears to have his own agenda where Kirk's first officer is concerned. (Ten parts, complete)

  • Reboot Young Wine, Old Feeling by kianspo - ADULT

    Shooting Romulans is easier than confessing your feelings. That's about it. [ksadvent2009]

  • Reboot Just Out of Grasp by kikkochan55 - ADULT

    James T. Kirk was a lot of things. A good friend, a shrewd commander, and someone with almost a stupid amount of courage. He thought that he knew exactly what and who he needed in his life, but all of that changed when he met the Enterprise crew, and more specifically, his First Officer, Commander Spock. [12 parts, completed]

  • Reboot The Inevitable by kikkochan55 - ADULT

    Captain James Kirk believed that the greatest challenges he'd face during his five year mission would be to learn diplomacy and to gain a solid friendship with his First Officer Mr. Spock. He had no idea that he'd face a challenge that would take a definite turn for the strange and so change the relationship he'd share with Spock forever.

  • Reboot Uncertainty by kikkochan55

    Deep thoughts in deep space.

  • TOS KiSCon TOS Round Robin by KiScon 2012 - ADULT

    Here is the Kiscon 2012 TOS round robin, as it was read out in the closing ceremony! A bizarre problem has befallen Kirk, and when Spock is unable to rescue him, they need McCoy to step in. However, as with all things Kirk & Spock, it looks kind of dirty... ;) In our heads this was pre-slash, but I guess it can work as established relationship as well!

  • Reboot Reboot Round Robin by KiScon 2012 - ADULT

    It all starts with Kirk's 'vivid blue eyes' and somehow ends in jello... Notes: This was done as a 'hidden line' round robin. Each participant wrote one line/sentence, and only had the line/sentence of the person before them to work off from. As you can imagine this made for some very... fascinating reading when I read it aloud at the closing ceremonies.

  • Reboot (My Voice) Rings Down through Thousands of Years by kitausu - ADULT

    "Victory [over homophobia] may require five or maybe 20 years. Yet I have no doubt that ďdonít ask, donít tellĒ and same-sex adoption bans will be as unspeakable and inexplicable to my grandchildren as counting a slave as three-fifths of a human being."

  • Reboot A Child of Two Worlds, and Other Binaries by kitausu

    Written for an LGBTfest prompt: Human/Vulcan, gay/straight, male/female: Spock has been dealing with binaries all his life.

  • Reboot Dah-yel by kitausu - ADULT

    Vulcan, Translation to Terran English: Binary star, Definition: a double star whose members have a revolution round their common center of gravity. This, when it comes to Kirk and Spock, is disturbingly accurate.

  • Reboot Parallelism by kitausu - ADULT

    It's winter, because for some reason they only come home in the winter. Winona wonders if there is some kind of strange significance in that. Tradition, maybe. As if it was possible, easy, even, given what it is they do. Winona doesn't understand it.

  • Reboot Take Your Time (Coming Home) by kitausu - ADULT

    The first time Winona meets Spock, she terrifies him and makes him tea. For Winona, it's a study in trying not to fall apart.

  • TOS: Movies Gol - The Decision by kitausu_sarik

    This is the first of a series of traditional drabbles that explores Spock's decision to go to Gol and experiences there.

  • Reboot Old Traditions Are New Again by kmaikell87

    Spock's never heard of the mistletoe tradition. Kirk demonstrates.

  • Reboot Masquerade by kototyph - ADULT

    [wip] While enjoying shore leave on a planet gone mad with a wild global festival, Spock and Kirk find themselves unwitting opponents in a strange game of hunter and hunted. [last post - part 1, 28 Apr '11]

  • Reboot We Reach Our Apogee Slowly by kowaiyoukai - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim quickly figures out he has to break the rules if heís going to survive on the Enterprise. [10 parts so far, incomplete, last updated Sep '09]

  • TOS: Movies Balances by kradie

    The whole crew is entitled to be a bit of a mess at the moment, but McCoy would prefer to keep himself in one piece. The question is however if his talks with the admiral are about to tip the balance.

  • TOS: Movies Currents of Time by kradie

    As time passes, society changes. The world Captain Kirk finds himself in when he emerges from the Nexus is not the one he left.

  • TOS: Movies Force of habit by kradie - ADULT

    En route to the Genesis Planet, the complications of the hosting of Spock's katra become rather evident. [Kirk/Katra!McCoy]

  • TOS: Movies Hero's home-coming by kradie

    As Uhura waits on Vulcan for admiral Kirk to return from the Genesis planet, she recalls her observations concerning her superior officers through the years.

  • TOS Letters from dead men by kradie

    Dead men do not stay in touch, but suddenly one invites McCoy off-planet in ordr to offer an explanation.

  • TOS: Movies Mater orbata by kradie

    Amanda lost her son three times.

  • TOS: Movies New skin by kradie

    The scars on Spockís back had been an encyclopedia of old hurts suffered.

  • TOS Private insight by kradie

    Even if Vulcans usually do not speak of private matters, sometimes they have to. When Cadet Saavik receives some bad news, the only person she can confide in is her Vulcan captain.

  • TOS: Movies The Forging by kradie - ADULT

    James Kirk had not realised before that he had spent his life cut in half.

  • Reboot The urge to fall by kradie

    When the Enterprise takes a number of ambassadors aboard to escort them to the conference planet Babel, Kirk is face with the family, conspiracy and the tug of fate. [2 parts, complete]

  • TOS: Movies Unbearable by kradie - ADULT

    A/N: This was written for [info]st_tos_kink as fill for this prompt: "I'd love to see fic dealing with Bones holding Spock's Katra. I want Jim completely irrational with jealousy, and somehow, someway, Bones gaining intimate knowledge of Kirk and Spock, and maybe the aftermath of that, maybe the bittersweet moment when Spock remembers Jim..." No, I seem to love this bit of the movie era too much. It hurts to write Kirk like this; it all turned much darker than I had expected.

  • Reboot 5x Spock melded w/Kirk & 1x Kirk melded w/Spock (+1) by ksalterego - ADULT

    wrapping things up - that one word that Spock has been keeping away from Kirk....hmmmm, whatever could it be.....

  • Reboot Kirk's Tramp Stamp by ksalterego - ADULT

    Well, this is my second-best attempt at filthy dirty, but strangely enough, while it is now a proven fact that I am incapable of writing dirty smut without throwing the L word in there, apparently Spock's POV increases the level of L (tho I must admit, I don't think it decreases the level of pr0n). Of all the weird things, right?

  • Reboot Kirk's Tramp Stamp by ksalterego - ADULT

    Well, this is my best attempt at filthy dirty, cause if Kirk is gonna get a tramp stamp, there's darn well going to be some raunchy sex in the near future. However, it appears I am incapable of writing dirty smut without throwing the L word in there, so if anyone out there finds their sweet self interested in writing a version of this that is nothing but filth, I'd really be interested in taking a gander.

  • Reboot You Lied by ksalterego - ADULT

    So, Kirk may have lied...or misdirected....shall we have a little chat about it?

  • TOS No Price Too High by kssvm - ADULT

    When Spock mysteriously disappears for a few hours, with no memory of what happened, Kirk is determined to find out exactly what befell his bondmate. But he soon discovers that his quest for answers leads to some unpleasant truths.

  • TOS Yet In The Darkness by kssvm

    A missing scene from ďOperation Ė Annihilate!Ē

  • Reboot Lucky Star by kuhekabir - ADULT

    It all started with the day from hell and Jim's resolution that Spock really didn't want him as a friend. So why is the stubborn Vulcan now stalking him? And since life never did run smoothly for Jim, how long will it take for a certain Vulcan to break all his defences? Will love win out?

  • AU The Chase (Or How To Catch A Vulcan) by kuhekabir - ADULT

    [WIP] If Spock were human he would be lamenting right about now about the fact that it was only logical to attempt a rescue on his own if it no official order was given. How humans could be so illogical as not to see the beauty of his plan was something he would never understand...and so what if his plan was slightly crazy and had a probability of less than 5% of actually working...if he did nothing then Kirk would be sold into slavery so clearly, not doing anything would be highly illogical, right? [multipart, incomplete. Last update, pt 6 posted 22nd Oct '10]

  • Reboot A Vulcan on the Streets (but a Freak in the Sheets) by kyliselle - ADULT

    Spock harbors a secret fantasy of bottoming for the toppiest top in Topsville. Kirk makes all his wildest dreams come true.

  • TOS All Our Tomorrows by kyliselle

    Takes place immediately following the episode, All Our Yesterdays. After the events on Sarpeidon, Kirk is avoiding Spock. Spock isn't having it.

  • Reboot All the Night's Magic by kyliselle - ADULT

    Sent to Savannah, Georgia for his Academy internship, Spock discovers that the sleepy southern city has hidden secrets - particularly when it comes to his host's mysterious ward, James Kirk.

  • Reboot Bases Loaded by kyliselle

    (Part 1 in the "baseball" series) As the Enterprise begins her voyage, Kirk tries to deal with the loneliness of being Captain. Luckily, he's got Spock to help. [6 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Captured by kyliselle - ADULT

    A fill for this prompt over at [info]st_xi_kink_meme : Virginal yet dominant Spock. What I really, really want to see is some scorching hot sex where inexperienced!Spock just sort of takes control and holds Jim down and basically just ... explores and finds out what feels good and how to make Jim squirm and gets fantastically irritated if Jim tries to swap roles. Originally posted in two separate parts here. [3 parts, complete]

  • Reboot How High the Moon by kyliselle - ADULT

    After the destruction of Vulcan, Spock shielded his mind to protect it from his broken bond with T'Pring. Little did he know another bond had already formed in its place. For a kink meme prompt for soulbonding. [5 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Lost in Translation by kyliselle - ADULT

    Learning Vulcan hard but sexy fun times for monkey-creature.

  • Reboot Mind Over Matter by kyliselle - ADULT

    A fill for this prompt over at st_xi_kink: Kirk/Spock: unrequited love. Angst with a happy ending.

  • Reboot Mirage by kyliselle - ADULT

    The companion story to Oasis, told from Spock's POV, of what happened on the XI Enterprise while Kirk was in the alternate reality. [3 Parts, Complete]

  • Reboot Oasis by kyliselle - ADULT

    Kirk accidentally lands himself in an alternate reality, one where Surak's reformation of Vulcan never happened. [5 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Put a Pointy-Eared Baby in Me by kyliselle - ADULT

    A fill for this prompt on st_xi_kink. Kirk feels Spock is getting more bossy by the hour, especially towards him. Finally, he can't stand it anymore and asks for help. {not mpreg)

  • Reboot Reviving Methuselah by kyliselle - ADULT

    A very old and lonely man. And a young and lonely man. We put on a pretty poor show, didn't we? - Kirk to Spock, Requiem for Methuselah. A story set in San Francisco; after the defeat of Nero, but before the Enterprise once again took flight.

  • Reboot Shine Like the Sun by kyliselle - ADULT

    An accident leaves Spock with amnesia. His last memory is bringing a cadet up on charges for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru - a cadet who, to his disgust, is now his bondmate.

  • Reboot Table for Two by kyliselle - ADULT

    A fill for this prompt at [info]st_xi_kink_meme: Kirk/Spock slash based on the mind-bending, smoking hot pictures of ZQ as a scruffy Spock:

  • Reboot The Middle by kyliselle - ADULT

    A fill for st_xi_kink: Kirk/Spock, longtime established relationship smut (at least five years, and I'm thinking closer to ten). I'm not picky, I just want to see them having "lovers of long standing" sex.

  • Reboot Untouched by kyliselle

    A confrontation with one of his childhood bullies leads Spock to a revelation.

  • Reboot Vulcan Pox, or Jim Kirk, Single Father Extraordinaire by kyliselle - ADULT

    A gift!fic for a most lovely, lovely Anonymous (Anon knows why!). Their prompt was: Even though Spock has a super-duper immune system, he somehow comes down with a human chicken pox and it hits him pretty hard. Feeling crappy and fighting the urge to scratch strain his Vulcan control, and he gets a bit cranky (more so than usual). Kirk to the rescue to stop him from scratching and to keep the crew from teasing his Vulcan.

  • Reboot Wingman by kyliselle - ADULT

    Straight!Kirk is going to be gay!Spock's wingman. No really. He insists.

  • Reboot Endearing by kyn_moonlight

    When Jim learns something he doesnít like about Kirk Prime, Spock has a more positive interpretation.

  • Reboot A'nirihs by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    [WIP] Kirk is pregnant, Spock's the father. Pike's disappointed in both of them, the crew is preparing for the new arrival, and they're all trying to avoid a major diplomatic incident. Yup, just another day aboard the Enterprise. [multipart, incomplete. Last update pt 7, 18 Apr '11]

  • TOS Help Japan Drabbles for gorthead by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    Five TOS K/S double-drabbles for a set of five prompts

  • Reboot Lend Me Your Ears by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    An ear kink can go both ways, you know.

  • Reboot Like a False Mirror by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    The aftermath of a forced bonding is something Kirk hasn't truly considered. He'll have to do so now. [Sequel to 'Though This Be Madness, Yet There is Method In't'.] A love story, of sorts. [COMPLETE]

  • TOS So This Is How It Feels (To Breathe In the Summer Air) by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    ďYou can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.Ē ĖMahatma Ghandi

  • Reboot Streetlight People (Masterpost) by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    Strangers waitin', up and down the boulevard, their shadows searchin' in the night. Streetlight people, living just to find emotion; hiding somewhere in the night.

  • Reboot Teach Me Tonight (Prologue) by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    During sex, Jim is so intent on pleasing his partner that he never actually reaches orgasm himself. Spock is out to change all that

  • Reboot The Boy Who Cast No Shadow and the Man of Golden Light by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    Giidas: a guardian spirit Though they are usually tied to a single family line, if a giidas's breath is captured in a diamond vial the holder may command its loyalty.

  • Reboot The Handmaid of Genius by ladyblahblah

    For the trek_hc†fic exchange.† When the replicators go offline, Jim reacts unexpectedly.

  • Reboot The Ivy Crown by ladyblahblah

    [WIP] What would have happened if Kirk and Spock had known each other as children? Yes, another one of those. [WIP, Part 16/17, Last Update 25 Aug '11]

  • Reboot The Porntastic Adventures of Ninja and Lady by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    Sometimes ninjaboots and I have little chats online. Well, last night she mentioned that she thought maybe we should post the transcripts, on account of how these chats end up being little pseudo-ficlets anyway. So, if you can slog your way through the non-linear nature of our madness, ENJOY!

  • Reboot The Prophecy of Apollo by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    [WIP] Based on the Cupid and Psyche myth. How different would the world be if Surak's influence had never spread, if the Awakening had never happened, if Vulcans had never sought to control their emotions? It's the Federation, Jim, but not as we know it. Warlord Sarek's son has reached his Time and requires a mate. Who will brave the monster's lair? [Multipart, Incomplete, Last Update part 7, 1 May '11]

  • Reboot Though This Be Madness, Yet There is Method In't by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    Ri-telsu. Unbonded. Given the opportunity to secure an unquestioned ally, wouldn't you take it?

  • Reboot Through Blind Men's Eyes by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    The obligatory Pon Farr story . . . with a bit of a twist. [10 parts, completed]

  • Reboot To Have and To Hold by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    The atmosphere and the alcohol is working its magic. Thereís not a soul among them that hadnít shed the stress and tension of their latest mission an hour into their foray into historic Las Vegas.

  • Reboot Two Comment Fics by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    'The Morning After' & 'What Happens In Vegas . . . Well, You Know the Rest'

  • Reboot Precocious by ladybugkay

    Five Things About Love and Life James Kirk Learned Too Soon, and One He Learned Just in Time

  • Reboot Uncontrollable Urges by ladybugkay

    Kirk has a thing for Spockís eyebrow.

  • TOS/Reboot Visual Confirmation by ladybugkay - ADULT

    Spock isnít quite so easily convinced to stay in Starfleet after the destruction of Vulcan, but luckily Spock Prime has a certain recording to persuade him.

  • Reboot Circles by lady_elina - ADULT

    They have done this before: tangled their bodies together, traced each otherís outlines in lightless rooms and breathed each otherís breath until they were sore and sated.

  • AU Shok by lady_kymoon - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock get themselves engaged in some sort of gladiator-type tournament.

  • Reboot Sic Itur Ad Astra by lady_kymoon - ADULT

    [WIP] My take on T'Pring's life in this universe (which is quite different from the one she had in TOS). [Last update, pt 1, 24th Jan '11]

  • Reboot Unspoken by lady_kymoon - ADULT

    Jim realizes that one does not always need words. [For K/S Valentine's meme]

  • Reboot Where No Man by lady_othervalley - ADULT

    Prompt: I was thinking- TOS story line with STXI characters. On an away mission, Their love is still a secret to everyone but the two of them, a little drama and comfort (like how Spock comforts Kirk in "The Apple"), but happy end like the show.

  • Reboot Any Given Moment by lady_razzle - ADULT

    Spock considered carefully before responding. ďI suppose I may never understand cheating.Ē Kirk nodded slightly, ďGive it time.Ē

  • Reboot Gravity by lady_razzle

    Thereís a difference between knowing the right path and taking it.

  • Reboot Humidity by lady_razzle - ADULT

    It's too darn hot. [featuring Vulcan fingerkink.]

  • Reboot Against All Odds by lah_mrh

    Spock calculates the odds of a relationship with Jim Kirk working out are very low, but decides to take a chance.

  • TOS: Movies Alone by lah_mrh

    Kirk attempts to deal with the events of The Wrath of Khan.

  • Reboot Beginning's End by lah_mrh

    Uhura notices the growing bond between Kirk and Spock and comes to a decision.

  • TOS Date Night by lah_mrh

    Kirk tries to get Spock to understand the point of dating.

  • Reboot Destiny by lah_mrh

    Kirk contemplates similarities and differences between timelines.

  • Reboot Fire by lah_mrh

    Spock's blood burns, but he knows he can't have what he really wants.

  • TOS: Movies Gratification by lah_mrh - ADULT

    At an interview a few months after the V'Ger incident, Kirk is asked if he and Spock are lovers.... Based on Roddenberry's famous footnote.

  • Reboot Hearts and Minds by lah_mrh - ADULT

    When the Enterprise encounters a ship caught in the Nexus, their rescue attempt beams aboard someone unexpected; Kirk Prime. Kirk and Spock are forced to confront what their counterparts' relationship might mean for their own. [9 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Hope by lah_mrh

    Spock Prime dreams of Jim while alone on Delta Vega.

  • Reboot Incompatible by lah_mrh

    The first time Kirk and Spock attempt to meld, Kirk winds up in pain. And the second time. And the third. Eventually he starts to wonder if theyíre really meant to be.

  • TOS: Movies Invisible Threads by lah_mrh - ADULT

    Kirk is understandably hesitant about starting a relationship with Spock; the last time he tried, Spock left him to pursue the kolinahr. But when Spock becomes ill while visiting his parents on Vulcan, Kirk decides that some things are worth the risk.

  • Reboot Reassurance by lah_mrh

    Unable to sleep one night, Kirk goes up to the observation deck and finds himself receiving comfort from the last person he'd expect.

  • Reboot Sacrifice by lah_mrh

    Spock is uncertain about Jim's feelings for him, so Spock Prime relates the events of 'The Search for Spock' in an attempt to reassure him.

  • Reboot The Benefits of Research by lah_mrh

    Spock finds Kirk bonding with a group of sehlats and discovers that the captain has been researching Vulcan customs as a way to get closer to him.

  • Reboot The Not Secret by lah_mrh

    Kirk and Spock's decision to make their relationship public doesn't go quite as planned.

  • TOS: Movies This Simple Feeling by lah_mrh

    A quick scene set after The Motion Picture.

  • Reboot Translation by lah_mrh

    Kirk and Spock aren't together when Spock gets drunk and accidentally calls Kirk t'hy'la. It isn't until later that Kirk finds out what the word actually means...

  • TOS Trust by lah_mrh

    Spock explains why Kirk's casual flirting doesn't bother him.

  • Reboot Unity by lah_mrh - ADULT

    Pon Farr means bonding for life. Spock doesn't think Jim is ready for that. Jim proves him wrong.

  • Mirror Weakness by lah_mrh

    When Spock gets kidnapped, Kirk tracks down those responsible and makes them pay.

  • Reboot What Feels Right by lah_mrh

    Kirk is in love with Spock. Spock is dating Uhura. Spock Prime intervenes.

  • Reboot 44 Time's the Charm by lalazee - ADULT

    While transporting a group of scientists to a conference on Zeta VIII, a mysterious email starts to circulate the Enterprise detailing Jim Kirk's sexual conquests. How will Kirk handle the potential diplomatic disaster caused by his reputation, and - most importantly - what will Spock think about Kirk's past?

  • Reboot A Totally Not-Boring Day by lalazee

    Kelvin is bored. Jim , Spock Ė help!

  • Reboot But Close by lalazee - ADULT

    Just because theyíre tíhyíla doesnít mean life is perfect. Kirk and Spock are in a real relationship: bickering, annoyances, and monotony included! Oh, but theyíll get through it Ėthey always do.

  • Reboot Can It by lalazee - ADULT

    Prompt: Kirk (while slightly inebriated) attempts to crush a can against his head during shore leave. This back fires on him. Spock manages to crush it against his own head in order to get Kirk to stop hurting himself. This is the hottest thing drunk!Kirk has ever seen Spock do.

  • Reboot Dark Matter by lalazee - ADULT

    There are some nights that Kirk knows Spock will walk away.

  • Reboot Dat Ass by lalazee - ADULT

    In reply to a [info]st_xi_kink_meme prompt: Kirk in ladies' underwear, anyone? Preferably a thong or some booty shorts, because have you SEEN Kirk's ass?

  • Reboot Five-ity Million by lalazee

    Family life, in no logical order.

  • Reboot Frills and Fancy and FucĖ by lalazee - ADULT

    Sir James the Gold is agitated that he has to dress as a princess to lure a dragon. Sir Spock the Silver relaxes him.

  • Reboot Get Your Motor Runniní by lalazee - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock wait to get towed, while Spock gets to say ĎI told you soí.

  • Reboot Grey Matter by lalazee - ADULT

    At the Starfleet Winter Masquerade, Jim Kirk encounters a mysterious man dressed as a Vulcan. The consequences of one night of fun threaten to come back in ten-fold.

  • Reboot Half a Dream Away by lalazee - ADULT

    You know I dreamed about you / For twenty-nine years / Before I saw you / You know I dreamed about you /I missed you for twenty-nine years. [10 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Helloooo, Nurse! by lalazee - ADULT

    Jim Kirk is the only male nurse on the Enterprise. Heís also the only one with any experience with Vulcan biology. You can guess who heís meant to care for. Anonís wishes: ďMostly I'm just envisioning Kirk in the Science blues, and Spock falling in love with him because, yeah, Kirk is good at his job and knows what the hell he's talking about and can hold a scientific conversation with Spock about Vulcan biology, culture, etc. Spock, who normally hates visits to the medbay begins to look forward to the moments he gets to spend with Nurse Kirk.Ē

  • Reboot Hot Tamale by lalazee - ADULT

    Spock owns a upscale restaurant, but needs help spicing things up. He hires Chef Kirk to save the day.

  • Reboot Keep Calm and Conceal Vulcans by lalazee - ADULT

    [WIP] A 21st Century AU; In a time when alien life has yet to be discovered, Spock's ship crash-lands in Jim Kirk's cornfield. But dammit, this is real life ÔŅĹ not an episode of The X-Files! [Incomplete, Multichapter, Last Update 18 March, Chapter 11/16]

  • Reboot Kitty Kirk by lalazee - ADULT

    Kirk was turned into a cat, and now heís been turned back. Mostly.

  • Reboot Meet Me at the Barricade by lalazee - ADULT

    In the treacherous, misty hills of Orion juts a great mountain. There one can find Gaila, Queen of the Cloudfolk, her daughter and heir, Kailan, and a lone warrior who is not like the rest. When a party of Vulcans arrive from the far south with promises on their lips and lirpas standing tall at their hips, one wonders if a victor can rise from this. Warnings: Graphic violence, murder and blood.

  • Reboot Not Your Average Juliet by lalazee - ADULT

    That crack high-school AU where Spock is popular, Kirk is not, Gaila is a cheerleader, and Spock deals with an anonymous online hater.

  • Reboot Oh oh oh (wonít you carry me home) by lalazee

    A drabble prompt from the lovely norwegianwood23: Firemanís carry.

  • Reboot Only a Kiss by lalazee

    Jim is straight. Obviously.

  • Reboot Oops by lalazee - ADULT

    Three people who looked into Kirkís eyes as they came, and the one who did when they were actually having sex.

  • Reboot Redeeming Qualities of Public Transportation (Aka Hot Blonds on Buses) by lalazee - ADULT

    Kirk falls asleep on a bus and Spock finds himself with a lap full a hot sleeping stranger.

  • AU Saudade by lalazee - ADULT

    This is a story about two lost boys who find their identities in each other, only to be torn apart by their fears, confusion, and insecurities. This is a story about scars and anger, forgiveness and trust. This is a story that spans more than ten years Ė from that first, sudden summer love, through the trialling Academy years, and into the adventure of adulthood. This is a story about a love that remains Ė whether itís wanted or not. [WIP, Part 1 of 3]

  • Reboot Super Awesome Badass Kid Returns the Favour by lalazee

    An st_xi_kink_meme drabble fill. Anon requested ďtimes Jim and Spock had to rescue their kid from untold peril, and the one time their super awesome badass kid returned the favourĒ.

  • Reboot Surviving Your Parentsí Interspecies Gay Love Affair by lalazee - ADULT

    [WIP] Tíhyíla. The final frontier. These are the tales of the Kelvin Síchn Tígai Kirk, the son of Captain (and Admiral three times, but whoís counting) Kirk and Commander (because he keeps refusing Captaincy) Spock. His life-long mission: to endure two stubborn fathers, to cover his eyes whenever necessary, and to boldly survive his parentsí interspecies gay love affair. Can be read as stand-alone. [Incomplete, Last Update pt 1/5 9 Dec '10]

  • Reboot Taste of Perfection by lalazee - ADULT

    Spock owns an upscale restaurant, but needs help spicing things up. He hires Chef Kirk to save the day. In this scene, it becomes clear that Jim can't flirt forever!

  • Reboot Tear You Apart by lalazee - ADULT

    ĎItís only just a crush, it'll go away; it's just like all the others it'll go away. Or maybe this is danger and you just don't know; you pray it all away, but it continues to grow.í

  • Reboot Teenage Kicks by lalazee - ADULT

    Kirk & Spock are de-aged to teenagers, and raging hormones and angst ensue.

  • Reboot Textual Attraction by lalazee - ADULT

    Valentineís Day does not bring up pleasant memories for Cadet Kirk. But the serendipitous switch-up of his cell phone with a particular Vulcan professorís will make his day far more interesting Ėand romantic. Perhaps some new memories can be made! [2 parts, complete]

  • Reboot The De-Aged Story That Wasnít by lalazee - ADULT

    Spock hallucinates that Jim has been de-aged to five years old and responds accordingly.

  • Reboot The First Four Times Spock Expected A Child and the Fifth Time He Didn't. by lalazee - ADULT

    Babies always come as a surprise, even to the logical Spock. But the last time is a real whopper. [No mpreg involved.]

  • Reboot The Jacket by lalazee

    Spock walks Jim home after a New Years party. Jim is not clever or particularly funny Ė he just wants to make sure he sees Spock again.†

  • Reboot This Fire by lalazee - ADULT

    A year in the life of one James T. Kirk, age seventeen, and his time spent at Pikeís Institute for Higher Learning. [Updated April 26, Chapter 3]

  • AU Unstable Matter by lalazee - ADULT

    Itís been months now and Kirk is still leading Spock on a game of cat and mouse. But why?

  • Reboot Afternoons & Coffee Spoons by lallyloo - ADULT

    Jim spends the day with Uhura. Coffee, gossip, shopping, and Uhura encourages Jim to admit his secret crush.

  • Reboot All the Beautiful Things by lallyloo - ADULT

    Spock has a fetish for pregnant women which he keeps a deeply-hidden and shameful secret. When they discover Jim is pregnant, Spock realizes that his fetish extends to pregnant men, especially his pregnant bondmate. Spock, however, is determined to keep his interest a secret from Jim.

  • Reboot Anonymity by lallyloo - ADULT

    Prompt for st_xi_kink: Spock and Jim run into each other at a bar during shore leave. Jim shows Spock how to be anonymous, and Spock gets brave. Sexy times ensue. And this is the outfit referred to in the original prompt:

  • Reboot Aphrodisiac by lallyloo - ADULT

    From the prompt: Five times Spock was allergic in one way or another to the flowers that Jim tried to give him on a holiday (birthday, anniversary, etc (mistletoe at Christmas?)) and one time he wasn't (Valentine's day). And of course bonus points if Spock proceeded to eat the flowers because roses are a delicacy on Vulcan. Extra bonus points if there is minor handsex with getting pricked by the thorns on the rose stems?

  • Reboot Bee Mine by lallyloo - ADULT

    For the prompt: Spock has never understood Valentine's Day and never been a participant (receiving cards from besotted students doesn't count). As a rational exercise, Jim offers to show him how it works and in the process secretly woos Spock. By the end of the day, with all the little things Kirk has said and done, Spock is *very* receptive...

  • Reboot Colors by lallyloo - ADULT

    Coffee is a hallucinogen for Vulcans. When Spock accidentally ingests some before his shift, Kirk has to deal with the aftermath.

  • Reboot Good, right? by lallyloo - ADULT

    From this prompt at st_xi_kink_meme: I really like when rimming is followed by fingering. Can we have Spock getting licked open, then fingered to orgasm?.

  • Reboot In the Darkness by lallyloo - ADULT

    From this prompt at st_xi_kink_meme: Frotting. Everyone is in a really crowded place. They have to hide, for some reason, and there are loud noises and strong smells and smoke and everything that mask certain things. Kirk and Spock are pressed right up tight together, and they are both getting distracted by that. And they can tell the other is too.

  • TOS It Has Nothing to Do With Duty by lallyloo - ADULT

    Trapped in a parallel world, Kirk recognizes some similarities between his Spock and Mirror!Spock. Mirror!Spock begins to realize that this Kirk is not the Captain he knows.

  • Reboot Lessons by lallyloo - ADULT

    Jim teaches Spock how to perform oral sex.

  • Reboot Let Us Not Be Lonely by lallyloo

    Kirk is dealing with tragedy, and he eventually finds comfort in Bones. [a hint of Kirk/Spock and platonic Kirk/McCoy]

  • Reboot Mixed Messages by lallyloo - ADULT

    Spock suspected his Captain was flirting with him. Confusion, misunderstandings, fluff, and a little bit of smut.

  • Reboot Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories by lallyloo

    Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise. Fluffy de-aged fic. [multipart, complete.]

  • Reboot Push and Pull by lallyloo - ADULT

    Kirk plays hard to get in bed, literally. He pushes, pulls, fights a little, bites a little. Spock tames him with Vulcan strength and lots of kissing. Kirk loves it.

  • Reboot Read more by lallyloo - ADULT

    Jim wants his first date with Spock to be perfect, but things don't go as planned. Silliness and pure unabashed fluff.

  • Reboot Socks, Stockings, and A Star by lallyloo - ADULT

    For the prompt: During a rare shore leave on Earth over the holidays, Kirk invites Spock to his (empty) family home complete with log fires, and teaches him how to decorate a tree.

  • Reboot The Slumber Party by lallyloo

    Jim throws a slumber party. He forces everyone to play Truth or Dare, he has gossipy girl talk with Uhura, and he ends up in a closet with Spock.

  • TOS: Movies You Are Mine by lallyloo - ADULT

    Taken from a prompt at st_tos_kink : Kirk/Spock COMPLETE JEALOUSY over McCoy having held Spock's Katra. Seriously angsty sex, shit, make Jim cry if you like.

  • TOS The Three Funerals of James T. Kirk by landale

    James T. Kirk had three funerals; one for show, one on a desolate rock, and one in the rain.

  • Reboot Subtlety by lanyon

    Spock discovers why Kirk has been avoiding him.

  • Reboot Killing for Love and Beginning To See the Light by lapisbird

    Two short pieces inspired by music, but not songfics (Well, maybe the second one?): "Killing for Love," in which, on an away mission, Kirk kills an aggressive alien life form in order to save Spock, and "Beginning to See the Light," in which Kirk and Spock realize that their love for each other has turned them into clichťd, sappy, romantic fools.

  • Reboot We Take What We're Given by lapisbird - ADULT

    Written for this prompt at the STXI Kink Meme: Spock is touch starved....After a while, he's willing to get picked up by any random psi in a bar...He starts doing this every shore leave, and does the 23rd century version of the walk of shame every time (I would love to see this most of all, to be honest....) Kirk happens to observe this ritual one shore leave when one of Spock's telepathic one nighters gets rough with Spock in the bar. He doesn't quite get it (although he seethes with jealous anyway) until Spock comes limping back to the ship to lick his wounds the next morning....They do it the way Spock is used to being treated by his hook ups, and Kirk hates it. He then proceeds to tie Spock to his bed and show him what losing yourself with someone for a while through dominance and submission is meant to be like.

  • TOS James Kirk and the Vulcan Spock by larabernstein - ADULT

    Dedicated to cowgirl dressage, the lovely reviewer of my "Rub-a-dub-dub" who dared me to write another crack!poem. Based on the nursery rhyme "The Owl and the Pussycat" whose creator, Edward Lear, master of silly nonsense poetry, may hopefully forgive me my antics.

  • TOS/Reboot Rub-a-dub-dub. A silly poem. by larabernstein - ADULT

    Nursery rhyme silliness a.k.a. crack poetry.

  • TOS: Movies Yet Both in Pain by larabernstein

    Tragic events require special measures: like melding with James T. Kirk, the epitome of Human illogic and challenge to the Vulcan mind. But what begins as a search for information, becomes a trip into an unknown land of desperate beauty.

  • Reboot Whispers by laufei

    This is how he deals with his grief.

  • Reboot Thank you, Leonard. by laura_guerin

    When Jim sees himself forced to spend some time with Spock, he has no idea how this will change their lives.

  • Reboot Oil and Water by lavenderrav

    When itís Kirkís turn, Spock crosses his arms but concentrates on listening, wanting to know what Mr. Pike thinks is so special about the stupid punk.

  • Reboot I've Got My Love by lazulisong - ADULT

    Spock's kind of weird about this. Originally the prompt was Jim offers to let Spock do one kink of his choice as a Christmas present, but the actual story is more ummmm established relationship retardery.

  • Reboot Some Days (It's Not Even Worth Chewing Through The Restraints) by lazulisong - ADULT

    Prompt: 1. confusion on a mission with amusing results; 2. sleepy-first-thing-in-the-morning!sex; 3. Chekov making a "Russians inwented that" joke.

  • Reboot You're Weird But I Like You by lazulisong - ADULT

    Jim's been working on this for a while, but he's going to do it now.

  • Reboot At His Station by le-culdesac

    Spock and Uhura's fallout is affecting everyone on the Enterprise. Naive Chekov, awkward McCoy and masochist Scotty. Enough said.

  • Reboot Because the Simple Fact is, Love is Never Discreet by le-culdesac - ADULT

    Domestic bliss in outer space and San Francisco.

  • Reboot The Seasons Change by le-culdesac

    Set almost immediately after the film, something wakes up in Kirk as he and Spock eat together for the first time. The mess hall's a rather unremarkable backdrop but it sets the stage for the start of something grander. It takes an intimate linguistics lesson and a disastrous landing party mission that results in the two being stuck in a biotent with only one sleeping bag before they realise the obvious. Part 2:

  • Reboot When James T Kirk's Life Flashes Before His Eyes by le-culdesac

    As Kirk faces his last moments, his life flashes before his eyes. Set roughly forty years from the end of the film, we're given a glimpse into their life.

  • Reboot Enclosed Quarters and Eight-Legged Creatures by leandralocke

    Kirk and Spock are trapped in a chamber in an ancient city of ruins and have to wait to get rescued. An easy task, if only someone didn't have a rather inconvenient problem...

  • Reboot Of Distant Glances and Close Encounters by leandralocke

    What happens when two friends discover deeper feelings for another but can't seem to sort it out? The tale told through McCoy's eyes.

  • Reboot Of Failed Attempts and Taking Chances by leandralocke

    What happens when two friends discover deeper feelings for another but can't seem to sort it out? The tale told through McCoy's eyes. A/N: Following the events of Of Enclosed Quarters and Eight-Legged Creatures but can be read as stand-alone.

  • Reboot Of Vulcan Love and Human Logic by leandralocke - ADULT

    What happens when two friends discover deeper feelings for another but can't seem to sort it out? A/N: Following the events of Of Enclosed Quarters and Eight-Legged Creatures but can be read as stand-alone. This Chapter is Jim's POV again and... the Grand finale

  • Reboot Win-Win-Scenario by leandralocke

    Answering a prompt by melonbutterfly, who wanted K/S. They plan to tell Sarek that they're together, and Spock is logically freaking out...

  • AU As the World Falls Down by lecri - ADULT

    [WIP]Labyrinth/Star Trek (XI) crossover. After Jim Kirk accidentally wishes his stepbrother away, he must battle the possessive grip of King Spock to get out of the Labyrinth. . [mulitpart, incomplete. Part 1/4 posted Sep. 2nd]

  • Reboot Objects in the Rear View Mirror by lecri - ADULT

    Jim Kirk has lost so many people in his life, but he won't let this one go. A fill for a prompt. Based on Meat Loaf's "Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Close Than They Are".

  • Reboot A Complete Education, or: How Spock Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sex by lesyeuxverts00 - ADULT

    Bones questions an incredibly embarrassed Spock about his intentions towards Kirk. This leads, eventually, to Spock asking how exactly gay sex works.

  • Reboot Track Changes by lesyeuxverts00 - ADULT

    redact: 2. To make ready for publication; edit or revise. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition). Part 2: | Part 3: | Part 4: | Part 5:

  • Reboot Girl, You're Like a Weird Vacation by leupagus - ADULT

    Jim convinces Spock to accompany him down to Risa for shore leave. Which is such a terrible idea. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot Only Good For Legends by leupagus - ADULT

    Detective Spock, born on Vulcan and resident of San Francisco, is assigned to the Midwest police bureau. I think everyone can guess what happens next. [5 chapters + epilogue, complete]

  • Reboot Bullseye by likeaglass - ADULT

    Wherein Kirk mistakes fletching for felching, gets Spock messy, then cleans him up. (Warning for felching)

  • Reboot When We Make Love by lilyrose_fic - ADULT

    Destiny is where they are.

  • TOS/Reboot It's Traditional by lily_of_chaos - ADULT

    Spock and Jim have a romantic evening which ends with Spock doing something surprising

  • TOS/Reboot Two Little Boys by lily_of_chaos

    Just a oneshot about Kirk and Spock

  • Reboot Carpe Diem by lira_alicia - ADULT

    Because James Kirk is human, and he will lose him all too soon.

  • Reboot Sleeping Beauty by lira_alicia

    The Enterprise finds a stranded ship with a sleeping crew. Kirk knows something about their leader, something he's not telling anybody else.

  • Reboot Everything about Pon Farr!!! by lirulien - ADULT

    Welcome to Pon Farr. Here is everything you need to know about it.

  • Reboot A friend in need is a friend indeed. by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    "Perhaps it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement."

  • AU Gift by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    Spock gets a small golden-haired, blue-eyed creature as a gift from his father (except he doesn't). The creature speaks in Nurse T'Amanda's Secret Language, appears to be convinced that Spock is an "elf" and calls itself "Jim." Utterly fascinated, Spock decides to keep it.

  • Reboot Like a Moth to a Flame by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    Very loosely based on this prompt from the Star Trek XI Kink meme: Chess AU. Kirk and Spock meet as kids at an intergalactic chess tournament for the Federation Planets. Spock, a discipline of the strictest rules of chess and the undefeated champion in his age group, is completely pwned by Kirk, a wild-card who gleans his talent by playing all manners of chess styles. [Warnings: rimming, swearing, some hate!sex, in-denial!Kirk, manipulative!Kirk, toppy!Spock.]

  • AU Like a Peacock Among Crows by littlebirdtold

    Leonard McCoy arrives on Vulcan as part of an exchange program between Starfleet Academy and the Vulcan Science Academy. A/N: This story is a sequel to my AU fic Like a Moth to a Flame and probably won't make much sense if you haven't read that one first. It takes place seven years after the end of that story.

  • TOS/Reboot Once Upon A Time (A Fairy-Tale Love Story) by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    In a universe with no Federation, where First Contact never happened, Jim Kirk is your average popular guy. On Christmas Eve, thanks to a series of strange events, Jim finds himself in a parallel universe where the Milky Way is under the control of an alien race and ends up as a servant in the residence of the Royal House of Vulcan. As he starts adapting to his new life, Jim's curiosity fucks everything upóbut hey, Vulcans shouldn't have told him that he isn't allowed to enter this wing of the palace; Jim has never been good at following rules. Summary 2: This is the story of how Jim Kirk became a Princess ("Prince Consort, Bones!") of the United Planets of Vulcan Kingdom.

  • Reboot Poison by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    Before Kirk entered his life, Spock had never understood the meaning of the human phrase "thinking with one's dick." Now, much to his dismay and disgust, he has the full knowledge of its meaning. Jim Kirk is a poison. (Or, How Spock's Penis Ruined His Perfectly Logical Life)

  • Reboot Poison II by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    Before Kirk entered his life, Spock had never understood the meaning of the human phrase "thinking with one's dick." Now, much to his dismay and disgust, he has the full knowledge of its meaning. Jim Kirk is a poison. (Or, How Spock's Penis Ruined His Perfectly Logical Life)

  • Reboot Scandal Like No Other by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    The heavily damaged Enterprise ends up in another galaxy, nearby a planet called Regelenceóa planet with a society similar to Regency England, only everyone is gay. They need to find a way to get back home, but it turns out it's easier said than done. Along the way, Jim ends up as a chaperone to a 16-year-old brat called Trouble who is smitten with the Crown Prince, attends a ball, causes a scandal, gets thrown into the royal dungeons, takes people into hostage, steals a puppy, advises a teen on his love life, and tries to sort out his fucked-up (but strictly professional) relationship with his XO. Jim's life is hard.

  • Reboot Tell Me Lies (or Lies of Silence) by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    Spock raised an eyebrow. "You are mistakenóI am quite capable of saying 'no' to the captain." She laughed, the sound sharp and humorless.

  • Reboot The Third Wheel by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    Academy AU. Kirk bets Bones he can win Uhura over, but along the way discovers that there's someone else just as deserving ofóand more interested inóhis affections.

  • Reboot Through Chekov's Eyes by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    In which Mr. Spock hates Chekov and terrorizes the crew, Captain Kirk has the best poker face on the ship, Chekov never means to eavesdrop, Uhura gets some curves, Kirk gets cock-blocked, Spock gets off, McCoy pulls rank, Spock pulls Kirk's pigtails, and love sucks.

  • Reboot Within Reach by littlebirdtold - ADULT

    Four years into the Enterprise's voyage, Spock dies in a transporter accident on a routine mission. Jim slowly falls apart and develops an unhealthy obsession that, ultimately, brings Spock back. Now when Spock is back, all should be well, except everyone thinks Jim needs a psychiatrist, Uhura thinks he's an asshole, and Jim is getting really tired of repeating that Spock and he love each other, but not like that.

  • Reboot Like Music To My... by littlemissgg - ADULT

    Prompt: Ears, fetishization.

  • Reboot The Edge by littlexmuse - ADULT

    [WIP] He knew the calm before a storm when he saw it. And one had been brewing for weeks now. Another pon farr fic. [part 28 posted Aug '10, incomplete - infrequent updates]

  • TOS Amok Time by liv1701


  • TOS Hazel Eyes by liv1701


  • TOS Jim by liv1701


  • Reboot Should Have Been by liv1701

    Memories transferred by Spock Prime cause Kirk to grieve for a relationship he will never get to experience, but Kirk isnít the only one who knows that things should have been different.

  • TOS Vicarious by lladymora - ADULT

    This one-shot explores a concept which appeals to me, the extension of the idea that 'jealousy is not logical'. Light and fluffy. [Note: 'jealousy' tag used for thematic relevance, though '¨jealousy' is more apt.]

  • Reboot Ship of Dreams by lmarrick - ADULT

    n the wake of The Enterprise Incident, Kirk and Spock are asked to undertake an even more dangerous mission: bringing down an arm of the Orion Syndicate. This mission requires them to go deeply undercover--Jim as a slave trader, Spock as a slave. Only a few key higher-ups in the Federation are in on the plot. In order to get the entire galaxy to believe they're serious, Jim sells Spock into slavery and goes rogue as a slave runner with the core of his crew, who are all hunted as outlaws by the rest of the Federation. Before they part, Spock links his mind with Jim's so they can work together and support one another despite the distance. [WIP: Last update chapter 29 - July 2012]

  • Reboot Indian Hemp by lockeluster - ADULT

    [WIP] ďAre you okay?Ē Jim asks, because the kid looks less like a kid and more like the new senior in Jimís AP Biology class. The ridiculously good looking one who somehow keeps managing to finish labs faster than Jim can. Itís another one of those things that have been driving Jim insane, Spock being better than him at something Jim actually enjoys.[Last update, part 1, 7th Apr '10]

  • TOS: Movies Reflections (Masterpost) by logicllogic - ADULT

    A melancholic Admiral Kirk reflects upon his life to date and upon an uncertain future. In short, this is The Wrath of Khan, as a slash retelling.

  • Reboot A Permanent Turnabout Intruder by lotus_fly - ADULT

    When Dr Lester is killed while still in Captain Kirk's body, Jim must learn to adjust to life without his post as Captain and as a woman [8 parts, complete] [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Hangover by louisestrange

    Companion piece to my very short story ĎLagniappeí Ė this is an extended version of events from Spockís POV. Spock doesnít know what Kirk means by Ďfriends with benefitsí.

  • Reboot Lagniappe by louisestrange - ADULT

    Apparently, Spock doesnít know what Kirk means by Ďfriends with benefitsí.

  • Reboot Saturn's Gravity by lousy_science - ADULT

    Jim is getting his teenage kicks in modern-day Iowa when he drunkenly stumbles into the way of a Saturn one jingle jangle morning. The Saturn driver is initially unimpressed with Jim, but can our hero find a way to get closer to the enigmatic stranger?

  • TOS/Reboot Saturn's Orbit by lousy_science - ADULT

    Sequel to Saturn's Gravity: What hope is there for our troubled young hero and his probably-requited-but-still-elusive passion for a enigmatic rocket scientist in the heart of Iowa?

  • Reboot Vulcan Drift by lousy_science - ADULT

    AU. A Kirk/Spock riff on The Fast and the Furious. Jim is an eager space flier trying to break into the underground drag racing circuit, filled with dangerous gangsters, fast ships, and a brilliant team led by a mysterious Vulcan.

  • Reboot Five Times Jim and Spock Broke Up by lynns118 - ADULT

    As per title

  • Reboot Truth Be Told by lyricoloratura - ADULT

    When Jim and Spock are obligated to take their alien host's truth serum, they have no idea what kinds of truths they will end up revealing to one another -- and to themselves.

  • Reboot Amantium irae, amoris integratio est by l_vera01

    In the aftermath of arresting Kodos and Lenore, Jim and Spock's relationship changes. A.N. This does not take place directly after the end of the movie. Assume some years have passed, but other than that, I can think of anything else.

  • Reboot Amerind by l_vera01

    When his Captain married Miramanee in his reality, he had been seeking respite from the pressures of command. Spock wants to know what his bondmate's reason for doing the same thing is. [Kirk/Spock!Prime]

  • Reboot Home by l_vera01

    Jim is fond of watching Spock in this room, working at his desk while he continues reading his way through his library. Timeline: Oneshot in the Reboot 'verse, a few years after the movie.

  • Reboot The Beginning of Always by l_vera01 - ADULT

    A while ago, jou posted a wonderful piece of art featuring Spock Prime and Kirk called: Long Goodbye. As I've become more a fan of Kirk/Spock Prime, the picture stuck with me and this fic is the result. Granted, it's not exactly a goodbye, but for this pairing, I tend to see them as beginning more than anything else.

  • Reboot Unlocked Heart by l_vera01

    You know you cannot have Jim, that you have only the strength left for a friendship between you both.

  • Reboot The Expense of Spirit by madameangel - ADULT

    [WIP] The night after the massacre at Sirius III, Kirk gets wasted. [multichapter fic, part 2 posted Mar 20]

  • Reboot The Expense of Spirit by madameangel - ADULT

    [WIP] An idea from my roommate: Drunken sex, but what happens AFTERWARDS? [multichapter fic, last update - prologue, 17th Jan '11]

  • Reboot The Captain and the Cat by mage_989

    A retelling of Disneyís The Princess and the Frog. Jim Kirk is working hard to get his own ship; and Prince Spock is trying to figure out the exact moment his life fell apart. [Posted in 3 parts]

  • Reboot 3 Christmas Ficlets by maggie2mw

    Christmas with Family.

  • Reboot 5 times James Kirk was reminded he was only human and 1 time he actually acknowledged it by magicalstarsky - ADULT

    Exactly what the title says. This somehow is a nutshell of what happened in TOS, with nu!Kirk

  • TOS A Highly Logical Human Custom by majestic_fic

    Based on this prompt: The science department Christmas party. Dr. Helen Noel is a highly competent psychotherapist, so Spock's negative response to her dancing with his captain is exceedingly illogical, isn't it?

  • Reboot Six times Jim calls Spock 'darling' by mamaesme

    It also could be coupled with the fact that Jimís called him Ďsweetheartí about five times already, Chekov Ďpuppyí, Sulu Ďhoneyí and Scotty Ďcookieí, and when Uhura came to check in, she was loving called Ďyou sexy beast!í. Bones gets out a bottle of whiskey, Chekov pouts Ė like a puppy, Sulu laughs and goes to collect bets, Scotty mutters something about therapy, and Uhura promises to punch him when heís feeling a bit better. Yeah, Jim Kirkís lucky his crew hasnít killed him yet.

  • Reboot Logical Customs by manic_intent - ADULT

    [WIP] Professor Kirk/Cadet Spock [4 chapters so far, last update 28th Nov '09]

  • Reboot 5 Secrets 5 Different Spocks Never Told by margarks - ADULT

    5 Post Secrets Spock might have written.

  • Reboot Absolution by margarks - ADULT

    Spock's had enough foreplay.

  • Reboot Because I Love by margarks - ADULT

    Jim and Spock celebrate Valentine's, no matter how illogical it is. [For K/S Valentine meme]

  • Reboot Denial by margarks - ADULT

    Spock is not angry.

  • Reboot Devotion by margarks - ADULT

    Jim's restless and Spock takes measures to soothe him.

  • Reboot Illogical Desires by margarks - ADULT

    This is a Kirk/Spock established relationship PWP.

  • Reboot James by margarks - ADULT

    Jim has a bad day, Spock understands what he needs to make it better.

  • Reboot Lockdown by margarks - ADULT

    James needs to expend some energy, and Spock knows the perfect way... Mirrorverse!

  • Reboot The Businessman by margarks - ADULT

    [WIP] Spock never applied for Starfleet so when he rejects the Vulcan Science Academy he ends up going to Earth and finding a job at Kirk Enterprises, a company Winona began after deciding she never wanted to return to space again after George's death. [multichapter, incomplete, Last update pt 7, 20th Nov '10]

  • Reboot Wanton by margarks - ADULT

    Another short K/S PWP. I love the idea of Spock losing control, of him being wanton: The thing about Spock is that Jim can't help seeing him as a challenge. All that cool control... Jim can't help wanting to shatter it.

  • Reboot Yeah by margarks - ADULT

    A short K/S PWP. No beta.

  • Reboot Yours by margarks - ADULT

    Jim's got a thing for both Spock's telepathy and his possessiveness, and Spock indulges him

  • AU Runaway Groom(s) by marlee813 - ADULT

    Prompt: On an away mission, Spock and Kirk are inadvertently married during the planet's yearly festival. Both are secretly excited and pleased at the idea but outwardly show disdain for being stuck together. They suffer a bit while they try to deny themselves what they really want before coming to their senses and realizing they are both in love with each other.

  • Reboot Keep Your Distance by masterofmidgets - ADULT

    In which Jim is lonely (and bored), Spock goes above and beyond the call of duty, and McCoy is going to have a heart attack before he's forty. (Two parts, completed)

  • Reboot A Bra on Kirk's Floor by mattmetzger - ADULT

    Spock has boobs. Fact: this is quite possibly the happiest day of Jim Kirk's life thus far. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot Against the Dying of the Light by mattmetzger - ADULT

    [WIP] Falling in love with a man you met at a hospice for the terminally ill isn't the smartest thing in the world to do, but Jim goes ahead and does it anyway. [Part 12 posted Sept 13, 2011]

  • Reboot Because Guys Will Be Guys by mattmetzger - ADULT

    Five relationship cliches that Jim messed up, and one that runs perfectly. Because Kirks just can't do anything the normal way.

  • Reboot Loud Places by mattmetzger - ADULT

    Kirk watches as Vulcan is destroyed, and wonders if his own world has not also been taken. Part of the "Keeping Love" Series, and direct sequel to The Independent Men. It won't make sense if you haven't been following this series.

  • Reboot My Name is Jim Kirk by mattmetzger - ADULT

    [WIP] If Jim can't quit drinking, then he's never going to be able to fix his life and apologise for what he's done - to his boss, his colleagues, his friends, and most importantly, his ex-boyfriend. His name is Jim Kirk - and he's an alcoholic. [last update: chp 14, 12 Sept '11]

  • Reboot Quiet Places by mattmetzger - ADULT

    The spaces in Spock's mind where his people used to be create a black hole of their own, and he cannot find his way home again. Part of the Keeping Love Series, and companion fic to Silence. If you haven't been following the series, then this will make no sense.

  • Reboot Salt by mattmetzger - ADULT

    In the wake of the loss of Vulcan, Spock begins to heal - although the salt is not purely from the ocean. [Next in the Keeping Love series, and sequel to 'Silence' and 'Quiet Places.' If you have not been reading the series, this won't make sense.]

  • Reboot Silence by mattmetzger - ADULT

    The spaces in Spock's mind where his people used to be create a black hole of their own, and he cannot find his way home again. Part of the Keeping Love Series, and direct sequel to Loud Places. It won't make sense if you haven't been following this series.

  • Reboot The Independent Man by mattmetzger - ADULT

    A brief interlude, in which Kirk and Spock cope with lonely separation. [Latest part of the Keeping Love series]

  • Reboot The Split by mattmetzger - ADULT

    Jim's promotion has left him stressed and unhappy, and the cracks start to appear in their relationship when Spock begins to spend too much time with Lieutenant Uhura. Maybe it's time to take a break? Fourth in the Keeping Love series, sequel to 'The World and the Home.'

  • Reboot The World and the Home by mattmetzger - ADULT

    Jim promised a date, so Spock has no choice in the matter. Sequel to 'Keeping Love' and 'Crystalline' and part of the Keeping Love series.

  • Reboot Visual Data by mattmetzger - ADULT

    Jim has cheated on Spock. According to the tabloids, that is. Jim just has to get to Spock before they do.

  • Reboot Alternative uses for apples by mazaher

    It came into my mind that there may be an alternative explanation for one apparently pointless and frankly annoying show of swagger by Cadet Kirk. We all know how inquisitive Spock can be. This is the result.

  • Reboot But, Jim... by mazaher

    Cuddle fix for Kirk. H/c with indirect h and very direct c. They even get to talk about it.

  • AU One Winter, Three Months by mazaher

    How can Spock survive the loss of half his katra? How does McCoy cope with the loss of his best friend?

  • TOS Uncouth Person by mecurtin

    Another cave scenario, in the style of Jane Austin.

  • AU After the Party by melayneseahawk - ADULT

    For a Halloween prompt by awarrington: AU. Kirk meets Spock at a Halloween party.

  • AU Dionaea Muscipula by melayneseahawk

    A slashy, twisty, overcomplicated reboot of TOS episode "The Man Trap". [WIP, Part 1 of 4]

  • Reboot Experiment by melayneseahawk - ADULT

    Prompt: no touch, contact, feel.

  • Reboot Love to Hate You by melayneseahawk - ADULT

    for oxoniensis's Porn Battle XII, prompt: James Kirk/Spock, weak spot

  • Reboot Love to Hate You by melayneseahawk - ADULT

    for oxoniensis's Porn Battle XII, prompt: James Kirk/Spock, weak spot

  • Reboot Out of Character by melayneseahawk

    Unbeknownst to most of the universe, Sarek made a big soppy deal out of Valentine's Day every year for Amanda, because he had some sort of convoluted reasoning that worked out to him feeling logically justified in participating in his bondmate's culturally and historically significant rituals as a gesture of respect for her background. In reality, it was the one day of the year he let himself outwardly show almost human levels of adoration for his wife, because he thought she deserved it even if he couldn't bring himself to do it all the time. As a result of this, a thoroughly unromantic Spock is absolutely determined to sweep Jim Kirk off his feet, because that is just what one does on Valentine's Day when one has a human partner. Jim is kind of shocked and terrified at first.

  • Reboot Paper Hearts by melayneseahawk

    prompt: Kirk is being 'pursued' by a mystery crew member over Valentine's (cards, flowers, chocolates, notes, etc), and hides in Spock's cabin. Only much later, does Kirk find out it was Spock all along...

  • Reboot Parallels by melayneseahawk

    Chris Pike knows not to mess with a good thing.

  • Reboot Probability by melayneseahawk - ADULT

    Jim Kirk is distracting.

  • Reboot Second Chance by melayneseahawk - ADULT

    McCoy breaks Kirks heart. Spock picks up the pieces. 3. Kirk becomes a father. Adoption for some reason or it's his kid. One or more kids. Spock becomes co-parent and they raise the kids on the ship. Request: Kirk as a great dad.

  • Reboot The Gift by melayneseahawk

    Kirk actually makes a special gift for Spock. Because it's personal, according to Vulcan tradition, he sees it as a declaration...and accepts.

  • TOS/Reboot New Again by melooza - ADULT

    When the stress of captaining a ship starts to wear on Jim, he seeks out a friend who will understand.

  • Reboot Edward Scissorspock by merisunshine36 - ADULT

    Winona Kirk knew that going up to that big old mansion on the hill was a bad idea. What she didn't know was how much it would change her life forever.

  • Reboot Need No Words by merkuria - ADULT

    Spock finds a way to make Jim forget about bad things.

  • Reboot The Little Things by merkuria - ADULT

    In their lovemaking, Jim's learned to live on the little things.

  • Reboot Coming Home by meteorfire

    When Jim comes home after being gone for years, he immediately falls into bed.

  • Reboot A Theoretical Novelty by mirroreuler - ADULT

    So, it turned out that Jim's skill at chess was the hottest thing Spock had ever experienced. He only wished he hadn't found that out in the middle of the rec room. Repeatedly.

  • Reboot Double, Double by mirroreuler - ADULT

    Caught in a transporter malfunction, Kirk and Spock switch bodies. While Spock works on fixing it, Jim decides to test this thing out.

  • Reboot Espressivo by mirroreuler - ADULT

    Companion to [ profile] igrab 's Spicatto. Kirk has discovered that Spock is ticklish. What he hasn't quite stumbled upon yet is precisely how much Spock enjoys it. Spock is Not Happy.

  • Reboot Most Inconvenience by mirroreuler - ADULT

    Kirk thought he'd apologize to Spock with a cat as a gift. But when the transporter malfunctions, they both realize that a catboy is fine, too...

  • Reboot Necessity is the Mother of Invention by mirroreuler - ADULT

    Having sex on a starship is hard. Conversational kinking, open relationship fluff, and hand-made vibrators, oh my!

  • Reboot White on White by mirroreuler - ADULT

    Spock gets injured and Kirk tends to his wounds. [Written for the March 'Paired Kinks' mini-challenge for Kink_bingo for the square 'medical kink & hand fetish'.]

  • Reboot A Time To Grieve by miser_meaku

    Spock has put off the grieving process after the loss of Vulcan for too long, and a dam of sorrow is about to break...

  • Reboot Compulsion by miser_meaku - ADULT

    Pon Farr will not go away on its ownÖ

  • Reboot Shouting into the Darkness by misspetowker - ADULT

    [WIP] In answer to the Kink Meme: I'd like to request a fic, any fic, in which the fact that Jim isn't Psi-null features prominently. [Last Update: CH 1/3, April 13]

  • Reboot The Betrayal by misspetowker - ADULT

    When the Enterprise arrived at the Tau Ceti system the crew got a nasty surprise. Instead of the two space-going planets eager to lobby for Federation membership they had been told to expect, they found a devastating war only days from breaking out. So, without waiting for orders, Kirk waded in, demanding, cajoling and bullying both sides until they agreed to a peace conference aboard the nearest Starbase. Part 2:, Part 3:, Part 4: [Did not supply tropes or relationship status.]

  • TOS/Reboot The Price of Peace on Napastria by misspetowker - ADULT

    In response to the Prompt: Starfleet needs these two tribes to call a truce on a 500 year devastating war but can't get them to agree except only to one thing: Jim Kirk. The two sides would fuck and cum into Jim and consider it as conquering the other tribe into submission.

  • Reboot Looking For Shooting Stars by miss_meh - ADULT

    AU. Spock and his family have moved to Earth. He has accepted this. But when Jim Kirk moves in next door and Spock accidentally gets a glimpse of the younger boy’s pain, Spock refuses to accept the fact that he cannot help. It may be illogical, but he will unravel the mystery that is Jim Kirk. (Last update July 24th 2012, Chapter 5)

  • Reboot Reach for the Top by mistyness - ADULT

    [WIP] When Jim finds himself only moments away from being pronounced married to a very, very blue dude, he does what he does best. Bails. [Part 1 of 2, Last Posted 30 Nov '10]

  • TOS: Movies Disturbing the Universe by mithen

    Kirk thinks there will always be time to say what he wants to say. He's both wrong and right. [Written for treknovelfest, prompt #107: "Some things become undeniable when the deepest parts of your heart come to the surface, but it's not so easy to be understood once they return to the normal universe."]

  • Reboot Patience by mithen - ADULT

    Jim finds himself stranded on Delta Vega again--this time with a different Spock.

  • TOS: Movies Touch by mithen

    Spock contemplates Jim's hands. Set after Search for Spock.

  • TOS The Narcissus Seed by mith_maulin - ADULT

    [WIP] Only two types of people have any interest in the Constance system: Vulcans, and botanists. One is advised not to mention it in mixed human/Vulcan company, unless one wants the party to descend into political bickering. [Multipart, incomplete. Last update Sep 20th 2009]

  • Reboot Crime and Punishment by mizzy_fics - ADULT

    ďYou want me to fuck you while your father watches?Ē Kirk shouted.

  • Reboot Finding Home by mizzy_fics - ADULT

    [WIP] What if Sarek and Amanda had decided that it was just too difficult, and had never gotten married? What would be the consequences to Spock's life? A/N: In response to the [info]st_xi_kink prompt Kirk/Spock AU where Spock is Kirk's sex slave. I didn't follow the prompt exactly, but I did use it as a jumping off point! [This fic ends at part 11 of 15, with the last update 2nd Oct. 2009]

  • Reboot The Longest Stride by mizzy_fics - ADULT

    ďHe shouldnít have done what he did,Ē Jim said bluntly. A/N: Due to popular demand, I've written a fluffy sequel to Crime and Punishment.

  • Reboot Measure of Men by monstrousreg

    Four years into the DS5 mission, Starfleet Command calls for an investigation regarding the nature of the relationship between Commander Spock and Captain Kirk. These are the interviews of the command core and their insights on said relationship. It seems Kirk's apparent delight in making Command's life impossible is contagious. [6 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Simple Feeling by monstrousreg - ADULT

    An example of what life is in a house in Iowa, in the year-and-a-half mandatory shoreleave in between DS5 missions. [Posted in 3 parts]

  • Reboot One Time When Kirk Thought Pon Farr Was a Clichť (ST XI) by moony - ADULT

    ďItís nothing to be ashamed of, Spock,Ē said Kirk quickly. ďI mean, itís a biological urge, right? Involuntary? You canít help it. Youíre like a- Like a salmon that has to swim back to the pond where it was born so it can lay eggs. Except youíre not a fish, and Iím pretty sure Vulcans donít lay eggs. But you know what I mean, right?Ē

  • Reboot Dirty Talk by mrhd - ADULT

    Jim calls it "fucking", Spock calls it "intercourse". Jim makes a deal and gets Spock to talk dirty.

  • Reboot On Children and Forts by mrhd - ADULT

    Jim and Spock babysit Joanna McCoy.

  • TOS Thanks To Circe by mtranc3 - ADULT

    There's definitely something to this psychology business, Jim thought. That, and rabid women in heat.

  • TOS A Failure of Logic by mullenkamp - ADULT

    To his shame, the captain's trysts are far more interesting to Spock than his meditation

  • Reboot Endless Circle by mullenkamp - ADULT

    After the end of his first five year mission, Jim gets a call from his "old friend", who's getting old in the literal sense. But he's going to be around for one more pon farr, and has a request to make.

  • Reboot Fighting Gravity by mullenkamp

    When Spock left Starfleet after the encounter with Nero, Jim thought he'd lost his chance at their supposedly destined friendship. Upon returning to Earth after the Enterprise's first five-year mission, he discovers that Spock lost far more. Jim's willing to fight for the bright future they were promised, but the one thing standing in its way is Spock himself. [24 parts, complete]

  • TOS Heart-Shaped by mullenkamp

    An unwelcome Valentine's Day gift to the captain leads to something even more unwelcome - a drunk and disorderly first officer.

  • TOS Red Alert by mullenkamp

    In which hostile aliens choose a particularly bad time to fire on the Enterprise, and are unwilling to hold their attack until the captain and first officer have put their clothes back on.

  • AU Fly, Robin, Fly by multipleauthors

    [WIP] A routine mission suddenly becomes interesting when one of the crew members disappears without a trace. [Round robin fic; WIP; 2/? posted May 28 2011]

  • Reboot The All Purpose Kirk/Spock Slash Fan Fiction by my_amalgamut - ADULT

    Short craziness written for a prompt on the st xi kink meme which basically requested that I throw as many cliches into the shortest fic I possibly could. I took that challenge.

  • TOS Fingers Crossed by my_daroga - ADULT

    Spock knows Jim believes Vulcan hands to be unusually sensitive. He doesn't disabuse him of that notion, but he has his reasons.

  • Reboot The fat shirt and the camisole by my_kurama - ADULT

    A silly little ficlet from a prompt courtesy of the delightfully perverted [info]verselle Kirk in his fatshirt, he adjusts the wraparound and Spock sees a glimpse of something pink. Is the Captain wearing a tight, lacetrimmed, pink version of his regular undershirt?

  • Reboot Starcrossed by m_lasha

    James T. Kirk faces down his greatest opponent - his daughter. Futurefic, kid!fic (Spock and Kirk's daughter is a teenager), implied mpreg (Kirk) and general tupperware stuff.

  • Reboot You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar by nadilee - ADULT

    [WIP] Stars don't suddenly go nova for no reason. Spock's simple wish altered the destinies of billions of creatures. [multichapter, incomplete. Last update Aug. 8th]

  • Reboot T'hy'la by naomiphoenix - ADULT

    A princess lures the Enterpriseís Captain into a trap and the only way Spock can save him is to bond with him.

  • Reboot The Dancer by naomiphoenix

    Kirk is a dancer

  • Reboot Brilliance, or the Necessity of Precision by naynymic

    Kirk and Spock are in a relationship, only Kirk doesn't know it, even if everyone else does. What happens when someone informs him? And will it be too late?

  • TOS Do You Trust Me? by ncc1701a

    Four times Spock asked the question.

  • TOS Mini Enterprise by ncc1701a

    I saw this: and knew Kirk would have one.

  • TOS Please: Kirk by ncc1701a - ADULT

    A companion piece to my fic 'Please'.

  • TOS Resolutions by ncc1701a - ADULT

    Companion piece to Please and Please Kirk

  • TOS Vulcan Councilling by ncc1701a - ADULT

    For a dark_fest propt. Kor gets the opportunity to use the mindsifter on his old nemisi James Kirk.

  • Reboot A Nearly Universe-Ending Combination by never-walk - ADULT

    Remember that old TOS episode ďThe Enemy WithinĒ? The one where Kirk is duplicated by the transporter? Well, add crack, shake, and serve.

  • Reboot Five Things That Have Changed Since Jim Started Dating Spock by never-walk - ADULT

  • Reboot Hunger by never-walk

    ST/Heroes crossover. Itís been centuries since heís felt this way. Thanks to the Vulcan way of life, he has managed to suppress everything.

  • Reboot Longing by never-walk

    More of Spockís musings as he fights the urge to take Kirk.

  • TOS/Reboot No Moral High Ground by never-walk - ADULT

    Jim Kirk has something of a stalkerÖbut is he really a stalker when Jim is sort of stalking him back?

  • TOS Rapacious by never-walk

    Spockís reaction when Kirk is taken by the Gamesters of Triskelion.

  • Reboot Ravenous by never-walk

    ST/Heroes crossover. More of Spockís musings as he fights the urge to take Kirk.

  • Reboot Awkwardness by newsiegroylover

    Kirk and Spock wonder about their relationship. Continuation of Light in the Darkness.

  • TOS Comfort by newsiegroylover - ADULT

    Takes place during The Journey to Babel. After an argument with Sarek, Spock seeks comfort from the one man he can trust.

  • Reboot Light in the darkness by newsiegroylover

    From the movie an add in to the cave scene with Spock Prime and Kirk.

  • TOS Looking by newsiegroylover

    Kirk's thoughts as he sees Spock at his viewer.

  • TOS Moment of Clarity by newsiegroylover

    Takes place during the TOS episode: The Squire of Gothos. What Jim and Spock were thinking when Trelane pointed the gun right at Spock.

  • TOS Most Illogical by newsiegroylover

    Spock ponders on a shirtless Kirk. A Vignette from The Enemy Within

  • TOS Reflections by newsiegroylover

    Kirk reflects on the progression of his relationship with Spock.

  • Reboot Song for Angel by newsiegroylover

    Its Kirk's birthday and Spock decides to sing a song to win Kirk's heart

  • Reboot Sorrow Where There Should Have Been Happiness by newsiegroylover - ADULT

    [WIP] Pregnancy should be a time of happiness, but for Kirk and Spock it is not. [multipart, incomplete. last update pt 2, 18th Jun '10]

  • TOS Thoughts by newsiegroylover - ADULT

    Spock's thoughts at the beginning of Amok Time

  • Reboot Unbearable by newsiegroylover

    It kills him to see his thyla with a man who doesn't truly love him

  • TOS Unguarded by newsiegroylover

    During "Amok Time", what if McCoy and Chapel hadn't been in Sickbay when Spock saw Jim alive.

  • TOS Visitor by newsiegroylover - ADULT

    A restless Kirk goes to the observation deck and soon gets a visitor.

  • Reboot Cupid's Visit by nightshadow_t2 - ADULT

    Bones wants his two best friends happy, but the stubborn idiots aren't getting with the program so he calls in his Dad Cupid and asks for his aid.

  • Reboot Like Water To A Pitcher by night_plane - ADULT

    There's a new guy in the office. Modern day AU. Based on this prompt at the st_xi_kink_meme : Spock is the CEO of a major company because he doesn't let his emotions effect his business style, and is generally known in the business world to be really cut-throat and serious over his job. He never takes holidays and after a day of work, goes straight home to work some more. Jim is his new assistant who's eager to work... and try and understand why Spock never has any fun and spends his life working. Spock falls for him. [19 parts complete]

  • Reboot Rendezvous Nťcessaire by night_plane - ADULT

    Spock confronts Jim about his rampant flirting in the most inconvenient of situations.

  • Reboot Untouched by night_plane - ADULT

    You wanted to tell Lieutenant Uhura, but you couldn't. She doesn't notice a thing.

  • Reboot Wall by ningengirai - ADULT

    Prompt: "First time slightly angry wall sex? And maybe, if you want, sweet second "first" time sex after they wake up or something."

  • Reboot Ridiculous Buddy Cop AU, Which I Am In No Way Writing by ninjaboots - ADULT

    Jim and Spock are cops who are being forcibly partnered together in the tradition of every cop movie ever made, even though Jim would vastly prefer to work alone. Sparks fly.

  • Reboot Carving Out A Moment by nix_this - ADULT

    Written for the kink meme prompt : Kirk/Spock. Established relationship. Kirk spends a not-so-busy day on the bridge getting constantly distracted by thoughts of Spock. Memories, fantasies, I-can't-wait-tills, all of the above. Maybe it's been a while since they've had any time to themselves and the constant interruptions (work, people showing up at inopportune moments) are driving Kirk nuts. ...And then finally their shifts end and Kirk persuades Spock to not do whatever else he was thinking of doing, and they Make Everyone Else Go Away, and fun sexytimes happen.

  • Reboot Destiny's Bitch : Deleted Scene by nix_this - ADULT

    Originally written as comment porn for [info]awarrington because she totally called me out on my fade to black XD (I still plead deadlines!). Behold the (now cleaned up and hopefully typo free) missing sexytimes after the second meld in Destiny's Bitch. Don't read this one first if you still want to read that one, but if you're just after K/S sexytimes you should be able to follow along well enough :D

  • Reboot For Science! or Easy Like Sunday Morning by nix_this - ADULT

    Jim and Spock finally get their lazy Sunday.

  • Reboot For the Federation! or, F***ing Telepaths by nix_this - ADULT

    He'd clapped Spock on the shoulder, not gone all Captain Grabby Hands on his admittedly fine ass. Jim knew inappropriate -- and that wasn't it.

  • Reboot Hard Choices by nix_this - ADULT

    Follow up to Stuck, or Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  • AU He's A Vulcan by nix_this

    The challenge was to rewrite Denis Leary's Asshole to apply to Vulcan assholes, I failed at that. I did, however, explain Spock's worldview by parodying Denis Leary's asshole XD My God Jim, I'm a nerd.

  • Reboot I Leave a Trail of Fire Across This Desert by nix_this - ADULT

    Jim observes that Spock is pretty damned hot.

  • Reboot La Resistance or Prison Sex? Hot by nix_this - ADULT

    Written for the kink meme prompt :I'd like to see Jim and Spock having sex in a place where they are surrounded by people. Anything from having sex in the mess hall to being stuck in a prison cell and being forced to fuck in front of their cellmates. Bonus if it's in front of members of the crew!

  • Reboot Never Give Up by nix_this - ADULT

    Kirk gives up pursuing Spock. Cue angst.

  • Reboot Nixaan Theta by nix_this - ADULT

    [WIP] An away mission goes horribly, horribly wrong. [multipart, incomplete. Last update pt 9, 13th Jun '10]

  • Reboot Patchwork by nix_this - ADULT

    Music meme drabbles. [Note: also contains Kirk/McCoy]

  • Reboot Reparations by nix_this - ADULT

    Sometimes Jim needs to be seen for everything he is. Sometimes he thinks the most important people in his life understand that. Sometimes he's wrong.

  • Reboot Safer Here by nix_this

    Prompt: a K/S fic where Kirk is all types of moody/sad and Spock is there for him.

  • Reboot Spar by nix_this

    Prompt : Spock likes watching Jim workout and spar. He finds it fascinating.

  • Reboot Stuck, or Between a Rock and a Hard Place by nix_this - ADULT

    Prompt : Kirk cuts off his own arm to save Spock

  • Reboot The Chair by nix_this - ADULT

    Written for a kink_meme prompt: Everyone assumes Kirk's biggest fantasy is sex in the captain's chair. Everyone is wrong.

  • TOS: Movies Three Words to Say Everything by nofuturenopast - ADULT

    House ep 5x04 "Birthmarks" and Star Trek: The Motion Picture

  • Reboot A Shot of Courage by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    As Enterpriseís unofficial chaperone, Spock was familiar with the human tendency towards intoxication. However, he had not expected Kirk to be susceptible.

  • Reboot A Taste of the Exotic by notboldly50295

    When Spock is snatched off the bridge by an alien ship, the Enterprise has no choice but to follow.

  • Reboot Aftertaste by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Kirk has been having good sex for four months; thereís absolutely no reason for him to be so damn depressed. A sequel to ďA Taste of the ExoticĒ

  • Reboot Christmas for Beginners by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Spockís quiet plans for the holidays are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Kirk and his nephews.

  • Reboot Every Universe by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    When Jim found out there was a tear in the universe, he did the only logical thing: attempted to drag that other Captain Kirk through it.

  • Reboot For I Would by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    The idea that Jim was in love wasnít a big surprise, but it just figured that it was with his first officer, and that she was already married.

  • Reboot Foundations by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Amanda only wanted what was best for her son, and after Sarekís death, she was certain that Vulcan was not it. However, she had never expected it to be Iowa either, or rather, a poor little boy from Riverside. [Story complete]

  • Reboot Frozen Memories by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    After an unfortunate encounter with hostile aliens, Jim finds himself reminiscing on past experiences and coping with the changes in his life. [4 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Good Advice by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Nyota knew Kirk wasnít good for him; she just wished Spock would realize it.

  • Reboot Hidden Realities Master Post by notboldly50295

    Jim resumes command of the Enterprise for a difficult mission, and miscommunication abounds. A direct sequel to ďFrozen MemoriesĒ [multipart, Complete]

  • Reboot Making Amends by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Spock apologizes in any way he can.

  • Reboot Mission: Mistletoe by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Despite his best attempts to avoid it, Spock keeps getting caught under the mistletoe.

  • Reboot More Than Just A Pretty Face by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    5 Superior Officers That Didn't Lay Kirk and One Crew Member That Did

  • Reboot Normal Problems by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Jim never thought heíd actually be thinking about how to ask his Vulcan First Officer to marry him. [This is a companion piece to Still Waters.]

  • Reboot Priceless by notboldly50295

    Jim and Spock are shopping buddies, and Spock is illogically touched by Jimís tendency to buy him things, even if he doesnít show it.

  • Reboot Rumors Like This by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    McCoy didnít usually listen to rumors, but there was a difference between being deaf and being blind.

  • Reboot Searching For Everything by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Spock never expected his youthful indiscretions to affect his future. Fortunately, Jim is too stubborn to let that happen.

  • Reboot Still Waters by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Spock is taken by slavers, and life doesnít really move on. But all still water must eventually flow or stagnate.

  • Reboot Subverted Ambitions by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    After trying to achieve peace for over a century, Vulcans and humans decide to hold a series of arranged marriages. As an ambitious young captain, James Kirk agrees to the mergerÖonly to find that his ambitions soon change. [12 chapters complete]

  • Reboot Test of Time by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    While balancing between two sides of a war, Jim is forced back in time to relive his worst memories.

  • Reboot The Accidental Matchmaker by notboldly50295 - ADULT

    Sometimes the best intentions are no intentions at all. Prompt: ďSpock receives a mystery card, thinks it's from Kirk, but it's not. The mistake brings them together.Ē For ksvalentine (2010). [2 parts, complete]

  • Reboot I'll Meet You There by noxie - ADULT

    Sequel to "This Cunning Plan", wherein seducing Spock did not quite go as planned. Now poor Jim is trying to convince himself he's not in love.

  • Reboot This Cunning Plan by noxie - ADULT

    Kirk has a simple but clever plan to seduce Spock. It works - sort of.

  • Reboot Understanding Your Vulcan, A Manual by noxie

    A case study in five typical scenarios. With added bickering.

  • Reboot Cusp of Possibility by o0o_faor_o0o

    Jim must make do with the bursting movement and infinite chaos of urban activity of a city named Gyunid, which sings with an imprecise and wild trill at his feet. (Or: In which Spock is actually Kirk's t'hy'la.)

  • Reboot Easy Is A Shadowed Look by obstinatrix

    Kirk's been fighting again, and Bones isn't on hand to patch him up. Spock steps in, and Kirk comes to some half-drunken realisations.

  • TOS: Movies Echoes by obstinatrix

    Spock is dead, something's wrong with McCoy, and Kirk is being slowly torn apart.

  • TOS Formalities by obstinatrix

    McCoy hates formal dinners, he hates his dress shirt, and his life basically sucks enough as it is, without him having to deal with Kirk and Spock dancing in their bathroom, thank you very much.

  • TOS Jealousy by obstinatrix - ADULT

    Jim smells of sweat, and an unfamiliar perfume.

  • TOS: Movies Onward, The Road by obstinatrix - ADULT

    The interaction between Kirk and Spock on the evening of Kirk's birthday at the beginning of Wrath of Khan. Kirk is not best pleased to be getting older.

  • TOS Something About Buckles by obstinatrix - ADULT

    Kirk has discovered a serious flaw with the new uniforms.

  • Reboot These Threads That Bind Us by officercruiser - ADULT

    [WIP] Regardless of a rift in time, some bonds can never be broken, some destinies can never be denied, and true love prevails through the darkest of hours. [last update June '09]

  • Reboot Hung Lou Meng by ofphenwa - ADULT

    After a long day, Spock Prime dreams.

  • Reboot The Genesis by ofphenwa - ADULT

    Spock Prime was rejuvenated (but still older than Spock) and lost part of his memory, before he learns and understands he was in an alternate timeline, he went into Pon Farr, then Plak Tow. He went on seeking out and tries to claim his T'hy'la as his mate (success or not is up to you). To his confused mind, the other Spock is just an impostor and rival, and must be eliminated.

  • Reboot Close to me by often-adamanta

    Jim just wants to spend time with Spock after a difficult shift.

  • Reboot In His Kiss by often-adamanta - ADULT

    The pressure on the fingers of his right hand increases, and he becomes aware of warmth. Someone is holding his hand? That doesnít seem right. He twitches his fingers and yeah, theyíre caught in a tight grip.

  • Reboot Jim Kirk Gets Some Tail by often-adamanta - ADULT

    See title.

  • Reboot A Slight Detour by old_blueeyes

    Merlin BBC/Star Trek XI crossover. ďSpock, weíre in King Arthurís court!Ē

  • Reboot Anomaly of a Capain's Duty by openedbook

    He knows better than to meddle in their lives. The time-line is already irrevocably changed, and suddenly he canít be so sure that theyíll fulfil their destinies on their own. Whether or not their destinies are same as he and Jimís own is yet to be seen, but he will not deny his younger self what he had been denied for so long, and is now denied again.

  • Reboot Avatrek by openedbook - ADULT

    [WIP]Star Trek/Avatar Crossover: James can't take over the clan yet, he needs to find a mate. His best friend told him not to chase after the Vulcan. (Readable even if you haven't seen Avatar) Requested by Leri, the oh-so-patient winner of my HelpChile auction.[multipart. Last update, pt 2, 3rd Sep '10]

  • Reboot Boring as Hell by openedbook

    Kirk is unchallenged when studying at the Academy, but finds his third period independent study make it all worthwhile.

  • Reboot Completion by openedbook - ADULT

    While injured and unconscious, Spock forms a Vulcan bond with both Kirk and Spock. The bond is incomplete, but not wanting to burden his crewmates, Spock chooses to let himself grow weak, and runs away sensing he will die without completing the bond (which requires physical consummation). Kirk and McCoy go after him.

  • TOS/Reboot Happy Birthday by openedbook - ADULT

    Spock has a surprise to give Kirk for his Birthday.

  • Reboot Pretty Good Idea by openedbook - ADULT

    It had all started yesterday when he got caught sleeping in Commander Spockís class, warranting him a detention. ďDid you know, Bones, that Vulcans are the only species that find the hands to be an erogenous zone?Ē

  • Reboot Protrusion by openedbook

    Complete, unadulterated Mpreg fluff. Written for my bff narcidella since she isnít feeling great

  • TOS/Reboot Silence by openedbook - ADULT

    Silence will always surround this memory, on a pedestal of itís own.

  • Reboot Winter Wonderland by openedbook

    For Anon's promt at STXIKinkMeme: Spock sees snow for the first time.

  • Reboot A Stallion Must First Be Broken by oritpetra - ADULT

    [WIP] A series of vignettes about Kirk and Spockís stormy acquaintance, reluctant friendship, and eventual relationship. [Multipart, incomplete. Vignettes 1-10/20 - last update 13th Apr '10]

  • TOS The Unreal City by pallanwen - ADULT

    When the landing party gets lost in the fog of a hostile planet, Kirk and Spock are struggling to get back together in many respects. Contains sea-monsters, mythological allusions, a space version of Venice and epic angst - see for yourself. [6 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Parted From Me and Never Parted, Touching and Never Touched by passionstorm - ADULT

    He felt his carefully maintained control beginning to be breached by each thought that came to mind at his current predicament.

  • Reboot Don't Worry (i'm okay now) by pavlovs_kitten

    Seven people and events that shaped James Kirk into the captain he was meant to be, and one that made no difference at all. (Star Trek Big Bang fic) Art by Markowe_Pola, mix by xlcatloveress.

  • Reboot Paint It Lavender by pavlovs_kitten - ADULT

    "So, do you know where I could buy a few gallons of non-toxic paint?"

  • Reboot Paradigm Shift (Or 5 Times Jim Kirk exceeded Lieutenant Uhura's Expectations) by pavlovs_kitten - ADULT

    Despite general opinion to the contrary, hating Jim Kirk came very easily to a lot of people.

  • Reboot Weathercock by peapods42

    "Weathercock: a weathervane in the form of a rooster." The Earth has wind patterns and they change seasonally. Some people took that as a sign of more than just weather patterns.

  • AU A smile through the water by pearlstar178 - ADULT

    Spock and Kirk share their dreams even when they can't always share words. As the relationship between the captain and his first officer develops they celebrate a significant anniversary in a unique fashion. This was written from the H/C exchange @ trek_hc for crazywriter10 who asked for water and a broken bone. As the relationship between the captain and his first officer progress they celebrate a significant anniversary in a unique fashion.

  • Reboot Refraction by pencil_tricks

    Requested was "Kirk/Spock, Kirk having to woo a reluctant Spock."

  • Reboot Uncompromising by pencil_tricks - ADULT

    Spock is intrigued by Kirk's performance during the Kobayashi Maru, and decides to... investigate.

  • Reboot All of My Maps Have Been Overthrown by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    Written in response to this prompt at t_xi_kink_meme. Jim can bring one person back from death. He chooses Amanda. [5 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Deeper Down by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    A sequel to One Wing. It's been one year since the Narada Engagement and four months since Captain Kirk and Spock found themselves stranded on Veridian III. While the Enterprise is called back to San Francisco to mark the anniversary Nero's attack, Spock is obliged to travel to New Chicago to attend Amanda's memorial service. Jim opts to go with him, never expecting to run straight into his own better-left-forgotten past. (18 parts, complete)

  • TOS Feast or Famine by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    Kirk has some energy to burn and a Vulcan in his sites. Written in response to the st_tos_kink prompt In my experience, at least, TOS bottom!Spock is a woefully rare creature.

  • Reboot Four Times Spock Was Faithful to Uhura (And One Time He Wasn't) by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    Set shortly after the events of the Star Trek 2009. Kirk is driving Spock crazy, and he doesn't even know it.

  • Reboot Listen by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    Set after "Taste", though it can stand alone. Set in the movieverse. Spock listens as Kirk dreams. PWP.

  • TOS/Reboot One Wing by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    STXI/TNG crossover. Kirk and Spock are on a strange planet with no weapons, no communicators, and no clue what the hell is happening. They have no way of knowing that Spock Prime's life depends on their choices. (Nineteen parts, complete)

  • Reboot Sunny Feeling by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    Set approximately eight months after Deeper Down. The existence of a half-Vulcan half-Romulan child is enough to disrupt the tenuous peace between the Federation and the Romulan empire. The Enterprise has been assigned to bring the child from the research base on Syobrog 7 to the diplomatic meeting designed to settler her fate. But the scientists on Syobrog 7 have discovered something far more dangerous to the peace of the Federation--something that could steal the life of every Enterprise crew member, beginning with Jim Kirk. [multipart, incomplete]

  • Reboot Taste by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    Set in the movieverse. PWP for a Saturday night. Spock really likes the way Kirk tastes after a stressful situation. There's not much more to say.

  • Reboot Touch Me I'm Going to Scream by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    It's time for Spock's pon farr and Jim takes him away from the Enterprise to give him exactly what he needs.

  • AU Watch by pepperlandgirl4 - ADULT

    Kirk gets a mirror...he wants Spock to watch. PWP. Sequel to 'Taste' and 'Listen', but can stand alone.

  • Reboot A Cry of Defeat to the World by pervyficgirl - ADULT

    After his brother's death, Jim tries to cope. He has a little help, from both Spocks.

  • AU And Cried Out His Name In Joy by pervyficgirl - ADULT

    The aftermath of an accidental bond isn't so bad, until the pon farr hits.

  • Reboot Yet Undeniably Real by pervyficgirl - ADULT

    The Enterprise crew encounters a planet that can make all their dreams come true. Kirk takes advantage of this.

  • TOS The Threat of Knowledge by pet_pet_angel

    Perhaps he is a coward for not wanting to name it, but he doesn't dare call it love yet. He doesn't dare call it what it can never be, and in truth it isn't exactly love, but surely love is it's closest approximation.

  • TOS Against All Odds by phoenix2063 - ADULT

    ďThere goes our two million credit underwater shuttlecraft.Ē Kirk commented as bubbles could be heard not more than two meters from their position.

  • Reboot Hush by phoenix2063

    Friendship fic

  • Reboot My Anchor, My Captain by phoenix2063

    It happened during meditation.

  • Reboot Water's Edge...Chapter 1 by phoenix2063 - ADULT

    On an exploratory mission Kirk goes missing and is trapped by a carnivorous plant. After Spock saves his life, he reflects on how close he came to losing his captain. Meditation can only bring Spock so far before he has to deal with unexpected emotions caused by the event. [3 parts posted, incomplete, last post 12th Jan '10]

  • Reboot Five Times Spock Told Kirk to Shut-up by pikasafire

    Kink meme prompt: ďSeven times Spock told Kirk to shut-up and the one time Kirk kissed himĒ. [Part Three written by yiddibot.]

  • Reboot Join the Dots by pikasafire - ADULT

    Spock and Kirk find themselves tied up. Kirk finds a way for them to entertain themselves. [2 parts, complete]

  • Reboot The Meaning of T'hy'la by pomme_noir - ADULT

    The story of how Jim and Spock became T'hy'la

  • Reboot Red Shift by posyvanilla - ADULT

    On an alien planet, Spock touches a machine which makes him completely human, and Kirk has to deal with the aftermath.

  • Reboot Terminal Point by posyvanilla - ADULT

    On a routine diplomatic mission, Spock is captured, and the Enterprise's search for him meets a dead end. Kirk, however, is determined to find him, no matter how long it takes or how far he has to go.

  • Reboot All at the end by preromantics

    Spock's hand shakes when he tries to raise it, which is what Kirk notices first, which is what makes him realize how serious the situation is. Or: a (quick!) healthy dose of mindmelding.

  • Reboot Domesticity by preromantics

    Kirk and Spock cook breakfast.

  • Reboot Star Trek Old Spice Drabble by projectawesome1

    In case you've been living in a cave (or just haven't seen it) there's a commercial for Old Spice body wash that's been parodied quite a bit around the internets. I decided to write my own little drabble version.

  • Reboot The Fields That Make a Man by proudcockatrice

    Kirk drags Spock to Iowa with him, on vacation. Spock comes to some uncomfortable realisations about himself and his captain. This is the beginning of an epic bromance.

  • Reboot Five times people caught a glimpse of James Kirk‚Äôs tattoo and one time it was seen entirely by prue84

    Five times people caught a glimpse of James Kirk’s tattoo and one time it was seen entirely, the title says it all!

  • Reboot You could be happy by prue84

    ďItís over, he thinks as one, single tear makes its way down his right cheek.Ē

  • TOS Evening of Amusement by psychedk - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock in an amusement park... having fun?

  • TOS: Movies Always Shall Be by punk4life1315 - ADULT

    With his final breathe, he spoke to his T'hy'la

  • Reboot Cold by punk4life1315

    Eskimo kiss prompt. The away team have a mission on Delta Vega. Due to the coldness, Kirk gets closer to Spock.

  • Reboot First Sight by punk4life1315 - ADULT

    Written for schmoop_bingo love at first sight prompt. The first time they saw each other, they both knew that there was a connection. Takes place slightly before Kirk takes the Kobayashi Maru

  • TOS Gone Supernova by punk4life1315 - ADULT

    How would you spend your final moments with the one you loved?

  • Reboot Guilt by punk4life1315

    After a mission gone terribly wrong, Spock listens as the Kirk lets everything out before comforting him.

  • Reboot Kisses Without Lips by punk4life1315

    Spock teaches Kirk the Vulcan Kiss, which Kirk is fascinated by. Sequel to Cold

  • Reboot Not That Girl by punk4life1315

    Spock's with Uhura and deep down, it hurts Kirk to see.

  • Reboot Thicker than Water by pure1magination - ADULT

    [WIP] Kirk and Spock's destiny is not the only one that changed thanks to Nero. An old figure from Spock's past will come seeking forgiveness and will shake what the Vulcan sees as wrong and right. [part 1 posted Dec. 09. no more likely as user changed names and f-locked journal]

  • TOS A Cabin in the Woods by purplefluffycat - ADULT

    On a pleasure planet, Kirk does not realize the way his deepest desires lay - until of course, they are made startlingly real...

  • TOS Appreciation by purplefluffycat - ADULT

    Spock has a (secret?) kink for chubby!Kirk, so is not at all displeased when his t'hy'la unknowingly packs on a few pounds. Sexytimes ensue..."

  • TOS Extraordinary by purplefluffycat - ADULT

    Written for the shiny and fabulous st_tos_kink meme, for the prompt: "Kirk rimming Spock. Spock losing it. Please."

  • Reboot This is Bumbles by purplefluffycat - ADULT

    Prompt: Spock's in pon farr. Jim finds out and offers to help him out! Instead of being aggressive in pon farr, Spock is super loving, emotional and sweet. Bonus if it takes Jim off guard!

  • TOS Write What You Know by purplefluffycat - ADULT

    ďAnyway, it got me to thinking. Are there any examples of romance novels in Vulcan literature?Ē ďMost certainly.Ē The captain stops his offhand perusal of the ceiling and looks at Spock. ďReally?Ē ďYes, of course. Fictional accounts of the joining of sentient beings, set during pre-Awakening times, are common on Vulcan. They are, in point of fact, an art form to which I someday hope to aspire.Ē

  • Reboot Slime by purple_spock - ADULT

    An unfortunate mistake turns out well in the end.

  • Reboot A Raging Fire by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Pon farr. This is not about Jim. This is about Spock. About saving Spock. And Jim is prepared to do whatever it takes. [Part 4 of the Frost & Fire series (in two parts)]

  • Reboot A Slow Burn by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Two point three four years after that fateful discussion... not all is right upon the Enterprise. [Part 3 of the Frost & Fire series]

  • Reboot A State of Mind by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Prompt: Kirk sleeps with one of the Vulcan boys who taunted Spock when they were children. Spock finds out about it, but tries to deal with it logically. It doesn't work, or Kirk sees through him anyway. The Kirk/Spock should come after the pair is discovered, though; please no cheating.

  • Reboot Beginnings and Ends by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Winona Kirk dies a hero when Jim is just a toddler. The person she saved? Spock cha'Sarek. Amanda takes the young orphan in as thanks. But the course of true love never did run true...

  • Reboot Believing Rumors by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Jamie Kirk is 28, Starfleetís youngest captain, in love with her first officer Ė and a virgin. But the grapevine buzzes with stories of her promiscuity, and Spock chooses to believe the rumors Ė until a planet that equates virginity with childhood shows him just how wrong he is. [4 parts, complete] [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Chocolate, Spice, and Everything Nice by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Kirk is secretly in love with his first officer. Spock is secretly intoxicated by chocolate. Add in an away mission, a day in the snow, and a hot brown beverage (hint: it isnít coffee).

  • Reboot Claiming by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Jim is flirting again - so Spock takes the opportunity to re-stake his claim. Short PWP sequel to Vulcan Catnip.

  • Reboot Fire and Frost by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Jim offers Spock everything he has ever wanted. Spock cannot accept. [Part 2 of the Frost & Fire series]

  • Reboot Five Aliens and a Spock by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Prompt: Five Times Jim Kirk DID NOT Enjoy Doing It With An Alien Male and One Time He Did. But really, it's not about anatomy but the person you do it with. Bad!sex and really bad!sex, male objects from your own picked different alien species (not necessary of ST-verse). Bottom!Kirk would be nice.

  • Reboot Frost and Fire by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Jim offers. Spock rejects. [Part 1 of the Frost & Fire series]

  • Reboot Frustrations by putigress2012 - ADULT

    5 times Kirk and Spock try to have sex but are interrupted by something(or someone)and the one time they finally manage to get some privacy. And, you know, Spock gets increasingly frustrated by this and decides to take matters into his own hands.

  • Reboot Kisses by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Prompt: vulcans kiss with their hands and fingers. spocks been stealing kisses and the party he's interested in has had no idea. either spock is too shy, certain his interest will not be returned, or just having fun taking advantage with the other party none the wiser. either spock/bones or spoke/ kirk. bonus if someone else sees spock do it and knows what it is, either they taunt the love interest or let the cat out of the bag.

  • Reboot Lasha (Precious Stone) by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Ambassador Selek gives Captain Kirk a kitten. Captain Kirk falls in love. Commander Spock is not impressed.

  • Reboot Me, Myself, and Jim by putigress2012 - ADULT


  • Reboot Mistakes and Miscommunications by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Kirk is being pursued/seduced/courted by Sexy Alien #1. Kirk doesn't want this, because he's madly in love with Spock. Spock doesn't seem to notice, until Kirk nearly gets raped. Thus, Spock has to save his Captain (and his Captain's ass).

  • Reboot Never Have I Ever by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Crew plays 'never have I ever.'

  • Reboot Of Romulan Drugs and Vulcan Possessiveness by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Kirk goes out to a bar and his communicator stops working, so Spock has to go retrieve the ship's wayward captain. When he arrives at the bar, he sees a male alien who seems to be spiking Kirk's drink. UBER-PISSEDANDPOSSESSIVE!SPOCK (even though a little voice in the back of his head tells him that Kirk isn't his and it's illogical to behave otherwise.)

  • Reboot One Last Kiss by putigress2012

    Prompt: TOS!Spock is on board when Kirk is hurt. He sneaks down to see him even though seeing Jim hurt again brings back old emotions. He vulcan kisses Jim's lips (ToS! Spock finger to Nu!Kirk lips) with Nu!Spock coming in or watching.

  • Reboot Pointedly by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Crossover with LOTR Legolas. Kirk has a thing for pointy-eared men. They somehow land on Middle Earth, extra points for jealous!Spock over the ear attention.

  • Reboot Primal Urges by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Spock gets a possessive thrill when seeing his come ooze out of Kirk.

  • Reboot Rectifying the Situation by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Kirk manages to get himself turned into a girl for 48hrs or so, and of course once he's been deemed healthy he runs off to have some fun, alone, in his room. Spock walks in later to find Kirk frantically finger-fucking himself but not quite able to get himself (herself?) to orgasm... it is only logical that Spock rectify this situation. Multiple times. After making Kirk beg for it. Perhaps he will then allow Kirk to fuck himself on his cock and finally let him get off by himself. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Regrets by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Jim loves Spock. But Spock refuses to let emotion rule over logic...Will he come to regret it?

  • Reboot Seducing Spock by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Prompt: Vulcan hands= erogenous zone, right? I want Spock to fist someone. K/S preferred but not necessary.

  • Reboot Should Have, Would Have by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Bones should have, would have...but now it's too late.

  • Reboot Six Times Jim Kirk Took Care of His Crew - And One Time They Took Care of Him by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Six Times Jim Kirk Took Care of His Crew - And One Time They Took Care of Him

  • Reboot Supernova by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Prompt: Nero said in the movie that he knew who Kirk was. What if he knew about the relationship between Spock and Kirk? So, noncon Nero/Kirk with Spock forced to watch...

  • Reboot The Finest Pair of DSLs in the Fleet by putigress2012 - ADULT

    "I'd like a pan-crew fantasy fic about Kirk's mouth. McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu, and Scotty dreaming about what the dear Captain's mouth would do to them." Spock doesn't need to dream--it's happening right that moment.

  • Reboot The Golden One by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Kirk caught as a scantily-clad slave a la Leia when she's in her gold bikini captured by Jabba. The rescue team comes pretty quickly, but they didn't exactly bring a change of clothes with him, so Kirk's still dressed in not-very-much when they're running for their lives. Bonus points if he winds up naked before they get back to the Enterprise.

  • Reboot The Learning Curve by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Shore leave on Risa - and somehow Kirk managed to get himself into a relationship with his undeniably sexy and surprisingly sweet first officer. But for some inexplicable reason no one else saw Spockís sweetnessÖ [Complete]

  • Reboot The Logical Choice by putigress2012 - ADULT

    After a couple of months together Spock continues to refuse to mind meld with Kirk when Kirk asks him to. Kirk begins to think that he was just a logical choice and Spock was never in love with him.

  • Reboot The Only Truth by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Kirk is loyal. SpockÖ is not. Betrayal is the only truth that sticks (Arthur Miller).

  • Reboot Vulcan Catnip by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Jimís mind is most dynamic Ė and as the Vulcan debate team finds out, it is most pleasurable to meld with him. Too bad for them, Spock is not anywhere near willing to share (Jim is his, even if the human does not know it yet). [4 parts complete.]

  • Reboot Vulcan Seduction by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Let's see something where Spock wants Kirk and attempts to seduce him, but Kirk is in no mood for a relationship with his Vulcan First.

  • Reboot Vulcans Don't Glare by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Kirk sleeps in the buff, and one day while he's asleep the ship comes under attack. There's no time to slip on clothes, so he just grabs a pillow or sheet and high-tails it to the bridge, successfully getting his ship and crew out of harm's way. But then the adrenaline wears off and people start to actually think about the fact that there captain is stark naked in his chair.

  • Reboot Wake Up Before You Lose It All by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Set a few years in the future, Spock and Kirk are a happily bonded couple and they both wanted the bond. Spock gets hurt on an away mission and gets amnesia, forgetting everything, including the bond. He believes he's still with Uhura and Jim wanting his lover to be happy, allows this. Uhura goes along because she still loves Spock. Bonus if some guy hits on Kirk and Spock gets insanely jealous without knowing why. I would like Kirk to either be pregnant with Spock's kid or have given birth to it.

  • Reboot Wet Towels Don't Hide Bite Marks and Bruises by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Spock needs the captainís intake on something important, so he goes to his quarters. Kirk has just showered and is wearing only a towel to open the door. He lets Spock in while finishing drying off. Spock sees bite marks and/or bruises and is suddenly quite angry at whoever put them there. Kirk is his and proceeds to show a stunned Kirk the truth of that.

  • Reboot With Tears by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Prompt: Kirk/character of anon's choice are in a relationship the whole crew knows about and accepts. Then, Kirk gets top!secret-super!classified orders from stafleet basically forcing him to seduce a traitor/spy to get information for starfleet. [OR Kirk's orders force him to gain trust from the traitor/spy, so Kirk is all friendly and the traitor/spy takes advantage of Kirk.] Kirk follows orders/is forced but he's horrified, disgusted, and seriously messed up mentally by the encounter. Instead of comforting him or trying to understand Kirk's side, his significant other dumps him for cheating and the crew blames/is nasty to Kirk, since they aren't privy to starfleet's orders. Much angst ensues!

  • Reboot Yes, Sir by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Prompt: Kirk's the one being fucked, but he's the one in charge: giving instructions ("Spock, slow down" "Jim, I am not sure I can-" "I said slow down." "Yes sir"), generally being a tease and reducing his XO to a frustrated wreck.

  • Reboot You Love Me Too Much by putigress2012 - ADULT

    Kirk has a stalker. At first it's not that creepy and maybe even inspires a few laughs with the crew? And then it gets disturbing and creepy. I would love Kirk's friends/crew coming together to support him. Maybe they're unsettled after things start to escalate and they try to take measures to get the stalker to leave their captain alone.

  • Reboot Where No Knives Have Gone Before by rabidchild67 - ADULT

    It‚Äôs Top Chef San Francisco, starring all your favorites among the central cast (and a few others to pad it out ‚Äď I needed 17 chefs!). In Episode 1, the Cheftestants meet, fight, cook, screw ‚Äď you know, a typical day in ST:XI fandom. [WIP: Chapter 1 posted 21st August 2012]

  • Reboot Duty by rae1013 - ADULT

    Jim sorta cheats. Spock deals with it in his own way.

  • Reboot Ever Shall Be by rae1013

    Jim was, to put it mildly, exuberant while Spock was not. She could not, would not ever understand. Ch 3 - Over the Rainbow series

  • Reboot Gone, But For the Shadow by rae1013 - ADULT

    You couldn't choose your family. All you could do was survive them. [COMPLETE]

  • Reboot Ooh La La by rae1013 - ADULT

    Did you know that Vulcans ran underground 'touch' clubs? Well, now you do. Inspired by Goldfrapp's 'Ooh La La'.

  • Reboot Raspberries by rae1013

    On a bad day, you find your smile in the most unexpected places. AN: And now it's a series. I don't know how regularly this will get updated, however, this seems like an awesome way to break from the angst of my other stories. It goes to follow that since I have a ton of angst planned for three different Trek stories, I may need a lot of breaks. I'll try to spend them in this little world. Ch 2 - Over the Rainbow series.

  • Reboot Sway by rae1013

    McCoy witnesses a private moment between a new family. Ch 1 - Over the Rainbow series.

  • Reboot Three Kisses by rae1013

    Three important kisses in Kirk and Spock's relationship.

  • Reboot Traditions by rae1013

    If she wasn't so damn adorable the crew most likely would have mutinied by now. Ch 4 - Over the Rainbow series.

  • Reboot Trespass by rae1013 - ADULT

    It was bound to happen sometime. The Enterprise crew has finally run out of luck

  • Reboot Uncomfortably Rumpled by rae1013 - ADULT

    "Zee Keptin has a laundry fetish."

  • Reboot Assigning Blame by ragdoll987 - ADULT

    ďKirk,Ē Uhura said firmly, ďif you donít stop pussyfooting around and tell Spock youíre in love with him, Iím going to kick your ass from here to Sunday, then tell him myself."

  • Reboot Bragging Rights by ragdoll987 - ADULT

    AU. Two and a half years into his time at Starfleet Academy, Jim Kirk meets Lieutenant-Commander Spock, and the sparks begin to fly. Written for the K/S Advent Calendar.

  • Reboot Breaking Points by ragdoll987 - ADULT

    When the Enterprise is asked to transport Vulcan colonists to their new home, Spock Prime comes with them. His presence changes everything Ė and leads to life-altering revelations for Jim and Spock. A story about growth, self-discovery, and new beginnings. [20 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Chaos Theory by ragdoll987 - ADULT

    Just like the Butterfly Effect, Jim Kirk flaps his outraged hand, and everything changes. Oh, and Amanda Grayson survives Vulcan. What happens after?

  • Reboot Grasp The Thorn by ragdoll987

    While accompanying his parents on a routine visit to Earth, a teenaged Spock meets a fascinating young boy named Jim.

  • Reboot Great Expectations by ragdoll987 - ADULT

    Jim is determined not to enjoy Christmas, but his lover is just as determined to change that.

  • AU Kings and Pawns of Men by ragdoll987

    A series of unusual and anonymous gifts sends Spock on a quest for answers (with Kirk along for the ride).† How chess and strategy conspired to bring two men together in the midst of a Christmas holiday!† Written for the ksadvent†.

  • AU Limits by ragdoll987 - ADULT

    Wherein Spock learns the subtle nuances of gift-giving, and Kirk has fun wrapping up his Christmas present.† And then they have sex.† Kinky sex.† This is a nominal sequel to Kings and Pawns (though it can basically act as a stand-alone), and was also written for the ksadvent .

  • Reboot Verbal Jump-Rope by ragdoll987 - ADULT

    AU. At the end of the movie, the older Spock did not seek out his younger self and encourage him to stay on the Enterprise. It falls to Jim to convince him. This is how he does it.

  • Reboot What Lies Beneath by ragdoll987 - ADULT

    Spock, in typical Vulcan fashion, has withdrawn himself from the Enterprise, her crew, and most especially her Captain, and Jim is determined to find out why, even if it kills him.

  • Reboot Adventures In Solitude (Welcome Back) by rainbowstrlght

    A year after the Enterprise starts its mission, Spock is still dealing with his grief over the loss of Vulcan and his mother.

  • Reboot Hang On To Your Hopes, My Friend by rainbowstrlght - ADULT

    In the race for Federation President, two candidates have stepped up for the challenge. But to what lengths will Kirk and Spock go through for the process - and will the sacrifices be worth it? || This is a political AU, where Kirk and Spock both run for Federation President. A slight homage to The West Wing and my fave novels written in epistolary format. [trekreversebang]

  • Reboot Heroes and Villains by rainbowstrlght - ADULT

    The Enterprise is getting ready for their Valentine's Day celebrations, when they are ordered to investigate Sigma Iotia II for possible cultural contamination. When they get there however, Kirk and company discover way more "culture" than they had bargained for. [6 Parts, Complete]

  • Reboot Zenith by rainbowstrlght - ADULT

    When Winona Kirk finds love with the small-town sheriff of Riverside, Jim is uprooted for his high school senior year to the middle of nowhere. But once Jim arrives, he gets wrapped up in the local mystery of a series of crop circles, along with finding himself drawn to a peculiar and enigmatic group of kids - especially one in particular, named Spock. Danger ensues, as Kirk unravels the meaning behind the crop circles, and why Spock and his family live in Riverside.

  • Reboot Jim's Thoughts On The First Time by rakina - ADULT

    Like the title says, it's Jim's thoughts on his first time with Spock. You can consider this set sometime during their service together, some years after the Narada incident. They finally got there, but it took them awhile.

  • AU Daemons Reboot by ramtops_witch

    [WIP] ST/ His Dark Materials Crossover. Kirk's mental fire was like warp core engines, fusion and fire and speed--and it only made sense to shoot at life like a rocket built for a science fair [incomplete, last updated Oct 09]

  • Reboot The One Where Spock has Kirk Tied Up and Proceeds to Have His Wicked Way With Him 1/1 by ramtops_witch - ADULT

    Kirk needs to be tied to more things.

  • Reboot How to Please a Vulcan by ranka_lee - ADULT

    Kirk wants to learn how to please Spock the Vulcan way.

  • Reboot Kirk's Confession by ranka_lee - ADULT

    Kirk hopes to tell Spock how he feels, but the night takes a different direction.

  • TOS/Reboot Mirror Merging by ran_mouri - ADULT

    James T. Kirk only knew one love after a life of disappointment and debauchery, and now that love was gone... or maybe not.

  • Reboot Wishes granted by ran_mouri

    [WIP] James T. Kirk always wanted a family of his own, if only to prove his step-father wrong. Now he has what he has always wished for, if only a little different from what he expected. [multipart, incomplete, ch 1 posted Jun '10]

  • Reboot And they won't believe you when you write home about it by raphaela667 - ADULT

    Hikaru Sulu knows everything, but he didn't know this.

  • Reboot Five Times Jim Kirk Called Spock Sweetheart (Without Ever Meaning To) by raphaela667 - ADULT

    What heís not thinking about is what comes out of his mouth, but thatís not really unusual.

  • AU Much More, More Than That by raphaela667 - ADULT

    And then Jim is holding her, and smiling down at her, tracing one pointed ear and pressing a kiss to her brow - still disgusting, but Spock doesn't point that out, because he's enchanted by the way Jim holds her, by the way she fits to her father's chest, and looks up at him with Vulcan-dark eyes.

  • Reboot Our Emotional History is in the Kitchen by raphaela667 - ADULT

    ďI know your son very well. I know that he is most likely to do what he is told not to do,Ē Spock says, and she sees a flash of humor in his face, but maybe she imagined that, too. ďI wondered if it might be in my interest should you hate me on sight.Ē

  • Reboot So much clearer (with your toothbrush) by raphaela667 - ADULT

    Jim'd leave him but he's kind of warm, and if they get divorced he might get left alone with the kids. And then they'd all mutiny.

  • Reboot The ups and downs of you by raphaela667 - ADULT

    Starfleet first officers did not regress to childhood without at least submitting prior warning to their commanding officers. They'd established that after the whole Pon Farr mess last year. There were rules about Vulcan biology and scaring the hell out of Jim now. This had to be in violation of at least three of them.

  • Reboot You used to be able to fall off the edge of the world, here by raphaela667 - ADULT

    Jim and Spock save the whales, Sulu's life is ruined and Pavel makes the coffee.

  • Reboot Captured Emotions by recycledlight - ADULT

    Spock has throughly broken up with uhura. Worry!fic. Kirk goes out on a mission, gets the LKSDFULAKSDU beaten out of him, per usual, and Spock's emotions overflow upon his captain's return.

  • Reboot Enterprise SS- Meetings (Do you remember when...) by redsilkribbons

    High school AU. This is the second of a series of fics in this universe.

  • AU Meetings (Do you remember when...) by redsilkribbons

    High school AU. This is the second of a series of fics in this universe.

  • Reboot Shake Your Pom-Poms by redsilkribbons

    The Enterprise get in touch with their creative sides.

  • Reboot The Telanovella Club by redsilkribbons

    Spock and Bones have a secret.

  • Reboot An Alternative Idea by red_at_three - ADULT

    Written for the [info]st_xi_kink_meme , here: "Spock giving Kirk a lap dance. Maybe Jim instructing him through it? Either way, make it slow and sensual. This anon is aching for some soft frottage. <3 (Bonus if they both come without removing any clothes. ;3)."

  • Reboot For Me by red_at_three - ADULT

    Kirk/Spock first time fantasy porn of a written fast and spontaneously.

  • AU Home Also I Cannot Go by red_at_three - ADULT

    [WIP] On his first trip to Earth, 15-year-old Spock runs into a certain rebellious young man from Iowa; confusing as their night together is, he's sure everything will return to normal when he gets home... [last update ch 14, 20 Aug '11]

  • Reboot Home Also I Cannot Go by red_at_three - ADULT

    On his first trip to Earth, 15-year-old Spock runs into a certain rebellious young man from Iowa; confusing as their night together is, he's sure everything will return to normal when he gets home..

  • Reboot Louder Than Words by red_at_three - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock are forced to share a tent on an away mission gone slightly wrong. Spock takes the opportunity.

  • Reboot Pitchforks and Pointed Ears by red_at_three

    Jim is sure there's a spark between him and his First Officer, but Spock, ever practical, is reluctant to take the next step. Everything changes, however, when a transporter accident leaves a sixteen year old Spock, right in the middle of his rebellious stage, on the Enterprise. As Jim tries to deal with the aftermath of his friend's transformation, the Enterprise encounters a rogue Romulan ship on its way to New Vulcan. Spock's interactions with the vessel's Commander provide a new threat to the ship's safety--and a new complication to Spock's relationship with Jim.

  • Reboot Prophetic by red_at_three

    An epic, time traveling, space traveling, inter-species, same sex, forbidden love story. Yes. It's obvious. The play is prophetic. And he and Spock could work, would work, if they'd just give it a try.

  • Reboot Remembrance by red_at_three

    It's raining and Selen can't sleep. So he asks his father to tell him a bedtime story. A.N: Written for a prompt on the prompt: "Spock's child/ren asks for a bedtime story and he tells them of how Sarek and Amanda met and fell in love. In a fairy tale type way."

  • AU Rings This True by red_at_three - ADULT

    Written for an old kink_meme prompt asking for Kirk and Spock as teenagers. Anon suggested a 5+1, 5 times Kirk and Spock were caught making out, and 1 time they were not.

  • AU From Among The Dead by reezoo - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim Kirk is an ex-detective with an aversion to heights whose world gets turned upside down when he is asked to follow a mysterious man named Spock. [10 parts posted, last update 4th Apr '10]

  • Reboot Shut Up and Deal by reezoo - ADULT

    Overwhelmed with the task of getting four-plus years at Starfleet Academy done in three, Kirk has the not-so-brilliant idea to pimp out his off-campus apartment as a love nest for Starfleet officers in exchange for academic favors. He soon finds himself to be the only occupant not getting any action, and he certainly does not count on Spock, the Vulcan instructor he is crushing on, to become one of the frequent users.

  • Reboot So Much for Gravity by regann - ADULT

    The last thing Jim wants is telepathic proof that Spock hates him, even though that's exactly what he gets. It's just one more thing Jim needs to figure out on his bumpy road to a destiny he doesn't even know if he believes in.

  • Reboot Longing by rennieelf83 - ADULT

    An entry from the First Officer's Personal Log concerning what is and what could have been. Companion to "Unrequited".

  • Reboot Unrequited by rennieelf83 - ADULT

    An entry from the Captain's Personal Log concerning what is and what could have been.

  • Reboot A Christmas to Remember. (or All I Want for Christmas is You.) by renuki

    After the bloody mess Nero caused, and while the Enterprise was grounded, the Christmas leave happens. After finding out that his Captain Spock would spend Christmas alone, First Officer Tiberius drags Spock along with him to his mother's. Written for ksadvent2009. :D

  • Reboot On the Wings of Fortune by renuki

    This tells the story how the smuggler met the ambassador's son. With add Christmas favor!

  • Reboot There is a light at the end of the Tunnel by renuki

    In this AU, loosely based on Eros and Psyche's story, Jim Kirk has found out that not even being the God of Love makes him immune to his own arrows nor to the Fates' meddling. Written for ksvalentine.

  • TOS/Reboot A Gentle Nudge by rhaegal - ADULT

    A transporter malfunction takes Kirk and Spock to a parallel dimension in which their alternate selves act very oddly indeed.

  • Reboot Compatibility Test by rhaegal - ADULT

    In which Spock learns about human relationships, and Kirk learns a thing or two about Vulcans.

  • TOS Dangerous Game by rhaegal - ADULT

    Kirk has to face up to the perils of fraternisation within the chain of command.

  • TOS: Movies De Profundis by rhaegal - ADULT

    Prompt from spookybfi: Ok, so Kirk basically spent, like, the entire series wooing Spock, to no avail because Spock broke his heart and left for Gol. Now that Spock is back, Kirk has given up on him because he doesn't know where he stands any more, and he doesn't want to get hurt again. That's ok though, because after his ZOMGFEELINGSAREOK revelation in sickbay, Spock is more than willing to woo Kirk this time :D The wooing could happen on Valentine's day because... it's Valentine's day!

  • TOS: Movies Devil's Bargain by rhaegal - ADULT

    Set after TMP. Spock’s impending pon farr makes him wary of agreeing to a second five-year mission, so Kirk agrees to lend a hand (so to speak) should the situation arise. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Reboot Evolution by rhaegal - ADULT

    In his first year in command of the USS Enterprise James T. Kirk must gel his new team together, adapt to his abrupt change in status over his friends, and deal with falling for his first officer. And, of course, there's always someone out to threaten the galaxy. [Completed Jul '10]

  • Reboot On the Optimal Parameters for Expediting Ejaculation in the Human Male, by Commander Spock by rhaegal - ADULT

    Submitted for publication in the Journal for Xenocoital Studies. Abstract: I present the first study of sexual relations between Vulcan and Human males, from a study of 100 sexual encounters with a single Human male. The time taken for the Human to achieve orgasm was measured under four types of contact: manual stimulation of the penis, oral stimulation of the penis, oral stimulation combined with digital contact with the anus, and anal penetration. The optimum parameters for producing orgasm are identified, and empirical relations are presented between the time taken to orgasm and the pressure of manual or oral stimulation or frequency of anal thrusts. [pdf download at link]

  • Reboot Winter Sun by rhaegal - ADULT

    Shore leave happens to coincide with Christmas. Jim convinces Spock to join him for some traditional Terran festivities, and learns an unexpected lesson in Vulcan customs.

  • Reboot Breathing Techniques by rhenia_ra - ADULT

    ďIt seems,Ē he says, voice muffled by the manís shirt, ďthat you have an easier time taking her advice than I do.Ē [Sequel to 'mommy issues'.]

  • Reboot Love Plant by richiexcore

    They beamed down on Aurega for a simple retrieval mission, but of course things were more complicated than that!

  • TOS Leaving Home by riddlestar - ADULT

    What really happened at the end of the 5 year mission. Angst.

  • Reboot The one where Commander Spock points out the truth by rin-chan

    the one where Commander Spock points out the truth original fanfic in Chinese written by Rin-chan translated into English by Renata Lord ([info]snowlight)

  • Reboot The one where Jim Kirk causes a scene in a bar (again) by rin-chan

    See title

  • Reboot With My Feet Toward the Stars (let me remember you as you were when you existed) by rinsbane - ADULT

    At age five, Spock informs his mother that it is illogical to wish him ďsweet dreamsĒ at bedtime because Vulcans do not dream. ďOh, Spock,Ē she says.

  • Reboot Harmless Obsession by roboerotica - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim continuously sees a rather attractive Vulcan professor in the hallways. The Vulcan is the only one who never spared him a glance, or even acknowledge his existence, but Jim can't seem to get him out of his mind. [Incomplete, Last Update 28 Nov, Part 1]

  • Reboot Iowa: State of Emotion by robotsdance - ADULT

    Teenaged Spock is sent to stay with Winona and Jim Kirk when his father goes in to Pon Farr.

  • TOS My First Sight by romanclee

    Spock is not overly familiar with emotion. Thus, it is only logical, that when his sight is taken from him, the emotional repercussions of this loss catch him quite unawares.

  • TOS Birthday by romennim - ADULT

    After their return to Earth, Jim doesn't remember his birthday. Bones organizes something to celebrate.

  • TOS Epiphany by romennim - ADULT

    She couldn't see how they clicked together romantically, really, she couldn't, even if it was right in front of her. And when it finally hit her, it was like an epiphany.

  • TOS First Kiss by romennim - ADULT

    How their first kiss could have happened. [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • Reboot Haven by romennim

    Sometimes you just want to drown in your pain. Fortunately, now there is someone who wants to hold you up.

  • TOS No-win Situation by romennim - ADULT

    "Sometimes you feel like you've finally entered a no-win situation." [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • TOS: Movies Secure by romennim - ADULT

    "I thought I would be the one to run away first, Jim." [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • TOS Telling Moments by romennim - ADULT

    How much of what you think you know is a result of what you see? And how much of that is a result of your imagination, instead? [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • TOS The First Morning Together by romennim

    Jim reflects after waking up for the first time beside his two lovers. [established K/S/M]

  • TOS Two Compasses by romennim - ADULT

    What you could see if you went to retrieve your superior officers, because - as usual - the transporter doesn't work. [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • TOS Uncanny by romennim - ADULT

    "How stupid you can still be sometimes; it's almost uncanny." [Kirk/Spock/McCoy]

  • TOS What We Can Be, If You Let Us by romennim

    Near the end of the five-year mission, an unexpected request of transfer forces Kirk and Spock to confront the doctor about their relationship and their future together.

  • AU Expected by rose-aislin

    The prompt was for an alive, awesome, there to stay, Kirk!Prime, with some Kirk!Prime/Spock!Prime if possible. And maybe some nu!Kirk/nu!Spock as well.

  • Reboot Meeting the In-Laws by rose-aislin - ADULT

    Kirk is off to meet his in-laws.. uh, in-law, with Spock. Vulcan II is hot. Vulcans don't get drunk on alcohol. Kirk does. Kirk basically embarrasses Spock - who is trying to tell his father about their relationship.

  • Reboot Touching Hands by rose-aislin

    The first time that it happens, Spock is almost sure that it hasn't. Almost, because he finds that lying to himself is illogical, and so does not condone it.

  • TOS Bed of Silence by rosemary - ADULT

    On the day he receives his captaincy, Kirk is taken by Mitchell to a brothel where the main attraction is a male "devil." (Description thanks to the kirkspockcentral K/S story database.) Originally published in 1981 in the print zine Out Of Bounds.

  • Reboot He Never Will by rps_lizardspock - ADULT

    From THIS PROMPT at st_xi_kink. The prompt was, erm... Spock comes all over Kirk's face.

  • Reboot Leonard McCoy's Surprise by rubic_cube - ADULT

    Leonard McCoy discovered something about his roommate, James Kirk, that he never knew and believes that he deserves bourbon

  • Reboot Speaking to the Converted by rubic_cube - ADULT

    PIke is ready to give the big speech to enlist in Starfleet only to find that Kirk is converted.

  • Reboot Love Never Dies a Natural Death by rusting_roses - ADULT

    Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings. ~ Anais Nin

  • Reboot No Prince Charming by rusting_roses - ADULT

    He was supposed to marry Prince Charming and have the happy ending he so desperately craved. But Spock was no Prince Charming, and he sure as hell wasn't in a fairytale. However, as Spock's Time approached, it looked like he might not have a choice in the matter, and that scared him more than anything. Amok time remix. [13 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Rest for the Weary by rusting_roses - ADULT

    Jim has a bad day. Spock makes things better with Vulcan acupuncture. And sex.

  • Reboot We're Marching On by rusting_roses - ADULT

    For the Tarsus IV fic challenge #29: I want to see Jim forced to relive Tarsus IV--but not just because some aliens were sadistic or whatever, but as a test--and I would love the reward to be one of two things 1) either Vulcan is restored or 2) Amanda is alive again. I'll make you wait til the end to see which one I picked. The title is taken from the OneRepublic song Marchin On

  • AU The Wonders of an Insane Mind by rven-julies - ADULT

    [WIP] First big diplomatic mission and Kirk's ready to go! At least, until he slowly comes to the realization that this little colony has a lot more going on than it appears. And none of it's good, especially for his Vulcan First Officer. [part 1 posted 25 Aug '11]

  • Reboot Come As You Are by ryann_blackwood - ADULT

    When Kirk returns from a mission, Spock has some issues with intimacy.

  • Reboot The Offspring by ryann_blackwood - ADULT

    [WIP] After a confrontation with the Romulans, Jim ends up pregnant and gives birth to a Human-Romulan hybrid child. With a slew of challenges, personal and professional, Jim has to find a way to navigate politics, command, and fatherhood. [mutli-chapter, incomplete, last update, pt 9, 5th Mar '11]

  • Reboot When Friendship Matters Most by ryann_blackwood - ADULT

    "You, my friend, are touchier than a porcupine with hemorroids." How Bones finds out what's bothering JIm and goes about correcting it.

  • Reboot Encircled by rynne - ADULT

    Spock has a ring kink, which doesn't exactly help his control when Jim decides to buy a wedding ring. And wear it. In public.

  • Reboot Justification (The Psychoanalysis Was So Twentieth Century Remix) by rynne - ADULT

    Sometimes a kink is just a kink.

  • Reboot Myth by sadiesin13 - ADULT

    Spock has been oblivious to his(and Kirk's) true feelings about each other and doesn't realize that he is life-bonded with Kirk until he "feels" Kirk's second(and real) death. He spends next 16 years feeling devastated and depressed, until he is given another chance to follow his heart when he meets a younger Jim in the alternate universe

  • Reboot Et tu, Q? by saffrongreen

    [WIP] Kirk as a Q. Prompt: Kirk is actually a Q, who, observing the Kelvin disaster, takes a protective interest in Spock, and is stripped of his powers by his fellow Q for showing too much interest in human (and vulcan!) affairs. So Kirk is stuck as a human, never knowing he was a Q. But will he be stuck that way forever? Hilarity ensues (I hope!). [One part, unfinished as of 3rd Jul '09]

  • Reboot Further Study Required by saffrongreen

    [WIP] Spock does a little digging around in Kirk's records, only to discover that he's a genius-level delinquent. Good thing that's just the way Spock likes 'em. [2 parts posted, last post June '09]

  • Reboot Shifting by saffrongreen - ADULT

    Prompt: Aliens Made Them Do It + Vulcan Kisses! Sort of!

  • TOS Gratification by sahviere - ADULT

    Spock learns to play a different kind of instrument.

  • AU Four Things Jim Kirk Hates About That Pointy-Eared Bastard by sans-pertinence

  • TOS Graven Image by sans-pertinence - ADULT

    Two intelligent, amoral men attempt to communicate.

  • Reboot Through water by sans-pertinence - ADULT

    Jim fails at cheating. Again.

  • TOS What You Love by sans-pertinence - ADULT

    Combined episode tag and fallout scenario for Platoís Stepchildren, one of the most disturbing (for me) TOS episodes ever. Consent issues aren't always about sex--not wholly, at any rate.

  • Reboot Little Lion Man by sanwall - ADULT

    When Kirk said, 'Hey, the smartest person I know is a whore!', logically, no one assumed he was talking about himself. They were wrong.

  • Reboot Lungs by sanwall - ADULT

    [WIP] Kirk is determined not to let anyone die - especially not Spock. But saving Spock's life might tear them apart forever. [part 3, 23 Aug '11]

  • Reboot The Epic Stars by sapphyra924 - ADULT

    When Bones and Uhura are taken captive by Klingons, Kirk and Spock team up to lead the Enterprise in a rescue mission to save their friends. The journey brings the two of them closer than they had ever imagined. [6 parts, complete]

  • Reboot You Are James T. Kirk by sarahalex

    I missed a scene in the Star Trek XI movie...

  • Reboot Below The Line by sarahnix - ADULT

    "It felt wrong, more than wrong, it felt unnatural." Expansion of the SpockKirk fight. [3 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Below the Line by sarahnix

    "It felt wrong, more than wrong, it felt unnatural." Expansion of the SpockKirk fight.

  • Reboot Erasing The Line by sarahnix

    There was no explanation, no reason why a simple fight should make them feel like this, but it was still happening, so why do they feel like there is something missing?

  • Reboot By Any Other Name by saucery

    [WIP] Kirk and Spock! Fighting crime! In latex! With superpowers! [part 1 posted 23 May '11]

  • Reboot Endgame by saucery

    Kirk and Spock play chess. On and off the board. (Or, the one in which Spock stealth-marries Kirk. Because Spock's sneaky that way.)

  • Reboot Nine Lives by saucery

    Spock turns into a cat. All hell breaks loose.

  • Reboot Shadowcraft by Saucery - ADULT

    A shadow makes no movement of its own. A shadow mirrors its master.

  • Reboot Along the Grassy Brink by scienceblues

    Lion King AU. I apologize.

  • AU Trying to Breathe by scifiroots - ADULT

    Kirk is attracted to Spock and heís also got a vague idea of how good they could be together due to little bits and pieces that filtered through the mind-meld with Spock-prime. But at the same time heís freaked out by the fact that if Sarek didnít call Spock off, he wouldíve seriously choked him to death. So Kirk tries to stick to only being friends with Spock even though he really wants something more than friendship but he gets freaked out by it becoming more because he canít get over the whole choking thing.

  • Reboot A Different Story by scraplove

    Right before his first date with Spock, Jim reflects on the events that led them there.

  • Reboot Accord by scraplove

    Leonard enlists Spockís help in trying to convince Jim to try not to get himself killed.

  • Reboot An Abundance of Talent by scraplove - ADULT

    Jim Kirk has a lot of talents the crew of the Enterprise doesnít know about. They come in pretty handy on missions.

  • Reboot An Enterprising Christmas Carol by scraplove

    Spock is not looking forward to the first holiday season spent without his mother, and pushes everyone away. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by four individuals who are intent on helping him realize that he does not have to be alone, and his insistence on it is hurting someone very important to him.

  • Reboot An Unorthodox Relationship by scraplove

    Jim and Spock decide to engage in a romantic relationship, but they donít do so like most people.

  • Reboot Assumptions by scraplove

    Jim likes to cuddle with his best friend. Five people who dumped him because of it, and one who didn't.

  • AU Attention by scraplove

    Spock left his quarters that morning wearing the wrong shirt. Six people who didn't say anything about it, and one who did.

  • Reboot Autocorrect Never Dies by scraplove - ADULT

    Fills this epic prompt on [info]st_xi_kink_meme: Now I really want to read a fic where PADDs have an auto correct feature! What sort of shenanigans will ensue when the crew forgets to proofread their emails!? A.N.: Words: 6416 altogether, between 20 and 100 per individual autocorrect. This masterlist lists each autocorrect separately and organized by pairing for ease of navigation. Some link to an individual post, while others are together with other autocorrects with the same pairing. I feel compelled to note that most of these are taken from DYAC, and I just Trekified them.

  • Reboot Beginnings by scraplove

    George reflects on what Jim missed in childhood the first time around, and how to fix it.

  • Reboot Belonging by scraplove

    Jim Kirk never fit in on Earth, and was always compared his father and found lacking. Spock never fit in on Vulcan, and was always expected to meet the Vulcan ideal, and found lacking. They are only complete once they meet each other. Based on The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen.

  • Reboot Best Laid Plans by scraplove

    Jimís idea for a romantic activity doesnít go as planned.

  • Reboot Captivation by scraplove

    When Spock invites Jim to his quarters for dinner on Valentineís Day, Jim knows perfectly well it could be an assassination attempt. But heís head-over-heels for Spock, and just has to knowÖ [For K/S Valentine's meme]

  • Reboot Celebration by scraplove - ADULT

    Modern day AU. When Proposition 8 is overturned, Jim and Spock celebrate. In public.

  • Reboot Ceremony by scraplove

    Jim and Spock get married.

  • Reboot Claim by scraplove - ADULT

    As an attractive bartender, Jim has to deal with people hitting on him a lot. Spock does not approve of this at all.

  • Reboot Clan by scraplove

    Spock is worried about meeting Jim's family, but he shouldn't be. [Part of the Trust verse]

  • Reboot Cogitation by scraplove

    Spock devises a logical solution to Jim's tendency to thrash in his sleep.

  • Reboot Cognate by scraplove

    Jim finishes his thesis, after which he and Spock celebrate and make an important decision for their future.

  • Reboot Cognizance by scraplove

    When Spock is away, Jim thinks about how much his life has changed in the past year, and how it will change more. (Laundry verse)

  • Reboot Collaboration by scraplove

    Jim and Spock juggle responsibilities and their busy schedules while taking care of their puppy. Part of the 'Laundry verse'.

  • Reboot Collapse by scraplove

    Jim is exhausted and stressed, which causes his emotions to go a little nuts. Spock makes him feel better.

  • Reboot Comfort by scraplove - ADULT

    Jim works too hard on his thesis, and causes himself some harm. Spock and Sydney take care of him, and keep him away from the causes of his stress.

  • Reboot Commitment by scraplove - ADULT

    The pieces of Jim and Spockís life together begin to fall into place. Part of the laundry verse

  • Reboot Compatible Skill Sets by scraplove

    Jim and Spock collaborate in order to participate in a cultural ritual.

  • Reboot Complying with Orders by scraplove

    Spock has always been exemplary at following orders...

  • Reboot Concealment by scraplove - ADULT

    Spock deals with Jim's insecurities during his pregnancy.

  • Reboot Concourse by scraplove

    Jim and Spock arrive in the Berkshires for their wedding, and meet a few important guests. (Part of the Laundry verse)

  • Reboot Consanguinity by scraplove

    Five people who made Jim's crappy day a little better, and one who made him forget about the day entirely.

  • Reboot Contretemps by scraplove

    Jim and Spock get some disappointing news, but find the good in it.

  • Reboot Correspondence by scraplove

    On his own shore leave, Leonard gets some mail from the vacationing lovebirds.

  • Reboot Crisis by scraplove - ADULT

    After a crisis, Leonard watches Spock start to put Jim back together.

  • Reboot Cure by scraplove

    Five ways Jim tried to get rid of his hiccups, and one way that worked.

  • Reboot Customs by scraplove

    'Twas the night before Christmas and all through Samís house, no one was stirringÖ except Jim. Spock investigates.

  • Reboot Ending the Propositioning, One Being at a Time by scraplove

    Spock is logically fatigued with beings constantly propositioning his bondmate. He decides to do something about that.

  • AU Exposition/Coda by scraplove

    Modern day AU. Jim and Spock meet at Ernie Davis University, study music, and fall in love.

  • Reboot Faith by scraplove

    Uhura doesnít understand how Spock puts up with all of his bondmateís shameless flirting. Spock doesnít understand what the problem is.

  • Reboot Faithfully by scraplove

    On the eve of a long separation, Jim and Spock dance to their song, and enjoy each other's presence.

  • Reboot Family by scraplove

    Watching Jim and Spock with his children, George reflects on Jimís less-than-great childhood, and how their lives have changed since then.

  • Reboot Fate by scraplove - ADULT

    Despite a multitude of precautions taken, Jim and Spock end up with a lot of kids. No really, a lot of kids.

  • Reboot Firsts by scraplove

    While on vacation at Yosemite, Jim and Spock share several first experiences. (As you can see from the rating, they are very innocent experiences.)

  • Reboot Five Times Spock Thought Jim and Dr. McCoy Were in a Relationship, and One Time They Set Him Straight by scraplove

    Prompt: Spock's in love with his fine captain. Jim and Bones are BFFs and Spock assumes (from what he observes of their closeness, also McCoy is pretty much Jim's only real friend for a long) that they're together. Just because Spock and Jim were t'hy'la in another universe, it is illogical to assume that they would be in this universe too. There are no universal constants after all. So Spock mopes in his logical, pointy-eared way until either Jim or Bones find out and set him straight (metaphorically speaking).

  • Reboot Friends by scraplove - ADULT

    Jim has lots of friends. Heís got friends to go on adventures with, friends to chill with, friends to banter with, and one friend who does everything.

  • AU Gratitude by scraplove

    Jim takes Chris's place on the Narada, and ends up unable to walk. He refuses to let this interfere with his plans.

  • Reboot Heartbeat by scraplove

    After a horrific mission, Spock and Jim take comfort in each otherís presence.

  • Reboot Hidden by scraplove - ADULT

    Jim hopes that by denying the fact that he is pregnant, it will go away.

  • Reboot Honesty by scraplove

    Jim just wants some advice on what to do if, hypothetically, he were in love with someone. Six people who didn't take it seriously, one who did, and one who actually answered his question.

  • Reboot Human Festivities by scraplove - ADULT

    Spock has a query about the meaning of a particular day on the Terran calendar.

  • Reboot Illogical Investigation by scraplove

    Spock is frustrated when Jim does not react to the most obvious displays of his desire to begin a romantic relationship. He decides to analyze Jimís behavior himself to find out if he is interested... by using a quiz meant for teenage girls.

  • Reboot Illogically Pleasing Garments by scraplove

    While delivering orders to Jim in the middle of the night, Spock discovers his illogical fascination with Jimís pajamas.

  • Reboot In Which Nyota Uhura is a BAMF by scraplove - ADULT

    Read the title.

  • Reboot In Your Eyes by scraplove

    Jim knows he made a mistake when he broke up with Spock. He takes a page out of Lloyd Doblerís book to try to get him back

  • AU Insecurity by scraplove

    Anon wanted insecure Spock and cuddling.

  • Reboot Knots, And Their Untangling by scraplove

    Jim is exhausted and achy. Spock gives him a backrub. They cuddle and go to sleep. Triple drabble. Enjoy!

  • Reboot Laundry Day by scraplove

    Modern day AU. Jim and Spock meet at the laundromat in San Francisco, and fall in love.

  • Reboot Lean On Me by scraplove

    Jim is having trouble dealing with the isolation of command, until he realizes Spock wonít let him be alone.

  • Reboot Let's Do the Time Warp Again! by scraplove

    When the Enterprise is required to travel through time, Jim decides to invoke the ancient wisdom of Rocky Horror.

  • Reboot Memento Mori (Remember You Are Mortal) by scraplove - ADULT

    Shortly after officially becoming captain of the Enterprise, Jim begins having dreams of his death, all different ways, but every time, he is with Spock, and at peace with the situation. As time goes on, he has more and more dreams, and falls more and more in love with Spock. A/N: Character death, repeatedly. Tissues might be necessary. But donít worry, it has a happy ending.

  • Reboot Never Leave by scraplove

    Spock is checking up on the Vulcan colony, while Jim freaks out that heíll want to stay there. When he gets back to the Enterprise, they talk.

  • Reboot Operation: Matchmaker! by scraplove

    [NuTrek/DCU crossover] After the Enterprise has a successful first contact with the planet Krypton, they bring aboard Ambassador Kal-El and his son Kon-El. Captain Kirk becomes quite fond of the young man who reminds him of himself, so when Kon-El falls hard for Lieutenant Timothy Drake, he enlists his bondmate's assistance in getting the two together. But various factors make this easier said than done...

  • TOS Rain by scraplove

    After Spockís death, the Enterprise returns to Earth, and Jim Kirk reflects on the missing half of his soul.

  • Reboot Reflections of a Vulcan Pillow by scraplove

    Jim likes to use Spock as his pillow. Spock doesnít mind.

  • Reboot Relaxation by scraplove

    On shore leave, Jim and Spock are taking a well-deserved break from stress.

  • Reboot Resolution by scraplove

    You could have your choice of men, but I could never love again. He's the only one for me, Jolene. --Dolly Parton

  • Reboot Role Reversal by scraplove

    Jim doesnít see the point in going on vacation while the Enterprise is repaired. Itís up to Spock to convince him otherwise.

  • Reboot S'Stelendos by scraplove

    From the prompt: Amanda gave Spock a stuffed animal when he was a baby and he's slept with it every night ever since. Although it embarrasses him, he's never tried to stop and it's also why he never brings his current lover back to his quarters for the night. Instead, he always insists they go to theirs. Of course, eventually that lover finds out about the stuffed animal. Jim finds out about Spockís teddy bear. Schmoop ensues. Enjoy!

  • Reboot Settling by scraplove

    Jim debates with himself over whether or not he is ready to settle down with Spock.

  • Reboot Stirrings of Hope by scraplove

    Spock finds the first signs of hope that they will be able to return Jim to the proper age.

  • TOS/Reboot The Captain's Catnap by scraplove

    Jim is exhausted from long hours of negotiations, and falls asleep. Spock takes it upon himself to make sure no one disturbs the sleeping Captain.

  • Reboot The Commencement by scraplove

    Jim graduates from Berkeley.

  • Reboot Traditions by scraplove

    Jim teaches Spock all the traditions associated with picnics.

  • Reboot Trust by scraplove

    When Jim is turned into a six-year-old, it is up to his brother to help Spock get him back to normal.

  • Reboot Two Souls by scraplove

    Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. An Academy fic.

  • Reboot Two Souls With But A Single Thought by scraplove

    George hasn't seen much of Jim since he was eighteen, but that won't stop him from telling Spock not to break his little brother's heart.

  • AU Veracity by scraplove

    Four times Jim was told someone loved him, and one time he believed it.

  • Reboot A Question of Science by screamlet - ADULT

    AKA "The One Where Spock Prime is a Matchmaker"; but be warned that it's as much about Spock Prime and matchmaking as TOS is about modes of technology in the 23rd century. [info]

  • Reboot Calibration by screamlet - ADULT

    Bonding and adjusting. Follow-up fic to "A Question of Science".

  • Reboot ctrl alt delete by screamlet - ADULT

    One day, there was a landslide.

  • Reboot Denouement by screamlet - ADULT

    Conclusion to the series I've entitled Communication. Detailing the Enterprise's first shore leave.

  • Reboot Discount Shot Night by screamlet - ADULT

    The first shore leave of the USS Enterprise -- and my first Trek fic. Eek. Part 1 of the Communication series.

  • Reboot Diving by screamlet

    Follow up to Discount Shot Night, followed by Denouement; exploring the Enterprise's first shore leave.

  • TOS Hats and Shirts by screamlet

    Fucking hats, man! They're awesome!

  • Reboot Our First Christmas by screamlet - ADULT

    †For the K/S Advent (ksadvent) challenge, #50: Spock knows a lot about Christmas, but pretends he doesn't so Jim can teach him about the holiday. Jim finds out, and starts making things up.†(Set at the end of the five-year mission.)

  • Reboot Proof by screamlet

    How the Crew of the Enterprise Found Out Kirk and Spock were Together. In the same universe/timeline as A Question of Science and Calibration, but these are vignettes that can be inserted into those stories.

  • Reboot Spacedock by screamlet - ADULT

    The last day of the Enterprise's five-year tour is comprised of about 90% lounging, 10% other. Part of the A Question of Science series.

  • Reboot spock to spock by screamlet

    Spock Prime decides to give his faintly shocked younger self tips and hints on getting together with his version of Kirk while they're both young, pretty, and hormone-driven. Bonus points for a really awkward version 2.0 conversation.

  • Reboot The Captain's Quarters: A Space Romance by screamlet

    A brief glance into the gift-giving habits of Captain James T. Kirk.

  • Reboot The Cleverness of Me by screamlet - ADULT

    Response to Prompt: Kirk being oblivious. I want the whole crew to know that Spock loves himÖ and for Spock to be at his wits end. Something about sexually-frustrated!Spock appeals to me. Bonus if Kirk is fucking everything with legs in the meantime.

  • Reboot The electric cat planet by screamlet - ADULT

    One ridiculous day in the life of Leonard McCoy.

  • Reboot This Year by screamlet

    A look at the year between the Narada incident and the start of the five-year mission

  • Reboot Whiskey by screamlet

    There's talk of puppies and toastmasters between retirees.

  • Reboot The Old Gentaran Boy's Club by scribblinlenore - ADULT

    It's a temple of man-loving, and Spock really wants to get inside to take some readings. Kirk proposes a logical course of action.

  • Reboot Male Bonding Rituals by seascribe - ADULT

    Things arenít exactly going smoothly between Spock and Uhura, and Kirk offers Spock some friendly advice.

  • Reboot The Outer Skin of Everything that Happened in the World by sea_lilis - ADULT

    Five fictional worlds where Kirk and Spock get together.

  • Reboot Repeat Offender by seperis - ADULT

    After a bar, in Iowa.

  • Reboot Appropriate Punishment by sexylaccolith - ADULT

    Jim is punished by Spock.

  • Reboot The Red by shadowkit - ADULT

    A look at what exactly passes between Jim and Spock during the scene on the bridge, what what it leads to in the future.

  • Reboot Agkaliazo trela (Embrace Madness) by shamrockivy - ADULT

    A look at what was running through Kirk's mind while having the life choked out of him.

  • Reboot Archaios apaitisi (Ancient Claim) by shamrockivy - ADULT

    One year after the choking incident, things have changed.

  • Reboot Archaios di by shamrockivy

    How choking leads to courting for one particular Vulcan. A.N: This piece follows directly after Phthora logos and Agkaliazo trela, but comes directly before Archaios apaitisi.

  • Reboot Phthora logos (Passing Away of Reason) by shamrockivy - ADULT

    A look at what was running through Spock's mind while choking the life out of Kirk.

  • Reboot The Wolf, the Moon and the Sun by shayla-kage

    Jim Kirk is mentally a wolfÖ

  • Reboot Two as One by shiny_n_new - ADULT

    A missing scene from the new movie, wherein Spock informs Kirk he's being thrown off the ship. Kirk is not pleased.

  • Reboot The Night Before by shirasade

    Ambassador Spock is not the only one drawn to the Enterprise the night before she is set to leave.

  • Reboot Encounter by shizuke

    Spock has heard many rumours about this Cadet Kirk. Given the proper opportunity, he would really like to meet him.

  • Reboot Speed of Falling by shizuke

    "He's going 125 miles per hour and the wind is whipping so hard around his ears, he screams just to be able to hear himself."

  • Reboot Enterprising Young Men by silvershadowkit - ADULT

    When Spock passes out on the bridge one day, McCoy and Kirk band together to help him through his crisis, no matter what. They just wish they had known what to expect a little earlier. [2 parts, complete]

  • Reboot No Mercy for the Restless by silviakundera - ADULT

    A bit of adventure, planet-of-the-week.

  • TOS A Beautiful Mornin' by simoneallen

    I'm struggling to find an excuse for this. I had a long day...?

  • Reboot A Very Captainly Demeanour by simoneallen - ADULT

    Kirk's hiding out in a Jefferies Tube, but Spock finds him

  • Reboot A Wondrous Thing by simoneallen - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock meet on board a space liner. They fall in love but things are complicated so they make a pact to part and meet again in six months if they still feel the same way. My K/S version of An Affair to Remember.

  • Reboot Adorkable by simoneallen - ADULT

    James T Kirk is annoying. He really is.

  • Reboot Belonging by simoneallen - ADULT

    The Enterprise's first away mission after the destruction of Vulcan throws up some interesting emotions for Kirk and Spock. [3 parts, complete]

  • TOS Captain's Favourite by simoneallen

    This is the first in what I hope will be a series of stories around the theme of gifts. If any more occur to me, that is.

  • TOS Come by simoneallen - ADULT

    Spock attempts to comfort Kirk following his brother's death.

  • TOS Each to Their Own by simoneallen - ADULT

    Kirk takes Spock on shore leave with a view to seducing him, but all doesn't go to plan. [2 parts, complete]

  • TOS Goodnight, Sweetheart by simoneallen - ADULT

    A TOS/Quantum Leap crossover set during City on the Edge of Forever.

  • Reboot I Walk To You by simoneallen - ADULT

    Some turmoil and a heated moment.

  • Reboot Love You by simoneallen

    Just a short dialogue thing. I was a bit bored and bogged down in a long story I still haven't finished

  • Reboot Operation Seduce Spock by simoneallen - ADULT

    Kirk sets out to get Spock, but Spock doesn't seem too keen [3 parts, complete]

  • TOS Raindrops Keep Falling by simoneallen - ADULT

    Some fun in the rain

  • TOS The Friend by simoneallen - ADULT

    Kirk, Spock and McCoy visit Vulcan. Spock meets up with an old friend and Kirk doesn't like him at all.

  • TOS The Glade by simoneallen

    Kirk's been having a bad dream and Spock may be the only one who can help.

  • TOS The Inscrutable Nature of Doctor Leonard H McCoy by simoneallen

    Wherever Jim Kirk goes, he's flanked on either side and a half step behind by two taller figures in blue.

  • TOS Twinkle Toes by simoneallen - ADULT

    This was inspired by a youtube vid by annafrancesa1 to the tune of Lollipop. I watched Plato's Stepchildren again and noticed for the first time Leonard's natural rhythm and Bill's lack of...:)

  • Reboot From Here On Out by skellig8 - ADULT

    Wrongly accused of cheating, Jim has to make his way through a hostile Enterprise and when the details of his encounter come out, reparations must be made.

  • Reboot Vulcans Are Fangirls Too! by skellig8 - ADULT

    For this prompt at st_xi_kink_meme. Kirk is a secret astrophysics genius who publishes under a pseudonym; Spock sends him fanmail. Shenanigans ensue! (Two parts, complete)

  • TOS You Remember Our Plans? The Best Laid Ones, Too... by sketchnurse - ADULT

    Remembering the events of years past, and their distance from the events of this year, Spock looks for and finds an old gift from Jim, two days after their Valentine's Day together.

  • Reboot Five times Jim Kirk thought he had Spock figured out... by smalldream_fic

    Five times Jim Kirk thought he had Spock figured out and the one time he was sure he didnít (but he was totally right)

  • TOS Winter by smoothierox42

    Spock's view on winter.

  • Reboot 10 Genres in 10 Snippets by snowlight

    Meme. 10 genres being: angst, AU, crack, crossover, first time, fluff, humor, hurt/comfort, smut, and UST.

  • Reboot 800 by snowlight - ADULT

    Written for the ST XI kink meme prompt by snortingcoke "Pike told Kirk: 'Your father banged 800 women, I dare you to do better.'"

  • Reboot As All Rivers Return to the Ocean by snowlight

    Written for st_xi_kink request: please show me the wedding of Spock and Kirk.

  • Reboot Capsicum annuum Vulcanis by snowlight - ADULT

    K&S on vacation. Bones is called in for medical emergency.

  • Reboot Hour of the Wolf by snowlight - ADULT

    This is the result of my conversation with dissociate revolving around the question ďhey what if Spock could turn into a wolfĒ? Apparently the answer is that Jim would totally have sex with him like that. So, PWP happened and

  • Reboot K/S Family Series by snowlight

    A series of drabbles/ficlets based on the premise that K&S have a pair of biological sons. Don't ask me to explain it. I will cite alien stuff. It's not mpreg though.

  • Reboot LoveBrilliantScars by snowlight - ADULT

    Years down the line nu!Kirk begins to lose his youthful physique. Spock reassures him that he's still amazing.

  • Reboot Miracle by snowlight

    At the end of the movie, Jim seriously looks like he's going to take off for space with no first officer until Spock comes and volunteers himself. I'd like to see some Jim's thoughts on how he knows, just knows, that Spock is coming.

  • Reboot Outliers by snowlight - ADULT

    Pompt: Mirror!Jim having to talk his partner into having gentle, vanilla, 'kinky' sex. (Well, not so much talk, but the idea is there.)

  • AU Perfumed by snowlight

    Prompt: girl!Spock is the Captain's Woman. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot Songs of Seleya by snowlight - ADULT

    Kirk studies the Vulcan language while on medical leave. Naturally, sexytime ensues.

  • TOS/Reboot Sweet Music to My Ears by snowlight

    Kirk's singing "abilities"

  • TOS/Reboot Ten Lies My Captain Told Me by snowlight

    A half-cheeky half-fluffy take on an established relationship.

  • Reboot The Four Times Kirk Didn't Say "I Love You, Too" and the One Time He Did by snowlight - ADULT

    The Four Times Kirk Didn't Say "I Love You, Too" and the One Time He Did

  • Reboot The Four Times Spock Said Yes to Jim Kirk and the One Time He Said No by snowlight - ADULT

    Uh, what the title says. My serenade to the original OTP.

  • Reboot The Last Will and Testament of James T. Kirk by snowlight

    Prompt: Kirk may be reckless, but he isn't stupid and so he sets all his affairs in order before he takes off in the Enterprise again.

  • AU The Lotus Eater by snowlight

    Flower!eating Spock

  • Reboot The Narada Incident, as told by Hikaru Sulu's Twitter by snowlight

    In which Sulu tells Bones "Shut up! Asians have mad driving skillz!!"

  • AU The One Where Jim Kirk Needs a Glass of Champagne by snowlight

    Jim Kirk, meet Ambassador Sarek.

  • Reboot The Peanut Butter and the Jelly by snowlight

    Five times a human euphemism/ phrase went right over spock's head, and one time it really didn't.

  • TOS The REAL Trouble with Tribbles by snowlight - ADULT

    Written for the premise: What if there is a Tribble!Kirk and Tribble!Spock amongst the vast tribbles army in the TOS episode "The Trouble with Tribbles"? This is, as you might suspect, TOTAL CRACK. It might contain mpreg too, but can tribbles (which are born pregnant btw) really have mpregs?

  • Reboot Think No Evil by snowlight - ADULT

    Given the proximity of the conjugal quarters on I.S.S Enterprise, Uhura probably hears everything that goes on in this room. But to Kirk, that's only a turn-on. As for SpockÖwell, if Spock has any opinion regarding the matter, he doesnít say it. Discretion: one of the few Vulcan virtues.

  • TOS Those Who Love by snowlight

    Kirk goes to Vulcan looking for Spock post TOS. He finds T'Pring instead.

  • Reboot Transfiguration by snowlight - ADULT

    [WIP] Alternative Universe (or rather, pre-incarnation) story taking place in the early 2010s on Earth in New York City. Spock is a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. Jim Kirk is the genius-level offender that drifts into his life. This is a love story. [4 parts posted, last update Aug 11th '09]

  • Reboot Unbroken by snowlight - ADULT

    The aftermaths of a nuked Vulcan in the mirror universe. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)? by snowlight - ADULT

    st_xi_kink prompt request filled: 4 times Spock was propositioned and declined (logically, of course) and the 1 time he accepted (also logically).

  • Reboot Five Messages Sent While on Shore Leave by solarcat05

    If you were here, I would share my peanut butter balls with you.

  • Reboot Oh Captain, My Captain by songokuu - ADULT

    Spock, in his cabin. Reflecting on a recent mission. And then... [one part, incomplete, last post May 15 '09]

  • Reboot Each In His Own Time by southpaw526

    Jim gets news from Vulcan II.

  • Reboot Closer... by sparringett - ADULT

    As the Enterprise sets out on her maiden voyage, Spock goes into Pon Farr... (Prequel to CLOSER & STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL) [2 parts, completd]

  • Reboot Strange & Beautiful... by sparringett - ADULT

    They have done the unthinkable, and Kirk and Spock are content for a time. However, a new, immensely powerful enemy is about to put their relationship to the test, in the most brutal of manners... (Sequel to CLOSER & Prequel to UNMISTAKABLE) [3 parts, completed]

  • Reboot Unmistakable by sparringett - ADULT

    Theyíve managed to overcome Spockís Pon Farr together. Twice. Now a certain Commander is about get her hands on Jimís Vulcan lover, and nothing will ever be the same again... (Sequel to CLOSER & STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL) [4 parts, completed]

  • TOS Disillusionment by spdfg

    An exercise in diction. One day he went into a tailor's shop and discovered that he was fat.

  • Reboot Fed (C)up by spdfg - ADULT

    Spock is not quite so tolerant of certain forms of madness. For this prompt on the kink meme, which wasn't mine, but which might as well have been: WORLD CUP 2260! What hijinks ensue??

  • Reboot Four Square by spdfg - ADULT

    Kirk suggests a foursome. Spock has some trouble with the idea. Standalone sequel to The Womb of Joy.

  • Reboot Kirk Lays An Egg by spdfg - ADULT

    An astonishingly crack-free fill of this prompt on the kink meme: Kirk doesn't quite understand how Vulcan reproduction works until he winds up laying an egg...

  • Reboot Mothers Know Best by spdfg

    Inspired by this prompt on the kink meme: AU in which Winona Kirk and Amanda Grayson meet and decide to play matchmaker and get their sons together...

  • Reboot Opening Ceremony by spdfg - ADULT

    For this prompt on the kink meme: Kirk is a virgin -- like, a LEGIT virgin, and the whole crew finds out. What I'd really like to see is a fic in which Kirk has built up a reputation accidentally, but has always been interrupted, and then, by the time he's made Captain, he decides that being a good officer and a good man is more important than "fixing" his problem. Cue alien ritual requiring a virgin, and Kirk being the only one available.

  • Reboot Shame and its overthrow by spdfg - ADULT

    For this prompt on the kink meme: K/S established relationsihp. Once they start sharing quarters, Kirk discovers that Spock...bed wets.

  • Reboot The Kirk by spdfg - ADULT

    In which Kirk is surprised, and Spock learns his lessons well. For this awesome prompt on the kink meme: Kirk's sexual prowess is legendary, right? So really, it was only a matter of time before sombody started marketing it. While on shoreleave, Jim discovers the best selling dildo to ever hit this quadrent of the galaxy; "The Kirk". That's right ladies and gentlbeings, you too can now have your very own Captain-Kirk-Cock.

  • Reboot The Womb of Joy by spdfg

    In the Nexus, fantasy gives rise to reality.

  • Reboot Win-Win by spdfg - ADULT

    England win World Cup; Kirk and Spock to wed.

  • Reboot Old Man Sorrow by spider-anansi - ADULT

    [WIP] Part 1 only, no updates since Nov. 09

  • Reboot Temporary Madness, Fortunate Accident by spider-anansi - ADULT

    After ten years with Spock and a fight neither of them remembers starting, Jim does some thinking.

  • Reboot Still Life by spilledstardust - ADULT

    Jim has died and Spock struggles to learn how to live without him.

  • Reboot I'd let you breathe over me by spilled_notes - ADULT

    Spock attempts diligence in his paperwork, but Kirk employs Spock in the study of his body, instead.

  • Reboot Apologize by spirktrekker42

    A guilty Spock apologizes to Kirk for mentioning his dad during the Kobayashi Maru trial.

  • Reboot Camping Out by spirktrekker42

    Kidfic! Young Kirk and Spock camp out in Iowa and discuss their hopes for the future. When it is time to sleep, Kirk begs Spock to tell him a story. Spock obliges. Fluff galore, K/S friendship with mild slashy subtext.

  • Reboot Chance Encounter by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    Set during the Academy days. A reluctant Commander Spock is thrust back in time on an adventure with young cadet Kirk, as they try to undo Cupcake's tampering with history. But when Kirk gets to know his father, can he do what is right by history? [12 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Christmas Bride by spirktrekker42

    Jim and Spock spend Christmas Eve together. Jim pops the question. Fluff ensues.

  • Reboot For The Love Of A Bondmate by spirktrekker42

    One of Spock's old "diary" entries from his early teenage years on Vulcan survives the planet's destruction. Five years later, a bonded Spock and Kirk read the entry together in bed. Fluff ensues. Written for K/S day.

  • Reboot Jimmy and his Ninja Prince by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    Jimmy Kirk is given a special Christmas gift by a mysterious elderly Vulcan. However, he receives more than he bargained for, when, thanks to his selfless actions, it comes aliveÖ [2 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Letting Go by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    For the ksvalentine com. Kirk wants to take it to the next level but Spock has trouble letting go.

  • Reboot Mission to Gamus by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    [Sequel to "Teach Me".] Kirk and Spock have one final mission left before they can return to Earth. But what was supposed to be a routine medical supply run to a planet known for its peaceful society turns into something far more sinister. K/S. SLASH.

  • Reboot Mission to Gamus by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    [Sequel to "Teach Me".] Kirk and Spock have one final mission left before they can return to Earth. But what was supposed to be a routine medical supply run to a planet known for its peaceful society turns into something far more sinister. K/S. SLASH.

  • Reboot O Christmas Tree by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    Spock shows Kirk his favorite childhood Christmas memory with his mother. Kirk has an idea of how to help Spock overcome his grief over her death.

  • Reboot Proposition 8 by spirktrekker42

    Saavik tells her dad about what she learned in history class, that there was a time on Earth where same-sex couples didn't have rights. Kirk reassures her that this is not the case today. K/S slash, established rel. A/N: This is a 'deleted scene' from my fic And Saavik Makes Three, but you don't have to have read that to understand it. It stands alone just fine. All you need to know is that Saavik is Kirk and Spock's young adopted daughter.

  • Reboot Spirky the Spunky Spirkmeister by spirktrekker42

    A mysterious being wearing a rainbow shirt appears on the Enterprise and demands that Kirk confess his feelings for Spock or else. Will Kirk be brave enough to take that chance and risk losing his friendship with the half-Vulcan?

  • TOS Spock and Kirk Shoot A Commercial by spirktrekker42

    Spock and Kirk shoot a cereal commercial

  • AU Teach Me by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    Set during the new Star Trek movie, which means minor spoilers. My take on Kirk and Spock's first meeting at Starfleet Academy. Spock is Kirk's teacher and they really don't get along! Just how much do they *hate* each other? Pre-slash. Spock POV.

  • Reboot The Impromptu Bonding of T'hy'la by spirktrekker42

    [Prequel to Vulcan Couples' Retreat.] Spock and Kirk are stranded on the freezing planet of Altair V. The Enterprise is too far away to help. Spock can save them with a Vulcan healing trance but only if they bond. Will Kirk commit to him?

  • Reboot The One in the Chat Room by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    What happens when the bridge crew visits the Enterprise chat room?† Chaos, LotR references, and hookups, that's what.

  • Reboot The One With The Poop by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    Spock has a strange phobia and Kirk tries to help. [Warning: involves feces]

  • Reboot Vulcan Couples' Retreat by spirktrekker42 - ADULT

    Spock asks Kirk to come with him to New Vulcan to meet his family and experience the Vulcan culture firsthand. But Kirk didn't expect to be separated from his bondmate and forced to spend the weekend in class with T'Pau, Spock's grandmother.

  • Reboot Vulcan Spirit Cheerleaders! by spirktrekker42

    Kirk can't beat Spock at 3-D chess, so he arranges a diversion. Sulu and Chekov serve as the Trek version of the hyper Spartan Cheerleaders during their chess match! Will Spock fall for it? CRACK FIC.

  • AU All the seasons in one day by spockalicious - ADULT

    Shore leave on an alien planet has catastrophic results.

  • TOS: Movies Greensleeves by spockollama

    Spock was back on the bridge of the Enterprise, and all was as it should be. Except…

  • Reboot Into the Night by spockollama

    ‚ÄúI think you should be calling me Jim right now.‚ÄĚ

  • Reboot Of All the Gin Joints in the World by spockollama - ADULT

    Kirk didn’t understand Spock.

  • Reboot One Year, Six Months by spockollama

    Vulcans do not lie. But then, Spock was only half-Vulcan.

  • Reboot Anniversaries by spock_blocker

    Not all anniversaries are happy ones. Spock's POV.

  • Reboot The Start of Something by spock_flavored - ADULT

    [WIP] Five times Jim wanted to kiss Spock; and the one time he did. [Updated 3/6 Jul 15, 2011] [needs plot tags]

  • Reboot A Logical Solution by spookyfbi - ADULT

    Mirror!Kirk needs to re-establish his dominance to the crew, so he publicly punishes Miss Spockís insubordination. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot An Important Conversation Between Spock and Uhura by spookyfbi

    ďI have something important that I must discuss with youĒ

  • TOS Belonging by spookyfbi

    As a child of two worlds, where does Spock belong?

  • Reboot Between Two... by spookyfbi

    My take on the Kirk/Spock/Uhura love triangle thing... 100 words exactly.

  • TOS Hands by spookyfbi

    My spin on the scene at the beginning of Shore Leave, though it works just as well (maybe even better) if you havenít seen the episode.

  • TOS: Movies No Win Situation by spookyfbi - ADULT

    How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life.

  • TOS: Movies Reconnecting by spookyfbi

    Just a little angsty h/c snippet set between the crew arriving back in the 23rd century and the trial in The Voyage Home.

  • TOS T'hy'la by spookyfbi

    Poetry about Kirk & Spock and the meaning of Tíhyíla.

  • Reboot To Sensuously Meld by spookyfbi

    Drabble-matic madlibs! It's one of those things where you give it a whole lot of words and it makes you a story.

  • Reboot Watching Me, Watching You by spookyfbi - ADULT

    My response to the prompt: Spock watches Kirk masturbate, bonus points if Kirk is in the shower.

  • TOS When A Man Loves A Vulcan by spookyfbi

    What lead to Spockís decision to undergo the Kolinahr, and why Spock reverted back to his old self in Wrath of Khan

  • Reboot Strange Harvest by spuffyduds - ADULT

    Stinky vegetables, very small sickles, and those darn alien rituals. Also, Spock is a sex god.

  • TOS A Quarrel Over Tea. by stablercake - ADULT

    Kirk being Kirk, Spock gets mad, nothing is solved in the end.

  • Reboot Creepy Uncle Gabriel by stage_longsama - ADULT

    Heroes crossover. Written for thest_xi_kink_meme prompt: So, Sylar is indestructible, right? He definitely could still be around. Also Gabriel Gray - Amanda Grayson, he just has to be a distant relative of Spock's. So I want Jim and Spock as a couple, meeting Spock's family on Earth and there is this creepy uncle who gives Jim the evil eyebrow and generally makes him uncomfortable because he's always GLARING when Jim has unchaste thoughts about Spock. And who's creepily watching and Jim kinda fears for his life because Uncle Gabriel tells him what he might do if Jim broke Spock's heart. Spock loves his Uncle and they are always together, but Jim's jealous and wary.

  • Reboot Within Our Reach by starfish422 - ADULT

    With a few exceptions, everyone in the auditorium that day assumed the animosity between the two men arose solely from the situation at hand. They were only half correct. Spock had secrets of his own where James Kirk was concerned.

  • Reboot Ugly Duckling by starsandash

    [wip] Spock doesnít fit in with any Vulcans, no matter how hard he tries. And all the Ďillogicalí Earth stories he hears from his mother are about happy endings. So can Earth be his savior? Problem is, when Spock runs away to Earth, he doesnít find his happy ending.

  • Reboot Close Encounters by starsandgraces - ADULT

    Present day AU. While investigating strange lights and noises coming from one of his fields, Jim Kirk ends up having the night of his life.

  • Reboot Through the Eyes of Another by starsfics - ADULT

    A transporter malfunction has interesting consequences for Kirk and Spock, who find themselves in a grave predicament before they can rectify the situation. [Note: established Kirk/McCoy in the beginning]

  • TOS Bird Of Prey by stationtostars - ADULT

    PWP. Spock has sensitive hands. ;)†

  • Reboot Affliction's Sons by stella-andrea - ADULT

    There has been a Pon Farr outbreak on New Vulcan. Sarek goes to investigate but is trapped on an uninhabited planet with Winona Kirk just as he begins Pon Farr himself. Spock and Jim save their parents, only to discover that they are now stepbrothers. Dealing with the outbreak, their parents' new relationship, and their own friends-with-benefits relationship will challenge both of them. (13 parts, complete)

  • AU Boldun by stella-andrea - ADULT

    This is a prequel to Affliction's Sons, but it is completely stand-alone as well. Summary: Lauren Keller, Destina Morales, Boris Kozlov. Jim remembers them by name, the people who lost their lives because of him. Jim can't say Spock's first name, but he can hear it in his head, the long string of consonants that Jim made Spock repeat over and over. Jim can't say Spock's first name, but he'll remember it. [Warnings: Angst, Violence, Gore]

  • Reboot Emotions Outweigh Logic by stella-andrea - ADULT

    Very few people can make Spock feel emotion. Jim is one of those few. He has the ability to cause emotions in Spock without even trying. So when Spock has the opportunity to let him emotions run free with Jim, he takes it. It is illogical to have sex with Jim, especially when Jim thinks he is a woman with the genitals to match, but sometimes emotions outweigh logic.

  • Reboot Everything They Never Had by stella-andrea - ADULT

    ďIt wasnít a baby, Jim. It was some kind of alien parasite. It was growing even as it exited your body.Ē Jimís stomach turns, but Bones wonít stop talking. ďIt was eating your intestines and the human flesh it had grown to mimic a human embryo. It had been working on the placenta and your liver for weeks and I blew it off as normal pregnancy pains.Ē

  • Reboot Holographic Love by stella-andrea - ADULT

    Can a hologram be a person? Can a hologram ever truly love someone? Can a hologram make its own decisions? What does it mean to be a hologram?

  • Reboot Real Life Love by stella-andrea - ADULT

    Jim knows heíll never have Spockís love in real life. Spock is far too in love with Uhura to ever consider Jim. So Jim creates a hologram of Spock. The hologram serves as a comfort when Spock and Uhura decide to get married and Uhura gets pregnant. Itís also the catalyst to Spock discovering Jimís love.

  • Reboot Roadhead by stella-andrea - ADULT

    A/N: This story is sorta set post-Affliction's Sons.. [Community template not used]

  • Reboot Variations of Vulcan Vaginas by stella-andrea - ADULT

    Humans are so very fascinated by what Vulcan penises look like that they never consider Vulcan vaginas.

  • Reboot Kicked From Inside by stella_notecor - ADULT

    Drugged by aliens with an aphrodisiac that impregnates males is NOT how Jim Kirk imagined falling into bed with his first mate. That's exactly how it happens though, and dealing with the consequences--including an angry girlfriend, a pointy-eared baby, and a chief-medical-officer who's against the whole thing--will force Jim and Spock together, whether they like it or not. [Completed 27th June 2012]

  • TOS Isn't It Romantic by ster_julie

    The newlyweds spend their first Christmas together.

  • Reboot Captain's Game by storylandqueen - ADULT


  • Reboot Baby, It's Cold Outside by stripedpetunia - ADULT

    The environmental controls on the Enterprise are malfunctioning and Spock is freezing. Good thing Kirk is a problem-solver.

  • Reboot Baby, It's Cold Outside by stripedpetunia - ADULT

    The environmental controls on the Enterprise are malfunctioning and Spock is freezing. Good thing Kirk is a problem-solver.

  • Reboot City on the Edge of Forever (The Standing on the Precipice Remix) by stripedpetunia - ADULT

    While exploring a new planet, McCoy is overcome by space madness. Kirk and Spock must follow him into the past to correct the timeline he ruined and rescue the entire Enterprise.

  • AU Flashback of a Feeling by stripedpetunia - ADULT

    You love waking up in the middle of the night when it's like this, to the creak of the bed as he slips under the covers and presses up against you, hot and familiar.

  • Reboot If You Can't Dance to This, It Doesn't Matter by stripedpetunia - ADULT

    Jim gets to know the new kid at school. He's a little strange, but so is Jim, so it works out. ['Food, cooking and mealtimes' for Clichť Bingo. High school AU.]

  • AU Looking for a Place to Happen by stripedpetunia - ADULT

    In a timeline where the Vulcans never allowed Earth freedom from their oversight, Jim Kirk doesn't fit in. All he needs to get away is a fast ship and a crew as crazy as he is; luckily, some things are universal constants.

  • Reboot No Twilight Galaxy by stripedpetunia - ADULT

    Statistically speaking, out of all possible Jim Kirks in all possible dimensions, not every one of them could have been born lucky.

  • Reboot Tabula Rasa by stripedpetunia

    Kirk suffers a blow to the head that erases his memories. All of them. Including Spock.

  • Reboot The Genetic Soap Opera by stripedpetunia - ADULT

    Turns out Jim Kirk's more than meets the eye, genetically speaking. There are a lot of consequences, mostly for Spock and his sanity.

  • Reboot Unplanned Parenthood by stripedpetunia

    Kirk and Spock are turned into children. McCoy suffers.

  • Reboot Jagged Complications by stripesco04_nur - ADULT

    Sybok is attracted to Jim, however the starship captain is already bonded and expecting a child with Spock... [WIP, last update part 1, 5th Nov '10]

  • AU Master of a Nothing Place by strzyga - ADULT

    written for this prompt at the [info]star trek XI kink meme; to paraphrase, spock is stripped of his logic on an away mission gone bad and turns feral, incredibly violent and utterly brutal. when he comes across jim, though, he is possessive, protective, and even affectionate. i almost didn't write this, but the idea was so awesome, and the fic which inspired it was so good i had to try my hand at it. the version posted here is edited and a few scenes have been rewritten slightly, so i'd recommend this version over the original, lol. i had lots of fun with this.

  • Reboot Purple by suddenlyswept - ADULT

    Spock. Hotpants. Purple.

  • Reboot Kiss of the Vulcan by sugarbucket - ADULT

    Spock has been sent to San Francisco, Earth to oversee a dangerous assignment. When it goes wrong and he's framed for murder, he is forced to go into hiding where he comes across abused, young hooker James Kirk who challenges everything he thought he knew about his self control. But there's a lot more to this young boy than meets the eye. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. [multipart, complete]

  • Reboot Who Says You Can't Go Home by sullacat - ADULT

    Suddenly a teenager again, Jim Kirk finds himself back on the farm in Riverside. This time, he's not alone. [trekreversebang]

  • TOS: Movies A House of Cedar by sundara - ADULT

    After fal-tor-pan, Spock undergoes relearning on Vulcan...and when certain things are not included, a disgraced Starfleet Admiral changes that.

  • TOS: Movies Learning Home, part one by sundara - ADULT

    Even though retired, Kirk can't resist a challenge. Sometimes, though, challenges deliver more than you expect.

  • Reboot Not the Enemy by sundara

    It never even crossed his mind to leave the transporter room.

  • TOS: Movies Passages by sundara

    James T. Kirk is at a big crossroads in his life.

  • Reboot Sgt. Peeperís Lonely Hearts Club Band by sundara

    After two years in the center seat, Jim Kirk had thought heíd heard it all. Apparently not.

  • TOS Five O'Clock Shadow by sunhawk

    Idle humourous thought prompted by this lovely picture:

  • Reboot Hideaway by sunhawk - ADULT

    Trapped on an alien planet with angry natives closing in, Kirk and Spock are forced to hole up and wait.

  • Reboot Ride With Me by sunhawk - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock visit Kirk's childhood home while on leave and go for a little ride [3 chapters, complete]

  • Reboot Spell It Out by sunhawk

    Conflict Resolution 101 or a little lesson in linguistics

  • Reboot Not Yet (Now) by sunkissedmornin - ADULT

    Five times James T. Kirk refused to surrender (and one time he didn't)

  • AU A Night To Remember by svridsmntis - ADULT

    [WIP] A chance encounter at a club gives a pornstar a new perspective and a simple director new filming material after one night of unforgettable pleasure. [Part 1 posted 29th Dec '09, no recent updates]

  • TOS: Movies The Inner Chorus by swordsart - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock are established bondmates living out their days on Vulcan. Spock has been away for several weeks, and arrives home later than he had promised . . .

  • Reboot Anchor Me by synia09 - ADULT

    Written for this prompt at the st_xi_kink_meme: Kirk is part Betazoid, he doesn't advertise it because it doesn't define him, but after feeling the terror and the psychic scream from the destruction of Vulcan he starts to break down. He can't block anything anymore and it almost kills him. Spock intervenes.

  • TOS Courts of Honor by syn_ferguson - ADULT

    In the aftermath of events on Ixmahx, Spock prepares to leave Kirk and Starfleet, but galactic events soon draw the crew of the Enterprise into a volatile political situation that will profoundly affect them all. This is a sequel to the story "The Price."

  • TOS The Price by syn_ferguson - ADULT

    A newcomer to the Enterprise awakens troubling feelings in both Kirk and Spock. Before they have a chance to resolve things, Kirk sends Spock on a difficult mission from which the Vulcan will not return unscathed.

  • AU Tomorrow by syuan

    AU, where Pike is still the Captain, and Spock is the First Officer. When Spock first got onto the ship he heard it is haunted by a ghost but didn't believe in the rumour because ghosts are illogical. Spock meets Lt. Kirk who seems the only one (besides Spock) who doesn't believe in the ghost. Spock finds Kirk's company quite entertaining and soon they become friends. And they could live happilly ever after if Spock didn't discover that there is no James Kirk on the list of the Enterprise crew. That's when he hears a story which took place a few years ago. The transporter malfunctioned/strange waves from the space scanned the ship/whatever, and a young crew member lost his life. His body dematerialized and after some time he's considered dead. The guy was James T. Kirk himself and Spock doesn't really know what to do next because: "OMFG! I've been falling in love with a ghost! I mean... Fascinating." [2 parts, Complete]

  • Reboot Asymptote by tahariel - ADULT

    Anticipation was not an emotion Spock had intended to allow himself to feel; yet, it made itself known despite him, and that it was never satisfied made it harder to suppress, each time the Captain walked past or stood near and conscientiously avoided even the brush of their sleeves. [Prompt: K/S. So, this idea kind of hit me out of nowhere. Pretty much following the tradition of aliens-made-them-do-it (only kind of inverted), in which Kirk and Spock end up at a planet where they are not allowed to touch each other (due to religious issues, politeness protocol, whatever).]

  • Reboot The Mojito Analogy by takhallus - ADULT

    Kirk, Spock and McCoy are in a relationship but when Kirk is kidnapped the remaining two men must look at their relationship with each other. Features a polyamorous relationship.

  • Reboot A love so much refined by tasheila

    Promt from st_xi_kink round two: Sarek watches his son and Kirk together and is reminded of his relationship with his wife - and how deep humans can love - and how humbling it is to be the recipient of such emotions.

  • Reboot All Your Roads Lead to Me by tasheila

    so, kirk loves spock. and spock loves kirk. and everyone knows it. but whenever spock thinks about getting into a seriously established relationship, all he can imagine is seventy years down the road where kirk is old/dying and spock is still in his prime, and all he can think about is having to watch kirk die. :(

  • Reboot Five People Spock Loved and One Person He Fell in Love With by tasheila - ADULT

  • TOS Of Duty and Honor by tat63

    Years after the tragic events of Tarsus IV, Kirk thought he'd finally left those memories behind. He was wrong.

  • Reboot Last and First by tatyan85

    Kirk and Spock, Christmas tree and eggnog. Is it enough?

  • TOS On Doctors, Revenge and Christmas Gifts. by tatyan85 - ADULT

    Doctor McCoy and Spock go Christmas shopping in aÖ particular kind of shop.

  • TOS Heart beating in unison by tayloz9 - ADULT

  • TOS His fingers by tayloz9 - ADULT

    The fact that a Vulcan's kiss is a touch of fingers intrigued me. So I decided to write something like that...

  • TOS Mine by tayloz9 - ADULT

  • TOS My First K/S fic by tayloz9

  • TOS None by tayloz9 - ADULT

    Just 2 pointless heavy R ficlets on KirkSpock TOS. Can be also seen as Shatnoy.

  • TOS Spock's diary by tayloz9

    One week left till Pon Farr. Here's Spock's diary.

  • TOS Surrender by tayloz9

  • TOS Touch by tayloz9 - ADULT

    Inspired by Men At Play porn video, called ‚ÄúTouch‚ÄĚ.

  • Reboot Bridge Over Troubled Water by tealeyed_quatre - ADULT

    And exploration into the mind of a young Jim Kirk.

  • Reboot Regrets by tealeyed_quatre - ADULT

    Spock Prime is ready to go home.

  • TOS The Chair by techduinn - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock have some fun in the captain's chair.

  • Reboot Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain. by teethe - ADULT

    Kirk accidentally sees Spock naked. Of course Kirk being Kirk he looks... then looks again as Spock is HUNG... as in oh my god you are never putting that thing in me hung.

  • Reboot To feel the sun from both sides by templemarker

    There are times when Spock stares out at the dusty, unfamiliar landscape of this new world they have seeded, and wishes to be somewhere entirely else.

  • Reboot What the Heart Wants by terra_lilly - ADULT

    Written for st_xi_kink prompt: Kirk was trying to be mature and polite about his affection for Spock, what with Kirk thinking Spock and Uhara are still together and all. He tried hard not to be obvious (everyone knows anyway), but when Spock got seriously injured during a mission, Kirk went nuts.

  • Reboot An Illogical Human Christmas by thallissa

    It is Jim and Spock's first Christmas as a family, but it has not started out as Jim expected.

  • Reboot How it all Began by thallissa

    [WIP] Jim returns from an away mission a changed man. A.N: I decided that for the purposes of this fic Jim had been born with a uterus, although he was not technically intersex. I was initially just going to begin with Jim expecting but I thought I would at least attempt to explain his pregnancy, so please forgive any and all medical/technical mistakes. But hey, it is mpreg after all so I suppose anything goes. ;) If you do have any advice regarding this, or any suggestions to improve my explanation, please feel free to contact me. Any help will be gratefully received. [multichapter fic, last update part 1, 4th Jan '11]

  • Reboot Love Not Given Lightly by the-deep-magic - ADULT

    Spock swept into Jimís room like he had done so hundreds of times before Ė which, in truth, was more like dozens of times, and usually at shipís night, and usually when Jim was expecting him.

  • Reboot Pink by the-deep-magic - ADULT

    As per request, this story contains awkward!sex, debauched!Spock, extensive investigation on just what happened last night, and first time.

  • Reboot Pool Boy by the-deep-magic - ADULT

    Just because it's shore leave doesn't mean Spock's off duty.

  • Reboot Reverse the Polarities by the-deep-magic - ADULT

    ďCaptain, I believe our current circumstances warrant someÖ scientific exploration.Ē [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot Ripe by the-deep-magic - ADULT

    Spock likes to watch. Kirk knows that Spock watches him all the time and decides to give him a show he won't soon forget.

  • Reboot Spock cannot remember the last time he slept. No, that isnít true. by the-deep-magic - ADULT

    Come to Bed

  • Reboot Acceptable Loss of Control by theboysgonehome - ADULT

    Character study disguised as PWP. Jim is sick of Vulcan reserve.

  • Reboot Beginnings by thedeadparrot

    This new planet is not Vulcan. The mountain caves have not been mapped, and the wide deserts have not been crossed.

  • TOS Breaks All Chains by thedeadparrot - ADULT

    Kirk wants things back to the way they used to be.

  • TOS Four Times Kirk Noticed Spock And One Time Aliens Made Him Do Something About It (Sort Of) by thedeadparrot

    Kirk is pretty in touch with his emotions. Except for when he isn't.

  • TOS Realizing Utopia by thedeadparrot

    Like many other things, the Vulcans do not speak to outworlders of the latusa.

  • Reboot Addicted to You by thehauntedpiano - ADULT

    Leonard knows something is wrong when Jim doesnít talk about his sex life with Spock. As it turns out, he canít talk about itÖ because he doesnít remember the detailsÖ at all. Originally posted as a response to a prompt on the kink meme.

  • Reboot Benefits by thehauntedpiano - ADULT

    Spock finds out that Kirk and McCoy are friends with benefits. He does not approve. Prequel to Mine, Too. And I have again filled one of my own kink meme prompts. *facepalm*

  • Reboot Cant you hear that? - Five Times Spock found Jim with a Woman on Shore Leave + One Time Jim was with Spock the Whole Time by thehauntedpiano - ADULT

    Jimís acts of remembrance were extremely important to him, and he was quite skilled in grieving rituals. This fact was in and of itself tragic.Ē Jim and Spock share their grief and eventually their love.

  • Reboot Mind If I Stay by thehauntedpiano - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock get into a habit of falling into bed together, just to cuddle, after dangerous missions. Kirk is perfectly content with the arrangement, while Spock is wondering WHY THERE IS NO SEX. Basically the entire story takes place in bed. Response to my own prompt on the kink meme.

  • AU Mine, Too by thehauntedpiano - ADULT

    Since Jim and Spock are now together, Jim ends his friends-with-benefits arrangement with Bones. Bones is hurt. Spock is possessive. Jim is committed. A sequel to Benefits.

  • Reboot Of Freudian Slips and Lacy Pink Teddies by thehauntedpiano - ADULT

    Prompt: Spock is dating Uhura and in a distracted moment, says Jim's name (Freudian Slip, like Spock and Uhura are planning shore leave and Spock asks what Jim wants to do). Angry/hurt Nyota, confused Spock, oblivious Jim. Eventual happy Kirk/Spock ending, with bottom Spock. Jim spanking Spock; (Sorry, the spanking didnít work for some reason!) Spock trying to seduce Jim by wearing female teddys.

  • Reboot The Color of Your Sky by thehauntedpiano - ADULT

    Spock dreams about his bondmate. Established relationship.

  • Reboot You are the Kirk to my Spock by thehauntedpiano - ADULT

    Spock finds out that the whole Enterprise thinks heís screwing Captain Kirk. He decides to, uh, do something about the rumors. Response to a prompt on the kink meme.

  • AU Besu'es (Companionship) by thelilytriad - ADULT

    The boys chat and I'm really dragging this out. [Three parts - part 2, Zarahk-Tor and part 3, Besu'es, incomplete story]

  • AU High Times on the USS Enterprise by thelilytriad - ADULT

    What is about to be read cannot be unread.

  • Reboot Spirits That Just Wouldn't Seem To Be Made Of Glass by thelilytriad - ADULT

    Spock has spent his entire life being suicidally depressed, trying to find a perfectly logical reason to kill himself. Kirk finds out.

  • Reboot Vokaya t'Telsu (Memory of the Bonded) by thelilytriad - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim and Spock discuss Jim's mind meld with Spock Prime [Three parts - part 2, Zarahk-Tor and part 3, Besu'es, incomplete story, last updated May '09]

  • Reboot Zarahk-Tor (Break Into Pieces) by thelilytriad - ADULT

    Uhura talks to Spock. Sequel to Vokaya t' Telsu. [Three parts - part 2, Zarahk-Tor and part 3, Besu'es, incomplete story]

  • Reboot Come December, I Remember by therumjournals - ADULT

    Kirk heads to his familyís cabin to try to recapture some Christmas memoriesÖand maybe make some new ones along the way.

  • Reboot Contact High by therumjournals - ADULT

    Spock finds Jim Kirk in a cloud of smoke, and Jim discovers the entertainment value of a stoned Vulcan.

  • Reboot Hot for Teacher by therumjournals - ADULT

    Jim has an idea. (Donít they all start like that?)

  • Reboot Wet Dream by therumjournals - ADULT

    Jim wants Spock to come for a swim.

  • Reboot New Life by thesewarmstars - ADULT

    Posted on the new Vulcan homeworld with his newly discovered son in tow, Jim must learn to build a new sort of life. It’s too hot and too bright, but with old Spock for a babysitter and Bones for good company, everything seems to be coming together. But when a mysterious plague threatens the colony, he’ll have to work with the Spock from his own universe before it’s too late. Sometime between their shop-talk in the lab and sunny afternoons in the park, a hope springs that together they’ll find more than they lose. Follows movie canon through the confrontation at Earth.

  • Reboot Axis by thewordtree

    Prompt: Kirk does an ancient Vulcan tea ceremony for Spock.

  • Reboot They Would Overcome the World by thewordtree - ADULT

    Desperate to regain strength after the devastation to the fleet at the Battle of Vulcan, Starfleet introduces a policy inspired by the Sacred Band of Thebes that requires Captains and their First Officers to be in an intimate relationship. When the policy is repealed after a short time, why do Kirk and Spock find it difficult to break off their relationship? (The Sacred Band was made up of male couples, the rationale being that lovers could fight more fiercely and cohesively than strangers with no ardent bonds.) [2 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Hold the Stake as You Burn by the_arc5 - ADULT

    It's called the Pon Farr, and it's a little Vulcan slice of hell. Somebody is going to die, and both are desperate to save the other.

  • Reboot Jim Kirk and the Test of Thirty Days by the_arc5 - ADULT

    Jim is subjected to a sadistic test. Spock is very confused. Bones keeps getting interrupted. This is what true love is all about. [All parts posted directly to kirkspock. Part 2: | Part 3: | Part 4: | Part 5:]

  • Reboot Jim Kirk and the Test of Thirty Days by the_arc5 - ADULT

    Jim is subjected to a sadistic test. Spock is very confused. Bones keeps getting interrupted. This is what true love is all about. (5 parts, complete)

  • Reboot Precarious Stars by the_arc5 - ADULT

    Destiny changes. Jim isn't sure if he likes this version of it.

  • Reboot Howl by the_castle - ADULT

    On an away mission, Kirk and Spock encounter a race of shockingly familiar aliens. Even stranger is the way they greet Spock with open arms. Of course, everything goes straight to hell after that. Berzerker!Spock.

  • Reboot Not Without My Vulcan by the_castle - ADULT

    When James T. Kirk relieves Admiral Pike of command of the starship Enterprise, he already knows there are a lot of expectations resting on his youthful shoulders. Youngest captain of a constitution-class starship in the history of Starfleet? Check. Unprecedented promotion of a cadet to a command rank? Check. Son of George Kirk, made famous to an almost ridiculous degree by the Kelvin disaster? Check. But ironically none of these things are what's really weighing on him as he accepts his promotion.

  • Reboot Save Me, San Francisco by the_castle - ADULT

    Silly domestic 21st-century AU fluff where Jim Kirk et al live in San Francisco. Jim gets to experience a San Francisco tradition for the first time. Hilarity ensues. Also a lot of drinking.

  • Reboot Speaking In Tongues by the_castle - ADULT

    When Spock became Emperor, the first thing he did was claim James Tiberius Kirk as his slave, body and mind. But Kirk, being Kirk, has serious trouble with authority, and Spock is pressured by his advisers to discipline his former captain. Permanently.

  • Reboot What Part of Forever by the_castle - ADULT

    Vulcan is considering seceding from the Federation, and Spock has decided to take this opportunity to explore the Human half he's neglected for over half his life, since his mother's death when he was young. While there, he meets James T. Kirk, sometimes-prostitute, supposed good-for-nothing, and completely irresistible. Chemistry ignites, but when the date of the hearing on Vulcan's secession arrives, Spock must decide where his loyalties lie. Pretty Woman reduxónow with more sex. [5 parts complete]

  • Reboot And Many More by the_dala

    Kirk celebrates his birthday by hiding. Spock finds him.

  • Reboot Recovery by the_dala

    "You know, a casual observer might think you actually give a damn."

  • Reboot A Vulcan's Best Friend by the_physicist

    Post first five-year mission. Jim has spent a year away from Spock on a secret under-cover assignment and now he's looking to start things up again with him. He has a bit of a shock when he visits his former lover unannounced though.

  • Reboot Breaking Point by the_physicist

    On Valentineís Day Jim must present a gift to one his crew, but he is aware such a gesture has the potential to be misunderstood. [For K/S Valentine's meme]

  • Reboot Home by the_physicist - ADULT

    The Vulcans need a new home planet, so the Enterprise and her crew set out to find one for them.†

  • Reboot Moral Responsibilities by the_physicist - ADULT

    Lieutenant Spock is questioned on a controversial mission he had a part in by a class of Vulcan kids at his old school.

  • TOS An Enterprising Affair by this-i-love

    Spock is interested; Kirk is already taken.

  • TOS Ruthless by this-i-love

    Shore leave is haunted by the ghosts of Jim's past.

  • TOS Sunrise by this-i-love

    Yet another mission gone wrong.

  • Reboot Five Times James T. Kirk Should Have Apologized And One Time He Actually Bothered To by thisispurgatory - ADULT

    Five Times James T. Kirk Should Have Apologized And One Time He Actually Bothered To

  • Reboot Tentacle Porn by thisissirius - ADULT

    The one with kirk, spock and tentacles.

  • Reboot That Fairytale Ending by thisissirius

    Once upon a time, there was a ship in space.

  • Reboot The God of Frolic by thisissirius

    He's yours. You know he's yours because he smells like yours

  • Reboot Dream a Little Dream by thoughtthestars

    Kirk has dreams; Kirk wants to think about his dreams; Kirk has no time to think. So he takes a shuttle out, to get some privacy. Things on the Enterprise do not always go as planned.

  • Reboot Never Assume by thyla22 - ADULT

    An away mission goes wrong.

  • Reboot First Contact by tigriswolf

    Prompt: Kirk/Spock, jealousy

  • Reboot Five times Jim didnít make a move on Spock, and one time he did by tigriswolf

    Somewhere around their fifth month into their five year mission, Spock and Uhura break up.

  • Reboot The Best is Yet to Be by tigriswolf

    DCU/Leverage/House MD/Star Trek reboot/Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis/James Bond crossovers. Notes: same verse as ďYou called me and I came home to your heartĒ and ďThe young flowers are blowing toward the westĒ

  • Reboot Why can't we just forget, ride off into the sunset? by tigriswolf

    Why can't we just forget, ride off into the sunset? Gennish drabble.

  • Reboot You will not know me very long by tigriswolf - ADULT

    Spock strives for calm, trying to determine an escape. Both their communicators had been destroyed and he has no way of knowing where the Narada has taken them, how far from Earth and the Enterprise.

  • Reboot You've kissed him, and he'll never forgive you by tigriswolf - ADULT

    Iím going to kill you, James, Nero murmurs into his ear, one hand caressing his throat, the other digging all five fingers into his scalp.

  • AU Christmas by tinocka

    Scenes from Christmas 30 years after STXI. Set in the same world as The Story of Creation, but probably all you need to know is the fact that Amanda is Spock Prime's daughter.

  • Reboot Exchange by tinocka - ADULT

    [WIP] Its only logical to be on good terms with your neighbors. The Vulcan/Terran school exchange program with earth is a logical way to cultivate understanding and unity within young minds. [9 parts posted, last update Sep 12th '09]

  • Reboot It Doesn't Need to Be A Date by tinocka

    Is it a date if it's something they have done a dozen times before?

  • Reboot Memory by tinocka


  • Reboot No-Win Scenario by tinocka

    At the very end of their trek, Commander Spock complies to his human half.

  • Reboot The Specifics of Vulcan Daemons by tinocka - ADULT

    Star Trek/His Dark Materials crossover. Humans are always surprised to see that Spock's dśmon hasn't settled, turns out Vulcan dśmons don't settle until their first Pon Farr or until they form a lifebond, whichever anon chooses. There is a secret pool on what Spock's will settle as and also when/how that will happen.

  • Reboot The Story of Creation by tinocka

    The story covers twenty five years after the destruction of the planet Vulcan both on the USS Enterprise and the New Vulcan, fates of Spock Prime and the crew affected by the new assisted reproduction method and its creator. (Contains no m-preg.)

  • Reboot First Contact by tinuelena - ADULT

    James Kirk has experienced battle, responsibility, and the implosion of a black hole. But nothing can compare to the revelation he has about Spock-- and the aftermath of the realization.

  • Reboot A Matter for Ma'at by tkeylasunset - ADULT

    Based off a from the ST Kink Meme at LJ. Finally JIm is about to graduate from Starfleet, to journey to the heavens and explore new worlds. But first he must defeat the mad Captain Nero and save Vulcan and Earth. If thats not enough he has to deal with competition for Spock's affection, an emotionally open old Spock, and too many questions from too many people about his little miracle child. What's a cadet to do. [WIP: Last update Chapter 5, 5th March 2012]

  • Reboot More Phoneless Phone Sex by tkeylasunset - ADULT

    The Kirk and Spock here are from my series Kirk, James T. Kirk , a modern day AU in which Jim is a writer and a spy. But those details arenít especially important and you donít need to have read that story to understand this one. This one is kind of a sequel to Phone Sex Minus the Phone but you donít have to have read that one either.

  • Reboot Not Our Destiny by tkeylasunset - ADULT

    Jim knows more about the lives of First-Spock and First-Kirk than he should and is struggling with all that that knowledge means to him and Spock.

  • Reboot Phone Sex Minus the Phone by tkeylasunset - ADULT

    The Kirk and Spock here are from my series Kirk, James T. Kirk , a modern day AU in which Jim is a writer and a spy. But those details arenít especially important and you donít need to have read that story to understand this one.

  • Reboot Pink Elephants by tkeylasunset - ADULT

    [WIP] While Jim is recovering from Seyp fever, he is not quite himself. And there are pink elephants in his room with him. [Incomplete, part 6/7 posted 2 May '11]

  • Reboot Santa Claus Is Coming To TownÖSpaceÖthe Enterprise. Yeah Ė the Enterprise by tkeylasunset - ADULT

    My submission to the 2010 ksadvent Calendar. Based on this prompt: Out in space, in the middle of nowhere, sensors pick up a flying object. It turns out to be Santa, his reindeer and his elves. After that, itís pretty muchÖfluff. Yep - fluff.

  • Reboot Uncharted Seas by tkeylasunset - ADULT

    Written for kivitaskula for her contribution to help-brazil. She requested some Kirk/Spock/McCoy goodness.

  • Reboot Girls Are Great by tkp - ADULT

    Girl gets off. Girl thinks about getting off. Girl gets off again. Girl just happens to be Spock, who used to be a guy. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • AU A Lesson Well Learned by tlakht - ADULT

    Spock has disobeyed Kirk's orders one time too many, and it's time to teach him a lesson.

  • Reboot Aural pleasure by tlakht - ADULT

    Spock loves Jim's ears.

  • Reboot Body and Soul by tlakht - ADULT

    Spock keeps running out on Jim whenever things are getting steamy. Jim wants to find out why, and gets a surprise.

  • Reboot Both of You by tlakht - ADULT

    Pretty much a PWP with a little bit of fluffish stuff at the end. Spock Prime, Jim and Spock have sex in a Vulcan learning-bowl-thingy.

  • Reboot Chocolatey goodness by tlakht - ADULT

    Spock has a very special kink. [Warnings: inserting chocolate in anus, rimming chocolate out of anus, chocolate dildo]

  • Reboot Cold Hands by tlakht - ADULT

    Jim makes Spock jizz his pants on the bridge.

  • Reboot Firm Hand by tlakht - ADULT

    Jim experiences something when he is young which influences his sexuality and his relationships. K/S ending.

  • Reboot How to Drive a Vulcan Insane (Almost): Deleted Scene by tlakht - ADULT

    The deleted scene (aka: the porn) from How To Drive a Vulcan Insane (Almost). I originally wrote this as part of the fic, but I realised it took the focus away from the story, so I removed it.

  • Reboot Interspecies Relations by tlakht - ADULT

    Jim finds an alien animal. It likes him. A lot. Spock tries to help.

  • Reboot Love for Lingerie by tlakht - ADULT

    Spock likes wearing lingerie, and since he and Jim are about to enter a relationship, he decides to let Jim know by showing him.

  • Reboot My Little Captain by tlakht

    Jim becomes six years old, and Spock takes care of him. Fluff and some h/c.

  • Reboot Over My Dead Body by tlakht - ADULT

    I think I'll leave this without a summary, not to ruin anything. IMO, it's not as squicky as it seems, but it is disturbing. A/N: Warnings: angst, necrophilia, character death

  • Reboot Pistachio by tlakht - ADULT

    Jim is enjoying a pistachio ice cream. Spock thinks he's enjoying it too much.

  • Reboot Pon Farr on a Bottle by tlakht - ADULT

    The prompt says it all: "Pon Farr - the cologne"

  • Reboot Santa Baby by tlakht

    Girl!kirk (or boykirk) shows up on the Bridge wear a sexy Mrs. Claus mini skirt outfit for Christmas. Or singing Santa baby to Spock.

  • Reboot Snow White by tlakht - ADULT

    "Spock lying dying in the snow, urging Kirk to leave him (the murderer is getting away or something) but Kirk refuses and holds him as he dies. Last second confessions/humor/tender moments would be awesome."

  • Reboot Summer Camp by tlakht - ADULT

    Spock has to go to summer camp, which he is not particularly happy with. Until he meets Jim.

  • Reboot Two Glasses of Water by tlakht - ADULT

    Kirk is desperate to go to the bathroom. Spock won't let him. [Warning: watersports/urine-play]

  • Reboot Under the Stars by tlakht - ADULT

    Jim, Spock and Bones are camping under the stars. Bones is drunk and asleep, Jim and Spock are tipsy. Jim accidentally "kisses" Spock the Vulcan way.

  • Reboot Valentine Troubles by tlakht

    Spock is the most popular kid at school and tries to invite Jim, an introverted nerd, for a date on Valentine's.

  • Reboot What's Normal Anyway? by tlakht - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock meet in a mental ward as the two most 'normal' people there. Spock falls for Jim, but he finds that not everything is as it seemed at first.

  • TOS In My Arms by toadstoolcouch - ADULT

    What if, in the Enemy Within, the evil half of Kirk went to Spock rather than Rand?

  • Reboot I Cling To by toraguru

    Jim walks out of sickbay, unable to handle the gravity of what Spock has brought him.

  • Reboot Save Me, San Francisco by toraguru - ADULT

    [WIP] Jim Kirk, still stung from a broken heart, tries to get himself back into some kind of normal. Spock is hooked, and Jim is in love, but neither of them know what complications will rear their ugly heads. [Last posted 3/? Aug 12 2011]

  • Reboot Interrupted Conversations by toryla23

    Spock goes to play chess with his captain and ends up hearing more than he should have.

  • Reboot Farce Trek by tpinto - ADULT

    An unpronounceable planet, a virus that only effects red shirted ensigns from the Enterprise, and ABOMINATIONS! Oh My!

  • TOS Spockula by tprillahfiction - ADULT

    A Star Trek: TOS vampire story written (sort of) in the style of Edgar Allan Poe.

  • TOS Chances by tracionn

    a fluffy first time moment behind bars

  • TOS For One Heart Alone by tracionn - ADULT

    After a tough mission, both Kirk and Spock want to share something of importance with the other.

  • Reboot A Logical Emotion by trekkinthestars - ADULT

    Spock and Jim get together when they are teenagers, which results in Spock getting pregnant. Spock must deal with all the consequences of this, alone.

  • Reboot Beauty in the Breakdown by trekkinthestars - ADULT

    Spock has an unhealthy relationship with food. Kirk finds out.

  • Reboot Priorities by trekkinthestars

    5 times Spock put someone else before his own needs, and one time someone else put him first.

  • Reboot Sixth Time Lucky by trekkinthestars - ADULT

    5 times Spock did not appreciate his touch telepathy, and one time he did.

  • Reboot The Price of Love by trekkinthestars - ADULT

    Spock and Kirk are captured, and Spock is tortured to make Kirk talk.

  • Reboot Feathered Frenzy by triskellion - ADULT

    You know of those stories where the transporter sends Kirk or Spock careening into another universe where everything is weird? Well, this isn't one of those. No, this is the story where the transporter makes everything weird in its own universe. Though it skipped the gender-change trope. No, this is a new one. Add on sex, political negotiations, angry admirals, and an unexpected marriage and things get quite complicated.

  • Reboot A Really Happy Ending by trista_zevkia - ADULT

    There are weirder things out there then knotting. Trust Jim to find them, and expect Bones to fix it! [Posted in 2 parts.]

  • TOS Buyer Beware by trista_zevkia - ADULT

    Kirk buys a revolution on E-bay. (AU Slavery-fic)

  • Reboot Licentious Logic by trista_zevkia - ADULT

    Stonn has been thinking. Jim refutes his argument. [4 parts complete]

  • TOS Where are we going? - Valens by trista_zevkia - ADULT

    Reverse kind of AU where St. Valentine's Day does absolutely not exist on Earth; February 14th is a very normal day and there's no other holiday that compensate for it, the concept of a day to celebrate love had simply never occurred to humanity. But on Vulcan St. Valentine's Day (though maybe it should have a more Vulcan nameÖ T'hy'la Day or something maybe?) is one of the most important holidays (because it existed before Surak and is still celebrated or any other excuse you want to come up with). Now all the usual tropes can be used starting on that basis, they just need to be reversedÖ

  • AU Bit and Bridle by tristesses - ADULT

    "I ask of you, Admiral, for permission to instigate unorthodox disciplinary measures as well as the authority to enforce them for the safety of ship and crew." Or, in which Kirk is finally taken down a peg, and likes it.

  • TOS Amok Time Redux by turnerwolf

    Spock's return to the Enterprise after the events of Amok time. A great deal of the dialog was taken from the actual transcript. Dialogue taken from the episode can be found in any transcript. The writerverse challenge was to re-write a scene from book, movie or tv, differently yet not changing the essence of the actual scene, just improving it, in your opinion.

  • Reboot Snarfblatts and Dinglehoppers by twilightscribe

    Prompt: {Long prompt is long} Jim goes around making the day awesome for everyone - getting Uhura to meet up with her boyfriend (not Spock!), fixing Bones up with someone he's been wanting to date for a while, giving Chekov and Sulu the day off and maybe arranging a nice shore leave that they couldn't afford otherwise, etc. I can't think of anything for Scotty- maybe a dozen sandwiches and a new gizmo to tinker with? He arranged a vacation for Spock to meet up with his Vulcan fiancee on some other planet, where she was stationed and therefore survived the destruction of their planet... And then everyone gets back to work and realizes that Jim didn't get anything at all, and they band together to do something nice for him to show that he is appreciated. And Spock does and decides he loves Jim more than T'Pring, only Jim doesn't know this until the moment everyone gets together to do something nice for Jim.

  • Reboot Betrothal by twilight_spiral

    [WIP] A spontaneous bond between Vulcans is rare; therefore, such a bond between a Vulcan and human should never occur. However, even as children Kirk and Spock tend to defy logic and rules. [Part 2 link here: - last updated July '09]

  • Reboot Trust by twinsarein - ADULT

    Prompt: Can I get Spock riding Kirk on the bridge in the captain's chair? I've read Kirk riding Spock in the chair, but bottom!Spock is really my kink. Please and Thank you! :)

  • Reboot A Canadian Winter by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    Three years into their mission, shore leave happens to coincide with Christmas. The entire bridge crew is spending time with their families, so Jim decides to rent himself a cabin in northern Ontario, resigned to spending the three weeks alone. Fortunately for Jim, a certain pointy-eared officer is also lacking in Christmas plans.

  • TOS A Cure For Migraines by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    Based on a prompt from st_tos_kink - I would love to see a fic where James T. suffers from migraines and for whatever reason, his painkillers are not available. Spock helps with a nice head massage and, blissed out, Kirk falls asleep. When he wakes up, Spock is still there, and sexytiems ensue! Couldn't quite make the sexy times happen, but it's still pretty damn sweet.

  • Reboot A Less Than Pleasant Situation by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    Having come into the Star Trek fandom several decades late, my brain seems to want to work through a series of clichťs... ergo, I bring you Jim and Spock in prison. (Six parts, complete)

  • Reboot Everybody Hurts by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    Six months after their confrontation with Nero, Jim is still devastated by what happened, and he blames himself for not acting fast enough. To make matters worse, working with Spock is still the most infuriating thing Jim has ever done, and heís pretty sure heís not going to last the mission without getting strangled again. [3 parts, complete]

  • TOS Getting a Piece of the Action by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    The unrepentantly porny aftermath of A Piece of the Action.

  • Reboot Jim and Spock, Through Leonardís Eyes by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    Jim and Spockís relationship, from Leonardís point of view. A sequence of three different experiences and observations.

  • Reboot Lost Together by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    Two years into their mission, Spock and Jim finally get their act together.

  • TOS Miss Me Much? by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    Jim calls Spock out on going all Super Vulcan on the crew while Jim was stranded at the Kalandan station.

  • Reboot Not So Shy by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    After Spock and Jim finally tumble into bed together, and Jim's mind is rather blown, he tries to convince Spock to tell him who else he's slept with.

  • AU Pulling Spockís Pigtails by twisting-vine-x

    Spock is oblivious to the boyís presence until his calculator is suddenly gone, cradled between the fingers of the human standing in front of him, his bright eyes as blue as the sky.

  • Reboot Slivers of Ice by twisting-vine-x

    Prompt from the XI kink meme - So can someone just write me some Kirk and Spock fluff. With Spock being depressed and Jim cheers him up.

  • TOS When In Rome by twisting-vine-x - ADULT

    [WIP] The angsty aftermath of one particularly nasty away mission. [multipart, incomplete. last update, pt 2, 14th Sep '10]

  • Reboot Behold The Truth Chapter by txrae - ADULT

    When the crew becomes stressed, Jim arranges a 'constructive activity'. Spock takes the activity too seriously and Jim learns what Spock really thinks of him.

  • Reboot Five times that Jim was forced to wear the green fatshirt and one time he wore it willingly by txrae - ADULT

    Five times that Jim was forced to wear the green fatshirt and one time he wore it willingly

  • Reboot Human Hands by txrae - ADULT

    Spock is interested in learning human hand gestures and Jim volunteers to teach him.

  • Reboot The Secrets of Admiring by txrae

    Prompt: Kirk hacks the Enterprise's computer to leave anonymous love messages for Spock.

  • Reboot They're Singing Deck The Halls (But It's Not Like Christmas At All) by txrae

    Five Christmases that Kirk had a miserable time and the one Christmas he had a wonderful time...with Spock. Written for ksadvent.

  • Reboot To Boldy Go by txrae - ADULT

    The drabbles will vary in content; they might be fluffy or funny or dirty, or anywhere in between, so I'll rate each one separately. Also...these are just for fun, because I personally love to drabble.

  • Reboot Getting Educated by tyleet27 - ADULT

    Infinite diversity, infinite combinations. Four years, girls, boys, and aliens--Jim can't seem to get it right. Five times Jim had inappropriate sex in high school and one date he knew was not going to get him laid. [Clarification of warnings: all romance takes place when the student is legal; infidelity not within the main pairing.]

  • Reboot Scattered Pieces (of your fabric of reality) by unbidden_truth

    It's been a long time (several decades long)...and Jim can't keep running from this reality. Major Character Death (not K or S).

  • Reboot Was Never the Same by unbidden_truth

    A moment between Jim and Spock after a trip to Iowa. Fluff…very shameless fluff and a bit of hurt/comfort

  • Reboot Watching You Watching Me by unseensorrows - ADULT

    Spock walks in on his Captain showering...

  • Reboot Before the Belonging Place by uozlulu

    Kirk and Spockís first brief meeting at the academy leaves Spock making value judgments.

  • Reboot Reach by uozlulu

    There was no one to look for, but for some reason Kirk spotted him in the crowd.

  • Reboot Say It if You Mean It by usataro - ADULT

    [WIP] Spock thought she was dead; he was sure she was dead. But here she was--T'Pring-- on the USS Enterprise. With what she has planned, he's going to wish she had died. [multipart, incomplete. Last update pt 6, Feb 10]

  • TOS Together by usmc75

    A short drabble about the first mindmeld between Kirk and Spock

  • AU In His Interest by vain-flower - ADULT

    [WIP] For this prompt: In order to conduct trade negotiations, Spock has to pretend to be Kirk's submissive (while they're being spied upon in their rooms). This includes preparing meals and doing his laundry, as well as taking a few OTK spankings to 'remind him of his place'. After a while, it starts to seem less like acting and more like the beginning of a D/s relationship. This leads to horrible confusion and frustration when they return to the ship, with Spock immediately asserting his independence and Kirk trying to stifle the urge to protect Spock because it's not his job anymore. [2 parts posted, incomplete, last post June '09]

  • Reboot Whom the Gods Would Destroy (They First Make Mad) by valentina31

    It's been three years since the Narada crisis. Captain Kirk and Commander Spock have slowly built a friendship that could possibly be so much more. Until Loki, the god of mischief, shows up and tries to ruin everything. At some point the Avengers show up and help the crew of the Enterprise set things right again. [Chapter 5/? posted July '12]

  • Reboot The Sun Will Rise by vampiric_mcd - ADULT

    Earth was also destroyed. At a rendezvous with the remaining humans and Vulcans, the Vulcans more or less take charge and enslave the humans to rebuild their species with fertile humans. Since theyíre so rare as well, the Vulcans donít think theyíll offer much resistance. Spock becomes captain of the Enterprise once more and gets his pick of the crew. Despite everyone thinking heíll choose Uhura, he picks a rebellious Kirk.

  • TOS Abduction? How Lovely by vekay - ADULT

    [WIP] Kirk had a falling out with Starfleet, now he's stuck on a planet in the middle of nowhere working for a weasel of a man just to scrape by. It's boring, too bad life decided to throw him one other curve ball when he gets picked up (kidnapped) by a pirate. A Vulcan pirate no less. A Vulcan pirate that's been hired to pick up individuals to enslave for someone else's sick and twisted literal gladiator games. Oh boy, life certainly doesn't hold back any punches. [multichapter fic, last update, part 1, Jan 13]

  • AU Four Times Hell Plus One Miracle by vekay - ADULT

    Bath time is usually a time of bonding, fun, and laughter. Unfortunately, for Jim those times are less than happy or fun.

  • Reboot London Bridge is Falling Down by vekay - ADULT

    It's always to see what you have, but it's not so easy to really appreciate it until it's taken away from you. Captain Kirk learns this nightmare of a lesson the hard way when some freak runs off with Spock. Time is ticking to get his First back either alive or dead or even a combination of both.

  • Reboot Matchmaking in Hell by vekay - ADULT

    Well, no one would ever accuse Jim of not taking an interest in his kid's life. [8 parts, complete]

  • Reboot 1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a Thumb War! by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jimís childish antics lead to something very adult.

  • Reboot 5 Times Spock Corrected Kirkís Grammar and 1 Time He Didnít by verizonhorizon

  • Reboot A Perfect Pair by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock has certain needs, Jim has a need for Spock, and everything works out perfectly.

  • Reboot A Problem of Desire by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spockís gay, Jimís cover is blown, and problems get solved creatively.

  • Reboot An Explosive Combination by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock dances. Kirk dances. They ÔŅĹdanceÔŅĹ together. [Prompt: sexy k/s dancing fic.]

  • Reboot Baseball, Cold Showers, and Other Mood Killers by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk thinks unsexy thoughts in order to last longer during sex. Problem? Spock's a telepath and is not okay with that!

  • TOS Batman and Robin by verizonhorizon

    Kirk and Spock discuss the upcoming Starfleet superheroes costume party.

  • Reboot Bend Me, Break Me, All I Want is You by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    By manipulating Kirkís fantasies, Spock telepathically cock-blocks his captain until he get what he wants. [mirror humor]

  • Reboot Blood Fever by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock goes into pon farr and chooses Kirk as his mate. [K/S take on the Voyager pon farr episode.]

  • Reboot Bold Flavor by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Remember lalazee's spicy Kirk/Spock chef AU, Hot Tomale? With her gracious permission, I started playing around in the 'verse.

  • Reboot Breathe Together by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    "Gray or Blue" by Jaymay.

  • TOS: Movies Captain, Life is Not a Dream by verizonhorizon

    My take on what really happened in the Nexus. Outsider pov: Picard.

  • TOS Demure Damsel Goes Full-Throttle by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock are stuck in a low-tech, snow-covered cabin during a winter shore leave. Jim is bored and suggests they take a Cosmo quiz, "What's Your Passion Personality?". Spock questions the veracity of the quiz results.

  • TOS Devolution by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    In this fusion of ĎMirror, Mirrorí and ĎTurnabout Intruderí, Lieutenant Marlena Moreau steals Spockís body in her bid to gain command of the Enterprise. Spock will have to prove his identity to save himself Ė and his Captain Ė from her machinations. [Completed 5/5 July 11, 2011] [kirk/girl!spock]

  • TOS/Reboot Drabbles: Smile, Mirror, Panties, Spanking, Coster, iPod by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    6 drabbles from K/S day

  • TOS/Reboot Drabbles: Smile, Mirror, Panties, Spanking, Coster, iPod by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    6 drabbles from K/S day

  • Reboot Early Destiny by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim and Spock are together.

  • Reboot Eyes Wide Shut by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Birthdays, blindfolds, and being in love - just another day for Kirk and Spock.

  • TOS Faith by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spockís faith in logic was tested when he had to take command of the Galileo crew, but his faith in Jim is unwavering.

  • TOS/Reboot Festival of Mirrors by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Two Kirks of different timelines have similarly good ideas about how to celebrate a winter shore leave with their Spocks. Realities collide for a special night of holiday fun and double-dating delight. [ksadvent]

  • Reboot Game, Set, Match by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Prompt: "After Vulcan's destruction, Vulcans are considered a rare toy, very expensive and sought after, even a half-Vulcan like Spock. Jim gets offered a whole batch of credits for Spock, either for one night or on a more permanent basis. He, however, is possessive of his property and unwilling to share."

  • TOS/Reboot How Do You Feel? by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    The whales sang their song, and Earth was saved. But the whales arenÔŅĹt the only creatures far from home.

  • Reboot How to have a threesome with your Vulcan lover by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    PWP in which Kirk gets temporarily cloned. Tag-team flirting with Kirk's First Officer boyfriend ensues and yields monogamous threesome. Featuring 'Captain Fine' and 'OMGNotInFrontOfTheCrew Spock'.

  • Reboot I Seem to Have Dropped My Spork Under the Table by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    After imbibing local spirits at a diplomatic function, Kirk gets excited, which in turn gets Spock excited.

  • TOS: Movies I'm Cold and It's Your Fault by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock warms Kirk back up after his time on Rura Penthe. [TUC]

  • Reboot I'm The Bait by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock knows just what to dangle in front of the Captain to secure his attention Ė and his affections. But what happens when Spock starts enjoying his exploits more than he anticipated? [I bring you crack in the form of Ď5 times Spock used sex to save a mission, and one time he didn't.í]

  • Reboot Ice Dancing by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim takes Spock ice skating. Things donít go according to plan. Jim finds he's more than okay with that.

  • Reboot In the Mud by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Something dirty leads to something sweet.

  • Reboot It Starts With an Apple by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim stumbles onto his bondmateís audio diary from his youth entitled, "Reflections on Virginity, by Spock".

  • Reboot Jim's Chocolate-Covered Vulcantine by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Chocolates and Valentines and sexy times, oh my! [Prompts: Spock's first time, bottom Spock, chocolate-drunk Spock.]

  • Reboot Joyriding by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Autumn. Iowa. Sunsets. Motorcycles. Spock in leather. A first kiss story.

  • Reboot Kirkitty by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk gets turned into a cat, and a certain Vulcan First Officer takes him in.

  • Reboot Kismet (or the fic in which Jim is a Spock-magnet) by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    A sexy, slightly older Spock appears on the Enterprise, and Jim thinks he will finally get to have sex for the first time in months. His First Officer has a slight difference of opinion on this matter. Jim almost gets choked to death again but ekes out ďa smoking hot, poorly-repressed-emotion-fueled threesome.Ē Sappy, happy endings for all. [nuKirk/tosSpock/nuSpock]

  • Reboot Labial Seduction by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    5 times Spock put something in Jim's mouth, and 1 time Jim put something in his.

  • Reboot Last Dance with your Fists by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Sometimes men just need to knock each other around. Itís therapeutic. Itís cathartic. Itís not really Vulcan, but itíll do.

  • Reboot Le Coeur de la Mer by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Titanic AU (minus the tears, and in space) in which Kirk (the poor, clever vagabond) meets Spock (the refined, repressed ambassador's son). A story of boy meets boy, boy draws naked picture of boy, boy falls in love with boy, with a splash of intrigue and adventure as the two star-crossed lovers search for their happy ending.

  • Reboot Live Lucky and Prosper by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock takes Kirk to New Vulcan to introduce him (properly) to Sarek.

  • Reboot Loving You From Top to Bottom by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Bedroom activities between the lovers spark conflict and (orgasmic) resolution.

  • Reboot Mazel - the Other Side of the Mirror by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Mirror!Spock finds himself in a spontaneous, one-sided and unrequited bond to mirror!Kirk because of complications from a meld with mirror!SpockPrime. Mirror!accidental!bonding fic. Mirror!pon farr. [3 parts: Interlude I; Less Salmon, More Piranha; Pon Farr]

  • Reboot Mazel Ra by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock finds himself in a spontaneous, one-sided and unrequited bond to Kirk because of complications from a meld with Spock Prime. Accidental!bonding fic. [Arc 1 of Mazel series]

  • Reboot Mazel Tov by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Hang the stars, and hang our destinies. Theyíre more like guidelines anyway. In this second arc of the mazel series, Kirk and Spock begin to experience life as fated bondmates. Just because itís destiny, doesnít mean itís easy. [Arc 2 of the Mazel series]

  • Reboot Medias Res by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Snippets of Kirk and Spock's relationship from a music meme. (I.e., Shuffle your playlist, then write for the duration of the song.)

  • Reboot Mr. Spock, meet Mr. 5000 by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim finagles Spock into experimenting with a sex toy, under Jim's supervision of course.

  • TOS: Movies Muscle Memory by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    "I love it when you talk destiny to me." [post-TSFS]

  • Reboot Necking for his reputation by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Manipulative hickeys and space bats FTW.

  • Reboot Nonreplicable by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock falls into a trap. [Spock/other refers to nonexplicit Mirror!Kirk/Spock]

  • Reboot Not Hers. Not His. Not Yours. by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk wants Spock. He thought he couldn't have him, so he had her. Spock wants Kirk. But he's doubting himself, and he's doubting his place on the Enterprise. Will Kirk's certainty - in Spock, in them - be powerful enough to keep them together? [Warnings: first part has explicit Kirk/Uhura while she's still dating Spock]

  • Reboot Of Heads and Tails by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim's on the pursuit, but his prize has run amok. [Avatar-inspired]

  • TOS Of Pirates, Pon Farrs, and Perfectionists by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk wants to roleplay. Things donít go quite right at first, but third timeís a charm.

  • Reboot Of Two Evils by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    The wisdom of the ages warns that bonded adult males who mate in the fires of pon farr are unlikely to survive the experience. Indeed, the odds are approximately 3,720 to 1. Spock knows this. But when his Time strikes while his bondmate Captain has regressed to a mere youth, Spock finds himself unwilling to settle for the lesser of two evils [Warning: implied consensual, underage sex between an adult and a minor.]

  • Reboot Piercing Scream by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock discovers he has an unusual (that is, erotic) reaction to ear piercing. Jim helps.

  • Reboot Pride and Prejudice by verizonhorizon

    [WIP] [STXI AU of Jane Austenís classic, Pride and Prejudice] Vivacious Jim is fascinated and repelled by the arrogant Mr. Spock, whose condescending airs and acrid tongue have alienated Jimís entire family. The romantic clash of these two opinionated young people occurs on an Earth long-settled by Vulcans, whose elite, logic-minded race comprises the top of the social hierarchy. Jim and Spock find themselves in a spirited courtship that challenges their beliefs about themselves and the world they live in. [Last updated April 15th 2010]

  • TOS Realizing Utopia by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spockís mind melding is out of control, but what can his Captain do?

  • Reboot Recalibration by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Post-coital sex talk in which Spock finds out Jim has been rating the sex theyíve had on a 10-point scale.

  • Reboot Saasan by verizonhorizon

    [WIP] Kirk and Spock are minding the store when two children show up, one claiming to be their adopted daughter. Matchmaking shenanigans ensue! (not mpreg) [Last updated June 23 2011]

  • TOS Sensual Amber by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim gives Spock some scented lotion. Not everyone approves, but not everyone matters to Spock as much as one particularly persuasive Captain.

  • Reboot ShiíKahr Symphony by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    During the holidays, Spock gifts Jim with music from his homeworld.

  • Reboot Sky Falls Down by verizonhorizon

    "Sky Falls Down" by OceanLab.

  • Reboot Sonata-allegro by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    A sonata within a sonata. Spock bares his soul to Jim through music. [Sequel to 'Joyriding'.]

  • Reboot Spock's five reasons he and the Captain should engage in sexual congress by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk's assignation goes wrong and Spock comes to rescue him...sort of.

  • Reboot Spock's Forever Lazy by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Snuggie sex...on the Bridge

  • Reboot Spock's Like Whatever by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Excerpts from a day when a convenient alien plot devices causes Spock to talk like a Valley Girl. Like oh my god Spock is acting like totally illogical! [Crack!fic involving Clueless, Legally Blonde, and Mean Girls]

  • Reboot Spoon(ing) by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock owns a upscale restaurant, but needs help spicing things up. He hires Chef Kirk to save the day. On today's menu: plomeek soup for the soul. [Continuation of lalazee's Chef Kirk AU.]

  • Reboot Suction by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim and Spock have been dancing around each other for months, and Jim decides to use a science lesson to finally seal the deal.

  • Reboot Sunburned by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    First shore leave, first sunburn, first confessions.

  • Reboot Sweeter Than Candy by verizonhorizon

    Kirk and Spock make a gingerbread house.

  • Reboot T'Cute by verizonhorizon

    One Vulcan, one Captain, and a living mountain of fluff.

  • Reboot The Brainchildren of Verdantia by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    The Enterprise encounters a race of fearsome robots, and the situation leads Kirk and Spock to dig deep Ė both with the mission and with each other. [trekreversebang]

  • Reboot The Death Trap Test by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Trapped in an alien prison facing their imminent execution, how do Spock and Kirk spend their last living hours together, and what are the consequences?

  • Reboot The One by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    After the Kobayashi Maru hearing and before the Vulcan S.O.S., Spock seeks out Cadet Kirk off Academy grounds to elucidate a few points. He expects a stimulating debate but finds more stimulation than he bargained for. [CUE MOVIE]. Given that encounter, what would have happened if Spock had not marooned Kirk on Delta Vega? [STXI AU with Captain Spock]

  • Reboot The real playboy on the Enterprise by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Everyone always thought Kirk was the Enterprise playboy. He wasnít. This story tells the real truth. About how Spock is a total player. In the following text, five people testify off the record regarding this egregious charge. And one person, one stubborn, human male, takes it upon himself to try to end Spockís slutty ways.

  • Reboot The Smallest Doubt Could Kill You by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock are being burned at the stakeÖbut the real fire is in their hearts.

  • Reboot The Stone of Bashert by verizonhorizon

    Kirk and Spockís Guardian Angels use a glowing holiday rock of love to play matchmaker with their charges. [ksadvent]

  • Reboot The Virgin Captain by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk is tired of everyone thinking heís such a slut, so he announces heís been revirginized Ė and plans to stay that way. A bet is made among the crew to see who can break Kirkís willpower. A certain Vulcan is up to the challenge.

  • AU The Will of the Force by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    [WIP] [Star Trek/Star Wars AU] Vulcans are Jedi. Newly minted Captain Kirk finds out a Jedi Knight by the name of Spock has been assigned to the Enterprise. [Last updated April 6 2010]

  • Reboot Throw, Pull, Push by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    A pottery wheel demonstration spins into something else.

  • Reboot Tick-Tock Goes My Heart by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Itís Valentineís Day and the one year anniversary of Kirk and Spockís accidental (and not-so-legal) marriage on Ngulina. How will they celebrate? [ksvalentine]

  • Reboot Tied Up (in you) by verizonhorizon

    Spock enjoys assisting Jim with a Vulcan cultural tradition.

  • TOS Too Little, Too Late by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    McCoy confronts Jim about his doomed relationship with Spock.

  • TOS Too Wise to Woo Peaceably by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk has an interlude with Spock while in the Mirror!Universe. Misunderstandings abound and follow Jim home.

  • TOS: Movies Transcend With Me by verizonhorizon

    Spock and Jim talk after the VíGer crisis. There is a lot to say, but not everything needs words.

  • Reboot Treehouse by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    ďA friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.Ē ĖRalph Waldo Emerson. [art companion piece: "Serenity" by arminaa]

  • Reboot Trust to Hope by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Spock can't let go of his past, and Kirk canÔŅĹt let go of Spock. [Warning: non-explicit references to past trauma]

  • Reboot Unforgettable by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim is unforgettable.

  • TOS When Spock heard Jim, and Jim heard Spock, but neither heard what the other was saying by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim finds out that Spock masturbated to the sounds of him having sex with various women across their shared wall. Jim sets out with Bones on a mission to get Spock to explore voyeurism.

  • Reboot When Spock lost his Kirk by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Crazy alien plot-device causes Spock's telepathy to become contagious, and of course Kirk catches it.

  • Reboot Whoops! + Reinvent the Wheel by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock have confessed their fuzzy wuzzy feelings for each other and are ready to take things to the next level. But just when things get hot, thereís a Ďwhoops!í Then, a new top is born.

  • Reboot Wisps of Black Silk by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Jim reflects on the intimacy of brushing Spockís hair.

  • Reboot You Meet, You Have Lunch, and You Get Married by verizonhorizon

    First date! "You know, most normal people get to know each other before they get married. They date."

  • TOS Every Man's Wish by veronicaluv

    After the brief mindmeld in "Turnabout Intruder," both Kirk and Spock struggle with unexpected revelations. Prequel to "The Universe Did Not Prevail"

  • TOS The Universe Did Not Prevail by veronicaluv

    Time was slipping away, and an uncaring universe would offer only so many chances. This is a sequel to Every Man's Wish, my episode tag to Turnabout Intruder, so this should be considered post-series.

  • Reboot A Different Kind of Worship by vickyblueeyez

    Cock Worshiping gets a whole new meaning when Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet with an interesting custom.

  • Reboot Four times Kirk tried to kill himself (and the one time he did) by viggorlijah - ADULT

  • Reboot Musings by vili_koopa - ADULT

    Spock thinks for a moment about a new development with the captain. Attempt at wordplay.

  • Reboot Repetition, Variation by v_angelique

    There is no way a trip back home to Iowa could bring any sort of danger for the battle-tested Captain and his First Officer .. except when a xenophobic group kidnaps the half-Vulcan - needless to say they aren't his biggest fans. And emotionally compromising him by slandering his mother is probably one of the least problematic things that they do.

  • Reboot Mr. Sensitive by waldorph - ADULT

    Tarsus IV was a catastrophe of eugenics and desperation, and Jim Kirk was there.

  • Reboot My Boy Builds Coffins by waldorph - ADULT

    Jim Kirk was a legend before he was even an hour old, and legends are never men. They are tragedies and heroes and cautionary tales and they never grow up or grow old, they simply are. Jim Kirk is a pain in Spock's ass.

  • Reboot Ride That Into the Sunset by waldorph - ADULT

    Jim wants to ride that (and by "that" he means "Spock's dick") into the sunset.

  • Reboot strive seek find yield (spoctoria) by waldorph - ADULT

    Spock is heir to the Federation throne, Jim is Prince of America because his fucking brother abdicated, and the Klingons are on the verge of blowing shit up--a love story. (Star Trek BigBang fic) Artist:ashleyj28. Mixer: jazzy_peaches

  • Reboot The Virgin King by waldorph - ADULT

    Jim never wants anything from Spock except the impossible: stop terrible re-imaginings of their romance, and make peace with the Romulans.

  • Reboot Win for Losing by waldorph

    Spock's been played. He doesn't mind too much. (companion to "A Beautiful(ly Illogical) Mind" - it won't make too much sense without it)

  • Reboot Between Us and Them by waterpulse - ADULT

    As he exits the Nexus, Jim realizes that Spock had thought him dead for 78 years, and wishes--only for a second--that he could correct the error. One second is enough. [in two parts]

  • Reboot Five Ways Kirk and Spock Did Not Meet (and One Way they Did) by waterpulse

    ďReally?Ē Jim crosses his arms. ďWellÖI drove a car off a cliff.Ē

  • Reboot Four Ways Spock Prime Did Not Want It To Go (and How It Went) by waterpulse - ADULT

    "It was not my intention," Spock tells him, very old and very weary now, "to usurp for myself what should belong to my present."

  • Reboot Seasonal Spores (Or how Captain Kirk learned to love plants) by weebeanie - ADULT

    Kirkís convinced all plant life in the known (and unknown) universe is out to get him. So heís not exactly thrilled with Suluís Christmas gift. Until he discovers it has an unexpected Ďbenefití...

  • Reboot A Distant Horizon by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Four men. Two realities. One love. A sequel to ďNot Even the Stars.Ē

  • Reboot A Long-Standing Union by what-alchemy - ADULT

    At 103, Jim knows he canít go through another pon farr.

  • AU A Plausible Scenario by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Spock relates his favorite fantasy from Unethically Obtained: [warning graphic description of rimming]

  • Reboot Astral Bodies by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Jim knew what men liked: to possess and destroy. Planets, women, slim-hipped young men mucking out stables as distant Sol browned their glistening skin, it didnít matter.

  • Reboot At His Altar by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Spock indulges in a little Kirk-worship. [Warnings: rimming, felching, graphic porn]

  • Reboot Desideratum by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Desideratum: from the Latin, something lacked and wanted. Spock has certain shore leave habits heís kept secret for two years. Jim finally crashes his party.

  • Reboot Faultlines by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Conveniently placed flowers turn Spock into a woman. No oneís happy about it. [kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot In Mutual Orbit by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Uhura's relationship with Jamie Kirk evolves. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Inheritance by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Spock Prime realizes he must relinquish his lover to his younger self.

  • Reboot Lessons in Anatomy by what-alchemy - ADULT

    First Officer Spock, possessed of an efficient Vulcan male reproductive system, has never spared much thought to its illogical human counterpart. Until he interrupts his captainís private time.

  • Reboot Lush by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Jim wonders if the bond can endure the indignities of aging.

  • Reboot Many Waters by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Four years after Spock left him, Jim is finally going to get an explanation.

  • Reboot Not Even the Stars by what-alchemy - ADULT

    They canít have who they really want.

  • Reboot On the Naming of Emotions by what-alchemy

    In navigating the precarious path between emotion and logic, Spock has always had good guides.

  • Reboot Perlustration by what-alchemy

    Perlustration: The act of viewing all over. Jim makes sure not to take Spock for granted.

  • Reboot Portraits by what-alchemy

    Jim and Spock gain a little insight into Sarek.

  • Reboot Powder by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Kirk gets a face full of sex pollen on an away mission. Heís ready to take matters into his own hands when the object of his secret affections makes an offer of assistance.

  • Reboot Rebirth by what-alchemy - ADULT

    A missing scene from ďIn Mutual Orbit.Ē Jamie breaks into Spockís quarters during the plak tow. [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot The Law of Definite Proportions by what-alchemy - ADULT

    When captors take their clothes, Jim and Spock struggle with the revelation of Jimís ambiguous genitalia.

  • Reboot Unethically Obtained by what-alchemy - ADULT

    Spock discovers a preoccupation with his captain's very normal Starfleet-issue underpants. [warning: soiled unwear for masturbation, rimming]

  • AU A Place Called Tarsus IV by whatshouldntbe - ADULT

    Nothing will ever undo the horrors she bore witness to. And even when she’s safely back on earth sometime later, she’ll never talk about it. Never explain why she was able to survive when many others did not. [Last updated with Chapter 1 on 25th April 2012]

  • AU The Enemy Within by whatshouldntbe - ADULT

    Six months into her captaincy, Jim Kirk experiences the hardships of being a twenty-something woman in command. [WIP: Last updated 24th June 2012]

  • AU Rough Use by whiteraven1606 - ADULT

    ST/Doom crossover. Kink prompt: Reaper!Bones/Spock/and James T. Kirk as a bottom. Spock and Bones go at it for the right to take on Jim as a mate and they waste several months on it, but come to the logical conclusion that rough sex between them would be better with Jim and when you have an almost immortal and a vulcan as a man's mate, no one would ever mess around with him, or try and claim him. So it must be kinky, very kinky; power play, Dom/Sub, toys, a tiny bit of blood play. Preferably.

  • Reboot Definite and Unapologetic by whochick - ADULT

    Jim finds a kindred spirit in Spock one Christmas, and Uhura engineers a little festive cheer of her own.

  • Reboot Leave No Soul Behind by whochick - ADULT

    If you're Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform right up until the moment they become your only hope. Whether you're dying a slow, cold death in space, or a long painful one on some godforsaken planet, they're going to come for you. So count your last breaths, son, and hold on tight. They leave no soul behind. [240,000 words - story complete ]

  • Reboot Tel-Tor by wingstar - ADULT

    Kirk laments his predicament, the Ambassador instructs Jim on the finer points of Vulcan culture. Spock turns into a primal beast. Bones offers a bit of surprising advice and Sarek is amused even if he won’t say so. All in all, par for the course. Part I of Ho-Rah.

  • Reboot Aikum by wingstarvegeta - ADULT

    A moon legend that Spock tells to Jim.

  • Reboot Courtship by wingstarvegeta

    Four times Kirk tried to get Spock's attention and the first time he succeeded.

  • Reboot Ne Ki'ne (Ho-Rah Part II) by wingstarvegeta - ADULT

    Where Kirk finds out that Vulcan warrior initiations have some interesting elements and Spock happily introduces his bondmate to more of his culture.

  • Reboot Barely Perceptible Green by woebetidesweets - ADULT

    "When they hit the steel divide between the glass shelving, it was with a carefully calculated force: a mere 15% of what their combined mass and acceleration might produce, a percentage Spock had determined would be in no way detrimental to the structural integrity of the architecture. It was enough, however, to rattle the Bajoran ceramics on the shelves, and that was what aroused Jim."

  • Reboot A Little TLC by writers-island - ADULT

    This is Jim's least favorite part of being captain.

  • Reboot Bookworm by writers-island

    Kirk surprises everyone with his smarts and/or wears reading glasses

  • Reboot Cheering Up by writers-island

    Spock's having a crappy day because his management style isn't working too well for some of the humans; Kirk cheers him up

  • Reboot Clueless by writers-island

    Lemon drops and/or Vulcan handporn with oblivious!Kirk

  • Reboot Exorcism by writers-island

    Lightning storms

  • Reboot Logical by writers-island

    "It had never been logical."

  • Reboot Parturiency by writers-island - ADULT

    The prompt was a fic in which a pregnant Spock is kidnapped and Jim rescues him, with bonus points for BAMF!Bones, Jim storming a laboratory, and Jim talking to Spock's belly.

  • Reboot Seven Days by writers-island

    Jim was just hoping they could go the week without killing each other.

  • Reboot Spock's Sweater by writers-island

    Spock's Grey Lumpen ManSweater of Dubious Fit

  • Reboot Forever by xiaou-xijiang

    [Epilogue to Starstruck, and Collision] He appeared to have no recollection of his days as a child, including his confession to Captain Kirk. A clean slate, like nothing had ever happened. A good thing, right?

  • Reboot Pity the Children by xiaou-xijiang - ADULT

    [WIP] De-aged Spock is kidnapped. Will Spock ever be the same? [8 parts as of Dec 2009]

  • AU GeistesergŁsse - or: Intellectual Incontinence - A moment in time by xlcatloveress

    A sentence spoken, a move made - simultaneously in a moment that hangs suspended in time between them now - could be the worst mistakes ever made in their lives ..

  • Reboot Hungover by xlcatloveress

    James T. Kirk suffers a hang-over of a different kind

  • Reboot Preparations by xlcatloveress - ADULT

    Training for a diplomatic mission has never been that much fun

  • Reboot Wrapped in Darkness and Silence by xlcatloveress

    Spock mourns the loss of a bond, but finds that the right person will heal the deepest hurt.

  • TOS Their Kind of Chess by yawmin

    Continuing on where "Amok Time" ended. Because yeah. You can't just LEAVE IT LIKE THAT.

  • Reboot Anchor by ykoriana

    Kirk ponders some after effects of his mind meld with Spock Prime.

  • Reboot Castaway by ykoriana

    Spock Primeís thoughts while marooned on Delta Vega. And then a stranger arrivesÖ

  • Reboot HERE at my journal by ykoriana - ADULT

    Written for this prompt at the kink meme: Kirk + anyone = bed breaking sex. Gimme your crackiest fic!

  • Reboot Mirage by ykoriana

    Spock is perhaps the only person ever who can truly say he found himself... A.N. This is a companion to my previous fics Castaway and Anchor.

  • Reboot Truth in Chocolate by zephyr-macabee

    Winona steps up.

  • Reboot Terms of Touch (or, Spock Calls It an Experiment, Jim Calls It Torture) by zhian_tara - ADULT

    Spock asks Jim's help with a little experiment.

  • Reboot Float by zjofierose - ADULT

    fulfills the kink!bingo prompt "washing/cleaning"

  • Reboot In a Bind by zjofierose - ADULT

    fills the kink!bingo prompt "bondage (wrist/ankle restraints)"

  • AU Let It Snow by zjofierose - ADULT

    During a rare shoreleave on Earth over the holidays, Kirk convinces Spock to take a road trip with him. He didn't count on a record snowfall. Now they're stranded in a motel room for Christmas, and stir-craziness is beginning to set in...

  • Reboot Screw by zjofierose - ADULT

    Jim helps Spock find a part. Spock gives Jim a tour. fills the kink!bingo prompt "domestic/tradesman kink"

  • Reboot Stud by zjofierose - ADULT

    Jim illustrates to Spock why exactly one might want to get a tongue piercing. fills the kink!bingo prompt "piercings/needleplay" [author didn't specify trope or length - temp tag used until this can be updated]

  • Reboot We Are Gonna Be Friends by zjofierose - ADULT

    Written for this prompt on the kink-meme. which then ballooned like a monster. Spock and Kirk meet as kids, to the theme of the White Stripes "We Are Gonna Be Friends"

  • Reboot A Night of Dreams by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock bonded when they were 16. Now it's senior year and no one in school knows (except for McCoy) the two have ever spoken, let alone have are married and living together.† People wonder why Kirk never dates, and when prom starts to approach Gaila and Gary Mitchell both start showing interest in him. Misunderstandings and angst ensue before it ends like a teen movie (except with sex).

  • Reboot And It's Ending One Minute At a Time by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    Jim Kirk is Spock's Tyler Durden. Fight Club AU.

  • Reboot Dream Boy by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    A prequel to The Perfect Man. Spock is a cadet on his way to becoming a professor, Jim is a troublesome teen sent to live with Captain Christopher Pike for the summer, this is the story of how they meet and fall for each other. Miscommunications abound.

  • Reboot In Which Professor Spock and Cadet Gaila Battle to Win the Heart of James Kirk by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    [WIP] Professor Spock and Cadet Gaila both decide they want Cadet Jim Kirk, and they're going to get him. Just one obstacle stands in the way: each other. [mulitpart, incomplete. Update pt 3 posted 23rd Aug '10]

  • Reboot Inked, Marked, and Claimed by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    Set previous to the Perfect Man story, but it is not necessary to have it to read this. Spock is perplexed by Jim's need for a physical representation for their bond. This is the origin story of Jim's tattoo. a

  • Reboot Possession by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    Mirror!Spock comes to seduce and kidnap Kirk because the Kirk in his universe who was his bondmate has died. But Spock, who is not in a relationship with his Kirk, is not about to let that happen.

  • Reboot Secrets by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    It is Starfleet Academy policy that Professors and Cadets do not engage in relationships. Even though their relationship is a secret sometimes other people figure it out. This is the five times that someone figured out something about Jim and Spock's relationship and the one time someone didn't.

  • Reboot Sleepless by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    Spock is on an away mission. Kirk is having a difficult time sleeping alone. He tries everything including wearing Spock's shirt and sleeping in his bed. Spock comes back, finds him like that, and shows him how much he missed him.

  • AU Thirteen Months and Three Weeks by zoetrope13 - ADULT

    After Spock's bond with her betrothed, Stonn, is broken when he dies on Vulcan she makes a new arrangement to be bonded with another Vulcan male. This falls through when T'Pring, her old friend who always wants what Spock has seduces him away from her. To avoid shame and to expose T'Pring as illogical and petty Spock and Kirk pretend to be engaged to be bonded. This is complicated by the fact that ever since she met her Kirk is the one person Spock truly wants to be bonded with. [Author's warning: Kirk and Spock are cis-women, not men in this fic.] [girl!kirk/girl!spock]

  • Reboot First Fall by _ryouseiteki_

    Prompt: Every story has a beginning, and every beginning starts with one step. Your writing assignment for this round is to show that first step. You must select a member of Starfleet and write about something that happens to them in their first year of Starfleet Academy.

  • Reboot Can't Smile Without You by ________disco - ADULT

    McCoy gets more than he bargained for when he catches Spock doing something extremely out of character. Hilarity and schmoop ensue.

  • Reboot Teaching Assistant by ________disco - ADULT

    [WIP] AU Academy fic. Inspired by the movie, "Secretary". Jim Kirk leaves behind his dysfunctional family in Iowa after being recruited to Starfleet. In an attempt to control his need for adrenaline, he applies for an on-campus job, and is hired as a teaching assistant to Commander Spock. [multi-part, incomplete. Last update pt 3, 28th Jul '10]


536 works found

  • TOS Seaworld Vacatatino fanart by :juneinblue

    A dolphin? It's a Seaworld Vaayycaayyy!!! Pretty much I just wanted to draw these two in the vein of 'most tragic tourist'."

  • Reboot A Sweet Valentine's by afallenseraphim - ADULT


  • Reboot Angsty art post by afallenseraphim - ADULT

    The imaginary synopsis behind this pic is this: Diplomatic mission (of course). Shit hits the fan real fast, Kirk gets his ass kicked, and Spock takes a fatal wound in order to protect his T'hy'la. Now Jim's stuck trying to keep Spock alive, contact his ship, and keep his shit together while his mate bleeds out.

  • Reboot Art by afallenseraphim - ADULT

    Um... um... UM... smutty smut is smutty?

  • Reboot Artz by afallenseraphim


  • AU ARTZ again by afallenseraphim

    Okay, this is 100% unapologetic shmoop of the "aftermath" variety. (Be glad it is not pain and destruction that my smut muse leaves in her wake for she is tempted, oh, she is tempted)

  • Reboot Baby on Board by afallenseraphim

    Someday soon they'll actually use the crib. Really, they will. The nu!family all together.

  • Reboot Call Me Jim by afallenseraphim


  • Reboot Christmas, Logic and Presents... by afallenseraphim


  • Reboot JIM!PREG by afallenseraphim


  • Reboot K/S Advent Art by afallenseraphim - ADULT

    It's all comic-y and SPIRK-y and Jim's a kinky bastard, yes. Why do you ask? [ksadvent2009]

  • Reboot K/S sketch by afallenseraphim - ADULT

    K/S sketch

  • Reboot Kissing by afallenseraphim

    I drew KISSING. I don't... like... do that. But while I've been working on a short comic (a gift for whom I shall not name as of yet) I just needed to draw shmoop (which is a word 'cuz I typed it).

  • AU KSValentine Art by afallenseraphim

    I indulged myself and drew Spock and Jim's bonding ceremony with Jim in VULCAN ROBES, because this is woefully rare for some reason, but would be TOTALLY HOT for Spock

  • Reboot Night Shift by afallenseraphim - ADULT

    Artwork. Captain's Chair.

  • AU Scribble idea by afallenseraphim

    Artwork [girl!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot The Kirk/Spock Slash Community - "Improbability" Fancomic by afallenseraphim

    Artwork: I hope jaylee_g doesn't mind a belated gift, as this is for her incredible fiction. My favourite scene from "Improbability".

  • AU Untitled by afallenseraphim


  • Reboot Untitled by afallenseraphim - ADULT

    Artwork: These were for the NC-17 prompt on shipwars.

  • TOS Vulcan Kisses by afallenseraphim

    Close-up hand on hand Vulcan affection. Intimate, yet shy.

  • Reboot Kirk Spock Sketches by alekinaart


  • TOS A Spirk for Valentine by aleniakalain


  • Reboot Annoying Brat by aleniakalain - ADULT


  • Reboot Eyesex in chibi form by aleniakalain

    Artwork: Another random chibi fluffyness done at prue84's home.

  • Reboot I Wish To Penetrate You by aleniakalain - ADULT


  • Reboot Lost in Sleep by aleniakalain - ADULT

    Fanart. This is taken from our version of the reboot Mirror, in which Spock is still a pre-surak and Kirk...well...he shouldn't be that young for sure! It just happened that in our setting he's still a kid born after TOS Kirk and reboot Kirk both impregnated mirror!TOS Kirk...yeah, don't's for your own good.

  • TOS Master and Pet by aleniakalain


  • TOS Master and Pet by aleniakalain


  • TOS Mugs Exchange by aleniakalain


  • Reboot Piggybacking your Captain by aleniakalain

  • Reboot Teasing Puppy by aleniakalain - ADULT


  • TOS TOS Chibi set by aleniakalain


  • Reboot Art by alexwhitewell

    Art post

  • Reboot Mistletoe by alexwhitewell

    Art (greeting card)

  • TOS The Whisper of a Long Forgotten Dream by alpha-hydra

    Sometimes, Kirk dreams of him

  • Reboot Request by alpha2nd2006

    fan art

  • Reboot From Matt by anon - ADULT

    Artwork. These are not my work, but from one of my seriously talented friends. She doesn't do LJ and I thought, 'Hey, your works have to be more appreciated.' So here they are. Warning : Violence, M/M Explicit Sexual Content (Nudity, Anal, Oral Sex, Fingering)

  • Reboot K/S Holding by anon

    Artwork: I do not deserve such awesome people in my life, but I also couldn't keep this to myself, I just have to share. This is a gift made for little old me by a person whom I love more than I can ever possibly say in any language I know. Come see the genius and the love. Can you find the words I can't? She'll hear them, I promise. ;)

  • TOS K/S Sketch by anoncomment7

    My first K/S sketch.

  • TOS/Reboot Mine by anoncomment7 - ADULT


  • TOS Mine by anoncomment7 - ADULT


  • Reboot Private Party by anoncomment7 - ADULT


  • Reboot Outlines by anon_j_anon


  • Reboot Untitled by anyas_art - ADULT


  • Reboot Untitled by anyas_art - ADULT


  • Reboot Kirk/Spock Day--Month--Year... by aqueousserenade

    A kiss.

  • TOS Merry Christmas, Jim by aqueousserenade


  • TOS: Movies ST IV by aqueousserenade

    Drew this after watching Britney's The Ships Closet(ep3). Just wanted to see if I could out-gay the posters for The Voyage Home.

  • Reboot Love This Picture by archmonkey

    A good friend of mine drew this for me and I absolutely love it! It is my favorite picture and it has pride of place on my pin board. I thought I'd share it with everyone so that you can enjoy it too.

  • AU Words Unspoken by archmonkey - ADULT

    Author's notes: I wrote this in conjunction with drawing some pictures. I have a digital drawing (using a PC tablet + some manip) and a Hand sketch of the same thing. I couldn't decide which I liked better. I'm a pretty bad when it comes to drawing, but I'm going to subject you to them anyway. I put them after the fic so you can read the story first.

  • Reboot The Loop by ariadnechan - ADULT

    Pike calls for Jim and Spock in a secret mission. They must to go to Sigma four to rescue younger Pike/Number one from their imprisonment. Pike has confidence in this mission, because he was there and he saw Jim and Spock rescue them. But what will happen to Jim and Spock there? Will they comeback alive in their own timelines to finish the loop in time?

  • Reboot Fire and Ice by arminaa - ADULT

    My art submission for ksadvent. I hope that you enjoy!

  • TOS Art rec by artconserv - ADULT

    Artconserv's artwork

  • TOS Fan Art by artsatalex - ADULT

    2 art pieces

  • TOS TOS fanart by artsatalex

    Tablet Wacom Bamboo Fun

  • Reboot Fanart! by ashlan

    Artwork: A scene from The Sum of its Parts by jbmdragon

  • Reboot It's Cold Outside by astra_sequi

    A quick sketch to practice a shift in my usual drawing style, see how colored pencils work for me (background in photoshop), and reinforce my lack of color coordination. And for lack of a better title, it really is cold outside. See my creativity at work there? All in all, just a fun little seasonal theme for my first Star Trek fanart. Enjoy.

  • Reboot Untitled by asukajude

    Fanart (crossover with SPN)

  • TOS/Reboot 51 Star Trek Christmas icons by avictoriangirl

  • Reboot Some Star Trek Valentine goodness by aycelcus


  • TOS Tribble!K&S Fanart by ayumi_lemura


  • Reboot The Poolboy Profession is Completely Illogical by babykid528

    For the_deep_magic - A companion to her fic Pool Boy, in which Kirk asks Spock to play cabana boy during shore leave.

  • Reboot Young Jim on Tarsus by bbuttercup

    Young Reboot Jim during the Tarsus crisis.

  • Reboot Hush Up by beednis - ADULT


  • Reboot Shore Leave (is an abomination) by beednis


  • Reboot A Bunch of AU Drawings by cannedebonbon - ADULT


  • Reboot A Lot of Messy Doodles by cannedebonbon

  • Reboot Academy Art by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    K/S fanart

  • AU Art by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot Art by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot Art by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot Doodles by cannedebonbon

    Artwork - various

  • Reboot Doodles and a Star Trek art meme by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot Drawing stuff and a question. by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    Artwork: NSFW, because Candy's a big perv.

  • AU G'morning, Professor. by cannedebonbon - ADULT


  • Reboot Gigantic art dump by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot Happy K/S Day by cannedebonbon


  • Reboot Happy Kirk/Spock Day! by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot Happy Kirk/Spock Day! by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot Happy Year of the Rabbit! by cannedebonbon

    Artwork: What Spock thought should have happened before Jim's 'illogical behaviour' thwarted his logic once again. Spock's logic: "Way to a person's heart is through his stomach" + "Jim has bunny ears" = "Jim will love me if I give him carrots" FLAWLESS.

  • Reboot McCoy's Horrible Life Aboard the Enterprise by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    Artwork: Bones is a third wheel when he's stuck on a planet out with Jim and Spock for Valentine's Day.

  • Reboot Motorcycles are sexy. by cannedebonbon

    Artwork, various

  • Reboot n/a by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot n/a by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot NSFW Art by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    Several sketches and works.

  • Reboot Santa Claus and His Not-So Willing Helper Elf by cannedebonbon - ADULT


  • Reboot Starfleet Lesbians! by cannedebonbon

  • AU The Melancholy of S'chn T'gai Spock by cannedebonbon - ADULT


  • Reboot Title: various by cannedebonbon


  • Reboot Untitled by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    Various artwork

  • Reboot Untitled by cannedebonbon

    Artwork: Crossover:Ace Attorney/Trek

  • Reboot Untitled by cannedebonbon - ADULT


  • Reboot Untitled by cannedebonbon - ADULT


  • Reboot Untitled by cannedebonbon


  • Reboot Untitled by cannedebonbon - ADULT


  • Reboot Untitled by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    "Tentacle porn"

  • Reboot Untitled by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    Art (two pieces)

  • AU Untitled (various) by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    Artwork. Warnings: dub/non-con (well, it's mirrorverse), miscquick, violence/torture (again, mirrorverse XD;)

  • TOS/Reboot Various by cannedebonbon - ADULT

    Artwork selection

  • Reboot We're exactly one year away from STXII! by cannedebonbon - ADULT

  • Reboot Wish Upon A Star by cannedebonbon

    Captain Kirk with Mini Spock.

  • Reboot A Mountie Doing What a Mountie Does Best by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Seventeen-year-old Spock goes to visit his human grandparents in Canada. He ends up with a hot Mountie boyfriend for his troubles.

  • Reboot Art by carouselcycles

    PokeTrek and hipsters. That says everything.

  • Reboot Bath Time. by carouselcycles

    Back by popular demand, bb!Jim and bb!Spock in an all new, shiny adventure: bath time!

  • Reboot Doki Doki Star Trek by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Because cannedebonbon wouldn't let me get away with not posting this I am posting it now. It is a continuation of the one page comic she posted over here. Jim goes back to Spock's house with the intention to do a lot more than "make out".

  • Reboot Extremely Belated Art Dump by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Warnings: Lots and lots of porn, some of which involves Spock Prime and rimming‚ÄĒtogether.

  • Reboot Happy K/S Day! (Waka Waka) by carouselcycles

    K/S Soccer AU chibis for this year's K/S Day.

  • Reboot Happy K/S Day! (Waka Waka) by carouselcycles

    K/S Soccer AU chibis for this year's K/S Day.

  • AU High School AU Chibi Dump by carouselcycles


  • Reboot How the Troll King Brought Us Together by carouselcycles - ADULT

    [WIP] It started off like any other day with a few hours of mindless, hack-and-slash gaming before school. Then someone had to go and steal his kill and that's not something Spock can easily forgive. The start of a beautiful love story. [mulitchapter fic, last updated part 4, Mar 27]

  • Reboot I think you dropped something. by carouselcycles


  • Reboot It's Raining Hearts! by carouselcycles

    Artwork: Jim and Spock get turned into cherubs via a transporter malfunction and/or aliens and have to save Valentine's Day with their Heart-Shaped Arrows of Love and Breezy Togas of Passion.

  • Reboot James T. Kirk: Pokemon Master by carouselcycles

    Spock is a newbie Pokemon Trainer that's only just starting out. Kirk is the weirdo Gym Leader that insists on following him around. This is the crack my brain comes up with. I apologize.

  • Reboot No title by carouselcycles - ADULT

    I was bored one night and was doing super quick doodle requests on tumblr and this is the result? All of them are done in the span of a couple of hours... so don't expect anything.

  • Reboot Oh, bb. by carouselcycles


  • Reboot Pretty Pretty Princess: Spock Edition by carouselcycles

    Help Spock get ready for his big date with Jim! Choose from his extensive wardrobe (which is 90% dresses for reasons unknown) and waste time that you could spend being productive on a silly dress up game!

  • Reboot Riding on Sunsets by carouselcycles


  • Reboot Sketch Dump #1 by carouselcycles - ADULT


  • AU Smudges by carouselcycles - ADULT

    Jim and Spock meet at the Academy's annual Winter Masquerade.

  • Reboot Spock Plush Doll by carouselcycles

    Just a few photographs of the Maid!Spock plush doll I made for my waifu,kamicom. Spock is Jim's maid of course (as if there was any doubt).

  • Reboot The Prince and the Pauper (or Spockerella) by carouselcycles

    Spock is a peasant. Jim is a prince. They fall in love. The end.

  • Reboot Untitled by carouselcycles - ADULT

    'Porn dump'

  • Reboot *Mack Mack* by chibinecco - ADULT

    Three smutty doodles, a couple cute and shmoopy, and a crack comic.

  • Reboot Bulkhead by chibinecco - ADULT

    smutty doodle of Spock taking Jim up against a wall

  • Reboot Cute Face by chibinecco

    Kirk and Spock smiling at each other between scenes

  • Reboot Gift of Peace by chibinecco

    Kirk and Spock at Sochya's first Christmas.

  • Reboot Kiss the Night by chibinecco

    Artwork: Kirk and Spock have a bit of alone time on one of the observation decks.

  • AU Cookin' Kirk by chicapanzy


  • TOS/Reboot Haunted by cirrocumulus

    Fanart: kayliemalinza gave me the prompt, "ghost!Kirk haunting someone." All cryptic incomprehensibility is entirely my fault.

  • Reboot KisCon 2011 Quilt by cjmasters - ADULT

  • TOS ST.TOS wallpaper: The Lonely Years by coffeestudies

    Artwork: wallpaper

  • TOS Fanart by colour_me_troll

    Just three little Kirk/Spock drawings, all work safe.

  • TOS It'ss Me You Come Home To by colour_me_troll - ADULT

    Art. 'City on the Edge of Forever' is just so constantly inspiring. In its gay. And awesome. Gay and Awesome.

  • Reboot Art: Kirk/Spock by corcalamus

    I drew another picture, as it turns out K/S is a great way to practice drawing men and who am I to argue with the pretty men? I just go where the art muse takes me. Hope you enjoy :)

  • Reboot Free Fall by corcalamus

    Every month he made a promise to himself, that he would send a note to his mother to let her know he was doing well and had found someone special. But now, now that would never happen.

  • Reboot Trek Drawings by corcalamus

    Portraits of Uhura, Kirk and Spock

  • TOS Behind your back by dahtwitchi

    A stolen moment in cross stitches. So, as an obsessed crafter, something like this was bound to happen.

  • TOS Behind your back - 3 page comic by dahtwitchi

    You remember the embroidery? Well, I sketched up a comic based on it.

  • TOS K/S sketching by dahtwitchi

    So, I try to come up with a nice, generic Kirk, and what happens? I finally manage to make it remind me of Shatner!

  • TOS Sketches by dahtwitchi - ADULT

  • Reboot Self-reflection by darstellen

    This is the second acrostic written for [info]anon_j_anon's challenge. I'm dissatisfied with this one but can't seem to come any further, so am offering it up for your criticism. Be honest with your opinion. Unlike Blink, this is only a double acrostic.

  • Reboot Art for Big Bang: Xenolinguistics, Astrophysics, and Love by davincis_girl

    I have posted art for the wonderful story "Xenolinguistics, Astrophysics, and Love", a mostly Starfleet Academy era reboot story, on my journal. Information and links to the fic can be found there.

  • Reboot Fan Art by db-mmxx

    As promised, 100 cuddles to readers who got the leprechaun reference (The Simpson's). Note: Fan art prompted by an author's note. Kid-Spock is supposed to be the 13 year old from my story Imprint. You don't need to read the story to understand.

  • Reboot Brothers by db_mmxx

    A transporter malfunction de-ages Kirk. At six years old, no one is safe from his charm.

  • Reboot Spock's Merry Christmas by db_mmxx - ADULT

    Spock has been a good boy this year. Santa brought him a special present.

  • Reboot Alternative Alternate Universe by deliciousny - ADULT

  • Reboot Art - Fem!Kirk and Fem!Spock - G by deliciousny

    aos-inspired AU - basically they're women

  • Reboot Fifth-Floor Fantasy by deliciousny - ADULT

    Art for the reboot fic Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals by chase820.

  • Reboot Funky Fresh by deliciousny

    Funky Spock.

  • Reboot Halloween by deliciousny

    Kirk & Spock in Halloween costumes. Each of the boys gets to take a turn as the chica. Hopefully nobody saw these costumes coming.

  • Reboot Halloween Part 2 by deliciousny - ADULT

    Vampire boyfriends

  • Reboot Men in Uniform in Love by deliciousny

    A.N.: I don't know what to say about this one other than I was listening to the Glenn Miller "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" when I got the idea for this.

  • TOS/Reboot Paper Dolls by deliciousny

    I have a series of ST paper dolls and clothes going, so check 'em out and play to your hearts delight.

  • Reboot Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals by deliciousny

    Art for the fic "Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals"

  • Reboot Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals Art by deliciousny - ADULT


  • Reboot Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals Art, Part 2 by deliciousny - ADULT


  • Reboot Soul Meets Soul on Lovers' Lips by deliciousny - ADULT

    Fan art - three pieces for the K/S Valentine meme

  • Reboot Star Trek Valentines by deliciousny

    I love vintage valentines from the 50's and 60's and what works out really well is that they were totally obsessed with space back then. These are all based on valentines I found in several Google searches. I could link them, but I'm too lazy to find them all scattered out there on the interwebz.

  • Reboot Trekkie Horror Picture Show by deliciousny - ADULT

    I see you shiver, with antici...

  • AU Veni Vidi Vici by deliciousny - ADULT


  • TOS A Beach To Walk On by denisedion - ADULT

    [Author did not use header]

  • TOS A Good Morning by denisedion

    [Author did not use header]

  • TOS A Kiss Upon Thy Lips by denisedion - ADULT

    [Author did not use header]

  • TOS A Moment in Time by denisedion

    [Author did not use header]

  • TOS A Warrior's Passion by denisedion

    [Author did not use header]

  • TOS Alone and Forgotten by denisedion

    Jim has lost precious lives by taking a few moments to smell the flowers. But Spock has lost something precious also.

  • Reboot Spork it out by dirzl

    Artwork. The captain's habit of lip-licking has Spock staring.

  • AU Spock's first Kirk Christmas by dlrzl - ADULT

    AU Kirk and Spock are cadets together and share a dorm. There's animosity between them at first, but come the holiday season Kirk decides to declare a truce and shows Spock how Humans celebrate that special time of year.

  • TOS Get Off My Case, I Won't Say I'm In Love by dreamlittleyo

  • Reboot The Way I Feel Under Your Command by dreamlittleyo

  • TOS/Reboot This Side of Paradise--How it Should Have Been by dreamlittleyo

    A six-panel total crack rendition of how the TOS episode "This Side of Paradise" should have gone.

  • AU Art: A Matter For Ma'at by dreamwind83

    So here is a quick sketch of Peter and Gabriel for A Matter for Ma'at. I am sure you can figure out which one is Peter and which is Jim and Spock's son, Gabriel. This is supposed to be a sketch of the picture that Jim shows to Sarek in Chapter 3.

  • TOS: Movies Craving His Touch by d_e_a_serkan

    I had just gone to the Star Trek exhibition down in San Jose while visiting my brother, and was inspired to do a piece after reading about how Kirk dies- how Spock was feeling.

  • Reboot Curiosity Killed The Cat by d_e_a_serkan - ADULT

    Fic-inspired artwork

  • Reboot Mistletoe by d_e_a_serkan

    Art. blushing Spock, lens flare.

  • Reboot Spock is M.I.A by elruesta

    Starfleet Command had sent the Enterprise on a diplomatic mission to the Kasterborous system to mediate a peace treaty between the Kasterians and the Leborians. During negotations, Commander Spock was kidnapped by a rouge military group within the Kasterian goverment. Through investigation it was discovered that afer being tortured and intergated, the Commander had been left to die on Celes IV, the outermost moon circling the Kasterborbous star. Captain Kirk is currently on planet tracking his first officer and lover while the crew of the Enterprise try to break through the ionic interference...

  • TOS Have Been and Always Shall Be by eternityrose

    Artwork. A.N. This is dedicated to the greatest pairing ever.

  • Reboot T'hy'la by eternityrose


  • Reboot Art Dump 2: Gender Bender! by fagur_fiskur

    Artwork: I bring you some gender bending fan art!

  • Reboot [2] STXI icons + 1 STXI big graphic by fprintmoon

  • TOS Realization by fujitsu01 - ADULT

    The evolution of Kirk and Spock's relationship, told from Spock's POV

  • Reboot Got My Love to Keep Me Warm by galileo7


  • AU I'll Be Yours by galileo7 - ADULT


  • Reboot Our Minds are One by galileo7 - ADULT


  • AU Tentacles by gmonkey42 - ADULT

    NSFW gif animation of Spock's cartoon tentacles and Kirk's reaction to them.

  • Reboot Ha! Cha! Cha! by greenteaduck - ADULT


  • Reboot Too Cute!! by greenteaduck

    Kirk, Spock, and Kirk/Spock fanart

  • Reboot Fanart Fun by green_bird_

  • Reboot Love Floats by green_bird_

    Kirk and Spock, floating and in love.

  • Reboot T'hy'la insignia wallpaper by greynightshirt

    Here's a quick not-so-obvious K/S wallpaper. I quite like the result and so I'm sharing it with you:-)

  • TOS Lemon Green by h_e_r_b_a_t_a


  • Reboot Alejandro by idkmybffspock - ADULT

    Artwork. Warnings: Soft core porn, Kirk in heels and tights

  • TOS Domestic Kirk and Spock with Child by idkmybffspock


  • Reboot From Gaila w/ Love by idkmybffspock - ADULT

    Academy K/S making out in the Kobayashi Maru test proctoring room, while Gaila takes photos for later blackmailing purposes.

  • TOS Happy Christmas by idkmybffspock - ADULT


  • Reboot Interview Trek by idkmybffspock - ADULT

    Comic.Depicts the Intro to the movie/book Interview with the Vampire. [18 parts, complete]

  • Reboot Kirk/Spock Sketch Dump by idkmybffspock

    One family drawing, one fluffy drawing, and one mistletoe drawing

  • Reboot Missing You by idkmybffspock


  • Reboot Spock Shenanigans by idkmybffspock


  • Reboot Universally the Same by idkmybffspock

    Artwork: You may not believe in destiny, but you can't deny some things stay universal... Such as James T. Kirk being the captain of the Enterprise, Spock being his first officerÖ and the day Jim asked Spock out.

  • Reboot Valentine's Spam by idkmybffspock

    Artwork (various)

  • Reboot Variety of Fluff, Plus Doctor Who by idkmybffspock - ADULT

    More drawings of Kirk and Spock plus one with the doctor.

  • Reboot Waiting for Jim to Arrive by idkmybffspock


  • Reboot Yes My Queen / Don't Call My Name, Spock by idkmybffspock - ADULT

    Artwork. 2 pieces inspired by Lady Gaga's video "Alejandro".

  • Reboot STXII by idvo


  • TOS Untitled by invertedjoker

    K/S Art

  • TOS: Movies Not In Front Of... by iscalox


  • TOS A Quiet Evening by isca_lox


  • TOS IDIC Supporter by isca_lox

    Artist's Comments: It just occured to me that J. Kirk might wear IDIC boxers. To show Spock his deep understanding of vulcan culture.

  • TOS: Movies Mind Meld by isca_lox

    Artwork: Kirk, Spock, post TMP

  • TOS See the picture by isca_lox - ADULT


  • TOS Spock and Kirk by isca_lox


  • TOS: Movies Various Art by isca_lox

    Artwork Links to DeviantArt

  • TOS Icon post by ivycross

    I just wanted to share with everyone here any icon I just finished making.

  • TOS Icon post by ivycross

    I just wanted to share with everyone here any icon I just finished making.

  • Reboot 20 Watts by jou

    K/S Advent Calendar Art. The Gift of the Magi, K/S style.

  • Reboot Apres Delta Vega by jou

    Nu!Kirk and Spock Prime under the snowy, starry sky.

  • Reboot Meditation by jou

    Artist's Notes: In my angsty headcanon, I like to imagine that Jim sees/wants Spock Prime as the father figure he never had... while Spock is romantically in love with Jim (against his better judgement). I bet their relationship is all sorts of messed up as each sort of uses the other for their respective needs that never quite meet in the middle. However, I like to think they make some sort of happy ending out of all that.

  • Reboot Mistletoe by jou - ADULT


  • Reboot Regret by jou - ADULT

    feels_like_fire and I start talking about long-haired Spock, and then about long-haired Mirror Spock... So I drew him. He appears to have finally slain Mirror Kirk His lover and taken command. I think he regrets it, though. It's lonely at the top.

  • TOS Sybilline Verses, or the Mirror of Fate by jou - ADULT

    Artwork. The image is inspired by the amazing story "Covert Actions" by Alexis Fegan Black, which is only available in zine form, to my knowledge. Spock & Kirk go undercover as a Romulan prince and his human pleasure slave. Sexy hijinks ensue. The title comes from an old bookplate from which I found inspiration for the illuminated-ish border.

  • Reboot Terra by jou

    fan art. James T. Kirk.

  • Reboot The Planet Vulcan by jou

    [art] I was feeling particularly wangsty earlier, so I put the feeling to work and drew sort of an... abstract memorial-ish piece to Spock's lost planet. I started on a companion piece featuring Kirk, but it's not as inspired as the Spock version, so I won't post it unless/until I'm happy with it. :x

  • TOS Two faux charcoal sketches by jou - ADULT

  • Reboot Two Kirk/Spock!Prime drawings by jou - ADULT


  • Reboot A tight squeeze. by juneinblue

    reboot fan art. I don't think that chair is big enough for two grown men.

  • TOS Torn Shirt by juneinblue

    Artist's Notes: My contribution to that perennial Trek classic- Hurt/Comfort! Shirt casualty and manly man-love made abruptly acceptable because, y'know, This Could Be It. And TOS Kirk/Spock is the shit. Special appearance of out-of-focus Mccoy: this one is not about you, sir. :P Some other day.

  • Reboot K/S SpaceIkea artdump by kamicon

    Domestic Fluff! Designer Furniture! SpaceIkea!

  • Reboot Spaceikea II by kamicon - ADULT


  • Reboot Assignet to the Farragut by katsa_db_lover


  • TOS/Reboot Brighter Than Stars by katsa_db_lover - ADULT


  • Reboot Child of Two Worlds by katsa_db_lover


  • Reboot Commander Spock: Kobyashi Maru Hearing by katsa_db_lover

    Fanart. A.N.: A scene from the 2009 ST movie.

  • AU Doodle + Story idea by katsa_db_lover - ADULT


  • Reboot Lil' Spock by katsa_db_lover

    Here's Lil' Spock with his favorite stuffed kitty- though he wouldn't admit to having one. That would be illogical right? ;)

  • Reboot Lil' Spock Icons by katsa_db_lover


  • AU Wrassle by kaunlinen


  • TOS/Reboot Universes Collide by kayleightalitha

    Icons of nu!Spock and tos!Kirk.

  • Reboot Stealing a Kiss by keajoaq

  • Reboot SPORK FFFFFFFFFFFF by kirkspocklady - ADULT


  • TOS/Reboot Untitled by kirkspocklady


  • AU Fascinating by kittehkat - ADULT

    Artwork. Our heroes beam down to a strange planet and, upon exploring, discover their passions for one another. That's right: it's another plead of Pon Farr.

  • Reboot The Business Cards of James T. Kirk and How He Uses Them by ksalterego - ADULT

    So, Jim Kirk's business cards. You gotta wonder, right? Like, he's famous throughout the galaxy but, everywhere? Everywhere? So Starfleet saw fit to get him (and all his BAMF crew, of course) business cards. So he could hand them out before (or after?), well, everything.

  • Reboot Untitled by kytaisuki

    Mirror verse fanart. [mirror!kirk/spock]

  • Reboot Untitled by kytaisuki

    Artwork: AN: My first Star Trek fanart! I had been lurking around the fandom and reading amazing fics for couple of months, and now I really feel like I want to play with those characters myself! I did a very rough drawing in my spare time and hope you enjoy! KS is my current OTP and I ship them hard enough that probably there'll be more works to come:)

  • Reboot Untitled Fan art by kytaisuki

    Summer fan art

  • Reboot Blue by k_krum - ADULT

    When everything is said and done.

  • Reboot Captain Awesome by k_krum

    We all know kirk is awesome, the problem is that he knows we know... and he agrees

  • Reboot Closet/Too Many by k_krum - ADULT

    Artworks warning: clothes are on but someones hand is 'wandering'

  • Reboot goSpirkgo by k_krum


  • TOS: Movies Mindmeld by k_krum

  • AU Quiet Time by k_krum

    Just a nice quiet night for the boys

  • Reboot So Against Regulations by k_krum

    Things that can happen when the bridge is empty.

  • Reboot The Palace Of Eternity by ladyblahblah - ADULT

    "So dear do I love him that with him, all deaths I could endure." --John Milton.

  • Reboot A Very Space Husband Christmas by lama_mama

    Merry Christmas everyone! Have some Kirk and Spock mistletoe action, as requested byÖpretty much everyoneÖset at an Enterprise Ugly Sweater Party that exists only in my head.

  • Reboot Art for "Zenith" by lama_mama

    Artwork for rainbowstrlght's WONDERFUL startrekbigbang fic, "Zenith."

  • Reboot Calling Nurse Kirk by lama_mama - ADULT

    Artwork: Naughty Nurse Jim and a green-blushy Spock

  • Reboot Carry On, James by lama_mama

    Victorian AU. Butler!Kirk. Lord!Spock. Silly and ridiculous.

  • TOS Creeper Love is Deeper Love & The LOLCAT Syndrome by lama_mama

    Two silly TOS things

  • Reboot Domestic Nonsense Part Two by lama_mama


  • Reboot Domestic Nonsense, Part 3 by lama_mama

    modern-day AU art

  • Reboot Hang In There, Spocktopus by lama_mama

    CRACK. Mer-Men! Shenanigans! SPOCKTOPUS.

  • TOS: Movies How ST Generations Should Have Ended by lama_mama

    I re-write the ending of Generations to suit my own tastes? Hush now, I do what I want.

  • Reboot HRH Queen Kirktoria by lama_mama


  • Reboot Kirk and Spock being all domestic and stuff by lama_mama


  • TOS/Reboot Kirk You Jerk by lama_mama

    Art: Ridiculous Kirk-and-Spock-as-kids shenanigans

  • TOS: Movies The Voyage To Romance by lama_mama

    Artwork: Kirk and Spock take a detour on the way to the whales.

  • Reboot Valentine's at K-7 by lama_mama


  • TOS We'll Stir The Stars Around by lama_mama

    Artwork: Handholding in space! Those crazy spacesuits from The Tholian Web!

  • Reboot Welcome to my Happy Place by lama_mama

    Artwork. Warnings: bb!Saavik, flagrant disregard of canon, teeth rotting fluff, Spock in an apron, space whales, genderbend, Romulan!Kirk, creeper!Spock

  • Reboot Winter Wonderland by lama_mama

    For the prompt: "During a rare shoreleave on Earth over the holidays, Kirk persuades Spock to try skiing/ice skating/building snowmen/other activities which involve a combination of outdoors and freezing conditions"

  • Reboot Art: "Inheritance Series" by latenightarting

    Jou would like to say that there are few people in the world who know just how to bribe her into drawing mpreg, but latenightarting is apparently one of them. latenightarting would scoff and say that it didn't take much. jou is going to go hide under the sofa now, and hope people forget that this ever happened.

  • Reboot Blind Sensation by latenightarting - ADULT

    Artwork. This is inspired directly from feels_like_fire's burning hot new fic Speaking in Tongues, featuring a former Captain James Kirk in need of punishment by his master.

  • Reboot Fall Back (Give Up) by latenightarting - ADULT

    Fall Back (Give Up) - art

  • Reboot Hotel Paradiso XXIV and Health Club, Room 1701 by latenightarting - ADULT


  • Reboot Refractions Triptych by latenightarting

    Title: Refractions Triptych

  • Reboot Scientific Principles 102 by latenightarting - ADULT

    Artwork. A/N: When I was drawing the whole Kirk/Scotty/Enterprise craziness, I felt bad for neglecting my second favorite pairing of Kirk/Spock (second after Kirk/Enterprise, of course). So I recycled what I had and everybody gets two pairings for the price of one background!

  • TOS Sonic Pulse Vibrations by latenightarting - ADULT

    Artist's Notes: The concept of sonic showers, like much of the fictional technology of Star Trek, fascinates me. Plus it's also a bit of an excuse to draw porn, if you couldn't tell from the title.

  • Reboot Thermogenesis by latenightarting - ADULT

    This is for anon_j_anon, who has just updated the massive fic, Observations, that inspired this drawing. Based on the scene in Chapter 115, Kirk and Spock enjoy a moment of revelations, skipping out on a diplomatic party to do so.

  • Reboot Untitled by latenightarting - ADULT

    Fan art

  • Reboot Winter Heat by latenightarting

    Art for ksadvent2009

  • Reboot Blood & Tears by laufei - ADULT

    Artwork: A/N: Dark, angsty theme...? Uh, deals with blood...?

  • Reboot Picture Perfect by laufei


  • Reboot Greetings by lenap_trap


  • Reboot KirkSpock comm by lenap_trap


  • Reboot Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year by lenap_trap


  • Reboot Not a Vulcan Date by lira_alicia

    Kirk & Spock on the teacup ride.

  • Reboot Stars by lissaea


  • Reboot Illogical Response by lizardspots - ADULT

  • Reboot Artwork for Hellooooo, nurse! by makowe_pola

    Artwork inspired by lalazee 's awesome fic. Oh yes, [hellooooo, nurse!] I adore the logical ways Spock finds to meet with the nurse and not making it look like he wants to meet with Kirk.

  • Reboot Drawing by makowe_pola - ADULT

    Once in a blue moon I draw porn to help me with brain-block. It usually helps.

  • Reboot No title by makowe_pola - ADULT

    Artwork Blame carouselcycles. It's her AU and that's my project on their wall.

  • Reboot Sketch dump by makowe_pola - ADULT

    Artwork - Sketch dump, things that were drawn for different occasions and I never got to post them on lj.

  • TOS/Reboot Spirk kiss meme by makowe_pola - ADULT

    A kiss meme.

  • TOS Star Trek colouring by makowe_pola


  • AU The Melancholy of S'chn T'gai Spock by makowe_pola

    Jim and Spock are in Starfleet High. There are baseball players and cheerleaders and men wearing dresses. Yes, it's another one of those high school AUs.

  • Reboot Untitled by makowe_pola - ADULT

    Artwork: In which Spock describes accurately the state of human race, Jim gives himself a card and Bones is understanding friend (though just this once).

  • Reboot Untitled by makowe_pola - ADULT

  • Reboot Untitled Fanart by makowe_pola - ADULT

    Fanart for lalazee's "Keep calm and conceal Vulcans" series, plus a random thing - just wanted to draw swirls and the rest appeared by itself ;)

  • Reboot Vulcan Poetry by makowe_pola

    Fanart to kianspo's [How Far is Near]. Enjoy!

  • TOS Valentine Embrace by marymonroe - ADULT

    A.N.: May your Valentine's day be warm and cuddly too! [For K/S Valentine's meme]

  • Reboot Comic Strip by matsutakedo - ADULT


  • Reboot Star Trek art by matsutakedo - ADULT

    TOS, XI, and Mirrorverse art

  • Reboot Serious Cuteness by matt - ADULT


  • AU Take Refuge in What You Know by medicatedmaniac

    Artwork for Take Refuge by corpus_invictus. First kiss (without glasses)

  • TOS/Reboot Take Refuge in What You Know 2 by medicatedmaniac

    Artwork for Take Refuge by corpus_invictus. Jim and Spock's first kiss.

  • Reboot A Sketch by meromis

    Standing around action featuring a Kirk who kind of looks like Chris Pine, and a Spock who could be any random Vulcan.

  • Reboot LOL by meromis

    Fanart. A.N: I was inspired by and used this photo for reference:

  • TOS/Reboot genderbent reboot k/s, among other things... by micathemineral - ADULT

  • Reboot Courtesan!Spock by mirror_mitsu

    A while ago, rageprufrock wrote a story where Spock had to go undercover as a sex slave, and it drove kirk six kinds of crazy, and it pretty much broke my brain with sheer awesome. So, obv. there had to be fanart.

  • Reboot K/S Kiss by mirror_mitsu - ADULT

    Academy AU with hand-kissing and almost!normal kissing.

  • Reboot Kirk & Spock by miss-magnolia85 - ADULT


  • AU Bored, Spock by mith_maulin

    K/S comic

  • TOS Not Now, Captain by mith_maulin


  • Reboot Epic Fanart Dump! by mizuko060 - ADULT

    I've been doing a lot of Star Trek fanart since the new movie, and I thought you all might appreciate if I posted some of it. (some SFW, some NSFW)

  • Reboot Unsure Footing by mizuko060

    This was my contribution to the K/S Advent Calendar.

  • TOS/Reboot Anubis-Admirer on deviantART by momo_girlie

    I come bringing arts! Well, I come bringing a link to one piece of new art anyways. It's been almost 6 months since I've completed any sort of art so I'm glad I had K/S day to inspire me!

  • TOS/Reboot Anubis-Admirer on deviantART by momo_girlie

    I come bringing arts! Well, I come bringing a link to one piece of new art anyways. It's been almost 6 months since I've completed any sort of art so I'm glad I had K/S day to inspire me!

  • Reboot Baby Spirk Aftermath by momo_girlie

    A.N: Aw man, I haven't had nearly enough time to work on K/S kid art but I did finally finish something at least. Here is the second aftermath drawing of the baby Spock and Baby Jim I did earlier.

  • Reboot Chocoholic by momo_girlie

    Artwork: Mmmmm Chocolate!

  • Reboot Christmas Love by momo_girlie

    One last Christmas-themed picture! I just know you wanna see Spock dressed as a Christmas elf. ;D

  • Reboot Cookie Thief and Spock's Revenge by momo_girlie

    A few more Christmas inspired drawings/sketches of our two favorite boys.

  • Reboot Dessert by momo_girlie


  • Reboot First Kiss by momo_girlie

    Artwork. A/N: Finally finished the drawing of the boys sharing their first official Vulcan kiss! Of course, it should mentioned that I was super inspired to finish this at long-last with thanks to LadyBlahBlah's adorable chapter 8 from Ivy Crown

  • Reboot Halloween Harmony by momo_girlie

    Young Kirk & Spock dress up for Halloween.

  • TOS/Reboot Halloween Kid!Fic Art by momo_girlie

    I got a couple more Halloween pictures of lil' Spock and Jim and then one with a very sad Vulcan to show you all! Hope you enjoy!

  • Reboot Happy Valentine's Day by momo_girlie

  • AU Hello Kitty Hat + Vulcan = Adorable! by momo_girlie

    Those of you reading Keep Calm and Conceal Vulcans by lalazee will know why I drew this. Though it's not directly taken from the story since they are adults and indoors when this happens, I definitely wouldn't have drawn this without the inspiration from the fantabulous story!

  • AU Hot Chocolate by momo_girlie

    Artwork. A/N: Got a new young!K/S picture for you all, and it involves hot chocolate.

  • Reboot Kirk and Spock Kid Art by momo_girlie

    Art by anubis-admirer. The design of the kids are STXI in nature but based on an alternate reality where Spock and Jim know each other as kids.

  • Reboot Lil' Spirk by momo_girlie

    Enjoy Jim making Spock cry unwittingly by grabbing Spock's plush Sehlat (made by Amanda of course).

  • Reboot More new kid pics by momo_girlie

    The first two come after the Vulcan-tantrum picture.

  • Reboot Nightly Intruders by momo_girlie

    Jim, a kitty and a tribble keep ending up in a much-annoyed Spock's bed.

  • Reboot Ribbons in Your Hair by momo_girlie


  • Reboot Spirk in Canada by momo_girlie

    Artwork: A very quick picture I did of the boys with spring in Vancouver in mind. Hope you enjoy! <3

  • Reboot Spock's Revenge by momo_girlie

    That aside, and still in the spirit of Christmas, I'd like to share a new (well sort of, the sketch was done last year) picture of the boys.

  • TOS Sugar Glider by momo_girlie


  • TOS/Reboot Summer Love by momo_girlie

    Artwork: A.N. With summer almost in full tow I was inspired to draw the boys sharing a fluffy moment at the beach. I assume they are somewhere a bit more private on the beach so Spock doesn't mind Jim getting all touchy-feely with him in public. :3

  • TOS/Reboot Year of the Rabbit by momo_girlie

    A.N. A baby!Jim and baby!Spock picture for those of you who love bunnies. (who the hell doesn't like bunnies?) Made for the Chinese New Year (obviously) though sadly I don't know anyone who is a Rabbit. (I'm a dog)

  • Reboot Year of the Tiger by momo_girlie

    Artwork: Chinese New Year

  • Reboot 2 Untitled Pieces by nadilee

    Fanart. An almost kiss, one of the drawings is WIP and contains injured!Jim

  • Reboot Almost by nadilee

    A black and white almost kiss, because I love drawing those.

  • Reboot Kiss! by nadilee - ADULT

    I did an almost-kiss picture... and someone asked for the actual kiss :) well, here it is! still b/w but another style :)

  • Reboot Academic Smexing by ninjaboots - ADULT

    The Further Porntastic Adventures of Ninja and Lady (an IM transcript)

  • Reboot "The Palace of Eternity" art collection by nix_this

    Artwork section. A/N: ladyblahblah and I collabed on The Palace of Eternity (warnings for, how did she put it? "Mirrorverse. Violence, mansex, and BLASPHEMY. Oh dear heavens, the blasphemy." Hee!) Loosely inspired by Milton's Paradise lost:

  • Reboot All I Want by nix_this

    Artwork: Fluffy holiday schmoop with ENTERPRISE BOXERS. This is not a warning, it's a promise! <3

  • TOS Atlas Fan Comic by nix_this

    Based on the following scene from Chapter 15 of the fic Atlas: Jim rolled his eyes, stepping of the lift when it finally opened. ďYeah, sure. It has nothing to do with the fact that you donít trust these guys as far as you can throw them, of course.Ē ďThe likelihood of my having to throw one of them is almost infinitesimal, though I could, in theory, achieve a considerable distance in the proper environment.Ē

  • Reboot Boldy Going Down On Me~! by nix_this - ADULT


  • Reboot Can I play with this madness? by nix_this


  • Reboot Chris Pine Sketch by nix_this

    Artwork for a cause

  • Reboot Cloud Watching by nix_this

    That one looks like the Enterprise.

  • Reboot Destiny's Bitch by nix_this - ADULT

    Jim doesn't even know where to start. Blurting out: 'I got shot in the ass by this planet's version of cupid, only with more teeth and claws, and then I fucked Uhura's boyfriend on the ground after the most emotionally intimate experience of my sad, sad life' seems crass.

  • Reboot Die in fire Scotty by nix_this


  • Reboot Exhausted by nix_this

    Illustration for Atlas

  • Reboot Exhausted by nix_this


  • Reboot Help Hollsh Commission 5 - Kirk/Spock Hurt/Comfort by nix_this

    Artwork. A.N. The story in my head for this is that Kirk has had an epically bad day. Maybe he encountered Kodos again, maybe he lost a crew member. Either way, it's hard to cope... hard to sleep. Even when you're so fucking tired it hurts to keep your eyes opened. Spock finds him in his bed, staring listlessly at the wall. He lays beside him and pulls Kirk into his arms.

  • Reboot I'm on my way to you - and - Reunion by nix_this - ADULT


  • Reboot Jim is like a Pinata by nix_this


  • Reboot Love Songs for the Misanthropic - There's A Light On In The Hallway by nix_this

    Artwork: Atlas Chapter 23 is loaded with tension, action, angst, drama and so many incredible scenes that an artist is spoiled for choice. See Checkmate . *FLAIL* OH ATLAS HOW I HEART THEE.

  • Reboot Oh Lord, What Have My Shaking Hands Done? by nix_this


  • TOS/Reboot Reboot Meme Bits by nix_this - ADULT

    The Reboot Art Meme

  • Reboot Sacrifice by nix_this - ADULT

    AU - Vulcans never underwent Surakian reform and exist as a collection of warlords. Jim Kirk has been summoned to an isolated fortress to assist Spock, son of Warlord Sarek, through his Time. He waits, naked and alone...

  • Reboot Spar by nix_this


  • Reboot Star Trek Slash Meme by nix_this - ADULT

    Art + icons

  • Reboot Swimming Spock by nix_this


  • TOS/Reboot T'hy'la by nix_this

    K/S Marker Series done for tlakht for her very generous donation to the Help hollsh drive.

  • Reboot Tryst by nix_this - ADULT

    Artwork. A.N.: latenightarting's amazing and sexy "Hotel Paradiso XXIV and Health Club, Room 1701" inspired some speculation on Kirkian Underoos. I maintain he is an Enterprise Boxer man XD She's going to make it happen for me.

  • Reboot Untitled by nix_this

    Artwork: X-Men/Trek crossover

  • TOS/Reboot Various Sketches, Kirk Centric by nix_this - ADULT

    Scotty's Drunk - Chekov's a Punk and Kirk Gets Laid Again. Various non commission things I've been playing with over the last couple of weeks.

  • Reboot Yes, Mr Spock? by nix_this - ADULT


  • TOS Indistinguishable by not-sleeping

  • Reboot Baby Jim by omfgingers

    Doodle of baby Jim I drew the other night.

  • TOS: Movies fanart by omfgingers

    Also @, and @

  • TOS Home by ose93


  • TOS Reaching Forward by ose93

  • TOS TOS Art by ose93

  • TOS/Reboot Earth Angel by parudy88

    The idea was originally inspired by the Song "Earth Angel". I thought the lyrics were perfect for K/S, and posted a promt on the kinkmeme for which newsiegroylover did a wonderful fill. This pic is more of a literal interpretation of the song, I guess... XD

  • Reboot Full Count by parudy88

    This was inspired by a scene from [info]kyliselle's wonderful fic Full Count. There is a part where Spock picks up Kirk in bridal style to reassure him, and I can't believe I didn't even realize this before, but Spock holding Jim in his arm with his superior Vulcan strength is one of my strongest kinks

  • Reboot Missing Anything? by parudy88

    This was also inspired by a scene from [info]kyliselle's fic Captured (part 3). Spock's line "But if the alien keeps its mouth shut, how will it be able to effectively use its hot, wet, alien tongue?" was just too awesome(and hot) to pass up, so I did another drawing! The part I was thinking of originally has Sulu and Chekov, but I love me some Bones too, so I just put him instead:D

  • TOS/Reboot Oasis by parudy88 - ADULT

    Fanart: This drawing is inspired by kyliselle's fic "Oasis". Pre-reformed + Long haired Vulcan and possessivewarriorprince!Spock? Just to good to pass up!

  • TOS Untitled picture by parudy88


  • TOS/Reboot The Birthday Present by petit-baobab


  • Reboot The Skirt by pointe_dancer01

    ksadvent prompt #50: Spock knows a lot about Christmas, but pretends he doesn't so Jim can teach him about the holiday. Jim finds out, and starts making things up.

  • Reboot kirk/spock, with mccoy and chekov by pouf

    Kirk and Spock make Bones make hilarious faces and then faint as Chekov makes some awesome faces too

  • Reboot SPOCK/BOWL 8DD by pouf

    [protected post] fanart

  • TOS/Reboot Star Trek Ornaments by projectawesome1

    I put up my Christmas tree today, and found one of the ornaments I made last year. I thought somebody here might like to see. It has two sides, (one Kirk, one Spock) and therefore two links.

  • Reboot Embrace by randomslasher - ADULT


  • Reboot Hug by randomslasher

    K/S Artwork

  • Reboot Kiss by randomslasher - ADULT


  • Reboot Suggestive + Midnight Musing by randomslasher - ADULT

    2 K/S drawings

  • Reboot Untitled by randomslasher

    Untitled art

  • Reboot Lawl Kirk/Spock by reddqueen - ADULT


  • Reboot Art Post by rendolent - ADULT

    I had a moment of inspiration while watching the episode of ANTM in which they were dressing up like pin up girls, and somehow that thought united with Kirk to create...

  • Reboot My K/S Big Bang Entry by romanse1 - ADULT

    Three K/S BigBang Art Offerings

  • TOS/Reboot Through Time and Space by romanse1

    Chalk Pastel and Carbon Pencil TOS and AOS Character Drawing

  • Reboot Fanart! by rowan_boat


  • TOS/Reboot Work Doodle by rven-julies - ADULT

  • TOS/Reboot Work Doodle by rven-julies - ADULT

  • Reboot Work Doodle 2 by rven-julies - ADULT

  • Reboot Work Doodle 3 by rven-julies

  • Reboot Sleeping Kirk by saffrongreen

  • Reboot Fanart for Star Trek:2009 fanfic by schnickledoogr2

  • Reboot A Gift for You by shayla_kage

  • Reboot Inevitable & I'll Take Care of You by shayla_kage


  • Reboot Keep Jim Safe by shayla_kage

    Artist's Note: This was inspired by [info]kyliselle 's "Vulnerable, Fragile Litte Human" & "Inhumanly Strong, Over-Protective Boyfriend". I found the Spock portrait in these stories just hilarious! The way he picks Jim up by the back of his shirt reminded me of someone picking their kitten up by their scruff . Way too cute to let it pass by.

  • Reboot Let Me Embrace You by shayla_kage - ADULT


  • Reboot Memories of Christmas by shayla_kage

  • Reboot Of Territorial Vulcans and Clueless Captains by shayla_kage


  • Reboot Sleeping by shayla_kage

    Artwork: Nothing fancy this time, I just wanted to draw some Spirk in between all the other fanart that I've been doing that are not for this fandom. I was missing them.

  • TOS/Reboot Stargazing & Fistbump by shayla_kage

    Artwork. A.N. These are some quick drawings I did the other day, which is probably why most of them look like a crossover between my normal mini-versions and the background-garbage-can-chibis....

  • Reboot The Concept of Plushies by shayla_kage


  • Reboot Various artwork by shayla_kage


  • Reboot Vulcan-Whipped 02 by shayla_kage


  • Reboot Vulcan-Whipped 03 by shayla_kage


  • Reboot Vulcan-Whipped 04 by shayla_kage


  • Reboot Vulcan-whipped human burrito (part 1) by shayla_kage

    This Comic is based on kyliselle 's Captured Part 3.

  • Reboot A moment in time by shirakana


  • Reboot Chibi Spock by shirakana


  • Reboot Gifts to Spock by shirakana


  • Reboot KirkSpock Valentine by shirakana

    Artwork: Valentines prize for one of DA's Star Trek contest.

  • TOS/Reboot Spock doodle by shirakana

    Spock art.

  • Reboot Teen Spock Doodle by shirakana

    Image featuring a young Spock.

  • Reboot Untitled by shirakana

    Art. Fluff.

  • Reboot Spock Has a Dolly by shizuke


  • TOS/Reboot Spock Vision by shizuke


  • Reboot This is Not What It Looks Like by shizuke

    "Um - Bones...are you okay?"

  • Reboot Wind-Up by shizuke

    Kirk chickens out of confessing.

  • Reboot 'I'm Good' & 'Rinse Away' by slandted_edges

    This is an illustration of a scene from the third chapter of the ST:XI fanfic, The Prophecy of Apollo (by ladyblahblah)

  • Reboot Once Upon A Time by slandted_edges

    Artwork. A.N: There seems to be a rash of stories where Jim and Spock are royalty about in Star Trek AOS fandom right now -- and a disproportionately low number of pictures to go along. So here's me throwing my two cents in. Not based off of any one fic in particular. The idea was kind of that this was a photo op sort of thing: Spock acting as the austere royal and Jim playing up the vapid wife-ish role to annoy people.

  • Reboot Say Something Worth Hearing & The Wisdom of Age by slandted_edges

    Two pieces of art. First: So this is based off of the fic, You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) by seperis, which is a singularly stunning fic as all of you probably know. So. It's a mash-up of my three favorite scenes. Second: This has no context or subtext. It's not based off of any particular fic; it's just an accumulation of ideas. Please note the irony in the title.

  • Reboot Manips by slashfiend337


  • Reboot Riverside by sleepwalkerfish

    Riverside, cover for the ksadvent story titled the same by ayesakara

  • Reboot Why a father should squee by smalldream-fic


  • Reboot All the things you said by smartass89


  • AU First Time by smartass89 - ADULT


  • Reboot How to tie a tie by smartass89

    Artwork: Out of the blue, it just occured to me that Spock possibly may not know how to tie a tie, you know. He used to wear some Vulcan's traditional clothes, and aside from that, he wears the uniform most of the time! I don't think he has ever dressed up formally enough to wear a tie, making me somehow cannot imagine Mr. Spock wearing all black. Well, I'm not sure about all these since I didn't watch the original series, but Spock not knowing how to tie seems unresistably cute.

  • Reboot Kid!Spock by smartass89


  • Reboot Kisses by smartass89 - ADULT


  • Reboot Kissing and Fingering by smartass89 - ADULT


  • Reboot My First K/S by smartass89


  • TOS/Reboot Nothing Has Changed by smartass89


  • Reboot Spock on the Captain's Chair by smartass89 - ADULT


  • Reboot T'hy'la by smartass89 - ADULT


  • TOS Untitled by smartass89 - ADULT


  • TOS: Movies Untitled by smartass89


  • Reboot Untitled by smartass89


  • TOS You can't die on me by smartass89


  • Reboot Almost Kiss by snowlight

    Reboot Spork: Nothing much, it's just their heads and shoulders.

  • TOS Starlight by snowwhisper


  • TOS Blush by spomarani - ADULT


  • Reboot For the Nu!Trek Lovers by spomarani


  • AU From Spock's Perspective by spomarani

    Fanart: This is a collection of colored sketch of Spock's perspective of touching Jim.

  • TOS Genderbent K/S by spomarani

  • TOS Happy K/S Day by spomarani

  • TOS K/S Easter Post by spomarani


  • TOS KirkSpock + McCoy Art Post by spomarani

    Kissing and SuperHeros cliches

  • Reboot Miscellaneous Art Post by spomarani

    Artwork: Yay, another K/S art post. No common theme this time, unless you count "Space Husbands Love" a theme.

  • TOS More Kirk and Spock by spomarani


  • Reboot Similar Attractions by spomarani


  • TOS Vulcan Biology by spomarani


  • Reboot You've always had my heart by spomarani


  • TOS "Jim . . ." by swordsart - ADULT

    The Kirk/Spock Series 4/6

  • TOS Blue Pollen by swordsart - ADULT

    The Kirk/Spock Series 5/6

  • TOS I've Got An Idea by swordsart - ADULT

    The Kirk/Spock Series 2/6

  • TOS Smitten with Spock by swordsart

    The Kirk/Spock Series 1/6

  • TOS/Reboot Something to warm you better . . . by swordsart


  • TOS Sunday by swordsart


  • TOS Sunset by swordsart - ADULT

    The Kirk/Spock Series 3/6

  • Reboot T'hy'la by swordsart


  • Reboot Tempting by swordsart

  • TOS The Average Colour of the Universe by swordsart

    Kirk and Spock are together, and all is right in the Universe.

  • TOS: Movies The Inner Chorus by swordsart

    [Art accompanies fic] So, the artwork came first . . . I wanted to do something with ozh'esta and something with Kirk and Spock as contented old men.

  • TOS The Writing on my Father's Mind by swordsart

    A young Spock "tempers" himself on Vulcan . . . complete with 22nd century style Vulcan Calligraphy

  • TOS Together by swordsart - ADULT

    The Kirk/Spock Series 6/6

  • TOS Valentine by swordsart - ADULT

    Artwork for Valentine meme

  • TOS/Reboot Moment by tatyan85 - ADULT


  • TOS K/S comic by tayloz9

    Alternate ending for This Side of Paradise

  • TOS K/S comic: Amok Time by tayloz9

  • TOS K/S comic: The Man Trap by tayloz9

  • Reboot Kirk/Spock fanart. by teethe

    Trying my hand at fan art. SFW

  • Reboot STFU, Captain... by theordainedfish


  • Reboot ST Reverse Bang Art by theoreticalfic

    The accompanying fic by ariadnechan

  • Reboot Kirk Loves Spock's Nose by the_physicist

    Fanart: Kirk loves Spock's nose, so he kisses it.

  • AU Untitled by the_physicist - ADULT


  • TOS Somewhere In This Dump People Play Hockey With A Turtle (sorry turtle) by threesteps - ADULT

    SPOCK and some other character I guess. Kirk/Spock fanart.

  • TOS Kirk/Spock art by thyla23 - ADULT

    Fanart: I was going to draw ST XI K/S but it turned out as TOS.

  • TOS Kiss by tinocka


  • TOS Dinner With the Sareks by toadstoolcouch

    Kirk proposes to Spock while they're having dinner with Spock's parents

  • Reboot Space Husbands by toraguru

    Kirk and Spock are together at the Academy, and are bonded when Nero attacks. Here, Kirk comforts Spock after the destruction of Vulcan.

  • Reboot A Very Star Trek Christmas Carol by tprillahfiction

  • TOS Kirk & Spock (a portrait) by tprillahfiction

  • Reboot The Loneliness of Command by tprillahfiction

  • TOS Guarded by tracionn - ADULT

    Jim is guarded by his Vulcan, who won't leave his side. [poem]

  • TOS Nome by tracionn

    Fluffy thoughts at night.

  • Reboot Reboot manips and pictures post by tracionn

    Photo manips/macros

  • TOS Kirk & Spock by trekkingal

    Artwork by Caren Parnes

  • Reboot Advent by tripperfunster

    I drew this for ksadvent2009.

  • Reboot Double Ridge by tripperfunster


  • TOS/Reboot Dunderheads by tripperfunster - ADULT

    Artwork: The theme was crossovers, and I didn't think the world was ready for Snape as Doofenshmirtz, so I went Trek instead. ;D

  • TOS First Kiss by tripperfunster


  • Reboot In My Warm Embrace by tripperfunster

    Artwork: for the K/S Valentine meme

  • TOS Prime!Love art by tripperfunster

    Prime!Love art

  • Reboot Reverse Ear Porn by tripperfunster

    Kirk's not the only one with an ear kink.

  • TOS/Reboot Sex Pollen Art by tripperfunster - ADULT

    Fanart This was done for faithsummers80 who wanted the trope sex pollen/aliens made them do it

  • TOS Still Lovin' the Shat by tripperfunster

    Tos art

  • Reboot This Rebellious Nature by tripperfunster

    This was drawn for keelywolfe's wonderful fic. "This Rebellious Nature".

  • TOS TOS art: STFU by tripperfunster

    A little Spock/Kirk number that I've labeled STFU.

  • TOS/Reboot Trek Art by tripperfunster


  • Reboot Trek Art by tripperfunster


  • Reboot Trek Art for ksvalentine by tripperfunster - ADULT

    A/N: First one is just another Starbuck's doodle, coloured at home. Semi work safe. Second one is my FEEBLE attempt to copy [info]swordsart very cool style. Sadly, I used Dollar Store markers, and THEY SUCK! Not to mention that they had no lighter/transluscent colours, so skin tones are out. Please realize that my attempt to copy her style is merely my way of complimenting her and trying to learn something new. I'm not trying to BE her, or take over her style, I'm just playin'.

  • Reboot Trek Comic by tripperfunster - ADULT

    Just a silly one-off. And no references were used, hence the wonky-ness. After reading about Spock's double ridged/tentacled/retractable penis, I just couldn't resist.

  • Reboot Vulcan Porn! by tripperfunster


  • Reboot Lots of Sporky doodles by twisting_vine_x - ADULT

    First off, I would like to preface this with the fact that I am SO NOT an artist, and that stick people are the extent of what I can draw. These are as far from masterpieces as they could possibly be, and I feel the need to add this disclaimer, cause there are so many fantastic artists in this fandom.

  • TOS To DA with you! by uozumi

    Title Nerds in Space

  • Reboot Art Dump by vekay


  • Reboot Captain's Rule by vekay - ADULT


  • Reboot Chibi Ah-hoy! by vekay


  • Reboot Comic: Sock by vekay


  • Reboot Kitties and more kitties by vekay


  • Reboot Really? by vekay - ADULT

    Artwork - various

  • Reboot Sketchy things by vekay


  • Reboot Space...the Final Frontier by vekay


  • Reboot The Veil by vekay - ADULT


  • Reboot Third Wheel by vekay - ADULT

    Artwork (comic style) Done for the ksvalentine

  • TOS 6 wallpapers by veritty

    Fanart. Wallpapers - TOS & movies

  • TOS Untitled by wolfielove


  • Reboot Erotic art by xevv - ADULT

    Artwork: 4 images, fairly softcore, contains both reboot and TOS.

  • Reboot Fly! by xlcatloveress

    Artwork & fic. Together, they learn to fly on the wings of love.

  • TOS -ST- SPORK: STARDATE 0919.1 by yawmin

    My (silly) take on "Devil in the Dark"

  • Reboot But As Long As You Love Me by yawmin


  • Reboot How Do You Do This? by yawmin

    Art based on a scene from [info]awarrington's AWESOME fic, Coming Home.

  • Reboot On A Mission by yawmin

    Artwork: My prompt was "secret kiss," so in my fangirl brain that equaled Vulcan kissing, which is hand holding essentially (for those non Trek people). It's more doubly secret as the hand holding is implied and takes place off panel. YOU SEE WHAT I DID THAR. I AM TEH CLEVER. The idea of the Vulcan kiss was used a bunch for this project, but as I had already started it and committed (and fell in love with) this idea, I went through with it anyway.

  • Reboot There is No One Here by yawmin

    fan art. hand holding and green blushes

  • Reboot Touch by yawmin

    The cuteness of Spock's blushing ears might melt you.

  • Reboot Two beating hearts to a measure by yawmin

    Illustration for darstellen's fanfic Measuring Time

  • TOS Trekreversebang Art by zephyrafriday - ADULT

    Fanart. Warnings: non-explicit nudity, evidence of torture/abuse, blood


158 works found

  • TOS Far Away by 1bill_sookie


  • TOS I'd Come for You by 1bill_sookie


  • TOS Parachute by 1bill_sookie


  • Reboot I See You by acacia_123


  • Reboot K/S Fanvid - Battlefield by acacia_123

    Fanvid. Nu!Trek Fanvid - Kirk cheats on Spock; Spock's not happy.

  • Reboot Dynomite by adult - ADULT

    Fanvid. Almost an AU to Amok Time, how things might have turned out were the newly appointed Captain and First Officer to find themselves in the same positions: Jim is coming to terms with his own feelings, with a little prodding from friends and a few choice memories. They get on with the mission. Meanwhile, something serious is happening with Spock. What if in misguided matyrdom, self-sacrifice seemed the logical alternative to the burning?

  • Reboot It's not over - A new beginning by akuma_no_miyu

    Fanvid. The first one is about two weeks old but I hadn't the time to post it here....the second one I just finished it. It's shorter so it's a kind of trailer.

  • TOS How to Kiss a Lady, Kirk Style by aldora89

    I noticed the other day that Kirk sometimes uses a distinct approach when going in for a smooch (especially when a semi-reluctant non-human is involved). So I made this video as a little comparison. XD

  • TOS Both Sides Now by all_ages


  • Reboot Star Trek Videos by all_ages


  • Reboot Waiting For A Star To Fall by all_ages

    Fanvid - K/S + Mulder/Scully

  • TOS Fanvid dump... by banditjoeykuba

    Four K/S fanvids. 1) Odd One, 2) Mini-vid: Kirk's Real, 3) Family Guy meets Star Trek: Kirk Always Blows the Interviews (Rated 'T' for Truthiness), and 4) Thinking of You (if this doesn't give you a sad...).

  • TOS Here We Go Again by banditjoeykuba

    Fanvid to 'Animal' by Neon Trees

  • TOS Miracles & Goodbye my almost lover by banditjoeykuba


  • TOS Oh Death/Spark by bigmamag

    Fanvid. For Kirk and Spock, some things transcend death.

  • TOS: Movies The Best Kirk/Spock Moments Collection [12 videos] by bigmamag

    Ever wanted all the slash in one place? I thought it'd be a great idea to gather all the K/S slash in the original series and the movies. 2 hours of Kirk/Spock slash. 12 videos in the collection. [DL:]

  • Reboot Vid: Beautiful Stranger by bigmamag


  • Reboot Radar by bionic

    No matter what, Spock has Kirk on his radar, and vice versa. A fun Kirk/Spock vid.

  • Reboot Cosmic Love by brittanyksduh

    Fanvid. Song: Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine.

  • TOS The Ship's Closet by brittanyksduh

    Ongoing discussion of K/S slash in The Original Series.

  • TOS What Sound? by brittanyksduh


  • Reboot A Few Firsts IV Ė Thirteen months by chibinecco

    A few milestone firsts in Sochya's life as Kirk and Spock begin preparations for expanding their little family even more. [Sequel to Due Dates]

  • Reboot When I Get You Alone by circa_eve

    Fanvid. Kirk's just waiting for that right moment to come along... Artist: Glee cast. Song: When I Get You Alone

  • Reboot You Belong With Me by circa_eve

    Kirk doesn't believe in those no-win scenarios. [Song by Taylor Swift]

  • TOS: Movies Spork! An Erotic Love Story by cirrocumulus - ADULT

    [Audio manip + transcript] Did you ever notice that the Star Trek audiobook could be edited together in such a way as to make it sound like Kirk and Spock are fucking? Surprisingly graphically?

  • Reboot Walk You Home by crashdownpixie

    Fanvid. - Gold scenes are lyrics from Jim's POV - Blue scenes are lyrics from Spock's POV - Normal color scenes with gray borders are a third party's POV

  • Reboot Spaceman by cynseris


  • TOS First time caller, long time listener by czarinapizda


  • Reboot Forget by darlapr0duction - ADULT

    Fanvid: "Emotions aren't the only thing transferred through the meld with Spock!Prime. And Spock's a touch telepath..."

  • Reboot Pieces by darlapr0duction

    This video was made to sit alongside, 'Senses'. A beautiful story written by the extremely talented, athens7 and mazaher. What I wanted most from my video was to *hopefully* show the emotions/feelings that Athens7 and Mazaher captured in their story.

  • Reboot Vid Challenge by daybreaq


  • Reboot I Do by devyn-rose

    Fanvid: "I wanna fall in love with you..." [I Do - Placebo]

  • Reboot Everything by estalita_11

    Made for ksvalentine [Song: Everything by Lifehouse ]

  • TOS Fever by estalita_11

    Things are heating up on the Enterprise... [For K/S Valentine's meme]

  • Reboot Gonna Getcha Good by estalita_11

    Fanvid. Artist: Shania Twain. It takes a while for Spock to warm up to Kirk's persistent advances.

  • TOS I Believe in a Thing Called Love by estalita_11

    Because there was a whole lotta touching going on....

  • Reboot Ready to Love Again by estalita_11

    Fanvid. Artist: Lady Antebellum. They've made mistakes in the past, but now they are ready to make it work.

  • TOS: Movies When You Come Back to Me Again by estalita_11

    Fanvid. Kirk is haunted by memories of the past while trying to hold on to hope for the future. ST II and St III

  • TOS/Reboot Be My Vulcan Lover by gaveitallforyou

    A cute love song with plenty of ridiculous Trek references. It isn't really explicitly Kirk/Spock, but in my head it's about them. (And there's a "this simple feeling" reference.) I hope you enjoy!

  • Reboot The Test by heresluck


  • Reboot Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours & When I'm 64 by idreamofspirk

    2 fanvids. Music by Stevie Wonder & The Beatles.

  • TOS/Reboot When I'm 64 by idreamofspirk

    Will Spock still love Kirk when he's 64? Of course he will!

  • Reboot Iris by imagined_haven

    fanvid. "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls

  • Reboot The Federation Express by jillfox22

    Fanvid. This is pure crack people, I hope it makes a few people smile:-)

  • TOS Star Trek XI Vid Manips. by kay_greatness - ADULT

    K/S vid manips

  • AU I wait by kembas

    Both Kirk and Spock are waiting for something more from the other.

  • TOS Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by killabeez

    Fanvid - link goes to download link.

  • TOS: Movies In This Room by kssvm

    The password to watch this vid is kirkspock

  • TOS Soulmates by lady_othevalley


  • Reboot (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear by lama_mama

    Fanvid. Was it destiny? I don't know yet.

  • TOS Amok Time - Alejandro by lama_mama

    Sick of all the K/S - Lady Gaga 'Alejandro' crossovers going through fandom yet? Nope? WELL GOOD, BECAUSE HERE'S ANOTHER ONE. Clips mostly from "Amok Time," with some from "The Naked Time" and others. Enjoy!

  • TOS That's How You Know by lama_mama


  • TOS: Movies Out of Reach by larabernstein

    Music: Portishead, "Silence" Vidders: T'Lara & ShirAmber Made for KiScon UK 2012.

  • Reboot Fly on the Wall by lidi - ADULT

    Fanvid - Sims fun

  • TOS The Needs of the Many by liv1701


  • TOS Friend is a Four Letter Word by lottz

    Fanvid: Kirk and Spock do not believe that the other is capable of expressing anything other than friendship. The word friend begins to twist into a crude, four letter word, that will end their association with each other. Continuing to be a "friend" to one another is hurting each of them greatly. (Well, in my head canon anyways)

  • Reboot Blinding by lynns118

    first fanvid

  • AU Vid: Feel the Silence by mad-lynn

    Really excited about Trek XI coming out this Thursday and made a fanvideo in honor of the occasion it's set to The Goo Goo Dolls song Feel the Silence and it's basically about Kirk angsting about life without his one true love ::cough Spock cough:: inspired by Nero's line "James Kirk was great man; but that was another life."

  • Reboot Wrong by madpoet


  • Mirror The Ambiguously Gay Duo by mirroreuler


  • Reboot Pike's Candy Shop by missblookawaii - ADULT

    The enterprise is the biggest moving whorehouse in the galaxy, pike's the pimp, and kirk is the newest employee. Spock and Bones are the veterans of the joint, bones is retired, and spock is exclusive with uhura...that is until kirk sets him in his sights! Music: Candy Shop by 50 Cent featuring Olivia

  • TOS "Kirk wants to know what Spock is thinking" by missestrella

    Fanvid. Music: Information Society - What's on your mind

  • TOS I Never by missestrella


  • Reboot It's Now or Never by mizzykitty

    An ST XI fanvid featuring Kirk and Spock. Music: It's My Life by Bon Jovi

  • TOS This is love by mortalasabee

    I always wonder how people can miss the way these two look at each other. So I decided to put some of the looks together. The song is Is This Love? By Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

  • TOS T'hy'la - or Getting There by nessaancalime

    This is a nice fun summer vid, on flirting and courting and falling in love.

  • Reboot American Girl by nielrian

  • TOS Hurt by obstinatrix


  • TOS: Movies One Wing by pepperlandgirl4

    This vid is actually kind of sad. So, warning on that. If anybody would like to download this, let me know and I'll upload it. This song is from Wilco (The Album).

  • TOS bistokidsfan77 by Pork and Beans

  • TOS My Heart Is Just Too Dark To Care by punk4life1315

    Fanvid: Done for schmoop_bingo memories prompt. Spock reflections on his relationship with the captain.

  • Reboot So What by rae1013

    Artist: Pink. Wherein Spock is a tool, Kirk is in denial and he may or may not be as awesome as he thinks.

  • Reboot TOS K/S watches ST-XI by reboot

  • TOS Constant Angel by rhaegal

    ST5/6 vid (with flashbacks to TOS), set to Constant Angel by Ramin Karimloo

  • TOS/Reboot Kirk/Spock: The Epic Love Story by rhaegal

    Made for the KiScon 2012 closing ceremony, charting the epic love story from TOS, through the movies and up to Reboot. Music from Ghost the Musical, featuring quotes from the kirkspock LJ community.

  • TOS KiScon 2012 vidshow intro by rhaegal

    Introduction for the vidshow at KiScon 2012

  • TOS/Reboot Mind Meld: the KiScon 2012 Opening Ceremony vid by rhaegal

    Made for the opening ceremony of KiScon 2012

  • TOS Vid: If You Only Knew by rhaegal

    Spock emos over his unrequited love for Kirk. (Of course, we all know it's requited as hell, but he doesn't, bless his little cotton socks).

  • TOS Vid: If You Only Knew by rhaegal

    Spock emos over his unrequited love for Kirk. (Of course, we all know it's requited as hell, but he doesn't, bless his little cotton socks).

  • TOS/Reboot Home to Me by romanse1 - ADULT

    For anyone interested, here is a multi-fandom vid, one part of which heavily features art from ST TOS and Reboot. Other fandoms include Criminal Minds, Spartacus, and Man From UNCLE, and LoTRS.

  • Reboot Starstruck by ryouseiteki

    Fanvid. A/N: Here we go! The vid that I've been working on for the past few days. I'm so excited to have actually done it you guys! Although, uh. I might have gotten a bit too excited hehe. There's a LOT of sped up clips in here. My bad. Don't blink? XD

  • Reboot Kirk gives Spock hell by sarahalex


  • Reboot Good Vulcans Go Bad by schizosakura

    Kirk makes good girls [and vulcans] go bad--or something like that.

  • Reboot Spit the Dark by schizosakura

    Vid to Spit the Dark by Empires

  • TOS Chemicals Collide by silver_avatre - ADULT

    Fanvid: Despite, or rather because of, everything they've gone through together, Kirk and Spock simply cannot deny chemistry. Or ~biology~.

  • TOS/Reboot Brand New Day by sparringett

    Fanvid: The theme is rebirth. A celebration of Star Trek from its humble beginnings to its latest reincarnation as a blockbuster film.

  • Reboot Closer v.2 by sparringett - ADULT

    Fanvid. A remake of the classic original. Except this time with Vulcan destroyed, where does Spock go to sort out his raging Pon Farr? ...My humble offering for the greatness that came before.

  • TOS/Reboot Never Alone by sparringett

    Fanvid: Kirk and Spock's relationship has got off to a rocky start. Spock refuses to follow his Captain's orders. Upset and frustrated, Kirk leaves and seeks out the old Spock, who shows Jim just how important their friendship is...

  • Reboot At The Beginning by spirktrekker42


  • Reboot Bad Romance by spirktrekker42


  • Reboot Because You Live by spirktrekker42

    Fanvid - Because You Live by Jesse McCartney

  • Reboot Far Longer Than Forever by spirktrekker42


  • Reboot Fight for this love by spirktrekker42

    Fanvid. Artist: Cheryl Cole

  • TOS I Think I'm In Love by spirktrekker42

  • Reboot Naturally by spirktrekker42

    Fanvid: artist - Selena Gomez

  • Reboot Push It by spirktrekker42


  • Reboot Show Me Your Soul by spirktrekker42


  • Reboot So Emotional; Because of You by spirktrekker42

    2 Fanvids.

  • Reboot Starstruck by spirktrekker42


  • Reboot Sweet Dream by spirktrekker42


  • Reboot Tearin' Up My Heart by spirktrekker42

    Fanvid for Valentine's

  • Reboot When You Close Your Eyes by spirktrekker42


  • TOS: Movies Goodbye My T'hy'la by spookyfbi

    A tearful goodbye followed by a joyful reunion

  • TOS I Touch Myself by spookyfbi - ADULT

    Fanvid: Kirk thinks about Spock while touching himself. Kinda the vid version of a PWP, because thatís pretty much the entire plot right there.

  • Reboot I'm Not That Girl by spookyfbi


  • TOS: Movies I'm With You by spookyfbi

    The events of Search for Spock, form Spock's point of view.

  • TOS: Movies It Is You (I Have Loved) by spookyfbi

    TOS fanvid

  • TOS: Movies It Was You by spookyfbi

    After the fal-tor-pan, Spock remembers his many years of friendship with Kirk Author's Notes: Yeah, that's an ampersand... Is this a friendship vid? Uh... maybe? I really can't decide, to tell the truth. I mean, I'm pretty sure that the song is about friendship... but it also feels kinda romantic. I kinda like the idea of walking the line between friendship and slash. I also quite like the idea that whatever Kirk & Spock are to each other, it's their friendship that they value the most (does this mean they're *not* having red-hot slashy mansex well into their old age? Not necessarily... :P)

  • TOS Kal-if-fee by spookyfbi - ADULT

    A poem about the moment that Spock comes out of pon-farr and realizes (thinks?) that he's killed Kirk

  • TOS Kirk Flirts With A Sexy Alien by spookyfbi


  • TOS Kirk Kissed A Girl (or several) by spookyfbi

    One night Kirk got drunk and kissed Yeoman Rand. Turns out, Kirk actually likes girls. A lot. And he really liked kissing them. A lot. Go figure! So he starts kissing girls every chance he gets. He only hopes his boyfriend, Spock, doesn't mind...

  • Reboot So Close by spookyfbi

    This is sort of a meta-ish piece about my feelings towards XI. It's so close to TOS in many ways, but not so much in others...

  • Reboot So Close by spookyfbi

    Several meanings to this vid, all going along the 'so close, but...' theme. Spock Prime and Kirk Prime were so close to each other in TOS, but in the end they were separated. Spock Prime was so close to having Kirk back again in XI, but this Kirk is not really his Kirk. Kirk was so close to knowing the love of a soulmate, but the Spock in this timeline is unavailable. After so many years of K/S being so close to canon, we could have been so close to getting it in XI, but the writers went down a different road instead. XI is so close to TOS in some ways, but not so much in others.

  • TOS This Never Happened Before by spookyfbi

    Fanvid: This is the way it should be for lovers.

  • TOS When You Say Nothing At All by spookyfbi

    Kirk & Spock's relationship just goes without saying

  • TOS: Movies Your Love Will Kill Me by spookyfbi - ADULT

    Fanvid + accompanying meta

  • Reboot After All (Uhura mix) by superboyclex

    This vid is about Kirk/Spock but is seen mostly through Uhura's POV and her being rejected by Spock

  • TOS Jim! Jim! Jim! by takoon


  • Reboot New Star Trek XI Vid: "Apple Candy" by talitha78

    James T. Kirk believes in having it all. [A/N: while this is classified as a Kirk/Uhura/Spock vid, it is heavy on the Kirk/Spock love, so I feel justified in posting it here.]

  • Reboot Poker Face on YouTube by talitha78

    I wanna roll with him, a hard pair we will be.

  • Reboot A Certain Shade of Green; Love you Much Better by tasty_boots

    Two KxS fanvids. The second one is sorta CRACK. XD

  • Reboot You Come Along by TesyCull


  • Reboot Many Of Horror by thebiggest_lie

    After the mindmeld on Delta Vega, Kirk realizes he wants what the other Kirk/Spock had.

  • Reboot Right Now by thebiggest_lie


  • TOS: Movies Searching by thedeadparrot

    Kirk's sad. But he gets better. [Hey, because you can never have too many Search For Spock vids, am I right?]

  • Reboot Mr. Brightside by theoreicalpixy

    Fanvid: Kirk/Spock/Uhura

  • Reboot Judas by toraguru

    Fanvid: Kirk loves Spock. Uhura loves Spock. Neither wants to share. [Note:Kirk/Spock/Uhura]

  • TOS: Movies KisCon vids by tos/reboot

    1. TOS/reboot vid by Keriaty - art lovers will recognize her from DeviantArt. Her artistic background really shows in this visually stunning piece called Head LOCK hearT to a song by Imogen Heap. 2. The second vid is Total Eclipse of the Heart by [info]trekkingal available for download only (34 mb). The vid was originally made in 1986 with technical support from Mary Van Deusen, who's just remastered it. Note, it begins with a long still shot from The Wrath of Khan.

  • TOS Amok Time Poem by trekkiebeth

    A poem about Amok Time.

  • TOS Harbor by trekkiebeth


  • Reboot Don't Let Me Stop You by TvObessed

    FanVid [Note: auto-plays when you click]

  • TOS: Movies Secret Things by une_funamble

    Fanvid. A.N. This is your typical mushy vid set to an obscure song, but I think it suits Kirkís POV really well. Through all their years together, he is speaking to Spock of a great secret Ö A secret that everyone else seems to know already =) I did my best to thwart the lyricsí heteronormativity, thanks to TOS for including all kinds of improbable romances.

  • Reboot There's Only Us by verizonhorizon

    Fanvid. Kirk is running away - from Spock, from the staggering effects of the meld with Spock Prime, from life altogether - but Spock pulls him back.

  • TOS Who Dat? by verizonhorizon

    Kirk and Spock both want to know: Who dat tryin' to get up in my crew?!

  • Reboot Kobayashi Maru by vidder:blackpsychi - ADULT

    Explores how both Kirk and Spock face the Kobayashi Maru in the reboot. "Running up that Hill" by Placebo.

  • TOS/Reboot Christmas Medley by vidder:estalita_11

    Songs include: Kiss me at Midnight (N'Sync), My Only Christmas Wish (Britney Spears), Baby It's Cold Outside (Lady Antebellum), Winter Wonderland (Selena Gomez), Blue Christmas (Elvis), It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Andy Williams)

  • AU Someday Came Today by vidder:estalita_11

    Fanvid: James T. Kirk's journey to become captain of the Enterprise.

  • Reboot Waiting For My Real Life to Begin by vidder:lyricoloratura

  • Reboot Meant to Live by vidder:rae1013

    We were meant to live for so much more.

  • Reboot Young Spock by vidder:sarahalex

    "Always lived my life alone / Been searching for the place called home / I know that I've been cold as ice / Ignored the dreams, too many lies / Somewhere deep inside / Somewhere deep inside me / I found ... the child I used to be / And I know that it's not too late / Never too late..."

  • Reboot I Think I'm In Love by vidder:spirktrekker42

    Fanvid. Artist: Jessica Simpson

  • TOS/Reboot Fanvid - Mind Meld by vidder:spookyfbi

    K/S fanon dictates that during the mind meld scene on Delta Vega, Spock Prime transfered to Kirk images of their life together in TOS, so I thought hey, why not let's turn it into a proper video?.

  • Reboot The Naked Time slashy scenes by vidder:spookyfbi

    A video macro.

  • TOS: Movies Viva Forever by vidder:spookyfbi

    Another Search for Spock vid - why does every song I hear remind me of this movie??? Kirk grieves over the loss of Spock, and on his journey throughout SfS, he reflects on their time together.

  • Reboot I Like It Rough by vidder:superboyclex

    Kirk and Spock both like it rough Enjoy!

  • Reboot Gravity by waterpulse

    Fanvid. "Something always brings me back to you...". Set to "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles.

  • Reboot Starlight by waterpulse

    Parallels between Kirk and Spock, black holes and revelations, and hopes and expectations. Set to "Starlight" by Muse.

  • TOS Samson by werkelijkheid90

    Another one of my super angsty pieces that is meant to encompass the entirety of the K/S relationship and it's inevitable tragedy. This song by Regina Spektor, though actually about the servant of Delilah who was in love with Samson, always reminded me of this pairing. I believe the idea of this song- essentially, a forgotten love story- is very applicable to K/S, as it is often that this amazing love story is seen as anything but. A.N. Do note that not all of the lyrics are meant to be taken literally (though I'm sure you all will have gathered that as you watch). I'm also sorry if this makes you sob like a baby, like it did to me after I had finished. XD Then again, I'm a bigger dork than most.

  • Reboot A Place in Time by winged_mammal

    Fanvid: Spock Prime has some words for Kirk.

  • TOS In Memoriam .. by xlcatloveress


  • TOS Love Is In The Air by xx_sorceress_xx

    Fanvid for Valentine meme

  • TOS Love Is In The Air by xx_sorceress_xx


  • TOS My Life Would Suck Without You by xx_sorceress_xx


  • TOS: Movies The Call (Across the Ages) by xx_sorceress_xx

    Kirk and Spock were together in the past and will find their way together now. Spock!Prime knows this, Kirk's getting used to the idea, but Spock isn't so sure yet. No need to say goodbye. music: The Call by Regina Spektor.

  • Reboot Superman Tonight by yukisa


  • TOS: Movies "We'll never die" K/S Russian vid by zi - ADULT

    TOS Kirk/Spock/Enterprise fanvid based on movies 1,2,3.

  • TOS Not Enough by _grayswandir


  • Reboot Simple&Clean by _ryouseiteki_

    Fanvid. Aritst: Utada


39 works found

  • Reboot Oh, Strange fanmix by 119_nevermore

    Fanmix (and new cover art)

  • TOS Push And Pull by 119_nevermore


  • Reboot Slow Burn by 119_nevermore


  • Reboot Traces of Lives by 119_nevermore


  • Reboot Fanmix for The Prophesy of Apolo by ladyblahblah by ariadnechan

  • TOS But you left me far behind by arkpoetess

    Fanmix: An angsty/depressing look into Kirk after Spock leaves for Gol between the television series and The Motion Picture.

  • Reboot Carry On Danccing by arkpoetess - ADULT

    Fan mix. A.N.: I come with another fanmix inspired by Kirk/Spock. This time it's a fun and lusty take on one of my favorite plot devices to read: the dance club.

  • TOS I'm melting in your eyes, like my first time by banditjoeykuba


  • Reboot Untouchable Face - A K/S Fanmix by bigmamag

    What do you do when a mind meld gave you feelings and in this universe you can't have that person? Cue the Kirk angst, of course! I seriously just wanted an entire fanmix devoted to Kirk pining for Spock in a big way, thus this was born.

  • Reboot I'm Not Lost Until I'm Found by biomath


  • Reboot Undisclosed Desires - Soundtrack by bloodytastic

    A music mix for the fic Undisclosed Desires

  • TOS Can't Have You (Have Control) by coffeestudies

    A proud Vulcan, troubled by his emotions, is afraid to come too close to a young, ambitious Starfleet captain who's not quite ready to settle down just yet. God, I love how this is just plain classic tragedy: they're doomed from the start because they are who they are. They can't walk away from this, but neither can they be happy with each other (not at this time anyhow). This fanmix follows Spock from the end of their relationship to his departure back to Vulcan. The companion piece will be all about Jim being sad and left behind... :(

  • TOS Harder Now That It's Over by coffeestudies

    Spock, troubled by his emotions, and struggling with an identity crisis, took off to Gol. This now is Jim being left behind and having to deal with it like everyone else.

  • Reboot What Fate has in Store: A Pseudo-Fanmix by daphnie_1

    The first disk is pretty much just Kirk (Gen for the most part) bu the second disk moves onto his relationship with Spock. It picks up exactly where the film finishes. All songs are offered in the form of Youtube links - hence the 'pseudo' in the title.

  • Reboot Slash goggles, on! The Fanmix by dark_orion

  • Reboot Touched - A K/S Fanmix by dndragonmare


  • Reboot Too Close to The Sun by eridanie

    Fanmix: NuTrek Kirk/Spock/Bones mix

  • Mirror Ohne Dich by ivycross

    Attempting to expand how I enjoy the Fandom, I made a Fanmix for Mirror!verse Sprik.

  • AU Pure Energy by jihime47


  • TOS: Movies This Thing We Have by jihime47

    TMP/TWOK Fanmix

  • Reboot DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY by lama_mama

    Fanmix - A cracky K/S Fanmix

  • Reboot I'll Cover You by lama_mama

    Fanmix. Some songs are quite serious, others definitely aren't. Mostly, but by no means exclusively, Reboot flavored. :)

  • TOS/Reboot All that slash by laraberstein


  • AU Kryptonite by leftaligned


  • TOS Fanmix by mintcloud

    Notes: First off, I owe thanks to [info]perivates , who told me how to do this in the first place. I also owe an epic thank you to spookyfbi , whose incredible response to my vid request so long ago was the inspiration for this mix, and to killabeez , or Killa, whose marvellous, moving, tear-jerker of a vid is the entire reason for the presence of one song on this list.

  • Reboot But The Spark Still Tries - fanmix by perivates


  • Reboot Writing On The Wall fanmix by snackbreak

    TOS fanmix [Note: community f-locked]

  • Reboot Star Trek XI Kirk/Spock slash fanmix by superboyclex

    Star Trek XI Kirk/Spock slash fanmix

  • Reboot The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way) fanmix by tahariel

    STXI fanmix

  • Reboot You're The Only One I-- by tasty_boots

    Fanmix for 'We Reach Our Apogee Slowly] by kowaiyoukai

  • TOS Fanmix: Heart in a Cage by thebiggest_lie

    K/S fanmix

  • Reboot You Be My Compass, I'll Be Your Guide - A 'Leave No Soul Behind' Fanmix by the_arc5

    If you're Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform right up until the moment they become your only hope. Whether you're dying a slow, cold death in space, or a long painful one on some godforsaken planet, they're going to come for you. So count your last breaths, son, and hold on tight. They leave no soul behind. - Spock and Jim meet by accident, fall in love by accident, and save the universe on purpose. Notes: Created for whochick's brilliant AU Leave No Soul Behind.

  • TOS Mathematics by ueht

    Fanmix. So, I guess I could describe this mix as a handful of mostly Kirk-centric songs that deal with his inability to understand Spock & Spock ~*dealing with emotion*~. I would describe the music as a combination of indie antifolk / electronic and Lady Gaga. What playlist doesn't need Lady Gaga?

  • Reboot Dreamers fanmix by verizonhorizon

    A pop fanmix inspired by lalazeeís fabulous story, Half a Dream Away. Listen in numerical order for a love story guided by dreams.

  • TOS: Movies Hello again by verizonhorizon

    Fanmix. An eclectic mix of songs that run your 'simple feelings' through an emotional blender, just like the movie.

  • Reboot Mistakes on the Part of Nature by whimsicalimages

    Fanmix. Another Kirk/Spock mix?! NO WAY! Well, yes way. These two just lend themselves to music, honestly. And lend themselves to taking over my brain but that's different story.

  • TOS Turn into something beautiful by whimsicalimages


  • Reboot About Spaceships fanmix by _faded_fallen

    ST fanmix [Note: community f-locked]

  • TOS I am Trying To Break Your Heart by ________disco

    A fanmix riddled with lust and angst.


129 works found

  • TOS A Man's Mind is his Kingdom by adeveraux

  • Mirror Strip for me! by adeveraux - ADULT

  • TOS Mirror Love by adveraux - ADULT

  • TOS Unwilling Slave by adveraux

    Kirk`s in Trouble.

  • Reboot Macro by afallenseraphim


  • Reboot Untitled macros by afallenseraphim


  • TOS 5 Kirk/Spock Manips by angelus2hot

  • TOS Mosly old stuff that you maybe haven't seen before by anoncomment7

    In this post: A variety of Star Trek icons, macros and wallpapers, most of which were made for [info]theduelingbamfs and the Ship Wars on [info]st_respect. Wallpapers and icons.

  • AU I'm on a ship by anon_j_anon - ADULT

    The Lonely Island's song 'I'm on a boat' as applied to Star Trek.

  • Reboot Untitled by archmonkey


  • Reboot Two Icons For You by ardisia


  • TOS Happy Anniversary by ariadnechan

  • TOS The Quest for JIM a macros Story by ariadnechan


  • AU The Solstice of the young by ariadnechan

  • Reboot Art for startrekbigbang: "strive seek find yield" by arminaa

    A.N: I got paired up with the fabulous waldorph for [info]startrekbigbang! This cover and two manips are companions to her FABULOUS story, "strive seek find yield," which is completely epic. How can you not love something where Spock is royalty? It just doesn't get any more charming and wonderful. Read the fic, you won't regret it!

  • TOS As the Rush Comes by arminaa

    For tracionn, she was the winning bidder in the help_chile auction. Thank you for donating! Her request was TOS, and an emotional embracing image along the lines of Isolated and Solace.

  • TOS Away In A Dream by arminaa - ADULT


  • TOS Beginnings (dedicated to easilymused1956) by arminaa

    This is dedicated to Renee, or easilymused1956, who recently passed away. I'm positive that if you're an author or artist, she has commented on all of your posts, and been nothing but extremely complimentary. She's faithfully commented on my manips - so this is for her. I've been sitting on this for awhile (it's a TOS-version of a previous manip made for coeurdesoleil), but after hearing of Renee's passing decided that it's the right time to share it - I think she'd love it :) Please keep Renee's family in your thoughts!

  • TOS Christmas Morning by arminaa - ADULT

    Here's my K/S advent contribution!

  • TOS Confession by arminaa


  • Reboot Cracked by arminaa

  • Reboot Cracked by arminaa

  • Reboot Dirty by arminaa

  • TOS Dreaming by arminaa

    Artwork. Had this wonderful vid in mind the whole time I worked on this last night - it really set the tone!

  • Reboot Exhale by arminaa

    Reboot Kirk & Spock.

  • TOS Hypnotized by arminaa

  • Reboot In the Dark by arminaa - ADULT


  • Reboot Inked by arminaa - ADULT

    This was made for alinealghost, who requested a scene from zoetrope13's story "Inked, Marked, and Claimed". In the fic, Jim gets Vulcan script tattooed on his back as a physical symbol of his love and commitment to Spock. The Vulcan words are: T'hy'la (friend, brother, lover), Telsu (husband), T'Gai (Spock's clan), and Kíhatíndlawa (half of my heart and soul).

  • TOS Isolated by arminaa


  • Reboot Join Starfleet by arminaa - ADULT

    Starfleet recruiting poster, based on a conversation between waldorf and screamlet, which in turn was based on waldorf's K/S fic, ride into that sunset.

  • TOS K/S Wallpaper by arminaa

  • Reboot Manip: Union by arminaa

  • TOS Phantom by arminaa - ADULT


  • TOS Retreat by arminaa

    The TOS boys in a tub that I'd give anything to be in right now!

  • Reboot Serenity by arminaa - ADULT

    Companion piece to verizonhorizon's story "Treehouse".

  • Reboot Snapshot by arminaa


  • TOS Solace by arminaa

    An homage to this famous base, which has been manipped many of times. This is my take on it :)

  • TOS/Reboot This Piercing Quiet by arminaa


  • Reboot Through the Looking Glass by arminaa

  • Reboot To Be Human, If Only For Awhile by arminaa

    The title of these is pretty self-explanatory - Spock is a human, but just for a while. Done for trekreversebang - thank you to posyvanilla for writing a fantastic story to go along with it!

  • Reboot Total Eclipse of the Heart by arminaa - ADULT

    Wow, I finally had some time to myself this weekend (RL has been crazy!), and I was able to sit myself down and make a K/S manip! It didn't take long at all to make this - I felt struck with creativity. I'm usually a humble Harry, but I think this is my best manip yet. I hope you think so too.

  • Reboot Winter by arminaa


  • Reboot Young Love by arminaa

  • Reboot A New Beginning by beet

    Reboot K/S in a mindmeld.

  • Reboot Photo Manips by birddi - ADULT

    Star Trek Photo Manips. Basically hoping to inspire fics or inspire myself to write fics for these.

  • Reboot Phony Beatlemania (Or "Jim Kirk Still hasn't Learned that Pissing off Vulcans is a Bad Idea") by chaos_vaan

    Artwork: A/N: I've been working on this one for awhile, finally finishing this now, and it's slightly longer than the last one (District 9 Ain't Trippin') but only stills, or something. D: I HOPE IT'S WORTH THE TIME I SPENT AGONIZING OVER THE RIGHT/WRONG STILLS, AND THE CORNY JOKES. AND THE LOLCATZ SPEAK. LET US NOT FORGET THAT. But, on with the show. And yes, the title was taken from The Clash song, "London Calling" <3

  • TOS Dear Captain's Log by coffeestudies


  • TOS In which Spock cannot say no to James Kirk. by coffeestudies


  • TOS/Reboot Star Trek Fanart post by crashdownpixie

  • Reboot Christmas at the Cabin and Tansporter Room Pranks by davincis_girl

    These are my entries for ksadvent2009.

  • Reboot What Happens on Vegas by davincis_girl

    Notes: This is my entry for the [info]ksvalentine. Kirk and Spock are on an away mission to the planet of Vegas III. Something important has just happened, but they will never tell, because what happens on Vegas...

  • TOS Anticipation by denisedion - ADULT

    Jim awaits patiently for Spock to arrive in his quarters.

  • TOS As I Play by denisedion

    Spock plays his lyre. Sadly only for Jim.

  • TOS Bite Me by denisedion - ADULT

    Jim wishes he could feel Spock between his fingers instead his food

  • TOS Can I Buy You A Drink? Part 1 by denisedion - ADULT

    [WIP] Spock decides to tag along on shore leave. He wants to observe how humans attract a potential partner. [Part 1/8 posted Sept 13, 2011]

  • Reboot Comprimised by denisedion - ADULT

    Spock's feelings as he chokes the living daylights of his future t'hy'la

  • TOS Drunk On Love by denisedion

    Jim looks at Spock a little drunk. And thinks of how it would be if they would hook up.

  • TOS I Burn For Thee by denisedion - ADULT

    On Vulcan, going through pon farr, Spock's blood burns for his one true love.

  • TOS I Cannot by denisedion

    Spock in the early stages of Pon Farr, cannot tell Jim what he is feeling.

  • TOS Kissing: A Vulcan Human Perspective by denisedion - ADULT

    A comparison, kissing the Human and Vulcan way.

  • TOS Master by denisedion - ADULT

    When Spock has rules set in stone Jim must abide by them. When he doesn't there is a price to pay.

  • TOS Mother, May We Go Now? by denisedion

    Amanda wants Spock to smile for the camera.

  • TOS My Prison Bitch by denisedion - ADULT

    Spock is in the chocolate to speak...very possessive behavior..Jim doesn't mind.

  • TOS Playing the Innocent by denisedion

    Spock grabs any chance he gets to touch his Captain. But he does it so innocently that no one notices how it truly affects him.

  • TOS Playing the Innocent Again by denisedion

    Spock touches Jim a second time, and he does it well.

  • TOS The Flirting Game by denisedion - ADULT

    Jim and Spock flirt a lot...

  • TOS Up That Ladder, Mister by denisedion - ADULT

    Jim needs Spock in the Jeffries Tube for some late night activity.

  • Reboot Baby Spock by edjou

    I've been on this big Kirk/Spock kid fic kick lately and just started reading 'As Morning Shows the Day' by jade_dragoness. And man, is there anything cuter than baby/kid Spock?

  • Reboot None whatsoever by Edjou

  • TOS "Consummation" "For His Master's Pleasure Only" by elfqueen55 - ADULT

  • TOS Another One by elfqueen55 - ADULT


  • TOS Core of Desire by elfqueen55 - ADULT

    It took a long time for James T. Kirk to finally accept and acknowledge that for him, Spock had always been his own universal constant

  • TOS J'Adore by elfqueen55 - ADULT


  • TOS La Smoochie by elfqueen55 - ADULT


  • TOS Manips: "Love Meld" - "Soothe" - "Crave" by elfqueen55 - ADULT

  • TOS Pleasure Target & Junction by elfqueen55 - ADULT

    TOS Photo-manips

  • TOS Poolside by elfqueen55


  • TOS Pre-Reform Bedwarmer by elfqueen55

  • TOS The Flare-Up by elfqueen55 - ADULT

    Even in the most cherished of committed relationships, tensions can fray and misunderstandings are bound to arise.

  • Reboot Fascinating by galileo7 - ADULT


  • Reboot Merry Christmas Mister Spock by galileo7 - ADULT

    [art] Merry Christmas Mister Spock

  • Reboot Spock in Fishnet Stockings by galileo7 - ADULT

    Artwork: A Spock version of my ZQ manip.

  • TOS/Reboot Spock/Kirk/Spock by galileo7 - ADULT

    Art. Made for verizonhorizon [who shamelessly begged for this and is writing this note right now. ;) ]

  • Reboot Untitled by galileo7 - ADULT


  • TOS Will You? by galileo7


  • TOS Holiday Icons by geekgirlt


  • TOS Header Images by imadoctornotalj


  • TOS: Movies Vulcan Passion by ireireire

    Photo manipulation

  • TOS/Reboot Icons by kayleightalitha

    A few icons featuring a rare pairing: Tos Kirk and Reboot Spock

  • Reboot Kirk by kayleightalitha


  • Reboot Wallpaper by merrymatryonshka


  • TOS Recycling is the thing to do this holiday season... by mortmere

    Toying with Photoshop is fun, though, so I bring you some Spirk manips old and new

  • TOS Wallpapers by punk4life1315

    Artwork: wallpaper

  • Reboot Gold and Blue by rven-julies

  • Reboot Wallpaper by silver_avatre

    Hey, all. I have one wallpaper today to offer this Valentine's Day. From TWOK.

  • Reboot Holiday's Greetings from yours truly and dissociate by snowlight

    We took The Bears (TM) out for a scroll in Manhattan today. :)

  • AU One Day by snowlight


  • TOS We were just playing! by snowlight

    TOS K/S wallpaper

  • Reboot World of Warcraft: Kobayashi Maru by snowlight

    A parody of Star Trek: Reboot & World of Warcraft. A companion piece to Kobayashi Maru, Warcraft Edition

  • TOS Shoop by snowwhisper - ADULT


  • Reboot Bibliophile by soliandxpyne

    This piece is an illustration from Amanda Warrington's story, Extra-Curricular Activities, which is super amazing, go read it!! :D

  • Reboot K/S manips through the power of SCIENCE by spdfg

    Artwork. A/N.: I recently discovered a rather nifty online device thing developed by the Face of the Future project at the U of St Andrews. With it, you can transform a photograph of yourself to see what you might look like if you were older, younger, of a different race, of a different species, transformed into a cartoon character, and so on.

  • Reboot Spock and Kirk Men by therarereason


  • AU Take Refuge by thisissirius

    Cover art for Take Refuge by corpus_invictus

  • Reboot The closest Kirk got to romance... by tinocka

    photoshop fanart (link also has rpf:pinto fanart)

  • TOS Come Play With Me by tracionn

  • TOS Commander of my heart by tracionn - ADULT

    Another Manip! Dedicated to our TOS guys and the wonderful Dovya Blacque.

  • TOS I looked into your heart and saw you pure and whole by tracionn - ADULT

    Hereís to the 45th anniversary of Star Trek and our beloved men, and especially to [info]rhaegal, whose enthusiasm is as encouraging as her dedication is supporting. Iím sorry for the long title but yes, it had to be. It's even a short one actually - see the entire quote on my lj entry.

  • TOS Manip: For one heart alone by tracionn - ADULT

    Art for the fic, "For one heart alone"

  • TOS On Drugs by tracionn

    Artwork: macro

  • TOS The World Turned Upside Down by tracionn

    The picture is dedicated to one of Jenna Sinclair's stories which is called (surprise surprise) The World Turned Upside Down

  • TOS This Is Our Night by tracionn

    Manip: This Is Our Night which was created for the K/S Advent Calendar.

  • TOS To New Adventures by tracionn

    costume art

  • TOS Valentine's eve on Alpha Centauri by tracionn - ADULT

    Kirk and Spock are celebrating an anniversary in a warm region of Alpha Centauri

  • TOS What I'm not saying by tracionn - ADULT


  • TOS Your heart? by tracionn

    This manip is dedicated to a story by Carolyn Spencer, Prism (unfortunatley it isn't available online, sorry!)

  • TOS Your Lips To Seal My Fate by tracionn

    My entry for the KS Bigbang

  • Reboot Obey by tw38988 - ADULT

    Artwork. A/N: i tried to do my best to recreate the movie's lens flares but failed miserably XD doesn't matter, i think the lens flare will be the last thing you'll be looking at.

  • AU 12 Icons by vaugelyunpoetic


  • TOS Comfort by verizonhorizon


  • Reboot K/S Then and Now by verizonhorizon

    Artwork. A/N: Manip Collection: Then and Now: I made some pictures combining scenes from tos and reboot, because both Kirks and Spocks are (handsome and) amazingly similar to their counterparts.

  • TOS Kirk and Spock's Very Vulcan Valentine by verizonhorizon - ADULT


  • Reboot Macro movie picspams by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    Here are links to my k/s movie macro picspams, where slash meets humor meets love (and ends up back on humor again). Enjoy!

  • TOS Prelude to a Kiss by verizonhorizon


  • Reboot Shore Leave by verizonhorizon

    Manip. Spring Break, Star Trek style!

  • Reboot Spock can hear the (Vulcan wedding) bells by verizonhorizon

    When he looks into Kirk's eyes, Spock can hear the bells of the koon-ut-kal-if-fee... [macro musical to to 'I Can Hear the Bells' from "Hairspray".]

  • Reboot Water's Edge by verizonhorizon - ADULT

    reboot k/s fanart

  • Reboot Why do I have to be catwoman? by verizonhorizon

    Because, Spock, you're the one descended from cats!

  • Reboot Always Will Be... by xlcatloveress

    Images used credited to trekcore. Writing slapped on credited to roflbot.


222 works found

  • Bonding fics by

    I'm looking for fics where a bond or bonding is a major plot device in the Kirk/Spock relationship. I've read a lot out there but am still looking and always love reading them. Also the longer the better.

  • Ill Spock by

    I guess it is time to crawl out of my dusty lurkers' corner and make a request of you fine people. This week finds me down and out with a nasty illness, and with that in mind... could you guys send me some of your favorite fics with an ill Spock and his Enterprise pseudo-family taking care of him? It would brighten my otherwise abysmal existence right now. Thank you from the bottom of my feverish little heart..... :~)

  • KiScon 2012 Zine Entries by

    KiScon 2012 included a zine for members filled with stories and art that was beautifully compiled and edited by arminaa. Most of the contributions have now been posted online. Below is a link to those which are, in the order they appeared in the zine.

  • Reboot Looking for fic by

    I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago: Jim has a half-Vulcan child, whose mother died in childbirth. Jim brings the kid on the Enterprise, and there is drama and then later reconciliation between Jim and Spock. Anyone know it? Also, any fic where Jim and Spock have kids, the younger the child the better. Mpreg is fine, adoption is fine, but I'm more interested in interactions with baby/child than how it got there. Ovary-exploding fluff is good, angst is good, as long as it's not a WIP. Reboot preferred.

  • Mpreg recs by

    I don't normally admit this but...<br />I've been on quite a K/S Mpreg kink search for quite a while now. And it's kind of weird to be asking this, but I'm wondering if any of you have any recs or know of any places where I can find some. I just can't seem to stop reading it.

  • New recs? by

    So I have been out of this fandom for a while (not because I was tired of it, but because I had felt like I'd read all the good fics out there!). It's been a few months since I've read any and I was hoping people would tell me their favourite recent fics? As long as it's new (and complete) I would love to read it! Any ideas?

  • Reboot nuKirk/Spock Prime by

    I'm looking for nu!Kirk/Spockprime Fics. Preferably where Spock prime gets to keep Kirk. I will even settle for Fics that they are only together for a little while. Ever since I read Everything old is new again, I haven't been able to get this pairing out of my mind. I would prefer though that Spock prime doesn't die in the fic. You can either answer me here or pm me.

  • Recs request by

    Hi everyone.<br /><br />So, long story short, I have to go to the dentist tomorrow after a buttload of years NOT going, and now I'm really, really nervous. I'd love to compile a list of "feel good" fics to lift my spirits after tomorrow; I have a feeling I'm really going to need them. If anyone would like to link me their favorites, I'd love to read them.<br /><br />Fics don't have to be strictly K/S. I'm also extremely partial to K/S/M friendship and friendship epicness in general. I'll even take h/c if there is a warm, fuzzy ending.<br /><br />Thank you so much!

  • TOS: Movies Recs: The Search for Spock by

    n honor of today‚Äôs ‚ÄúThe Search For Spock‚ÄĚ viewing party I‚Äôd like to ask everyone‚Äôs favorite post TSFS fic and vids.

  • Reboot Request? by

    I've recently gotten the urge to start reading Star Trek fics again, specifically K/S stories with Spock still in a relationship with Uhura or Uhura wanting to be in a relationship with Spock. Pretty much a storynthat just involves Uhura as an obstacle of sorts. I would also love anything with pining!Kirk and angst would be lovely, but happy endings are a must.

  • TOS: Movies Star Trek IV rewatch by

    In honor of today's "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" rewatch, what are your favorite STIV fic/vid/art recs?

  • Sweet fic by

    Can anyone rec any super sweet Fics? I'm partial to TOS but will take reboot too. It can be hc or whatever but with either Spock or Jim being incredibly sweet to the other. Long short, whatever. I'm also partial to Spock!Prime fic, especially when he gets to keep nukirk.

  • TOS: Movies TWOK recs by

    "The Wrath of Khan" viewing party is just now finishing up. I thought I'd ask everyone for their favorite TWOK fic recs.

  • Where My Girls At? by

    I'm looking for two kinds of fic. TOS or AOS are fine for either category, but no Mirrorverse, please.<br /><br />1. always-a-girl!Kirk/always-a-girl!Spock. Lesbians in Space! Any genre, any length, just give me in-character, born female Kirk and Spock having sexy adventures in the <i>Enterprise</i>.<br /><br />2. T'Pring is awesome in her own right. Give me fic where T'Pring is a BAMF rather than a bitch. Pretty please? Kirk/Spock is fine, of course, and even previous Spock/T'Pring, but no current Spock/T'Pring.<br /><br />Thanks in advance, everyone!

  • AU Academy Era Fic Search! by ademy

    I am looking for Reboot Academy era stories, preferably angsty, Jim lusting after his teacher, unrequited love, relationship affected by the Kobayashi Maru?

  • Reboot K/S Advent Calendar Art Pimp by awarrington - ADULT

    gorgeous art posts over the last few days

  • TOS: Movies Academy days by quest

    I sooooooooo want to read some more stories where our heroes meet as Cadet Kirk and Professor/Instructor/Lt. Commander Spock. Recs for me?

  • AU Academy fics by quest

    could you please recommend Academy fics?

  • AU Academy fics & teen fics by quest

    At the moment I'm really craving some shorter fics (I have the attention span of a gnat sometimes. So long fics and me usually don't go over well) that aren't too angsty. I love academy!fics. And AUs where Kirk and Spock attend the same school as teenagers, etc. I'm feeling particularly schmoop-friendly today so fluff is my friend. =) I love first-time fics too.

  • Reboot Academy or kid fics by quest

    I lovelovelove fics that are either AU Academy fics (where Kirk & Spock meet while still at SF Academy) or...I wouldn't necessarily call them kid fics (because to me that implies either they have a kid or one or both of them is turned into a kid, via alien pollen or what-have-you), but fics where they meet prior to the Academy, either as children (such as Mud, Music, and Me by leupagus) or when they're teens or young adults (such as the fic posted just prior to this, Two Firsts for Spock by cymbalism219)

  • AU Accidental bonding by quest

    A conversation I had with [info]lila_blue_b the other day has me craving inadvertent bonding fic.

  • AU Accidental bonding by quest

    I'm looking for angsty fics where they bond but don't know it and Kirk is sad but doesn't want to show it. There doesn't need to be a mental bond but it is preferred. I want fics that will make my heart feel clinch-y, if you understand my meaning. I want fics where Kirk wants Spock to be happy, but doesn't think that Spock wants him/Spock doesn't want him originally. Anything that makes your heart hurt but ends up well. (Reboot is preferred but TOS is acceptable)

  • TOS Afraid to orgasm by quest

    I was thinking today about a RPS story by [info]the_deep_magic (Your Turn, for anyone who's interested) about one of the boys being afraid to orgasm. I then got to thinking about how much I wanted a similar story involving Kirk and Spock, not in part because it would provide an excellent opportunity for some telepathic smexing. Yes. In my head it goes a little something like, Kirk has this reputation as an interplanetary stud, but in reality he's so nervous about making his partners feel good--which he does, dear boy--that he rarely, if ever, manages to relax enough to reach climax himself. Spock finds out; Spock helps, because that's just what you do when you're the best First Officer in the Fleet.

  • TOS Alien anatomy on spock by quest

    Spock is indeed half-alien, so I like it when writers get creative with his biology.

  • AU Alien cocks by quest

    I love fics about Spock`s Alien!Cock. Double ridges, inner testes, sentient parts. All of it. I need some alien junk in my life. Any stories would be great. Is there a LJ for it or something.

  • TOS Aliens made them do it by quest

    (alien/someone made them do it and it seriously strained their friendship afterwards but then try their best to mend whatever's left of it).

  • TOS Aliens made them do it + fake!marriage by quest

    Hey, I'm looking for some good aliens made them do it fic. Or even the Federation messed up the sleeping arrangements and now we have to sleep together in this one big bed fic. I like when they have to pretend to be in relationship, also. There could love, dawning relationship, or sex. Just kinda bored and I like the recommendations you guys give me. :)

  • AU Alive!Amanda by quest

    I was wondering if anyone could rec me any fics where amanda somehow survived vulcan's destruction, because she was rescued by someone (most probably jim), not on the planet, had spock as a secret love baby, resurrected...Anything!

  • AU Angsty fics + Jim is a telepath/empath by quest

    I want long, angsty fics. Even more specifically than that: Tarsus related issues with Jim (read the Basball Series, loved it with a passion), abuse related issues with Jim (well, there's alot of that, but it's fun), lonely!Spock who gets picked on by kids who are supposedly logical (what is sadder? I don't know), fic where either of them believe themselves to be unworthy of the other, Jim with an eating disorder (dude. Baseball Series, once again. I crave more), etc, etc. No major character deaths. Also: is there any fics out there where Jim has suppressed empathic/telepathic abilities that come to the surface when he bonds/melds with Spock and creates severe problems (physical/mental/intimate)?

  • TOS Any Spock!Prime/Reboot!Kirk, please by quest

    After reading <blcwriter >'s awesome but undeniably creepy Quench the Flames, I'm in a mood for seeing anything with Spock!Prime and Nu!Kirk

  • AU AU Fic Search! by quest

    So I've been on a huge AU fic kick lately and was looking for some suggestions. In particular I like fics where they are still in the academy or ones where they still interact with starfleet in some way, but I'm open to anything

  • TOS Best Fics by quest

    I'm in the mood for some first time fics. Either universe is fine.

  • TOS Best stories by quest

    I'm requesting that someone link me to a good fic. No, a PHENOMENAL fic. One that sucks you right in. Preferably a completed multi-chapter, though I'm ok with reliable WIPs and really good oneshots.

  • TOS BFF fics by quest

    I need some fic where McCoy is shown to be the most awesome BFF he truly is to Kirk and/or Spock. Kirk/Spock pairing only, but mainly I am looking for some excellent, funny dialogue between friends.

  • TOS Bottom virgin Spock TOS by quest

    I would like some TOS recs where Spock is a virgin and bottom Spock.

  • TOS: Movies Bottom!Spock, anyone? by quest

    I've got the itch. Can anyone recommend good fics with bottom!Spock from the TOS universe?

  • AU Breakup by quest

    Are there any fics out there where Spock walks out on Jim, either for Kolinhar or some other reason. Anyways he desperately tries to win Jim back but Jim refuses and Spock is never able to win him and winds up totally alone forever regretful.

  • TOS Breakups + UST/unrequited by quest

    What I am dying for is fics where Uhura is "the selfish bitch", because contrary to popular opinion it has been impossible for me to read because it's impossible to FIND those stories! Likewise I want some fics where Kirk is crushing on Spock (preferably because they are NOT melded accidentally or Kirk's been influenced by Spock!Prime) and has to deal with the fact that Spock's currently with someone else. I love happy endings but I'm in the mood for angst, so eithers great for me.

  • AU British!AU by quest

    Could anybody recommend K/S fics with a British (whatever time period) cultural background?

  • AU Capt. Spock/FO Kirk by quest

    Are there any fics in which Spock remained Captain of the Enterprise and Kirk was his First Officer?

  • AU Captain Spock fics by quest

    Are there any K/S fics where Spock ended up the captain and Kirk was the first officer?

  • TOS Changed Circumstances changes timeline by quest

    Are there any TOS fanfics where Spock and Kirk get together during the five year mission, and it has far-reaching consequences, such as the way another episode would go utterly changed? Say they got together way before "City on the Edge of Forever". Naturally, Kirk falling for Edith would not have happened then. So how does that change the episode?

  • TOS Courting recs? by quest

    I'm wondering if anyone could rec some k/s courting fics; either the human or the Vulcan way.

  • TOS Cuddling Fic Search by quest

    I'm craving fluff. Sweet cute fluff.

  • AU D/S recs by quest

    Anyone have any d/s recs for me? I enjoy sub!Kirk very much.

  • TOS Damaged!Spock rec request! by quest

    To get to the point, if you could direct me towards any fics where Spock is hurt, vulnerable, ill, or just generally unVulcan (and not only in the emotional department)

  • TOS Delicious Links by quest

    I thought I would make a post where people could link to their delicious bookmarks so we can all find some awesome new fics.

  • TOS Does it Exist? by quest

    Are there any fics dealing with Spock marooning Jim on Delta Vega?

  • Reboot Dom!Spock or tentaclefic by quest

    Can anyone therefore recommend me some Dom!Spock or tentacle sex slash to keep me happy?

  • TOS: Movies E-Relationships/penfriends/epistolary by quest

    I was wondering if anyone has any recs for Kirk/Spock (Reboot preferred, but TOS okay, too) fics where a lot of (if not all) of the story is told through emails, IMs, texts, or even regular old letters.

  • TOS Emotionally compromised by quest

    Just finished reading Home by the_physicist (excellent fic so far, could not stop until I had caught up to current), and am now super depressed. I need some fic to cheer me up. I've already gone through the delicious bookmarks with fine toothed comb, and so I am hoping someone here can suggest a fic where Spock acts anything but detached and unaffected by Kirk. I'm talking super emotionally compromised. Possessive or jealous Spock is always THE BEST THING EVAR, but I will settle for just about anything right now that blatantly shows me that Spock cares about Jim a whole freaking lot.

  • TOS Ensemble fic? by quest

    Ensemble cast fic. Pairings K/S M/U and C/Su Can anyone reccomend me other fics that are either Ensemble or have the central leads as others than Jim and Spock, but still have K/S in?

  • AU epically long fics? by quest

    Going on a trip for 4 days tomorrow and I wanted to take some long K/S fics with me.

  • AU Establish Relationship Recs? by quest

    I am in the mood for established relationship Reboot fics.

  • TOS Established relationship by quest

    anyone know any good plotty stories with them in an established relationship?

  • TOS Everyone loves aliens! by quest

    So. Aliens. Upgrade to alien sex. Seriously. I'm looking for porn with alien physiology---the less humanlike the better.

  • TOS Faves of 2010? by quest

    What's your favorite fics of 2010' (2009 list also included)

  • TOS: Movies Favorite place to & porny mood by quest

    I'm in the mood for some porn (& currently out of town using a computer from the 90's with dial-up) and don't have the patience to search for it. Send me your favorite story, a story you've written, basically anything that has got some K/S porn!!!

  • TOS Favourite TOS fics by quest

    I'm on a serious K/S TOS binge at the moment, and I would love to get some recs. What are the fics that you absolutely adore?

  • TOS feral!spock + aliensex + accidental bonding by quest

    1. Feral!Spock, or insanely over-protective Spock. The kind where he's so overwrought that he's almost animalistic? 2. Alien!Sex - maybe I should be embarrassed to admit it, but one of my kinks is stories where how "alien" Spock is - whether it's physically (as in "weird!genitalia" or mannerisms) or emotionally. Usually these are feature by way of Spock purring, etc. The odder the better, I guess - I like the undeniable proof that they come from such different world and still manage to find one another and be soulmates. 3. Accidental-bonding fics, where they're reluctant at first, but then it evolves to a sincere relationship. This also falls into t'hyla fics.

  • AU Fic rec? :D by quest

    I have been itching for some good Starfleet Academy Spock/Kirk fiction. I know there are a few variations--some where Spock and Kirk are both students, Spock is a prof., etc. I don't really have a preference. I also don't really care about ratings. Basically, I just want to see your absolute favorites! :) Also, anyone know of a link to a rec list of people's all-time favorite reboot fiction? (I'm on a huge reboot kick!) I figured someone has had to have made that request before...

  • AU Fic Recs... Future Fluff by quest

    After crying myself out, I decided that I needed to celebrate the love between my favorite command team, and I wanted to request joy. Unadulterated joy.

  • Reboot Fic Request for St:XI Reboot from a newbie... by quest - ADULT

    I am kinda new to the Kirk/Spock fandom and am looking for some good fics to read. There are so many choices out there that i want to narrow down the list.

  • TOS Fic Request: Insecure Jim by quest

    I was wondering if there are any fics where Jim feels insecure and on the outside because of Spock and X (McCoy or whoever, preferably but not necessarily slash).

  • TOS: Movies Fic request: TWOK by quest

    So I just finished watching The Wrath of Khan for the second time today (don't judge me, we're all masochists from time to time). What I need is a good, angst-filled fanfic set durng or after the movie. I've already read all I could find at K/S Archive

  • TOS Fic Search: Awesome T'Pring, Vulcan Children, and Bones being Southern by quest

    #1 - ( T'Pring is awesome, and also still alive ) #2 - ( VULCAN BABIES! SOOOOOOOOO MANY VULCAN BABIES ) #3 - ( Bones is a cuddly southern crumudgen )

  • AU Fic Search: Not-the-captain-Kirk aka Captain Spock by quest

    So I know this isn't the right community to just bug around for fics but I am hoping everyone will just go with it and help me out. So the subject line basically says it all. I am looking for any good multi-chapter fics that involve James T Kirk not being made Captain after Vulcan is destroyed, but Spock was. It could be that he left Starfleet, was busted down to ensign, was given a dishonorable discharge for the whole Kobiyashi Maru debacle and/or for compromising the actinf Captain of the Enterprise. The angstier the better but I also welcome any other versions.

  • TOS: Movies Fic Search: The Voyage Home by quest

    I was hoping for recs of any fics set during/after The Voyage Home

  • TOS: Movies Fic wanting by quest

    I'm in the mood for some kidnapping with the dashing hero coming to the rescue. Don't care if it's Kirk or Spock getting kidnapped as long as the other does the rescuing. And because I can be a demanding little Vulcan lover, still looking for gay!Spock, 3rd party watcher stories, McCoy not pleased about K/S, crew finds out, Spock handling Kirk's fear of being alone

  • AU fics that make you cry by quest

    Looking for recs for fics that make you cry that don't have to do with infidelity. At least not purposeful infidelity. It's okay if they do it because they just don't understand how the other feels, etc. But not on purpose after they're already in an established relationship.

  • AU Fluff and pwp by quest

    I'd like some fluff fics as well had more 'hardcore' stuff :)

  • Reboot Fluff/Romance by quest

    Okay so i just read this story called Textual Attraction by Lala Zee that just made me sigh in contentment. It's this small little fic filled with pure romance that doesn't try to be anything more that a romance story. So i am asking you Spock/Kirk shippers to recommend similar stories to me.

  • TOS: Movies Fluffy fics this time by quest

    Looking for recs for fluffy/sappy fics this time. Bonus points for endearments because I have a thing for one or the other calling each other sweet names like - baby, sweetheart, love, etc. Also any domesticity is a plus!

  • AU Gary Mitchell by quest

    I'm searching for reboot fics that portraits Mitchell not as an asshole, but as one of the good guys.

  • TOS: Movies Gen and preslash fics by quest

    This time I'd like gen or pre-slash fics.

  • Reboot General fic recs: Help me enslave a new fangirl please ;) by quest

    I have a very good friend that I am trying to lure further in the glory that is K/S and she has requested fanfic recs.

  • TOS girl!kirk by quest

    great GirlKirk/Spock recs

  • AU girl!kirk and Gary Mitchell by quest

    I swore never to read girl Kirk fics but yesterday I read one and now I want more. Girl Kirk and Spock please. The smuttier the better. I was watching Where No Man has Gone Before and I wish they kept Gary around. He was hot! In the turbolift they were standing with Spock, if Jim and Gary had moved over more they would've formed a triangle. Has anyone else ever seen that?

  • TOS Good stories by quest

    anyone have any completed/almost completed fics they'd recommend? Any rating'll do, and it doesn't matter which universe it's in.

  • AU Good stories by quest

    Recs! I've been searching around for...almost a year now, and I've worked my way through so many awesome fics--SERIOUSLY, so many--and I'm starting to feel challenged to find a good fic. I'd say I like anything so long as it's well-written...I'm not too into dark/angsty fics or anything too kinky, but I'm open to a lot.

  • TOS: Movies Gritty, emotional bottom!spock by quest

    I was wondering if you could rec me something good- preferably gritty, emotional, full of sex, and bottom!Spock.

  • TOS H/C recs please? by quest

    I need some h/c of the K/S variety.

  • AU Halloween and amnesia fics by quest

    Halloween is coming so I'd like some fics involving Kirk/Spock and Halloween. Either verse is fine. Also amnesia fics. I've read Wake Up Before You Lose it All- By arwendeImladris Blank Mind by demonllama1 and Shine Like the Sun by ]kyliselle

  • AU Humans as an "endangered species" by quest

    Basically, an AU where humans lost Earth instead (and maybe most all of their colony worlds as well), and so Jim, as a surviving member is ALWAYS being targeted by aliens?

  • TOS Humorous fics by quest

    Can someone rec me some good K/S humor fics?

  • TOS Hurt/Comfort fic rec by quest

    I'm looking for H/C fics where Kirk gets hurt (physically/mentally) and Spock motherhens him all the way throughout the story. It can be AU, fluff, crack!fic, angst, or whatever. I tried typing h/c in the K/S archieve search and it shows only three stories :( Please help?

  • TOS Hurt/Comfort Syndrome by quest

    what I'm looking for are stories soaked in angst (but with happy ending, please!) where poor Jim is on the edge of desperation and Spock, Bones and the crew rush to his aid.

  • AU Hurty!Jim recs please! by quest

    I want some self-destructive!Jim!fic recs. I've got a craving to see Jim beat himself up, angst, drink, fight, fuck, and be in terrible relationships that destroy him.

  • TOS In need of possessive!jealous!Spock by quest

    Thanks to [info]freaky_anomaly 's latest story, my possessive!jealous!Spock kink needs to be fed. Can I get some recs featuring possessive/jealous Spock?

  • TOS In search of snow... by quest

    I have been looking for some blanket scenario fics featuring Spock and Kirk surviving in the snow or on an ice planet (in the spirit of the current winter season) and have only managed to find one or two fitting such a description.

  • AU Intoxicated!spock by quest

    I seem to have gained a small infatuation with, uh, drunk!Spock. or tipsy!Spock. or tipsy/drunk!snuggly!sexkitteh!Spock. So if anyone could point me in directions of fics like such

  • AU jealous!mccoy by quest

    So does anyone know of any good TOS fics about McCoy being jealous of Spock because he's in love with Jim, too? And bonding... any fics that go into detail about the Vulcan bonding process? (These fics can be Reboot, too, because I'm more interested in the mechanics...)

  • TOS jealous!spock by quest

    Anything were Spock gets jealous is a huge plus, or something written mainly from Spock's perspective (though no first person, please).

  • TOS Jim enters pon farr + mission fics by quest

    "Jim-enters-Pon Farr-instead of-Spock" plot bunny (besides "You'll get there in the end", of course)? I would be so happy to read them! Second request: any suggestions for some awesome mission fics

  • AU Jim has to fight to get Spock by quest

    Are there fics where Spock has to actually WORK to win Jim over? Jim never giving in is fine too.

  • AU Jim moves to Vulcan by quest

    I would love a story where Jim goes to Vulcan as a teenager. I'm sure we've all seen the smart Jims and the Spock moves to Earth stories so I'd to see the reverse. Jim at the Vulcan Science Academy even if only for a short program. If something like this is out there let me know or if you'd like to write it have fun!

  • AU Jim not in Starfleet by quest

    I've been feeling like reading some fic in which Jim isn't in SF for whatever reason, be it that he choose halfway through that he could be doing something better, or someone finally convinced him piracy is the way to have more fun, or refused straight on to have anything to do with them. Spock can be with him from the start or meet up with him through the course of the story.

  • AU K/M to K/S by quest

    Anything that is K/M to K/S

  • TOS K/S using pet names by quest

    i have a thing for either of the boys using pet names - namely kirk calling spock 'baby', 'sweetie', etc.

  • AU K/S written by gay men? by quest

    I'm looking for some K/S stories written by gay men. Does anything like that even exist? I am aware that most stories are written by women for women, but I'm interested in possible difference in style and perspective.

  • AU Kid!fics + argument fics by quest

    First request: up to, say, a month ago, I didn't like kid!fics. I thought they were quite weird and I would carefully avoid them. Then I read "Innosense" by drarroway, and realized just how wrong I was. So: are out there other fics as good and as adorable as the one I mentioned? I want to be overwhelmed by fluff! They can be both TOS or AOS (but please, NO MPREG). Second request: I wanna read about Kirk and Spock arguing. Not some silly disagreement, but mad, violent fights that require days, even weeks to be settled. The angstier the better. Again, TOS and AOS, I see no difference.

  • AU Kid!Kirk & kid!spock by quest

    1) Kid!Spock & Jim fics where they grow up knowing each other and will end up together. 2)Fics where Vulcan is still.... not united under Surak like they are all agressive and animalistic and some how Spock gets Jim. 3)Fics where Spock makes the first moves on Jim and is pretty much the Alpha Male.

  • TOS: Movies Kid/teen fic by quest

    I just finished [info]captanddeastar 's amazing So Wise We Grow. Does anyone know of any other kidfic... well I was going to say "like that" but I don't know if anything can top that!!!

  • TOS Kirk accidentally falls for Spock + teen fic by quest

    1)I was wondering if there are more fics like that where Kirk tries to win someone (Uhura, OFC, OMC - I don't really care who it is as long as there's no character bashing) over, but along the way accidentally falls in love with/accidentally seduces Spock. Bonus points for oblivious!Jim who doesn't realize he's head over heels for Spock. Extra bonus points if Spock and Jim initially hate each other's guts. 2) They-meet-as-teenagers fic. (I've already read Tangled Destinies. <333) The longer, the better.

  • AU Kirk and Spock beating the odds by quest

    I now have a hankering for fics that involve Kirk or Spock or maybe both beating a situation against incredable odds or surviving near death experiences.

  • AU Kirk and Spock grow up together by quest

    Can I have some AU Recs where Kirk and Spock grow up together please?

  • TOS Kirk an